Jul 3, 2015

David Sweat Prison Escapee in Stable Condition

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 A prison inmate shot and captured after three weeks on the run in northern New York remained hospitalized Friday while the body of his fellow escapee was handled in accordance with the wishes of his son.

Winthrop Allen, with the John O. Roth Funeral Home in Tonawanda, near Buffalo, said that the "final disposition" of Richard Matt's body had taken place.

Allen wouldn't say if Matt was buried or cremated or offer any other details. He said no services have been planned for Matt and that the funeral home had acted upon the wishes of Matt's son, Nicholas Harris.

Harris could not be reached for comment Friday.

More details are coming out about Richard Matt days after his death. According to information obtained by a Buffalo, NY newspaper from law enforcement officials, three days after Matt broke out of the maximum-security prison, his daughter living in a Buffalo suburb received a letter from him, delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

“I always promised you I would see you on the outside. I’m a man of my word,” a portion of the letter stated.

The letter was postmarked prior to the June 6 escape and arrived June 9.

Matt had maintained a correspondence with his daughter while serving a prison sentence of 25 years to life for murder, an acquaintances of the daughter confirmed.

But authorities say the daughter had no idea in advance that her father was planning an escape from Clinton Correctional Facility. Once he and David P. Sweat broke out, she fully cooperated with investigators. In fact, she requested round-the-clock protection, fearing that Matt would attempt to see her while he was on the run. That never happened.

Matt’s daughter declined to be interviewed.

“Richard Matt was a sociopath, and they were all afraid of him,” a law enforcement official said, adding that Matt’s brother Wayne M. Schimpf had also expressed concern that Matt might attempt an encounter with him. Schimpf cooperated with detectives and testified that Matt confessed to him that he had killed William L. Rickerson, 76, in 1997 and dismembered the body to dispose of it.

Matt did not rely entirely on letters to stay in touch with his daughter, according to the continuing investigation by the State Police, the FBI and the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s Office of Special Investigations.

He persuaded prison employee Joyce E. Mitchell to establish a relationship with his daughter, who began calling and texting Matt’s daughter several months ago.

“Mitchell called the daughter a couple of times, but most of the communications were through text messages from Mitchell,” the law enforcement official said. “She would pass along tidbits on how Matt was doing. He had a bad back, and Mitchell gave medical updates. Matt asked that she provide his daughter with the updates. There was nothing suspicious in those exchanges. Nothing about the planned escape was mentioned.”

Gregory Durandetto, a City of Tonawanda friend of Matt’s from childhood through earlier adulthood and one of the few people willing to say that Matt had a good side to him as a young man, said he was aware of the daughter’s correspondence with her father.

“She kept in touch with him. There was some degree of care she had for her father,” Durandetto said. “She’s a good woman, but had no idea that Rick was going to escape.”

Matt was shot and killed by a border patrol agent June 26, three weeks after he and David Sweat broke out of the maximum-security Clinton Correctional Facility. A tactical team member opened fire after Matt, lying behind a fallen tree, aimed a 20-gauge shotgun at the officer, according to officials.

Sweat was captured Sunday after being shot by a trooper as he fled through a field near the Canadian border. The pair had split days before.

Sweat remained in fair condition Friday at Albany Medical Center. It was not clear when or where he will be transferred.

Also Friday, New York State Police investigating the escape sought the public's help in locating the owner of a backpack Sweat was carrying when he was captured.

Troopers say the red and black TYR brand backpack is believed to have been stolen from a camp in the heavily wooded region. Officials have said Sweat was carrying maps, tools, Pop Tarts and other items in the backpack.

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Jun 29, 2015

Michaela Petit Inspires New State Flower

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has signed legislation to honor Michaela Petit's life by establishing a children's state flower in her name.

The 11-year-old Cheshire girl and her 48-year-old mother and 17-year-old sister were murdered in a shocking home invasion in July 2007.

Michaela also coined the Petit Family Foundation's "Be the Change" Mantra, via her Favorite quote on Facebook which was " You must be the Change that you wish to see in the world"

These words were originally spoken by Mahatma Gandhi, and came to the attention of the State and far beyond when it was discovered that at a mere eleven years old Michaela Petit had the sensitivity idealism and kindness of a much older soul.

The www.Petitfamilyfoundation.org is a non profit organization that was formed in the wake of the home invasion that took Michaela her sister Hayley and her mother Jennifer's lives in July 2007.

P.F.F sponsors many now annual events that benefit victims violent crime people suffering with chronic illness such as Multiple sclerosis as well as giving scholarships to girls and women especially in medicine and the sciences. Lone survivor Dr.William  Petit was an endocrinologist, his wife Jennifer a pediatric nurse and Hayley was about to enter her first year of school at Dartmouth where she was planning to be a doctor like her dad.

Jun 24, 2015

Milford Police Officer's Death Ruled A Suicide

 The Milford Police Department received notification from the State of Connecticut Medical Examiner’s Office Monday afternoon regarding the cause of death in the investigation of the death of off-duty Milford police officer Michael Compare.

“It was determined that Michael Compare died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. On behalf of Chief Keith L. Mello and the Milford Police Department, this day is a tragic loss for the family; friends and community Michael belonged to and so proudly served. We thank you for your kind words and support regarding Michael. Michael will be greatly missed,” the Police Department said in a statement.

Jun 23, 2015

Great Program and Website for Cessation of interpersonal Violence


.Futures without violence 

Transforming Men and Boys to End Violence Against Women

Title: Transforming Men and Boys to End Violence Against Women
Date Recorded: Thursday, May 7th, 2015
Description: As we develop a deeper and more complex understanding of the underlying root causes of violence against women and children, we have been challenged to examine our current approaches to engaging with men and boys. Understanding male socialization and the history of childhood exposure to violence and trauma is critical to our ability to develop prevention and intervention responses that are humanistic & compassionate and don’t minimize responsibility. Our presenters share their passion for creating change, taking risks and believing in the possibility of healing and transformation for all.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Expand our understanding of the broader impact of male socialization and trauma on women, men and children.
  2. Increase knowledge and techniques for applying a compassion and accountability framework to engaging with men and boys.
  3. Explore promising multicultural intervention and prevention approaches to engaging with men and boys.
  • Juan Carlos Are├án, Director of the National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities, a project of Casa de Esperanza
  • Erik Bringswhite, Youth Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Community Engagement, Youth and Adult Diversion
  • Terri Strodthoff, Founder and Executive Director, Alma Center, Inc.
  • Sam Simmons, SAFE Families Manager, Be More Project and Healing Generations

Jun 21, 2015

Black Church/ Pastor Shooting Probable Hate Crime

Connecticut police are investigating the possibility that the Memorial Day drive-by shooting of a Hartford pastor was a hate crime.
Rev. Dr. Augustus Sealy was shot three times while planting flags outside First Church of Nazarene at 6:30 a.m. Sunday, police said.
Sealy is being treated at an area hospital for gunshot wounds to his shoulder and leg and is expected to survive.
Police have not yet identified a suspect and are investigating whether Sealy was targeted.

Augustus Sealy, 54, pastor of the Hartford First Church of Nazarene, was shot and has remained strong, said his wife, Sharon. WFSB

Augustus Sealy, 54, pastor of the Hartford First Church of Nazarene, was shot and has remained strong, said his wife, Sharon.

"There were some statements made at the scene (by the shooter) that certainly keep the idea of a hate crime open," Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley told reporters Tuesday night.
Foley did not reveal what the gunman's words were and declined to specify why Sealy may have been shot.
"We respect our victims quite a bit and it's far too early ... to speculate" on the motive, Chief James Rovella said, according to the Hartford Courant.
Authorities are also reviewing whether Sealy's shooting was related to another one just 15 minutes later. That victim, 27-year-old Robert Jones, of Hartford, is in serious condition.
Police said they are looking for a black Nissan or Honda sedan from which shots were fired at both scenes.

Sealy was shot while planting flags outside his church on Sunday.
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  • Sealy was shot while planting flags outside his church on Sunday.
  • Hartford residents gathered Tuesday night in a vigil for the wounded pastor.

Sealy was shot while planting flags outside his church on Sunday.

Hartford residents gathered in a vigil Tuesday night to honor Sealy, whom they said is well-liked and caring.
Sealy's wife, Sharon, said her husband is in pain but has remained strong.
"He hasn't lost any hope," Sharon Sealy told NBC Connecticut. "You know, this is something that happened that was really terrible and shouldn't have happened and we've already prayed for that person who actually committed the crime."

Pastor Shooting Possible Hate Crime

Apr 25, 2015


Finally after a long drawn out trial that ended with a jury deadlocked over convicted murderer Jodi Arias's sentence for the murder of her on again- off again" dating partner" Travis Alexander, a Judge has handed down a sentence.

Already convicted of murder in the first degree last year the jury remained hopelessly at odds regarding Arias's sentence.

Finally years after Travis Alexander's brutal murder, a Judge sentenced Arias to life in Prison rather than the looming death penalty which the state of Arizona still uses, albeit sparingly  when a Judge or Jury finds enough aggravating factors to warrant this ultimate sentence.

The sentence has been a long time coming;

Last year, after an arduous and emotional trial, the beleaguered Jury became hung on the sentencing portion of the murder trial, something that is akin to a mini trial of it's own.

The trial was televised and given massive media attention due to peripheral issues, such as the fact that Ms. Arias is a woman, a textbook psychopath, a remorseless killer and happens to be somewhat attractive.

To me these should not be the reason a murder case gets a bombardment of media attention whilst the millions of other murdered women each year often barely get a mention.

Sadly, this murder will likely be remembered for lurid details such as the collection of photos that were retrieved from the then deceased Mr. Alexander's washing machine (yes you read correctly) where Arias tried in vain to destroy evidence, placing her at the scene of the bloody crime and even showing photos of her foot and leg in what appears to be her dragging the then deceased Travis into his shower, where he was found days later by worried friends.

There were also the pictures that Arias and Alexander took of each other during that day's sexual romp, pictures that the  media had a veritable feast over.

However those photos were to be Arias's undoing as she left the camera, which belonged to Travis,  believing the water would destroy the evidence. The photos were not only time stamped placing her at the scene on the day of the murder, but they also gave Police a great deal of information and proof about the unfolding of the day and the murder.

Had Jodi Arias been extremely plain and had there been no titillating photos and tapes I doubt very much that this case would be such an interest to the likes of  Nancy Grace and every national print and web  publication with their  respective tweeters.

A man was murdered.

Brutally and with aforethought cunning rage and detachment. A family is shattered and will never escape those images.

I am glad that some modicum of justice was doled out  by a Judge for MS Arias's Sentencing although I strongly feel that with Arias's clear Borderline Personality Disorder (ie attachment issues being drawn to unattainable partners and a history of unstable relationships  usually stemming from low self esteem often fostered by an abusive, absent or negligent father figure ie  Read Lenore Walker chronicles men who batter murder and predate.

In this case packaged in a " crazy like a fox" attractive seductive woman/child, this was a combustible union deemed to end badly especially after the first signs of stalking and vandalism ( Arias is said to have slit Travis's tires while he was in his condo with a another date.)

Has Justice been served?

No. When parole is a possibility the words Life Sentence are a complete misnomer.

The aggravating factors of pre meditation were abundant.

Bringing a rental car to Travis's condo, blonde for years, Arias dyed her hair just prior to her trip to Travis's home, never mind the three versions she gave over the year regarding the day of the murder to Police.

The missing gun reported stolen from her grandmothers weeks prior to the murder does imply a pre-meditation as do all of the aforementioned facts.

According to all accounts, Travis owned no guns.

She lied to Police for years and was given plenty of opportunity to do so.

Add to this, Arias showed an overt dispassion  during her police questioning at one point standing on her head whilst she believed she was alone in the interrogation room.

She was so unfettered by the situation - a man that she'd just made love to days earlier had been found brutally murdered and left in his bathroom and she was standing on her head in the questioning room the moment the detectives left.

That was the real Jodi Arias.

Behind the crocodile tears and affected soft spoken meek demeanor, this was the same Jodi Arias that unabashedly informed a journalist years ago that  " there wasn't a Jury out there that will ever convict me"




Apr 22, 2015

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