Mar 1, 2011

Trial Stays in New Haven

Good news. Although somewhat predictable, one can never be sure of these things, even last minute motions for changes of venues in high profile capital murder cases.

It was almost as predictable as Komisarjevsky's lawyers creating this stream of incessant motions from the ludicrous to the frivolous, all in hopes of dragging out the trial process for as long as humanly possible. The thought that if he is convicted, which he will be; caught at the scene and all not to mention that tell all" book he co wrote and then there's his repeated offers to plead guilty in exchange for life in prison, it just goes on and on..

Which brings me to a quick aside here;Komisarjevsky's lawyers or any other lawyers in their place would never offer to plea guilty in exchange for life if there was no death penalty in Connecticut, as the CT judiciary committee now headed by Gary Holden Jr, anti-death penalty activist and legislator of many years, seems hell bent on doing his best to ensure.
Without the DP as a possible end scenario for those clearly guilty, every single defense attorney is going to tell their murderous clients to roll the dice and go to trial-who knows, you might just get life with the chance for parole. In the meantime they ll tell you, and they'll be correct, you ll have nothing to lose.

Boy that's going to bog down Connecticut criminal courts with trials galore and considering that our Conn prosecutors are loathe to go to trial never mind completely ill equipped now that so much time has passed since any of them have actually tried a case, it will be a veritable disaster and violent crime shall become rampant as word gets out that Connecticut which was already one for the most liberal states as far as their court and sentencing, is now a complete free for all.

After the Connecticut legislation approves another bill to abolish the death penalty, than they're hoping some future team of lawyers might have a case fighting the actual implementation of the death penalty upon Joshua Komisarjevsky.The hard won Justice for the Petit family and the State of Connecticut may never come to fruition.

But this is all assuming that Komisarjevsky is given the death penalty; Which, after the illegal book that he co- wrote a year and a half after the murders (there was a gag order placed by the judge upon everyone including lawyers, defendants and police regarding any details of the case)

These supposedly "hidden writings and journals" "found" in Komisarjevsky's cell, were mostly writings he'd written for writer Brian MacDonald for the books inclusion and therefore, automatically are not to be trusted as they are totally self serving having been aimed squarely at the then unsuspecting jury pool via Brian Macdonald out to make a buck and maybe a little name for himself. However he managed to aid and abet a sociopath in getting his version of the crimes out to the mass public despite a gag order and Komisarjevsky got paid for the interviews on top of it-this discovered when money appeared in his prison account just after the book went into publication.

The rest of his writings found soon after the books publication was discovered Komisarjevsky knew would be surely found and taken by the guards as "contraband" in his cell and then likely pored over by police states attorney and other related authorities including psychotherapists. Thus, clearly, he also wanted that written information to be made public. This guy doesn't make one move - not one -without a reason behind it, and a self serving one at that.

These Journals, that he clearly hoped to use as an alibi type of paper trail pointing the public into directions that made him appear less culpable and made Hayes who he had personally solicited to help him with these crimes, look like the really bad guy, indeed had the opposite effect on anyone with half a brain who has read them.

From the media, to the the prosecutors, the various and extended Petit families, to people like me that have had a special interest and connection with this case, and the rest of the general public, some of whom may read my blog and/or follow my posted legal documents on scribed, or my articles and commentary pieces posted by PFF Petit on twitter and face book. There is also a link to my website from a very lovely website written and maintained for Michaela Petit, called "forever Michaela" created by Michaela's best friend and confidante Liz Ollero.

I've also published some articles and commentary in The Justice Journal and Ct law Review. I know this; Ill never stop writing about the unabashed naked truth of these crimes. I've watched and read as the mainstream media anesthetized the horror of what these four human beings went through, including one who is still alive to tell the tale. . The first trial took a great deal out of William Petit and all of the extended Petit families. Each new piece of forensic evidence was more upsetting than the next. I could see it wear upon his, his sister and both sets of parents faces, even the way they stood and walked.

In the midst of this suffering, and this is just the suffering of the surviving victims, we are only granted snippets of the suffering that the murdered victims went through, there is nothing more suitable to say than " imagine for a long moment or two that this was your daughters, your wife, your husband, your home your life.

I actually took down my comments section due to a cold hearted and narrow minded soul, who preached to me that "people like you always say this same thing on blogs or in our comments sections within other media stories about this!"

That same thing" is what I wrote above the preceding paragraph. regarding please please put yourself in those children and that woman's shoes. As well the sole survivor of his family's carnage. This particular commenter took something that I purposely framed in such a way that it was not designed to be cruel, for although I felt they deserved me to pull out all my ammo and I can be lethal when moral turpitude is slung about carelessly especially in a place that I hold sacred-this tablet - "Chasing Justice.

In any event, I, ever the diplomat, considered not making the person look or feel small but rather trying to help them to understand that this issue could not be reduced to they re convenient facts and figures which completely avoided the human element and what law was in place when these men committed these crimes.
There was and is an emotional element that is part and parcel of our judicial system, capital crimes sentencing guidelines if you will. Mitigating factors, and aggravating factors these all involve emotion. Emotion is part of the human state-we cannot conveniently disallow it in courts of law or courts of public opine. And as far as the death penalty that was the law when these two men decided to commit capital murder and rapes.

So in the end I added in the midst of my comment back " God forbid this should ever happen to you or yours, but please imagine if it did....."
And this was basically the end of my counter comment to this persons complete verbal assailment of me, my belief system, particularly my resentment of the lengths that the lawyers were going to to defend at the time Mr Hayes, who had already proclaimed a desire to plead guilty and his lawyers wouldn't allow it, and more importantly they swore that if he continued along this vein they'd sabotage him in any and every way including disclosing client/ attorney privilege information-if so need be"

As expected, in the end, my reasoning and near imploring was to no avail; the reader/commenter stated that they were not a lawyer nor male as Id suspected however they did feel that this man Hayes deserved a "vigorous defense" !
Right there he gave himself away not only male but definitively, an attorney. There is no layperson that uses those words. They might say a fair defense or a decent defense or just a plain defense paid for by the state since he cant afford one. But it was in that word- vigorous that told me all I needed to know.

And just like a lawyer he couldn't be honest enough to simply cop to who and what he was. He commented several times always under anonymous and always with some cynical barbed comment aimed against Dr Petit, me "the media circus" as if that was any of our faults rather than part and parcel of the American capitalist society of which there are a million other examples to attack, if one so desires.

I am beginning to see that this smallish clan of people who are actually cruel to Bill Petit , wish him ill, resent him and speak bitterly of him. Ive decided that some, not all, are perhaps suffering from a similar hatred and a classicism of a perceived affluence and privilege that helped spark these crimes that were borne of hate; hatred towards women and hatred towards what was percieved as priveledge and affluence-whether it was real or not wasnt the issue unfortunately.

I must say that the media hasn't helped that by stating over and over again that Cheshire is an affluent community in the suburbs of hartford. It is in fact a middle class community there is a prison in the town for goodness sakes. There are strong working class roots from which Dr Petit himself sprung and yet despite the fact that he and his wife worked very hard for him to get thu medical school and for her to school in nursing, They had no boats no second homes. theyre house was a modest raised ranch compared to some neighbors who made less than them. They gave much money away to charity and they donated much time to charitable endeavors. To me a person of very moderate means they appeared as down to earth people, who lived with a strong faith in which they actually lived out each day with.

And like many cases, the majority of that responsibility falls at the feet of the defendant himself; josh komisarjevsky, suddenly crying via his attorneys, about how too many people in the area know about his "case" That "case" which the news and his attornyes refer to is actually; three people he is responsible for targeting stalking following home and later raping and murdering, the two children he sexually molested and took cell nude phone photos of for mementos.

And the sole survivor who so gets under his skin for daring to ruin his plan by living to testify, that he has since done nothing but berate and label this man a coward for not saving his family from his own murdering hands! This is a man who he beat with a bat upon his head in his own words hard as he could, as if chopping wood, at least a dozen times maybe 20!"

The Bottom line is we have a criminal once again crying foul regarding the direct effects of their own actions. and their lawyers only too happy to try to wrestle this BS into some kind of legal document that passes as an actual motion in a court of law.
I'm sorry that as a sociopath this is really rough for komisarjesvky to accept, but cant have it both ways pal. We know you think your special, different - well your not
And while you may have more of an excuse you re a psychopath after all, your attorneys on the other hand should have made it clear to you and accept it themselves, that even you have to live with some of your own consequences. But clearly they do not live by that professional dictum themselves.

Though I personally believe that equal on Donovan and co's motivational list is hoping to get under the skin of Judge Blue, who despite Norm Patti's predictions, regarding attorney Donovan being some kind of super lawyer despite his rumpled suits and gravy stained tie, still easily possesses and will exersize the wherewithal to cause Judge Blue a meltdown - physically and emotionally.

And again the Pattis writes ,he comes across as if he is literally on the edge of his chair, rubbing his undoubtedly small hands together with glee, hoping that this happens. This is a lawyer with way too much time on his hands and a seriously bad karma problem heading right between his eyes.

And why the personalized attack on Blue. The usual Pattis pretty much gave it away in his bitter little diatribe about judges in general, and how we all must kow tow to them pay homage, resents that they are treated as larger than life (and thus the implication, somehow better than everyone else(methinks that someone has an authority issue, among many many other issues- authority clearly irks Patti's to no end, no matter who the offender be the governemenet federal state even when n need fir jolpom

In any event, as usual I see the opposite happening;

I don't think anyone should be fooled by Judge blue's quirky, folksy manner. Beneath that yes compassionatte, cheerful legal proffesional lies a veritable cauldron of judicial/litigation expertise as well a veritable plethora of pertinent case data that I suspect unlike donovan and co will be less likely to have a heart attack than someone like donovan who has already shown himself as a used car salesman BS artist even with the simple things like breaking a gag order and then claiming later you did it for a different reason than the one you originally gave-which was supposedly to assuage the victims family's fears. That is one case of dishonesty that is particularly offensive-and most importantly it shows that Donovan has trouble keeping track of his lies. This always causes trouble. In fact he looks rather grey to me in all of the recent photo's. Telling ya, Karma's a bitch.

In any event Id wager that Judge Blue quirkiness and all has eaten plenty of public defenders like Donovan for lunch, when they go up against him for no other purpose than to abuse the judicial process or get reactions. And anyone who doesn't see the underlying strength in Judge blue is making a rather large blunder.

Pattis, with his constantly disheveled just rolled out of bed pony tailed head, at any age where it is clearly no longer cool, nor anti-establishment/government/mainstream ant-America and anti-anything else Pattis tries so hard to be. That whole obligatory 60's throw back anarchist bit claiming all the while to be the voice for the little guy-as if he is David fighting Goliath( ach please!)

Interestingly Pattis recently admitted that he was capable of being a big fat hypocrite, but no, not in any of the real very serious and somber ways that he has chosen to act the caustic, combative, contrarion extroridinaire in his own mind. and don't forget vituperative and mean-spirited because it is his overuse and wholly inappropriate tendency to aim this at the least deserving of what could be a positively directed whistle blower that could make a difference when he wasn't attacking victims of crime, because he perceives that they are affluent (and he's not perhaps?)

Typically I wouldn't bring Pattis up within a post, or any other writing of mine - but as of late, I have noticed an alarming trend where he is becoming less and less just a pest,a nuisance saying ooh I'm such a contrarion I even go after those who are victims and beloved"!

But in reality despite the fact that some of it is clearly shtick, he is still in fact a very toxic human being, someone who has attached himself for selfish and greedy reasons, to a set of violent crimes, a case a quote "circus" that he once considered himself to good to even get involved in, nor attend the trial happenings -which was fine by all of us.
And yet one by one he broke each of those tenets and did his usual 'well I simply poked my head into the court because i was there with another case yadda yadda ya.."

This particular " case" These "crimes" include the rape of a child, a child that very well could have been Pattis's own daughter, as we are to understand via his touted blog that he indeed has a teenage daughter. That bit of information only made his past behaviors towards Dr Petit and his extended families, that much more despicable and insensitive.

The sodomy rape of an eleven year old, nude photos taken of her and her 17 year sister tied spread-eagled to her bed, and most certainly molested as well. Their father lay beaten in the cellar tied hands chest and feet in a pool of blood.

He had traumatic brain injury, he'd lost 7 pints of blood due to being on an artery thinner to prevent stroke - coumadin, which should have caused his death within hours of the beating, but somehow miraculously it didn't.

And their mother tied up for hours away from her girls- 7 hours torture of the two girls and mom which eventually culminated not in a swift death, of the sort one would receive if someone shot them in the head quickly or even kindly smothered them with a pillow after raping them. No, instead they were doused in gasoline, head face hair clothers bedding; this after listening the their mother's rape and strangulation one floor below them.That gasoline was like a writhing violent snake of fire that consumed anything in its path--and the two grils tied to beds were in its path there mother already dead had gasline doused so much upon her dead body in order to get rid of evidnece dna that all that was left were dental records and bits of cord around her neck and wrists.

I cannot help but think of Mrs Petits' last few minutes as well as Michaela and Hayley. I am not alone in this, there are thousands of us, people write to me share thier pain and desire to leap back in time and rescue them. And the dreams, so many dreams. Three angels whisper past us. The threads of a tapestry comprised of compassion faith and love continue to weave us all together from every corner of the world.
We are thus made one and now, a powerful force to be reckoned with.