Jan 30, 2011

Joshua Komisarjevsky, "Journals" Analyzed

If you choose to read this "Journal" written by Joshua Komisarjevsky,  instigator of the Petit Family murders please do so with A proverbial grain of salt- or to use komisarjevsky's own word....
"It's called context, context,people! "

What a classic sociopath and narcissistic.

Let me begin by saying  that  what you are about to read is not really a " journal at all but a carefully constructed manifesto designed to titillate the public with a falsified version of Joshua komisarjevsky sociopath extraordinaire, the man he wanted them to see- not what the papers were depicting him as which was indeed a sexual sadist pedophile rapist and murderer.

As per the usual personality disorder Joshua was intent that he control everything from the stalking of his victims to the execution of the crimes, to the clandestine interviews with crime writer brain McDonald which by the way was a serious breach in the case's early imposed gag order, which up until that point had been respected by both men's lawyers, both judges and  the surviving victim and his extended family -

Even co accomplice Steven hayes managed to be compliant insofar s the gag order not speaking to eve one of the clamoring journalists who tried their best to draw him out for his version of the crimes.
Despite Hayes participation and culpability in the Petit crimes it is my opinion that although clearly a killer he is far less evil and on his own would never have commtted such crimes.

The fact that Hayes kept his mouth shut after these horrific crimes shows that he had enough decency to not rub salt in the wounds that he helped cause.

So again bear in mind again this journal is not a journal at all - it is written with the express purpose of  reinventing himself in the eyes and minds souls of the jury of public opinion which remember includes his actual jury pool despite his lawyers multiple attempts to move the trial  elsewhere.

Also an important fact some are not aware of; these so caled journals and writings were made in preparation for a book that author mike mcdonald had managed to put together via illegally meeting with JK in prison posing as an attorney as well as corresponding with him via the prison mailsystem where somehow the number one guarded convict in Conn dept of corrections managed to  sneak out at least 7 letters to and from the writer many containing graphic details about the crimes, Of course those details were all very skewed by the manipulaytor komisarjevsky.

Komisarjesvsksys plan was clearly that he use mcdonald and said "book" as a platform to break the gag order and re invet what happened on the morning of july 23rd 2007  with his role and  thus responsibility utterly down played from the start.   He also put on his best soft spoken articulate young man who was abused as a child act for the clearly gullible mcdonald who obviously knows nothing about sociopaths forensic psycholofy - or else he was simply playing dumb, as in crazy like a fox"

Komisarjevsky has thought this out  carefully I am certain of that His conversations with mcdonald were rehearsed and measured all in an attempt to seem more likable and less culpasble the usual manipulative traits of a pyschopath.

This "book" turned out to be a hastily written, badly edited and barely researched paperback , the quality of which one typically finds in the marked down book table at Walgreens.  Written by a mediocre crime writer by the name of Brian Macdonald, Macdonald later admitted  after the Hayes trial that he'd been clearly duped by Komisarjevsky,-  ( ya think?) and that he now viewed  Komisarjevsky as a master manipulator who had used him in order to dupe the public and the jury pool cotained therein. Many so called facts komisarjevsky fed the writer were completely desecrated by forensic evidence within the Hayes trial.

Macdonalds realization however was too littel too late the damage had already been done.  As well this realization was not even added as an addendum to the publication of the second batch of  books about the crime.      Had Macdonald included this hindsight insight it could have changed much of the public's attitude toward komisarjevsky sociopaths in general as well the second trial which had yet to happen and it was in fact Mr Komisarjevsky who had yet to be tried as the book was released.

 Macdonalds 20/20 hinsight came well after a good deal of forensic evidence was released during the Hayes trial and trumped much of what komisarjevsky had told  MacDonald, proving once and for all that the most important facts that he'd been fed by the instigator of these crimes  he had aided and abetted this conscienceless child rapist and murderer by helpfully writing and publishing the killers lies concerning these horrific crimes against a mother her two young daughters and the brutal assault of William Petit himself.

The book was published in 2009 and stirred up a local fervor in the Cheshire community and well beyond:

First, there was the obvious despicably of writing any book about these crimes so prematurely (no trial dates at all had been set yet for either defendant at that point)

Secondly, the book was written from information gleaned from and the sole narrative of the brainchild of the  murders, which leNT THE FALSE appearence of this books contents and the facts presented therin as reality, rather than purposeful manipulation of evidence by the lead killer.

While most of the facts were already known to authoritiies most of the public knew very little about the details and the media continued to call the murders a robbery gone awry much to my conternation as I along with the family and others close to the case knew it was a sexual predation crime and revolved around komisrsarjevskys  attraction to 11 year old michael Petit.  Had he not seen the pretty blonde young girl who appeared a bit older than her years the day before the home invasion - the crimes would never have happened.    The crimes had little to do with money - the money was simply an opportunistic bonus- this crime reeked of  rape power control as well in my humble opinion hatred of percieved affluence or priveledge, as both komisarjevsky and hayes were raised in coniserably more modest lives and komisarjevsky living in a town like cheshire where many people had much more money than his working class father did, likely felt an intense envy/jeoulousy and bitterness toward the cheshire residents who seemed to have it all compared to him.   But remember sociopaths will find anything to be bitter over and the core of thier character is bitterness and persecutory feelings that they often act out upon.

Sociopaths are typically intelligent by and large, but it is an intelligence that includes moral depravity, deceitfulness manipulation and a talent for sizing up malleable and naive ie kind personalities and they percieve these qualities as weaknesses and often use those persons as victims or access to victims.

Besides the moral repulsively of the book's agenda; a promised "tell- all" from the vantage point of the brainchild of a triple murder and a child rapist, there was that pesky gag order that was being violated in an unbelievably overt way. No one related to the case, including the defendants, the attorneys, law officers, and at the time,  families of the victims mistakenly believed themselves included in the order, were allowed to speak about the case, including survivor and witness- Bill Petit.  It should be noted  that the Petit, Chapman and Hawke families adhered  to this gag order and even when they were later informed that they were not in fact  included in it, as the trial drew nearer. Survivor Dr Petit and his families consistently turned the encroaching  hoards of media away, left and right, despite what I am certain an innate human desire to cry from the rooftops" look what these monsters did to my family?!

So why meet with a writer while he waits in a prison cell for years while first Hayes goes through his trial and then after his public defender Jeremiah Donovan runs out of stalling tactics his own trial is finally scheduled?  This is where it gets tricky; Komisarjevsky being a consummate sociopath ,used the entire book platform  as a broad reaching attempt at influencing the public as well as his potential jury pool for his Trial for capital murder among other charges Also it was attention and sociopaths thrive on attention and clearly this kid got off on the idea of standing out in any way, from the masses. And as it was clear he couldn't do it it any legal viable or healthy way he was satisfied to have now managed to become infamous through his evil acts.

And remember that his jury pool at the time of these writings,  still resided "out there"(some where in Connecticut) The latest reports are that Voire dire (jury selection )is scheduled for mid February. Things being what they are in the world of Connecticut's judicial system, this doesn't necessarily mean it will happen at that particular juncture.  Especially when considering Jeremiah Donovan's propensity thus far for stalling with fruitless and empty motions designed only to through cogs in the wheels of justice. Justice, now the res a concept.

This said...when you sift through the detritus of this guy's ruminations, persecutory delusions, ego-maniacal ruminations  and most essentially - a complete revisionism of his part in the unholy criminal events that took place on july 23rd 2007 under his dictation firection and tuteledge.

And lest anyone forget, there was an innocent eleven year old girl who was targeted stalked followed home and her home and family sized up for ease of accessibility  by Mr  Joshua  komisarjevsky who happened to be at the same stop and shop while the girls shopped for that nights dinner komisarjevsky was collecting money from a roofing contractor hed been working for as a sub contractor. A job that the parole board helped him to acquire in their attempts to ease komisarjevsky back into productive non criminal life.

It obviously wasnt to be. Hed only had his ankle bracelet removed two days earlier and was out robbing cheshire homes the very next night with steven hayes. 

 It was he who was the lifetime breaking and entering expert - who simply would not stop stalking young terrified female neighbors and watching them undress from trees where he perched outside there homes!  breaking into their homes and stealing possessions mostly underwear lingerie personal  items that he considered sexual and yet not onr newspaper reported these jey details at that time despite the info being a major heads up to all teenage girls within amd outside of the a rea!
Itwas a dead give away and a forensic psych 101 dtudrmt djoulf knoe thid yet noone did as thing they legt the girtls of chreshire conn vulberable to this mans re this young mans likelihood future escalation of sexual crimes. And not a soul in the parole bvoard the dept of correction within his first two stints totalling6 plus years as well aswhat was supposed to be special condition parole as orderd by the ptrsifing judge who  manhe took lewd cellphone photos of the child tied to her own bed, a midst her stuffed animals, made her change from pajamas to school-girl outfits (pedophile 101)  Then when he was done with her and got his ransom money from her mom, who he helped tie back up in order to be raped and killed, he and his buddy splashed the child and her bedding with gasoline while she was still very much alive, and terrified,  He set the girls on fire to ensure she and her sisters death, and of course destroy any dna, that he left in and on her little body and her room.

That date is of course now - infamous ; the rainy summer early morning hours when  Komisarjevsky, accompanied by his sidekick Steven Hayes, invaded the peaceful and slumbering Petitfamily home on Sorghum hill road in Cheshire Connecticut.
Within 6 and half hours the two men sexually assaulted different members of the Petit family, murdered all of the women, destroyed a family, traumatized a community and thousands of others compassionate and peace loving people all over this nation-and beyond.

It was Joshua Komisarjevsky that began the Petit home invasion;  he brutally assaulting William Petit Jr with a bat, upon his skull, as he lay, in a deep slumber on his sun-porch-this at about 3 am
on July 23rd 2007. Within the course of that morning Joshua Komisarjevsky, with the assistance of Hayes, tied up,  terrorized and sexually assaulted Michaela, he tormented and sexually molested 17 year old Hayely Petit, taking time to capture the sexual assaults by snapping cell phone photos of both girls, as they lay helpless tied up in compromising  positions in varying stages of undress.

It was he who convinced Jennifer Petit that everything would be fine as long as she went with hayes to the bank and got the money, and of course did not alert police.  I am certain that it was komisarjevsky,who was keepingpt Hayes on a leash  making certain that Hayes held off raping Jennifer Petit or the girls- at least until the men got what they wanted.

He wanted and needed Mrs Petit's compliance and trust up until a certain point, and  he made certain he got it until the money was in their-his- hands. By using what he immediately
recognized as Jennifer Petits natural innocence and inclination to trust. he placated charmed the obviously frightened and nervous Jennifer Petit, assuring her that the men would not harm her family, as long as they got the money.

In fact according to writer Brian Macdonald  komisarjevsky told Jennifer Petit some of the reasons he needed money and she had empathized wholly with him even declaring that yes, she understood that it unfair that some people have so much money while others have so little. While this could have been Jennifer just trying to placate her captor for survival sake, it also could have been that josh komisrajevsky did not look threatening as he was very boyish and slight weighing 130 lbs at 6 0 and and despite the situation likely came across as someone who would not murder an entire family.

 I believe that keeping Jennifer calm and cooperative until the men procured the money  was the only reason he took his time and restrained himself from committing  a full sexual assault of either Michael ot Hayley, until Jennifer was out of the house with Hayes.  I believe that he kept Hayes away from  raping Jennifer Petit-whom hed dangled like a carrot  originally to his sidekick as a big part of the come -on, for committing this break in.

Komisarjevsky claims Hayes asked him prior to the crimes " would you ever do an armed robbery" and that This is what sparked the idea of the break in. Nonsense.
This makes no sense, because komisrajevsky had already showed his motive via the book and his statement to police stating "he liked the way the younger Petit girl looked"  and he couldn't wait to tell his buddy Hayes about the blonde, good looking youngish mother-after spotting the pair at the Stop and Shop parking lot.

Sexual assault and money,in that order,were the goals of the Petit home invasion.
Now unbenowdst to Jennifer Petit (I believe that komisarjevsky had been quietly sneaking into Michaela room snapping nude photos of the girl and quietly molesting her, most of the time this seemed to happen while Hayes was out of the house first getting gasoline,to kill the family and burn down the house and later while hayes was at the bank with Mrs Petit.

The earlier molestations of Michaela I am certain were unbenowdst to Mrs Petit who at that time, was tied up in a separate room. He needed Jenifer Petit to see him/ as  human, someone
 who wouldn't really harm any of the Petit family, just needed money;little did she know what nightmare lay ahead for her and her girls the moment that money was handed over.
This is why most people cannot get their heads wrapped around sociopaths;how could this man chat amiably with Jennifer Petit indeed admitting later that he liked her, and respected her strength under duress etc.

He'd admitted to his girlfriend from a prison payphone that Mrs Petit had even offered to make the men breakfast-in the hours between 6 30 and when the bank  opened. He'd told her this probably in another manipulative attempt to illustrate how  non threatening he had been, ie "see I was so nice to her that she offered to make us breakfast" In the meantime this is indeed scary because i do believe that  Mrs Petit made that offer, because at that point neither she nor her girls had been overtly sexually assaulted. certainly not in any brutal or aggravated way...that came later.

I recall my heart sinking when komisrajevsky's then girl- friend what he'd said about the crimes to her on the phone just weeks after he'd been arrested while fleeing the murder scene. Of course in that phone call he'd done his best to shift all of the blame onto Hayes-for the violence that is, oh and all the capital crimes

He told her that he didn't rape Michaela, although he'd told police a more elaborate version of masturbating onto her. He'd said that Hayes just snapped" after arriving back with the money and raped and strangled Mrs Petit and set the house on fire. This was a similar rendition fed to Police and one that he has clung to with varying details changing from initial confession, to girlfriend, to lawyers to writer Brian Macdonald and so on.

 Nothing mentioned about the men running laughing from the burning home as the girls died a fiery awful death.  Although  that he later tried to deal with by purposely mentioning in his book"
posturing to Macdaonld  as if disgusted by Hayes laughter so inappropriate was it this"maniacal howling laugh, as the men ran out of the just torched Petit house.

Again a very well thought out tidbit of information purposely given the writer. Shortly after the crimes happened the media had already gotten a hold of eyewitness police testimony re both men laughing as they ran out of the burning house. This information came out prior to the gag order that the judge soon placed upon the case, and that piece of information was more damning than anything- forensic or otherwise. Komisarjevsky and his lawyers knew that this was a very bad omen for their client as it showed not only a complete lack of remorse, a gleefulness in fact, as the men thought that they'd gotten away with their crimes, This laughter could conceivably be used as evidence of an aggravating factor involved with the murders, factors that help seal a death sentence.

Not to mention, it was morally repugnant and clearly shows that neither man was in duress or acting out of fear or panic. In fact their mood was celebratory -  They were at the very least behaving with bravado - either way, neither showed any guilt or worries about the two girls who lay dying burning tied to their beds upstairs soaked with gasoline, thanks to both mens handiwork. This paints a whole another picture - And komisarjevsky consummate sociopath knew the media had this testimony from a policemen who was obeying orders and hiding behind the house within a perimeter set up for an eventual confrontation.

So he did what any good lawyer would do... he brought it up first. Only he twisted the truth lied and claimed it was his partner laughing and even went so far as to feign being appalled by Hayes's laughter. This is but one example, but its a classic of how this guy operate and why he is indeed a more dangerous, evil reprobate that his thug like co accomplice.
Even the arrogant tone of his "diaries" give him away; Right off the bat he is on stage ' well some of you will want to know the details, I personally don;t think that they matter, as the end result is the same, but since you've read this far here it is..." etc etc"

The attitude and tone of this writing is classic anti social personality disorder; although he in fact has a small and fragile ego, he behaves and  writes as if he is superior and exists on another plane from the rest of the world.   The scary thing about all of this is that people who know little to nothing about this case will here some tidbit on the news re one of the mens testimony and take it as fact, often-time its the media outlets fault for being lazy themselves and not making clear that certain information is here say from one of the defendants either through a psychiatrist hired
by the defense in the Hayes trial, or Brian MacDonald's second hand presentation of Komisrajevskys claims for the purposes of this book. In the meantime these claims become presented as if fact. As if this is what actually happened.

 I found it infuriating that people were actually citing as fact details of the crimes derived from
excerpts from the MacDonald Book -which is exactly exactly what joshau komisarjevsky wanted,
In the end Joshua Komiasrajevsky is clearly the more evil and culpable within these murders.
It was Komisarjevsky who gave the ok the go ahead to Hayes to finally rape  Mrs Petit, this, I am sure happened after a squabble erupted from Hayes over Hayes doing all the "dirty work" (not an accident) while Komisrajevsky stayed safely ensconced and thus off camera, not eye witnessed at the gas station, and the bank, unseen by the Petit's neighbor as she drove by Steven Hayes who was driving the Petits car early in the morning approximately 6 am on his way to the gas station (he'd later told Cheshire police that this had worried him greatly) Komisarjevsky took each opportunity that Hayes was out of the house to sexually assault or molest Michaela. It was While Hayes was at the ban that komisarjevsky raped Michaela and he went so far as to make Michaela take a shower to rid her of any DNA he possibly could.

All of this while his future, in effect, hung in the balance- Hayes was at a nearby bank with hostage Mrs Petit, waiting to see if she would run away tell a guard or a teller, escape, or if she would come through and procure the money for the men as promised believing Komisrajevskys promise that no one would be hurt as long as the police were not called.  shows two very important things about  komisarjevsky: First, it proves that the money was not the main goal, the sexual assault of Michaela Petit was, as well it turns out from the cell phone photo evidence sexually molesting and terrorizing Hayely, which he also made cell photos of!

He literally put the 15,000,00 and kidnapping of a family completely aside in his mind, while Hayes was at the bank with Mrs Petit, in order to turn his full attention to his real
goal; sexually assaulting 11 year old Michaela, and making her shower afterwards ( he had the audacity to mention in his version to MacDonald for the book and this journal (which was made for the book) that he felt like such an asshole after ejaculating on her (this tidbit of information also a complete lie, a set up. I knew when I read it originally that there was a reason for him even bringing up such matters, it was clearly because he knew that his semen DNA would be found inside of the child, but he was prepping the world, and his jury pool that resided within it, that he didn't rape an eleven year old, he ONLY ejaculated on her" As if this was so much better)  And  somehow his semen managed to travel up inside of her little body as well, (an impossible feat, as any forensics Dr. will testify during his upcoming trial) but Ill bet his defense will bring in some high paid scientist to say that it could happen if..

This is a perfect example of a classic sociopath manipulation of facts.

 He takes a fact that is already known by police and prosecutors- Hayes has told them that he noticed Michaela had showered her hair was wet and she had on different clothes when he returned from the bank with Mrs Petit.  as well as eventual forensic smears, and he rearranges the facts, twists them, in order to not only explain away something that is particularly damning, but even went so far as to make himself points in the process, if you read the journal you'll see that he states I even allowed her to shower feeling like "the asshole I was "  He is literally throwing out Bullshit breadcrumbs to any gullible or trusting readers who already might want to believe that such a young fresh faced boy could never do such horrible things.

So there he was in the Petits now ransacked home, raping poor little Michaela, having he shower, and snapping photos of Hayely in partially nude and compromising positions which he alone placed her in -  The time stamp on the cellphone showed the time as 9;05 AM for the latter.
Thus Within the 30-35 minutes or so that  Hayes was at the bank with Jennifer Petit, Komisarjevsky was so convinced of Mrs. Petit's compliance, and/or so focused on the sexual assaults and the girls, that instead of sitting by the cellphone biting his fingernails waiting for a call from Hayes,  or the cops to comer banging through the door in,  he put his full attention into sexually assaulting Michaela who he knew by then he intended to kill/

This shows a FOCUSED sexual predator, not a burglars who stumbled upon the opportunity to rape and took it ie komisarjevsky words "my demons took over" molestation, and took advantage, this, as he tried  to pass off in these writings, for MacDonald, his upcoming trial and probably even himself-as sociopaths are great at deception, so much so that they recreate reality even to themselves and begin to believe it.

Something caught my ear shortly after the crimes happened; Komisarjevsky had made a point to mention to his then girlfriend, from a prison payphone that Mrs Petit had "even offered to make the men breakfast while waiting for the bank to open." He was trying to show her how nice he had been to Mrs Petit and the girls and that Hayes had caused all the trouble. When I read what he said re Mrs Petit offering breakfast, I knew right then that Mrs Petit had not been raped at that point, josh likely held Hayes off and Mrs Petit either wasn't aware that Michaela had been sexually assaulted yet or that Komisarjevsky had waited until Hayes went to the bank with Mrs Petit before committing the full sexual assault on the little girl.

Sadly after attending the Hayes trial and seeing and hearing the forensic evidence I learned that I was correct on both counts. He'd molested the girl earlier as Cell Phone photos showed the time-stamp of 700 am or so, probably while Hayes was at the bank, but held off full rape which would have been loud and would have tipped off Mrs Petit to his dangerous proclivities thus losing her cooperation and compliance which he still wanted in order to get the money as well as the rape which he intended to carry out the minutes she left the house.

Komisrajevsky's seduction of Jennifer Petit was a major part of his evolving plan; seduction not of the sexual sense but rather a seduction of her person hood her, her  trust. her empathy; ultimately she believed him, as she told the bank teller that the men were being really nice they said they wouldn't hurt anyone as long as they got the money and no police were contacted. The teller added to the 911 operator "she believes them". Tragically the combination of her trusting, kind soul and Komisarjevsky's consummate manipulation ended in her and her family' murders.

Ultimately though it was komisarjevsky's psychological reeling in of Mrs Petit that sealed the familys fate

Judging from her behavior up until the point that she left the house and returned with the money for the men, makes me certain that she did not see the bloody mess left on the sun porch by Joshua's overkill battering of her husband'a head with a baseball bat. Surely if she saw this, she would have seen the potential that both man had for brutality, and she would have ran like the wind once in that bank of america , a branch 2 towns away that the men decided to have Hayes take her to, so that she wouldn't be recognized by her regular banking employees.

 This was undoubtedly Komisarjevsky's idea as he also wanted more time alone with Michaela and Hayely  Note although there was no formal charge of sexual assault on Hayely Petit - for either man, within the Hayes trial a cell phone picture taken on komisarjevsky s phone showed a group of obscene nude and partially clad photos of Michaela tied to her bed as well as one singular close up photo of the private area of a substantially older more developed teenager believed to be Hayely. That cell phone photo was taken shortly after 9 am on July 23rd, minutes after Hayes left with Mrs Petit to extort what was supposed to be ransom money to save her family's life.

I along with many other sensible minded people never believed that neither man sexually assaulted Hayely in some fashion or another. She was a very attractive tall strong and athletic. While this would be a threat to someone like komisarjevsky who was drawn to emotionally immature tweens whom he could fool and manipulate, he was also a power freak who couldnt help but take adbanatge of a teenage girls helplessness as hayely lie tied to her bed securely after she had already escaped once according to both men and hayes had to help the slight komisarjevsky overower hayely and wrest her back onto her bed tied much tighter this time. Hayely was a fighter and alone she would have kicked komisarjevsky's ass - and he knew it.  Her defiance and claer disdain for him likely intimasated him but also made him angry - I am certain he and hayes molested hayely simply because she was helpless there and this made them feel powerful.

Had komisarjebsly not been so good at charmimng the trusting Mrs Petit these crimes would have ended quite differently. This is why HE is most culpable and most despicable.

Had he shown his true face or had he not been so quiet and furtive with his molestation of little Michaela up until the point that Jennifer Petit left for the bank with Hayes, she would have known that these animals were going to rape her daughters, and kill her and her entire  family as they were all witnesses/  When I read that she told the bank manager that the men were being really nice and she believed that they wouldn't hurt her kidnapped family as long as they got the money they were after, I just cried and cried.  You see all of this was due to the careful orchestration of Joshua komisarjevsky. He kept Hayes from raping Hayely or Mrs Petit undoubtedly convincing him that he could rape whoever he wanted after they got the money, because hay3es was the type that wanted immediate gratification but komisarjevsky likely placted him convincing him they'd get the big money and hed get his sick control rape very soon as long as they played this right"

I can invision this conversation. In the meantime JK was quietly molesting Michaela and taking cell phone photos of her and even changing her into different outfits all while Hayes ransacked the house and Mrs Petit was way down the hall tied in another room.

 As komisarjevsky had to untie her to leave for the bank she was certainly steered far away from the site of Dr Petit's bloody head and the room where the attack happened - I am certain.

Komisarjevsky probably told her Dr Petit was simply tied up in the basement the whole time. The men brought a facsimile 9 mm gun, that had managed to fool Dr Petit a man who had seen many Police guns during his medical practice. It was in reality a pellet handgun, however it looked very real in the photos at Hayes trial, and Mrs Petit likely assumed the gun was real and they'd used the gun to subdue her husband and tie him in the cellar.

 It was komisarjevsky who dictated it was time to  carry out the brutal plan that he'd hatched earlier in the morning a plan that once he had severely beaten Dr Petit and molested Michaela, the stakes were  way too high; This time, if caught, his sentence would be severe.

He devised a plan whereby the men would douse the girls and Mrs Petit in gasoline, destroying DNA evidence, and concurrently setting the home on fire,serving to kill the family-and all other physical evidence of either man's presence.  Later he'd probably planned to kill Hayes take all the money clean up the loose ends and frame him for the entire crime, knowing that enough footage of him was seen on gas station tapes among other things.

The fire most certainly was intended to a kill William Petit as well as the girls: he was purposely rendered a non-threat immediately upon Komisarjevsky's entry into the Petit home, via a locked basement door. For nearly the entire 6 plus hours that the crimes transpired,  Petit was floating in and out of consciousness, tied feet and hands to a pole in his cellar, bleeding profusely having been repeatedly struck in the head with a baseball bat wielded by Komisarjevsky,  as Hayes stood outside the house watching through the sun porch windows. He'd been instructed to wait outside until Komisarjevsky let him in through a door from the inside of the home.

This is a classic example of  komisarjevsky again calling the shots ;. He got  rid of the only threat in the household right away, so that he could pursue Michaela Petit sexually, who he had spotted earlier in the day and locked upon at the supermarket, fueling the entire nights crime spree.  These was not rapes committed during a robbery, as both men's attorney's, and even some of the media still imply. The rapes were the core of these crimes. They came with zip ties and

Although Komisarjevsky tripped over his own lies many times, even within his own writings and the few interviews with MacDonald, few seemed to notice within the media, That's the thing about sociopaths, on one hand they typically do not want to be exposed at all costs. Within this,  are obvious legal  consequences as well as believe it or not, moral implications; especially to admitting to raping an 11 year old child; the latter is often self denial or simply a protection of their reputation among prison populace as well as the continuing support from the few people that might still be standing by him. ie parents children, girlfriends, etc. But this preservation of ones innocence and reputation often conflicts with the sociopaths ego, whereby many often desperately desire to be famous, known to all, even if it as " a particularly  bad, and evil man."
Either way, he figures he will go down in history. He will be remembered for an eternity.
Instead he will wither away in a small cell where he will likely relive his kidnapping and sexual assault of

 Some of you many recall the dark countenance and words of Damien Echol's, the ring leader of a trio of teenage boys accused of murdering and sexually torturing three small boys on their way home from school in West Memphis in the 1990's. The case became known as" west Memphis three" I remember following the case as Young woman -  the senseless brutality against three little boys by  young kids themselves. And although one of the teenagers soon confessed to the crimes, giving forensic details that had not been released regarding the deaths and information about the bodies, Jesse Miskelley's later recantation of this confession, led to a firestorm surrounding the case,the trial and the guilty verdict outcomes.

 Only Ecchols, the ringleader was sentenced to death, as he was proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have been the leader and testimony from Miskeely said he'd sexually assaulted two of the boys, directly murder the boys; However, what was damning, was the confession of one of the three defendants, Jesse Miskelley, who spoke at length on tape to Police shortly after the murders.  He gave more than a  scant recounting of facts and he had enough details that matched forensics, and as such were deemed legitimate

 The behavior of Damien Ecchols, another classic sociopath who despite facing serious murder  charges-alternately appeared bored in court and later seemed to be stoked that he was now the "Bogeyman "o every single kid in Texas. 

These were his words that actually ended an HBO special on the crimes shortly after the crimes were tried and the boys found guilty.  In the interview, he did not directly deny taking part in the crimes nor did he seem to care that he had received a life sentence especially for a young man who was supposedly innocent. I watched him carefully, as his guilty sentence was read in court and he looked about as non-plussed as one could possibly look. He wasn't surprised, he wasn't horrified, as he later claimed in a recent update on his current appeal, now fighting desperately for his freedom, as the now " Freethe West Memphis 3"

 Now have nothing but time to think about how and why they traded off the rest of their lives to   Terrorize and murder three little boys and left their naked bodies in a river. Echols was also a consummate sociopath- he spearheaded these awful murders and molestation  Now, he using a veritable plethora of  stars who considered themselves misfits as teens and thus think ecchols  and the others were singled out for this reason alone-dressing somewhat goth for echols-the other two boys looked like average kids. at the top of the support the west Memphis three, Ecchoils new wife, an attractive attorney, who ardently believes in his innocence, of course.
Regarding those awful things he said on camera? He now claims he was just a messed up kid with bravado, taking credit for a triple murder of boys, to seem cool.

Oh yeah and he was framed by Police because" he looked different from other kids" in that area.

You will read mention of this same persecution complex in Komisarjevsksys ramblings. This has been the proverbial sociopath predator profile for decades:  Charles Manson, Ted Bundy even thug/sociopath Joran Van Der Soot, all shared this trait.  Dr. Jeffry McDonald, the Dr who killed his wife, and two little daughters and almost got away with it-until a year or so after the murders, he started making talk-show tours and his utterly improper posturing caught the attention of investigators and the brother of his slain wife, formerly an ardent defender of MacDonald.

He now saw one particular talk show and balked at the different man that appeared in front of the TV cameras, from the Jeffrey McDonald he knew, especially after the murders of his family; McDonald seemed completely devastated and now a year later when asked about these awful crimes, literally shrugged the subject off, seemingly making light of his wife and daughters brutal murders.

That ego driven desire for attention -- -attention of any kind-is what ultimately brings many a predator and murderer down. And although Brian Macdonald's lie-filled book based on some of this journal, and other writings, is self serving and purposefully misleading at times - it sometimes forgets its purpose and segueways into areas that reveal the truth.

There is also the classic propensity for the personality disordered person to shift the blame for their crimes, or for the worst parts of their crimes, to others, and inevitably they, they become the victims, the persecuted. For example Komisrarjevskys claims regarding beating Dr Petit with a bat as hard as if chopping wood"I Wanted him to feel what I felt every day of my life" 

As you'll note, when reading these rationalizations and melodramatic BS,  komisarjevsky at different points, alternately blames Steven Hayes, Bill Petit.(sole survivor and a major thorn in his side, as he is a survivor a living witness) society at large, the Police and more. He does his best to denigrate his own victim Dr. Petit, even going so far as to call him a coward, and claims that he gave him many" chances to save his family" but Petit chose to not take the opportunities and ultimately run out of the house instead of saving his family."

 This as usual is completely misleading and morally repugnant to boot; at the point that Petit heard moaning upstairs and thumping noises he had lost 7 pints of blood from a traumatic head/brain injury and was barely alive:  If he tried to rush up the stairs to the house with his feet still zip- tied as they were, two men would have clobbered him over the head once again and left him to burn in the house fire with the rest of his family.

 He knew he was useless to his family tied and half conscious, he had to get help and the arrogant shouts from one of the predators saying" dont worry it'll all be over soon, are ironically what gave him that ultimate shot of adrenalin to break his hand binds zip-ties no less! and hop up the bilco outdoor steps of the cellar to the backyard rolling literally on the grass as he was unable to crawl, managing what was an amazingly courageous burst of energy in hopes of getting help to his family. There was no other way that he could have helped them.

For komisarjevsky to mock Dr Petit for escaping the home as he'd miraculously managed, getting help from a neighbor, this was to me, the very last nail morally speaking in his coffin- now clearly separating the wheat from the chafe -a clumsy smash and grab criminal thug like Hayes who is a rapist and murderer to be sure is slime, but this guy is a reprobate of the lowest form.
At least Hayes made a show of apologizing for his crimes and welcomed a death sentence saying he deserved it. We will see no such admission from komisarjevsky, I guarantee it.

At the core of almost every personality disorder from borderline to narcissistic to anti- social, is a sense of persecution, self victimization, an altered reality that uses this delusion to justify every thing that they do to harm others, be it criminal or simply immoral or parasitic in nature;
 In komisarjevsky's case he blames "Society" as represented by the foster child that allegedly sexually molested him as a teen, as his excuse for an unending rage that flowed into his early adulthood, making him want others to experience his pain. Nonsense. We're all hurt, many of us  damaged far worse than Joshua komisarjevsky ever was.

We have free will and most of all -accountability, the latter of which is sorely lacking in komisarjevsky, due to choices that he makes every day of his life. He hasn't a mental illness, he knows right from wrong,  he has a disease of the soul - he has none. During the Hayes trial we found out through Steven Hayes brother, via a letter he'd written to the prosecutor in the case as well as to his brother in prison, that Hayes also never took responsibility for his action, was never accountable his entire life. This points to a sociopath persona as well, I believe that he was merely the less refined and slightly less evil of the two men.

But the two obviously clicked when they met in that halfway house and likely stirred up each-others sickest fantasy's of domination and control. Once the fire was lit-likely with a match, it snaked throughout the house viciously, unrelentingly, this, as the fire marshal testified at Hayes trial. Starting at the living room where Mrs Petit body lay already dead,  broken and scorched,  an inferno followed straight up the stairs, following the pour pattern of the men's gas CANS, creating a line of fire into each child's bedroom; Hayely  the rower, the basketball player, the athlete, somehow got free of her binds, (this broke my heart when I learned of it and I still think about it and cry) but ran confused into the flames and smoke, her clothing on fire, collapsing on the top of her stairs, her head consumed within the flames.

 Little Michaela struggled and struggled to no avail as her hands were tied tightly to the posts of her bed, she was found with her body scorched, though not completely burnt, as the men had reportedly run out of gas by the time they got to her room with the can. Her upper body was on the bed arms tied above her head and her legs on the floor, as if trying somehow to get away from the impending flames and smoke. No matter how you word it, it was a terrible death for both girls.

 Although they technically died of smoke inhalation, it is hard to say how much burning they sustained before or while becoming overwhelmed with smoke. From the first time I learned of these crimes, I have re-lived their deaths a million times; In my dreams, in daydreams, in my prayers at night and at times and fleeting thoughts throughout my days, and the anger still wells up inside of me. The utter cruelty and senselessness of it. I fantasize a dozen different endings that all have the girls surviving, even wishing I'd been a neighbor and somehow heard the commotion and intervened.

When I attended portions of the Hayes trial every solitary piece  of forensic evidence shown within the trial, proved what I suspected all along; everything in the book by Brian MacDonald  based upon the journal writings,  letters and jailhouse meetings with Komisarjevsky, were almost all lies, and carefully crafted ones at that; Komisarjevsky fed the writer just enough self damning "truths"  figuring he'd give the rest of his story" credibility. But these" truths" were already known to the authorities,  through evidence, direct testimony, or via his or Hayes "confessions" / statements made to police within hours of their arrests.

This kid  managed to manipulate an experienced crime writer who admitted to being taken in and surprised by Komisarjevskys "boyish looks and soft spoken intelligent demeanor" Like many other people in our society, he had a hard time likening these qualities and this appearance with the cruelty of the acts that this young man was accused of.

Like Jennifer Petit and many other innocents of her ilk, of which I once belonged, until my own
 initiation into the path of a sociopath, do not recognize this breed, that looks like a human being, and when it suits them, acts like a human being ditto.  This kind of evil flies in the face of all that we are taught to believe, as Judeo/Christians, as people who are kind compassionate and believe that "bad people" are not born that way, but must have been abused in some way, or poor and disadvantaged in order to become criminals.

We believed in rehabilitation, second chances counseling and second chances. Unfortunately
when it comes to a certain breed of criminal  there shouldn't be second third and fourth chances. Forensic psychiatry has weeded them out. We know enough about  anti-social personality disorder and we know that sociopaths defeat every one of these  belief systems. And they will swallow up  good, innocent well meaning people whole, and spit them out.

Even Hayes was likely manipulated to some extent by komisarjevsky. Yes he had his own agenda , his own extensive criminal proclivities, And I'm certain they included some kind of shared sexual violence and control excitement re women. especially women  perceived as affluent in particular,Those women represent all that they themselves cannot, and will not, ever attain.

Hayes sexual deviance via violence and control over women were used by Joshua in a plan of much larger proportion; komisarjevsky even admitted to writer Brian MacDonald that he'd thought about killing Hayes, as soon as they got away with the money. I venture to think this was not a passing consideration but a plan. He cited being angry that Hayes had been sloppy and unprofessional by taking off his gloves and leaving his prints on objects in the house among some other infractions. (He also would get the entire 15000, 00 dollars and it would be Hayes's face on the gas station video, and/or any bank surveillance that managed to catch him.

Thus even in giving Maconald this seemingly damning piece of information about him, he was doing so to a manipulative end; he now is laying the foundation for blaming the burning of the house down and killing the girls on Hayes: It might have been his intention all along for Hayes to be the fall guy for the whole thing, He tried  to blame Hayes for the fire by claiming that the strangulation murder of Jennifer Petit was a complete surprise to him and that this is what triggered everything that followed; the fire, killing the girls etc.

The problem with this is that it fails to explain the purchasing of gasoline at 6:30 that morning, long before Jennifer went to the bank for the money and returned, only to be pounced upon by both men and tied up, then raped by Hayes, as Komisarjevsky watched, going in and out of the room.

This, according to Hayes version to the prison shrink. According to komisarjevsky's notes and interviews with writer, he just" froze as Hayes arrived back to the house with the money and jumped on top of Jennifer Petit -claiming he wanted to help but couldn't ,and he describes in awful detail the sounds and facial expressions of hayes's throughout the entire rape and murder.
Its called selective memory and more deception.

Later when  forensic evidence surfaced during the Hayes trial that completely contradicted Komisarjevsksys claims regarding the sexual assault of Michaela-it was proven that he committed fill sexual assault on the 11 year old, unlike his ridiculous claims to Macdonald and within his writings, that he took nude and compromising photo's of Michaela" in order to later blackmail Dr Petit" I cant help but wonder if he made Michaela change from her pajamas into a schoolgirl plaid skirt and sleeveless white shirt and white underwear, in order to "Blackmail" Dr Petit as well? Among the photos on his cellphone were a smattering of poor Michaela tied up in different clothing, half dressed dressed and in various pornographic type posing. Despicable.

He tried to explain away his semen in advance by saying that while getting ready to take nude photos of Michaela in order to "blackmail Dr Petit-I cant get over how ridiculous that is and how Macdonald should have packed his little notebook up and left upon hearing this drivel)
Then he claimed upon seeing Michaela's surprising over developed 11 year old body ( again not HIS fault) he was compelled to masturbate upon her, while she turned away and looked at the wall. Very low contact, komisarjevsky would have us all believe. however once again he tripped up over his own inconsistencies; citing she turned away and yet cell phone photos show her half nude in varying outfits, with pillow case over her head.

Also on his cellphone was close ups of Hayley nude lower half of her body legs tied in compromising ways-this photo was timestamped after 9 am, while Hayes was at the bank with Mrs Petit. Apparently within that 35 minute period he ran from each child's room, raping Michaela and taking Photos of both girls, tied to their beds.

The trouble is that the tragic truth came out during much of the Hayes trial forensics: he semen was found inside of Michaela, showing that the little girl was sodomized. This was textbook conniving, a sociopath trying to set up any plausible alternate scenario as to how his semen might have wound up anywhere near where it did, albeit in some convoluted ridiculous fashion, that everyone, including the prosecutors, the media and the public alike, should be wary of and expect more, when this trial finally begins.

In my humble opinion this guy is decidedly much more evil  than his accomplice, he was/is the leader, he made sure the crimes happened, indeed the crimes were his brain-child; he merely used what he knew about Steven Hayes, an acquaintance from a halfway house they were both remanded months before the crime, as part of an early release program in Connecticut.

Sociopaths have no real friends; they do not and can not bond in an authentic way with another human being, They are parasitical by nature and therefore see everyone as objects whom they either can or cant get something from. They tend to avoid stronger personality types, that might see through them, and they become expert at spotting and using others who they can fool, such as Jennifer Petit -  in her case she was trusting by nature and wanted to believe the best in others. Komisarjevsky likely used his boyish face, soft voice  and manipulative nature to calm and placate her. even going so far as discussing the unfairness of how some people have money and others don't-This conversation Macdonald relates to us in his book, and this I believe happened.

 Komisarjevsky's attorney got involved when this information regarding Michaela rape was first released during the Hayes trial. Because of the gag order, no one,not even the Petit family, knew the full extent of the sexual assault on Michaela. Jeremiah Donovan was allowed to attend the Trial of Steven Hayes,(which seems an unfair advantage to me) and in an obvious attempt at damage control, he actually had the audacity to call a mini press conference the day after this sexual assault forensic evidence was presented exposing his client as a pedophile rapist of the worst kind.

Donovan tried to gather the substantial media presence gathered for the Hayes trial and announcing that he wanted to pass something along to the Petit family,and since he was forbidden from contacting them (the family had asked for a restraining order from his office when about a year after the murders they attempted to contact  Petit asking for a meeting and trying to use Restorative Justice intermediary's to influence the Petits and place the blame on Hayes and accept leniency for Komisarjevsky. He claimed he had no choice but to use the media to pass this new information along to the Petit family concerning Michaela's rape and his client's DNA evidence.

Donovan, sent by his client komisarjevsky, pulled this little maneuver under the guise that he wished to ameliorate any unnecessary pain that the Petit family might be having due the"misunderstanding" announced during that days testimony at the Hayes trial regarding the discovery of komisarjevsky's semen in Michaela's body. He said that it would be a long time until his clients trial and he didn't want them thinking that Michaela had been raped between now and then. It was an immoral and illegal tactic and a  transparent attempt at trying to influence public perception of his client, which included the potential Jury Pool for Komisarjevsky's future trial. In other words, damage control.

 Jeremiah Donovan managed to do was get himself subpoenaed for a contempt of court for breaking the Gag order on the case . All lawyers, Police persons and defendants were disallowed from discussing details of the crimes public or anywhere else for that matter. Of course Komisrajecvsky had already blatantly broken the gag order by meeting with  Writer MacDonald for purposes of publishing the pre-trial book about the crimes.

While we would expect this kind of manipulation and ugliness from the likes of a pedophile rapist, Attorney Donovan 's unbelievably sleazy maneuver on the steps of the Hayes court house trial,  is beyond belief;  Later, Donovan oddly changes his reason for his bizarre attempt at using the media to try to influence his clients jury pool: instead of wanting to bring solace to the Petit family as he had first claimed, as his reason for the impromptu press conference, now called into court on a charge of contempt,

Donovan later claimed this press conference was the only way that he could "formally oppose the gag order" ie by breaking it,  via speaking about forensic details of an eleven year old child's sodomy rape to a huge gathering of national media, thus the nation, right after this information was presented within Hayes's trial!  In fact Donovan even went so far as to feign utter confusion and surprise that the Petit and Hawks families responded as they did- Dr Petit accompanied by his sister Joanne Chapman made an immediate media response to Donovan's despicably transparent attempts at manipulating his clients reputation via the media, citing that they intended to pursue a violation of gag order and that they were sickened by Donovan's obvious manipulation and unprofessional media stunt.

 Donovan literally said to a reporter that he was stunned by the Petit family reaction as he would've thought they'd be grateful to not have to sit with the incorrect assumption that their 11 year old daughter who was murdered and sexually assaulted by his client, wasn't in fact sodomized. When pressed as to how the forensic evidence ie komisrajevskys semen wound up being found upon autopsy where it was--Donovan had implied that it was the result of ejaculation-which of course was already laid out for everyone in the komisarjevsky/Macdonald book.

The irony in all of this is that when most people look at the two men that were arrested for these crimes, they lock upon Steven Hayes as the likely leader and  bad guy" This due to his thug like appearance and mean countenance in the police mugshot. Komisarjevsky, much younger, has a dazed almost vacuous look that doesn't appear threatening, and therefore most people wrongly assume that he could not be the really evil one. This is a misconception, one that allowed a most evil man to navigate his way through  Connecticut Court and Parole system his entire life, culminating in the now infamous,early release parole, whereby he served two actual years in prison before transfer to a halfway house, where he was soon paroled despite the judges sentencing orders that he be finished with the Dept of corrections when he was 36 years old.

 IF he towed the line through his 9 year prison sentence and six years more of special parole including tracking ankle bracelet, drug testing, curfews, full time employment etc.

He was 22 at the time of the judges original sentencing for the twenty four house break-ins.
Nearly all of them occurred while the homeowners were home. He was 26 when he assaulted and murdered three members of the Petit family and almost killed a fourth, burning their home into a pile of rubble and ash. And leaving a hole in the earth and the hearts of thousands.

Joshua Komisarjevsky's writings

Sorry the above link is not working Please see my (ie  Laurelo scribd) account Simply Google laurelo scribd and search my documents for the Komisarjevskys journals. Just remember take it all in context, it was written to be published it is not a diary.

Jan 28, 2011

Donnelly Trial moving forward Painful evidence for family and Jury

It was a very emotional day in Bridgeport Superior Court at The Donnelly murder trial, or " The State of Connecticut vs. Chris Dimeo", as it is technically known.

Today the State presented graphic videotaped evidence taken at the Donnelly Jewelery store crime scene by Police just an hour after the crimes occurred. Kim Donnelly was just barely hanging om to life at the scene when paramedics arrived and as such, her body had been removed via ambulance by the time the Fairfield police Forensic team took the crime scene footage.

There was an eerie feeling as the camera silently first took in the outside of the Donnelly's well known downtown fairfield store and entered via the front door, giving one the feeling that they were walking into the awful scene them self. Tim Donnelly's body could be seen almost immediately from a distance with  a blood spattered leg in tan trousers, but blood pools and splatters were everywhere and an outline of where Kim Donnelly body lay dying after being shot multiple times by Dimeo drew all eyes upon it and audible gasps and quiet crying could be heard from the Donnelly Family benches.

Dimeo was allegedly fueled by a heavy heroin addiction and was already wanted in the murder of a New York Jeweler at the time that he committed the Donnelly Murders. Tim and Kim Donnelly were beloved members of the Fairfield Community and had owned the jewelry store for years, their quaint store becoming a downtown fixture and well respect specialists in genuine Celtic jewelry.

As is usually the case, viewing the forensic evidence in a murder case, or any severely violent crime, brings that "case"  into  sharpened and necessary focus for the public, and in doing so, makes vivid and clear the reality of those violent ends that meet the poor victims of crimes like these.
It's essential. As unpleasant as it is.

I've come to understand that  in seeing the crime scene forensics, if not the actual bodies of the victims, at least the crime's scenes and evidence findings -  these are what makes it real. Never do I encourage the posting or sharing of crime scene photos or other evidence for the purposes of gratuitous interest or voyeuristic motivation.

That said, I believe that seeing the end result of these crimes hearing the 911 tapes, these are the things that ultimately finally get people to deal with and consider exactly what the victims of these  crime experienced. This is what happened with the stories finallly told about 911 as well as the 8-1-1 calls that were made public via the mousaaai trial-with permisssion of the Cosgrove and other families. To many people it was an awful tragedy that happned far away up in the skyscraper offices of a New york city Iconic Building.

The video's of people falling to thier deaths, the 911 tape of a man heard pleading with the operator for minutes saying he has to get out he has little kids and a wife, the operator trying to give him solace and then...rumbling and the unsuspecting man literally crying out "Oh God" dying on the phone as the south tower collapsed, he was huddled in an office on the 103rd floor.

These things change everything. They get in our face, usually when given the option we dont look-its too painful. But as in the 911 tapes sometimes getting in our face is just what we need. These images and voices caught on tape  jolt us into our humanity and out of our safe little shells. This, this  is what that crime is what it embodies; the victims terror, their pain their suffering. And only then, may we really be fairly ready to move on and consider the effects of the crimes and related trauma that is visited upon the family and loved ones of the victims, not once but thanks to an inefficient and often victim unfriendly judicial system- over and over again. Dragged out court process. Limitless Automatic Appeals on Death Sentence cases.. Parole releases

And in cases like the Donnelly murders and the Petit family murders, where each occurred in small towns, small communities, that trauma - and terror and loss of innocence, spreads like wildfire to the entire community, most of whom will go through all of the same stages of grief that the family does, only  at different paces and varying degrees.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg insofar as  how far reaching the effects of violent crime  truly becomes.  This murder case was allegedly about money-for- drugs. There was a presumed desperation about obtaining money in order to be able to feed the heroin habits of both Dimeo and his girlfriend both heavy users.

I recall looking at a photo of Jennifer Pierce, Dimeo's then girlfriend in a recent Post article ; she was dressed up for court so she was undoubtedly trying to look her best. She had a simple modest dress a wide pleasant cherubic face with blondish hair. She was outside of the courthouse apparently on her way in. The Photo really struck me.

Unlike the photos of Pierce where she was somewhat bedraggled looking, likely kicking heroin,  donning handcuffs an orange prison jumpsuit, snapped soon after the murders,  she looked haggard and detached, In this recent photo  one could see she a tremendous difference-older wiser, humility. likely clean off  drugs, she looked every bit  the pleasant young woman next to you in the grocery line. Certainly not an evil  accomplice to three brutal robbery/ murders.

 aadmittedly she did not actually kill anyone herself and she advised  Dimeo to stay away from or watch out for the manager of the jewelry store that she'd originally cased out for him that day; shed explained that he was big and appeared the type to put up a fight.

Dimeo was undeterred, he robbed the store after pretending to shop for a engagement ring for 20 minutes or so, and as soon as the women went into the back room, they heard glass breaking shouting and gun shots. They saved their lives by running out of the back door. The manager, the jewelry store owners son in law was not as lucky. He died having been shot multiple times. The owner of that store testified in the Donnelly case as well. His ex Ms. Pierce is expected to testify and possibly have a big impact on the sentencing portion of the trial, this where the judge instructs the jury to decide between life and the death penalty. In order to avoid a death sentence Dimeos lawyers have to present a mitigating factor to be considered by the Jury regarding the crimes; the obvious culprit will be his heroin addition which from what I have read was heavily documented as he was an IV drug user and this is something that you cannot fake.

Nicole Pierce was also addicted to heroin at the time of these murders and this was obviously a driving force for her to be in concert with Dimeo. He was someone who could and would provide a steady supply of this expensive drug that she was severely addicted to -opiates are not a drug that someone can simply stop taking-withdrawal symptoms are horrific.

 Dimeo was little more than a basic thug with a bad habit, so he needed Pierce's help re the logistics of these robberies. From all appearances it seems that Dimeo was the less intelligent of the pair and prone to unnecessary violence, especially when high on heroin, which at that point in his life was around the clock .

She was originally going to go with Dimeo but at the last moment she begged off later citing that she was afraid he would kill someone, and she decided to take a train back to New York city to the motel where they had been hiding out since the  robbery turned homicide in New York. several months earlier. The New York Police already suspected Dimeo in the robbery murder as well as a string of other robberies that fortunately did not end in murder.

Dimeo was captured in New York and since the NY murder occurred first, he was tried there before being extradited to Connecticut to face the Donnelly murder charges. Knowing that there was a death penalty in Connecticut - as opposed to New York-he fought the Connecticut extradition for as long as he could. He knew New York authorities had the cooperation of his girlfriend as well as video tape evidence connecting him to the NY murder robbery.

Pierce received a somewhat shortened sentence in exchange for her testimony although she
still received considerable time for acting as a scout and look out. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she has since been diagnosed with stage three cancer but has agreed to testify for the Dimeo trial despite being in the middle of vigourous chemo treatments.

A few interesting links...

Superior Court


Jan 21, 2011

'Plea or trial' still possible in Annie Le slaying-

It's amazing how slowly the Connecticut Judicial system grinds it's wheels in murder cases, even those with high media visibility.

This murder was committed in 2009 and we've barely heard a peep about it since. This lapse in media coverage is largely due to the gag order on the case, probably placed because of the Yale connection and the details of the case garnering such an unusual amount of press and public interest. But while that explains the gag order, why the inordinate length of time between this brutal murder and a trial or adjudication of some kind?

I remember reading about the murder when it happened, it began as a "disappearance" of Yale graduate student Annie Le, who was supposed to be getting married within 48 hours of her disappearance. As the heartbreaking hours passed, each one lead authorities to consider the worst about Ms. Le's disappearance; The longer someone is missing, the more likely it becomes that that he or she has crossed paths with a predator and foul play of some kind. And tragically, this often means a homicide, the violent end of a life.

Annie Le's decomposing body was eventually found stuffed into a wall crawlspace in the Yale medical building, several days after she went missing. This was the same building where she worked everyday, as part of her graduate work studies program.  Raymond Clarke the third, a coworker/ lab technician was a suspect early in the investigation, due to erratic and suspicious behavior on the day that Ms.. Le went missing, as well during cursory Police questioning that was carried out with all Yale employees who had key card access to the building where Le worked.

Police spoke with all laboratory personnel as part of the initial stages of their criminal investigation and Clarke, hostile and jumpy, became a person of interest swiftly, and police began surveillance of  him in case he tried to flee the state. Fortunately, he didn't have time to run as DNA evidence sealed the deal once again, producing a match between bits of DNA under LE'S nails as well as other damning forensic evidence.

At the time, when the Gag order was imposed, what much of the general public knew was that there had been some kind of work or personal disagreement between Clarke and Annie Le, and that this argument might have led to a confrontation, which ultimately ended in Clarke perhaps becoming violent with Ms Le, perhaps hitting her, Then the police speculate, probably  realizing how much trouble this would bring him criminally, in a panic he " finished the job" this as many murderers who start out "only" intending to rape their victims, also claim. The really depraved part of all of this was the harried stuffing of Anne Le's body into a crawlspace, even breaking her bones post mortem, in order to "make"  her body fit.

There are plenty of strange things on the periphery of this crime and one of them is the suspect's history of stalking former girlfriends, as well as his interest in Asia women-who happen to be known for their subservient behavior when compared to their American counterparts. This points to dominance and control issues with women on multiple levels. Clarke was even a member of the "Asian club" at Bradford High School, although not Asian nor having any apparent connection to the Asian culture.

In Death Penalty Cases, Who Pays the Ultimate Price?

The linked article above is one that I found in the blogosphere while I was researching the Donnelly Jewelery store murder trial. The article centers more upon the death penalty than the Donnelly case per se, but it delves into some of the core issues regarding the murders, the trial, and whether or not Chris Dimeo, the 28 year old who stands accused of the murders, should get the death penalty for gunning down two innocent people, long time married owners of a small Jewelery store, that was a long standing fixture in the town of Fairfield Connecticut.

As a Fairfield resident, these murders ,which happened in 2005, really hit home. Almost everyone I know seemed to know-and love the Donnelly's. They have and had a reputation as lovely, caring and considerate people, as well as helpful and personable business owners. To this very day, I wear around my neck a white gold Celtic charm on a simple but sturdy chain, a gift from a friend who happened to purchase the necklace at the Donnelly's Jewelry store just months before their brutal murders.It turns out after a bit of research that the Celtic symbol means everlasting life; my friend who simply loved the design, was unaware of the particulars of its exact translation;

 In retrospect this special gift became to me a statement about the Connelly's, as it is clear they who were so special in life, shall always live on, in the many ways that they touched other peoples lives.

And so we find ourselves circle back to the original issue at hand; Tim and Kim Donnelly were good people going about their daily lives as responsible business owners, spouses and parents: they had the terrible misfortune of being in the determined and allegedly desperate path of heroin addict and thief, Christopher Dimeo. Twenty three at the time of the murders, Dimeo was the son of another heroin addict - his mother who actually drove the getaway car for another jewelry store hold-up that turned fatal (the manager was shot and killed) in New York city, crimes for which Dimeo ultimately plead guilty to and received a life sentence.

Dimeo who was caught and arrested in NY and tried there for the Jewelry store robbery/murder which had occurred months before the Donnelly crimes. He and his lawyers fought extradition to Connecticut to face the Donnelly charges, for they knew that Connecticut, unlike New York, has a death penalty for capital punishments of a certain aggravated type and given the double murders that occurred during a robbery and the pre- meditative evidence and testimony, he was likely to face a death penalty sentence if tried in Connecticut for his crimes here.

Finally. almost six years later, he is now answering for the murders of Chris and Mark Donnelly.

The trial is underway and is reportedly at the stage where the Jury is soon to be deliberating their verdict, after which the Judge has stated that he will impose a shirt hiatus for the jury, and then, they will begin the sentencing phase of the trial, where it will be decided whether Dimeo gets life in prison or the death penalty.

And this is where things become very touchy, both amongst the general public, and our states legislators.A recent Quinnipiac poll showed that 69 percent of Connecticut residents support the death penalty for certain capital murder cases. Our Conn l;egilsators saw fit to write a bill to abolish the DP last year, initially citing cost saving measures as the main reason, and then quickly segueing into the atypical moral issues against it. Then thrown in for good measure was that it wasn't a good deterrent anyway" false but also irrelevant. Its job is not to be a deterrent. Shall we get rid of prisons because they are clearly not a deterrent for many a criminal mindset? The bottom line is that at that time a majority of legislators in the house and less so in the senate were greatly at odds with what the people of this state want for ourselves insofar as the most important issue concerning violent crime and public safety and yes that word again - Justice.

Several high profile murders in the state that have brought this historically volatile issue to the forefront of our collective conscience. All of the People in the linked article queried would seem to feel strongly about this issue one way of the other - there is very little apathy or noncommittal " I'm just not sure..." . The latter we probably would have seen much more of had our state not lived through the trauma of a handful of particularly brutal awful murders and sexual assault/murders.

I have been an independent and a democrat most of my adult life and as such most people assume that I will be anti-death penalty, but this assumption based on an age old entrenched view of what a liberal is supposed to be like. I am also a believer that the party system in politics has had nothing but a divisive effect on this country's government to the point where it has literally handcuffed the smattering of dedicated politicians, who truly want to impart positive change in this world.

My point is to put the politics aside with such important and challenging issues as the Death Penalty.
 I have seen both Democrats and Republicans wrestle with the humanitarian issues involved with the concept of putting someone to death for committing particularly brutal and cruel murders. But I have noticed that within our state legislation there is a decidely democratic cadre that seems to oft be saying' lets get rid of this "barbaric -and expensive capital punishment"     And Yet...I cannot help but consider that if any of these horrific "Petit family": type of rape  murders were to happen to these same legislators and or thier families, how quickly their personal resolve and committment to abolish the Death Penalty-would buckle?

And this is the most valid question that should be posed to one-self when truly considering what they believe what they think -and what they feel is right for the people of this State insofar as reserving the right to pursue the ultimate penalty for the very worst of our states murders.

Demeo Trial for Donnolly Murders underway

Jan 18, 2011

How Arizona happened

This is a very good article about the horrible and senseless murder's in Arizona last week; the good news is that the Senator's medical status is improving greatly with every passing day.

All of the victims, and their loved one's, will continue to be in our thoughts and our prayers.

Jan 13, 2011

Rell unsure if she'll OK funding for criminal justice system - GreenwichTime

Although this article is slightly dated, the issues remain, in fact they're even more pressing now that Malloy has actually been inaugurated. I strongly suggest that any Connecticut residents that care about crime and public safety issues, follow up on this core issues of this article.

The article surrounds the criminal/judicial reforms passed by the legislator back in 2008, following the angry public climate surrounding the exposure of our states ineffectual criminal justice system, which had come to light via a handful of murders that all were committed by early released paroled men that should have never been awarded such a privileged. It just so happened that there were three sets of murders that occurred within three month period, as judging from the manner in which our parole system was operating, it was only a matter of time.

 The Petit family assaults and murders and two other sets of murders and murder/ rape combinations, all happened within 5 months of one another. starting in July 07. The Governor put a full moratorium on all parole until the Ct Parole Board and the various judicial arms of the Government could investigate how such obviously poor candidates for parole were paroled and moreover why there were so many issues within our court system that only now were being investigated

After the 2008 legislative session which was to say the least a bit volatile and fingers seemed pointed everywhere, except how to make thing s better, the legislators managed to come up with some reforms and although many were compromises, the one thing that everyone agreed on -  in principle was a new tech- based inter-communication system between various criminal judicial departments. One of the most important elements of this computer based system would have prohibited the Petit family murders from ever happening had it been in existence, even without the expense or complexities of the communication between departments necessarily being computer based. According to Connecticut's lead prosecutor Kevin Kane,  the mistakes and omissions that caused Joshua komisarjevsky, sentenced to 9 years prison and six years of special parole by an adamant Connecticut judge, to be paroled with nary a bit of his criminal history paperwork, had long been a source of conflict between parole board members and the prosecutors offices who had handled the given parolee at sentencing. 

These missing files should have been, and indeed were absolutely and unequivocally a necessity for any parole agent in making responsible  life and death decisions regarding whether or not to parole inmates who were typically already being granted early release parole in the first place - making this purposeful corner cutting even more reprehensible and inexcusable.
This process of early release parole was purportedly designed by no other than the co-chair of the Ct. Judiciary committee, Mike Lawlor, presumably in order to deal with prison overcrowding and to put an end to the somewhat controversial process of shipping inmates to out of state prisons when needed. in Vermont or New Hampshire. 

The controversy" was coming from the inmates and their families because they claimed that moving their relatives to out of state prisons put an unfair drain on their expenses needed in order to visit that inmate.  I am not one hundred percent positive of  how the state determined the parameters for which type of offenders were shipped out of state, but it is my belief that there was a method to the madness so to speak and some type of organized considerations were given to which inmates were shipped albeit temporarily. Again this was cited as a temporary solution rather than the state having to absorb the cost of building new prisons in order to solve overcrowding.

A terrible irony when looking at this entire awful picture is that the Petit family murders were murders just waiting to happen as is evidenced by the fact that not one parole member was admonished formerly let alone fired. And what this shows us is that the Governor herself was made aware that this situation with Joshua komisarjevsky being paroled without sentencing reports-which is the least of it in reality. No one even reads the sentencing reports when they do have them in their possession I have been told by some state personnel very close to the" issues"
I bring up the sentencing report because this is what the media and pres have latched onto and we keep hearing it ad nauseum since the crimes occurred . ie; apparently the parole board that paroled komisarjevsky were not in possession of his latest sentencing transcript where the judge who sentenced him to nine years plus 6 parole called him a cold calculating predator who was a danger to the residents of Connecticut"
Now while this is absolutely true-I read the transcripts and there was even more red flagging done by both the prosecutor who unlike many other Connecticut prosecutors actually seemed to have a modicum of education about criminal forensic psychology and the escalating nature of criminals like komisarjevsky, not to mention just plain common sense; the man had been arrested for two strings" of house break-ins, whereupon in almost every case, he'd stalked the homeowners first -at length, and would only break into the homes at night when the homeowners were home!

This, the very opposite of any typical burglar who goes to great lengths to avoid the homeowners, because their motivation is to procure money or goods-and get out without trouble.
 Komisarjevskys told friends and police that he could only get off ie enjoy the break in if someone were home. This guy's criminal history had so many red flags or precursors for sexual predator/serial killer behavior, and he was only 22 at this point. The prosecutor noted as did the judge that although he came from a "nice" family and had sired a child-his habits of stalking the homeowners and staying in the house while the person was home often sleeping---was predatory and beyond robbery.

His girlfriend manipulatively toted to court as if a prop, ie "see he has a child he is a dad, he cant be all bad and plus...we need him to help in the raising and supporting of this baby'
This little soliloquy Ive fabricated for effect but the child was indeed brought to court, and it wouldn't be the first time that a sociopath used their "parent" status dragging their children to the courtroom within a Birdseye view of the judge or jury etc.  Ive seen it personally be used time and again.  I actually read an article a few years back where a Connecticut prosecutor said that Domestic violence cases should be prosecuted differently, more leniently because the "defendant" could be the main breadwinner" and putting him in prison for any length of time would ultimately hurt the family unit economically" 

I could not believe what I was reading. This was in 2009 and the prosecutor with the misogynist mindset was actually part of a "specialized Domestic violence unit in Bridgeport Connecticut,  one of the first to receive a state or federal grant for a specialized domestic violence "court within a court."   His name  is Kevin Dunn, and it gets worse; within this article, which was entitled the "compassionate prosecutor", something that should signal anyone right off the bat that something is truly akimbo when a" Domestic Violence prosecutor" is being dubbed the so called Compassionate prosecutor" as a title piece.--I mean what does that tell us?

Ironically that's what caught my eye, and when I read on I was as horrified as I was angry and when the article went on describing Mr Dunn's recent promotion was to split his time between "[compassionate prosecuting" and helping train Connecticut's Police force members on how to handle domestic violence calls, including how to write up warrants and determine charges via  seminars and such, well suffice to say some DV and victims rights groups were swiftly made privy.

But I digress.

What I started to say was that Kevin Kane, lead prosecutor for the state and seemingly a very committed and moral seeming man, was very forthcoming regarding the Paperwork/communications issues as they related to Komisrajevsky's and Hayes Parole, had indeed been going on for some time and indeed were in the midst of attempts at addressing possible solutions at the exact time that the brutal Petit home invasion and murders occurred.

There was more involved than what met the eye, which was admittedly bad enough. There were inmates and defendant's records being shipped and warehoused in meriden, when they should have been made to be available to Parole as well as any state police department that might need to access that information on  a given person with a criminal history, particularly if the crimes involved violence or the potential for violence, such as komisarjevsky, and to a lesser degree, even Hayes, who had had multiple charges dropped within plea deals throughout the years that he spent in and out of prison.

There were 2 separate gun charges dropped for example (again another problem with using plea bargains as our main method of what has become "processing crimes" in Connecticut. Once a criminal charge has been dropped completely within a bundle of charges emanating from one episode of criminal act, it disappears in our current way of doing things in this state.  There was also an assault charge dropped and that's again something that is a red flag and should not be dropped in the first place deal or not and secondly if it was it needs to still stay on record that the man committed this crime as it shows a predisposition for future criminal activity. 

Its less essential when dealing with small drug possession charges and the like, and I for one would be happy to handle those types of crimes in a separate court system as they do in California, rehab and treatment is what someone who gets caught buying drugs needs, not to be made into a hardened criminal via our system where money often decides whether you're going to prison or copping a bargain of a plea that will leave you with little or in many cases-no criminal record.

And  here it is, Jan 2011 and Connecticut still does not have the promised computerized intra departmental system that the legislation voted into a bill in 2008. The monies were approved and allocated by the budgetary allocators -  state "bean counters, and it offends my sensibilities when I hear them telling other legislators how few lives will ultimately be affected by installing this or that new criminal justice system or   policy. The bean counters did their best to convince all the house that we cant afford it naysayers, but in the end, so much loss of life had occurred needlessly,
that some kind of drastic change needed to be effected and clearly it would cost money.

 And despite what everyone is saying now it was not restricts to the Petit family murders, within 6 month period, there were two other SETS of severe violent crimes all committed  by recently paroled offenders, one man raped a 68 year old woman who was suffering with cancer! killed her and threw her lifeless body in some bushes. He shot her Friend in the head leaving her for dead but she miraculously survived after Playing dead, and Id'd the man in mugshots.

The women were having having church coffee, in a rural neighborhood when this recent [parolee happened to run out of gas in a stolen car in front of their home. Terrible fate became rape terror and murder on a sun morning coffee date he watched one women enter the home with any unlocked door and he followed her in shooting one of the women for no reason at all, stealing quick small items Dragging  the second victim in her own car, raping her shooting her and  and dumping her like a sack of garbage in some public bushes!

That inmate had been arrested of raping a minor eight year old niece of his, He'd received a few years in a plea deal, got out was on probation or parole and just went right on back to taking from others what did not belong to him and maiming and murdering along with it this time.

Nonetheless,that system and several other key improvements within our Justice system some of which were considerably more simple and less expensive then the technology based communications system, also have not been initiated no seem to be in the works. One of these is the addition of several new prosecutors within our states larger city superior court Court houses where shortages of staff as well as under training is being cited as many reasons for the high plea bargain ratio for adjudicating criminal cases in our state The issue came to light IN late 2007 when several homicides were committed needlessly by men who should not been given parole, or early release parole as all were chronic offenders that clearly posed a threat to the general public. The mistakes were blamed on information sharing issues between Police departments, prosecutors offices, parole boards etc
The most infamous of those three crimes was the murders of the Petit family a48 yr old mother.and her 2 girls. This case is still being played out in court with the second accomplice not yet having his
rial date set nor the jury selection process started.

If our new Governor tries to back out of pushing through this centralized criminal computer system, a basic tenet to any valid new system whereby information can be easily passed along and shared between departments as it should have been for years, well than this is Governor Malloys first and last chance in my book to prove himself worthy of Governorship. Public safety and crime is the most important issue facing our state government, Malloy touted his own record re crime decrease in Stamford during his mayoral term. As a democratic of unflinching variety he is avidly anti death penalty which means when it is put before him as a new legislation he will certainly not veto it. And this is a when not an if situation. The bill was already written and passed  by both the house and senate tho more marginally in the latter  last year and if not for Gov Rells rare veto, the abolishment would be in effect.

The prevailing Democrats led by the likes of  Mike Lawlor and co. The judiciary co who designed and instigated the abashment law, claimed that they initially did so in order to save the sate money, "since we didn't use the death penalty anyway" they cited-this is true in effect as the last man pout to death had to due the state in order to receive his just and awarded capital punishment by lethal injection; a rather kind alternative to what he doled out to his many many female victims some of who were but children-little girls age 12 9. Michael Ross finally won his appeal a fight all the ay to Ct supreme Court was his state paid public defenders were ironiclly fighting his wished for, and well deserved execution, that he had earned some twenty years earlier by murdering at least 20 women and kids. That was the first man we had executed in 20 years at that point in time, despite having 20 or so men on death row.

Clearly Connecticut is not the "blood lustful" lot  that lawyers/ anti death penalty proponents refer to us as.

The Bottom line is this is the year we need to form a pro0active, courageous political action group, and begin putting pressure on the new administration/ Governor, who has touted himself as being tough on crime and responsible for Stamford's lowered crime rates; While this is great,
I cant say that I am heartened by his standard liberal stance regarding the death penalty, within this linked article one notes his proclivity for stating that the death penalty in no way reduces crime -and this is a over-used and over simplified view, that does not take into account the many peripheral issues that would result in abolishment such as the veritable end of  of plea bargaining for all murders that occur in the state.

Once life w/out parole becomes the very worst sentence a murderer can get every lawyer in this state will push for trials, because their client now has at least a chance at receiving life with parole by rolling the dice in a jury trial. There will be nothing to lose by going to trial, and our system will become deluged with these trials, and considering we've got a 98 percent plea bargain percentages rate for how we resolve our murder cases, and our voire - dire system as  time consuming expensive, as well our prosecutors under qualified to try cases as their trial skills are stale at best, this will lead to an expensive mess that is a very real peripheral consideration of abolishing the death penalty in this state.

Yet most democrats would like to stand on some meaningless moral high ground and ironically also cite financial savings as a good reason to abolish, this due to the unwieldy appeals process currently in place in our state for death penalty cases. These appeals of course cost a lot of money, and indeed the original reason cited by the judiciary committee who enacted the abolishment was  a good way to save money,now that we are in an economical  budgetary crunch, so to speak. Ne-ver mind what was promised and indeed voted upon by our lawmakers and what the law was that was in place at that time!

Time to get involved Connecticut tax payers voters and general citizenry; we do have control over a Good deal of what goes on with out states legislation. We can follow suit as did California and restructure our judicial system separating the non violent drug rimes into a separate court altogether whereby they are offered treatment and hallways house living with extended probation and structured living situations involving 12 step programs employment etc. Many of these people who inhabit our prisons do not belong there. And there lives are being completely devastated as a result because as we all know once one has been incarcerated it is very difficult to get emolument especially a job that will feed a family or house someone in this state. There are genuine methods of changing how we handle our crime and criminals that need not involve huge infusions of money and in the end it will save us money-we just have to be ballsy as a people and as a state as lawmakers and as governor.

Making certain that prison beds that are needed departed for violent offenders and those who wold predate upon children, are enough, and that a person who is a sick, an addict, who has somehow managed to not yet com mitt violence in any way and yet is rotting away in a prison cell in a state where those cells are in such high demand, that we have been plea dealing our most vicious rapist kidnappers, child molesters, woman beaters. etc. because we claim there is no room for these men, and  no money to pay the prosecutors to try their cases because they cost too much.

 Well the reality there is quite a bit of distance from that simplistic overview, there are other considerations such as prosecutors who only want to try cases that they will definately Win, and since pleading will give them a guaranteed "conviction" even tho that conviction" consists of a slew of violent crime charges being dropped down to lesser more innocuous ones while other charges within  the same crime event are totally dropped. Of course this happens a lot less with some public defender -over a higher priced  lawyer- at least a "regular"a lawyer that the prosecutor knows, often lunches with, exchanging favors, cigars, jokes and the old boy network continues alive and well and every day, victims of violence are thier sacrificial lambs.

Get involved.