Mar 28, 2011


Well loved and respected Tim and Kim Connelly, murdered in 2006 by convicted murderer Chrsitopher Dimeo in cold blood after Robbing thier Fairfield Connecticut Jewelry store.

Christopher Dimeo convicted murderer Connellys awaiting death sentencing from Jury at Bridgeport Superior court. The death sentence is being pursued by the State prosecutors office.

Mar 27, 2011

Petition for Paula; Paula's Story

Please read Paula's story attached to this link and sign the petition to keep this young girl's murderers from becoming Paroled.

The fact that this family has to endure this fight every two years, fighting against the two murderer/rapists that  stole their daughter's life, from being released into the public, is a perfect representation of  the state of our judicial system's within the United States.

Please get involved in your state's legislative involvement; become aware, as many of us walked about assuming our government was doing its best to protect us, and this is often not the case. Watch your legislators, who you vote for in each town and city as well as Governors, existing and at voting time-use your votes carefully!

I realize that violent crime is a subject that most people prefer not to think about, let alone become actively involved in changing.
It is unpleasant, scary and it makes our seemingly safe, protected, innocent world, too difficult-or actually, too real.

But Paula is just one of many children women, and men, who either lose their lives violently or become victims of sexual assault, assault or predation, in one form or another, and then become doubly victimized by the very judicial system created to protect other victims, as well as afford the current victim of violent crime something as closely akin to justice that can be served.

Become more aware of your state's particular weaknesses, regarding the laws and more importantly, at the court level, the application of the laws that exist or are created in the wake of needless crimes; How are the repeat predators slipping through the cracks, and literally being set loose by those deemed the "good guys" to maim and kill?

If you are inclined or able, please donate via the Paula site, any amount that you can, in order to keep the Petition and the organization going - even a few dollars helps tremendously, as it all adds up.

Remember, Paula is you, she is me, she is your child,  your heart. Do not live with the mistaken reality that this will all go away and cannot happen in your world. Please add your voice and your involvement in the fight against crime in your state and country's law-making and Court  Parole and Penal systems.

Vote for your State legislators according to their records or their stance on violent crime. There is simply no more essential "issue" for those running for office, from town selectman to bigger city house Representatives, State senators,mayors and Governors, who are at the nucleus of every state decision concerning violent crime - this through their power to veto laws that they consider wrong or  putting the public at risk.

Use your votes wisely. Do the work and research not what is being claimed by those running for office, but rather what their voting records have been in the past within in your state's General Assembly as well as your State's senate.

Note; If you are unsure of how or where to start, please email me via my profile email link and I will help fill you in on the simplest of ways that you can become involved in public safety and the struggle for tangible Justice in your corner of this world.

Thank you,


Petition for Paula

Mar 24, 2011

Komisarjevsky Defense Lawyers Block Two from Jury

The Komisarjevsky Defense used two pre-emptory challenges to  ban two jurors that the prosecution had questioned and approved for the upcoming capital murder trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky, now 30, a native of Cheshire Connecticut himself.

Pre-emptory challenges are challenges that defense lawyers don't want to use up, particularly right off the bat, ie at the start of selection process because each side only is allowed so many per the entire jury selection; every state varies, but it is in effect, a court approved way of saying " I don't have to give a reason, I just don't want that juror on our jury, (because I have a sneaking suspicion that they will wind up "identifying with the prosecution et al and therefore probably vote to convict)

Now since conviction is a given here, it will be more about the lawyers sense of whether that potential juror will go on to vote to sentence their client to death during the "penalty phase"and I don't want, nor usually have a valid reason to offer up as they typically do for no pre-emptory challenges, meaning potential jurors that they reject for one legitimate sounding reason or another. An example would be that potential juror was a victim of a violent crime themselves and admit or even don't admit that they cannot be objective in choosing the guilt or fate of this defendant.

That would be a case for a simple voire dire rejection by said defense attorney-and in this example they have a pretty good case, although a good prosecutor could force the defense to use a pre-emptory on this potential juror considering Connecticut uses voire dire and thus the potential jurors are questioned exhaustively in front of both sides and the judge. And thus, if the person who had been a victim answers honestly and adamantly that they can and will be objective, no matter whats happened in  their past, that prosecutor could force the hand if he made a good case to the presiding judge and make the lawyer use up" one of his few pre-emptory challenges.

I personally believe that there should be no pre-emptory challenges allowed. You should have to have a reason for saying I don't want that juror. This isn't a board game after all.

The Voire dire process, as it's known, is conducted individually in Connecticut, whereas in some states, defense and prosecution( The State) questions potential jurors in small groups, of 4 - 5 after a long comprehensive explanation to the entire prospective group of jurors, what exactly is expected of them and what will indeed happen within the questioning - IE selection process.

They are told that although they might be asked if they are inherently against the death penalty, are they still capable of sentencing this defendant to it proving the state proves beyond a reasonable doubt that indeed he is guilty of at least one capital crime because this is the law in the state of Connecticut for capital offenses. Now komisarjevsky a man who spent his entire life since 14 or earlier, breaking into other peoples homes, usually while they were home.

He is famous for bragging to friends, girlfriends, parole pals and even policemen, that his preference was that the home-owners be there when he broke in, this was needed for him to experience the thrill of crossing into their terrain right under their noses unbenowst to them! This man is charged in fact of a gaggle of capital crimes which he committed one evening/morning  at the home of the Petit family.

Although he dragged along an accomplice, Mr Hayes, as a necessity as physical back-up was needed to ensure that he got what he came for,(11 year old Michaela Petit) the crimes originated in Joshua Komisarjevsky's  mind: he targeted the 11 year old and bragged about it, even talking about it to some degree, within a book, written during the 3 year wait after the murders. The book we knew and later was verified via hayes trial was half truth half fiction. It written largely via letters from the inmate to the author brian Macdonald, and a few interviews that he managed to sneak in prison. (Remember there was a gag order on the case and this book" was a typical obscene gesture of komisarjevsky to all things akin to rules or regs)

Of course it was self serving and attempted to place the entire capital crime responsibility at the feet of h is accomplice, this is nonsense as he also admits to choosing the target at the stop and shop that night and "liking the way the young Petit girl looked" The writer Macdonald later admitted that Komisarjevsky was the most manipulative person he'd ever met-this after the fact from the Hayes trial showed up much of Komisarjevky's claims esp re criminal cupablity, on Hayes) Forensics Dna and witness testimony proved Komisarjevsky lied to Macdonald again and again, only during the parts that mattered most.

The important parts of the crimes, the murders, sexual assaults, the pre meditation have borne out to prove that komisarjevsky lied when he said he didn't rape Michaela, in the Steven Hayes trial the citizens of Connecticut were made to relive the pain and trauma ten-fold during that trial, as many many details regarding the home invasion, were finally spoken about and revealed via the press, as the Gag order that had been on the case for  for three plus years was naturally voided. The truth was what many of us believed and what some of us feared might be the worst.

As the Jury selection for Joshua komisarjevsky continues we the watchful caring public, will have a slight advantage, now knowing some of the worst of the brutality, cruelty and violence that took place in the Petit family home against William, Jennifer Hayley and little Michaela Petit. We have cried for them we have prayed for them and we have demanded Justice for them.

This trial is twice as important to me personally as I have studied the crimes the lives of the victims and the perpetrators, and like many other profilers, both of the professional and armchair variety, I recognize the evil that is one Joshua Komisarjevsky. And I warn all that this trial will likely be an uglier experience, the pre-trial effects already have been and this is largely because the defendant and his attorneys are without a doubt ten times worse as far as the lengths they will go to and their own ability to lie to themselves in the process, no matter how many other souls they try to denigrate in the name of a "vigorous defense. In other words, thier committment to evil. No matter how you try to pretty it up, that is exactly what it is.

May we stand together, all of us, who want for Justice and comfort for the Petit families. We stand with the light of God upon us, therefore there is nothing we cannot do.

Mar 23, 2011

Isabella Oleschuk found; police say she's safe

I am so, so glad that this girl has been found alive and well. Almost no other media outlets are reporting this yet, in fact just 5 minutes ago severeal top media sources claimed that Isabella was still missing, but it has been confirmed, she was found "with a friend" in a farmhouse in greenwich.

Details will follow as they are released.

Mar 22, 2011

Authorities Investigate Possible Sighting of Missing Orange Girl in Fairfield Duchess - Bethwood, CT Patch

If this is the surveillance video from the Fairfield Duchess to the left, which I procured from the link to the "Patch" story linked above, this is most definitely the girl. I've compared the two photos for an hour-they are one and the same person. I am just not certain that this pic although it sure looks like the backdrop is a fast food store with fixed chairs and table bolted down,is Duchess at all. It appears to be a theatre

I cannot believe that if this is the photo from Duchess that the fast food
  worker  only casually mentioned to a Policeman,hours later when he happened to walk in to eat! Had she called at that moment, even if it was surreptitiously somehow, so as not to scare off the child, or even had a co-worker do so, Isabella would have possibly be safe in the protection of the Orange Police Dept.

The photo below is the one widely circulated since Isabella, or "Bella's Sunday morning disappearance. We have read a concoction of news theories and even different News Media reports regarding things such as her parents citing her as a probably runaway from the Get-go, to the fact that she was being Bullied in a very serious manner at her school, something that she'd tried to talk to her parents about but was reportedly met with disbelief ie denial from her mother, who claimed she was "making it up" to her father's reaction, which was albeit a bit healthier; He told her he believe her, as he did the FBI and Police, directly disagreeing with his wife....interesting. But he told authorities that he didn't know what to tell her or how to help her! 

How about going down to the school asap Mr and Mrs Olezeck?!  And this brings me to another  issue-the surname may either polish Hungarian or Russian-and if these are immigrants themselves,her parents, this could account for the seemingly strange way they've handled a sad volatile situation, a child being bullied mercilessly at school, as well as the possibility that your 12 year old child has gone missing,leaving behind her hearing aid when she is nearly deaf in one ear!

What also troubles me is that there are so many different possible sightings and information coming in, that often this can only confuse a missing child case. The person that thought they saw a girl that matched Bella's looks holding hands with a boy or man on the beach, could mean nothing-and be someone completely different.
Or it could be imperative to the case, which is why the FBI is thankfully involved, as they've got more experience with missing persons and child abductions and even abuse runaway situations.

Lets say hypothetically that it was Isabella on the Beach what if she made a new online friend" who she'd poured her troubles out to and he happened to be a slightly older fellow, who turns out to be a predator of some derivation, either one in the making or someone who is adept at using Bella's problems with her parents and her schoolmates bullying, and her hearing issues, to his advantage; as a practiced and experienced "predator? he would be a bit older, but sociopaths can begin this sort of tracking, stalking and manipulating at age 14 believe it or not, Look at Joshua Komisarjevsky, brainchild and ringleader of the sexual assault of Michaela Petit 11 years old, he wass 26 at the time, and the murder of Michaela's entire family, including her mom Jennifer sister Hayely were also murdered within a home invsaion that originated out of his pedophile criminal intention of a pre-plannned home invasion wherby her father was beaten unbonsious and toied in his cellar and the mom and girls secually assaukted xcell photos taken and later all were killed by fire after being doused by gasoline.

The father Dr William Petit, broke his tied zipties and hopped out of the basement steps and rolled to a neighbors garage-rolled! 5 minutes before his house exploded into dasoline fueled flames killing his children in a snake like fireball which neither child could hope to escape, tied to thier beds and trapped within its path in any event.

hose murders have come to be known as the Cheshire murders and many people even the press and media forget at times that this was a crime borne of a sociopathic 27 year old who had targeted an 11 year old girl for a night of terror control and sexual assault. The murders were incidental to the men, a perfuntary neccesity once they knew that the criminal charges for assault and then rape could cost them 15 years in orison. Steven Hayes the acccomplice komisarjevsky brought along to be his muscle , needed to get the house under "control" has been tried and found guilty of all capital crimes sentenced to death two monthj ago. Komisarjevsky himself, the man who spoyyed Michaela and her mother at an area supermarket following them home then staking out the house and ptroceeding tpo call his prison buddy, Hayes, is the real predator who made certain the crimes happened and escalated.
His trial is supposed tostart saometime in  May, but his lawyers have done nothing but throw out wasteful and empty motions designed to stall the process and harrass the judge and prosecutor. In many Connectuct residents opinion, these lawyers led by Jeremiah Donovan, have behaved so badly that they deserve to find themsleves in a simalir situation as they, they have put the lone survivor William Petit and his family through.

Komisarjevsky was climbing trees and watching a young girl with binoculars at 14 years of age! Joseph Duncan told psychiatrists that by 14 he had raped 10 boys, 6 at once tied up always younger smaller and those children never reported it! The same man was arrested at 17 finally when he went a bit farther tying a 13 year old to a tree and raping him at gunpoint twice and whipping him with a tree branch whilst also burning him with cigarettes. Joseph Duncan
became famous many years later when he was allowed out of prison and  began killing small
children,after raping them and holding them for days torturing them. He bragged to the FBI later that he'd done all of these murders only whilst being on parole, attending college computer classes, and appearing
the reformed juvenile offender-the authorities only knew he'd served 17 years for the rape at gunpoint
none of the other rapes nor murders which he managed to commit all across the country as he vacationed
from work.

A famous blogger Steve Huff was the first to put Duncan in the towns where various kids went

He was an ex-opera singer who'd begun cyber- sleuthing as a passion and a hobby, yet he alone solved the murder of Anthony Martinez and the possible/probably murders of two little Indian girls that Duncan confessed to Shasta and the FBI about.killing-as he did re martinez. But Steve Huff had already written about hios belief that Duncan might have killed anthiony as hed been keeping an online blog about life as an ex sex offender! It actually was fromed as an alibi diary log but it backfired when he gave away too much info re his travel vacation experiences-and Huff tied them into the areas where children went missing during those same time periods!

 Duncan is in the middle of being prosecuted for Martinez murders where the brotherr and other boys witnessed the kidnapping, but since recanted his confession re the young girls and their families are happy to leave him on death row in Indiana, where he will presumably die for taking the Groene kids over state lines after killing their mother her boyfriend and a 13 year old brother Slade whom he also bludgeoned with the hammer in the head as he had the tied up Adults who were asleep on the couch when he snuck into their house at night after seeing the little children playing in a small blow up pool the day before!

Joseph Duncan killed three members of the Groene family with a hammer to their heads, simply in order to steal away in the night the two littlest members of that hiusehold - Shasta and Dylan Groene.

 Dylan was tortured and shot dead at a campsite within weeks of his kidnapp. Somehow Shasta managed to convince her captor that she would not cause trouble nor run away and I believ this is the only reason she was still alive when a waitress spotted her eating with Duncan at an area Dennys, at 2 am in the morning.
Let us all be hyper vigilant, this happens to be my home town that this missing young lady may have been spotted in.


Mar 21, 2011

A Story About Bullying, Survival and a Missing Child - Orange, CT Patch

"Bella" has apparently not yet been found and now we are finding out that this 12 year old girl was being bullied at school, which may or may not have anything to do with her disappearance, but it's distressing just the same.

Mar 20, 2011

FBI Joins Search For Missing Girl from Orange Ct.

This beautiful 12 year old girl,  Elizabeth Olezchuck, has been missing, police believe, since last night. Although technically she wasn't reported missing by her parents until today.

For some reason, her parents are telling the police and FBI that they "think" that their daughter may have left her home in Orange last night willingly of her own accord, despite the fact that they only technically noticed her missing late this morning.

When I hear a parent, or both parents, staunchly pushing Police towards the notion that their child has probably run away, I automatically radar up; First of all, if it were a genuine situation of "suspecting" a
possible run away situation, for any reason - either because you and the child had been arguing just prior to the disappearance, or perhaps you were at odds for a protracted period of time prior to this dissapearence, as a caring and loving parent, your first instinct should/would be to immediately worry that she has been snatched up by some predator., Any parent without anything to feel guilty about doesn't typically steer police to automatically assume that their child has "probably run away", and at that, sooner than she technically was known to be missing!

Although the Police are seemingly going along with the possibility of a run-a way situation, they often are very mum at this stage in the game even when they do suspect parental or family involvement. They are saying that they've not ruled anything out and have been using K9 search dogs in nearby wooded areas as well as treating the case as a possible endangered runaway, for even if she has run away, she would be at the mercy of every sleezy predator

I am  that either these parents did something to this little girl or that there was some kind of abuse in the household that led to the girl running away - if indeed she ran away. And by now, with the amount of attention being given to her dissapearence, She did not take her hearing aid and this was reportedly unusual, as she is deaf in one ear and always wears it. This creates more likelihood of an abduction and/or perhaps worse, violence of some kind, possibly involving one or both of the parents or possibly another relative.

The town of Orange Connecticut is literally 15 minutes away from my home. It is a monied area with most of the homes on large lots, and much wooded area, compared to whats left of say - West port or even Greenwich, comparably comfortable towns, althouggh Orange was once a more working class town.
It is, and has always been, a lovely spread out city/town with just the right mix of private areas away from the long us1 department d warehouse furniture store strip malls.

 In the last ten years or so it has become much more of an upwardly mobile young family type of suburb  drawing both young couples and well off or "comfortable"  seniors. Just inland from the long island sound, next to its cousin Milford-a more mixed community on the waters edge, Orange has grown in its affluence as well as its attraction to young commuter couples are attracted to the land and lot sizes compared to its mirrored neighborhoods in fairfield County. However the well kept grounds of some of the loveliest Connecticut suburbs are not immune to predators, both of the traveling sort and yes even the occasional resident hiding a personality disorder such as anti-social personality disorder ie Sociopath

Mar 18, 2011

One Juror, a Doctor, Picked for Komisarjevsky Jury - Naugatuck, CT Patch

I don't know what bothers me the most about the Komisarjevsky case lately.
Perhaps it's this unholy succession of "motions" perpetually spewed out by the komisarjevsky defense "team" , who seemingly have a bottomless pit of State money with which to fund what are clearly little more than harrassment,  blackmail and/or stalling tactics.

This financing for the Public defenders team for Mr Joshua Komisarjevsky (a team comprised of a total of four lawyers and a herd of minion-clerks) of course enables said minions to follow the beckon call and pluck and pluck obscure legal cases that have little to no relation whatsoever to whatever recent  legal" precedent"  that the defense team are haplessly scrambling to make analagous to their  latest motion, Motions, which usually are created with " the best defense is an offense" credo at thier nucleus.

And then invariably they sweep all of this just plain ugly behavior under the rug of ' all's fair whilst providing a vigorous defense" which also conveniently serve as a handy moral and ethical self cleansing, lest there be that burdensome thing called conscience left in any of their individual or collective souls.
Then there is the matter of the State; In this frame of reference I am speaking of the Prosecutor's office who is handling the prosecution of Joshua Komisarjevsky) one Michael Dearington.
I find it beyond iironic that the so called "good guys" do not seem to have anywhere near the same access or go ahead to utilize State funds, as has been evidenced in a myriad of ways via both the Hayes trial and the pre-trial going-ons of Komisarjevskys trial.

Never mind the upkeep of Hayes and Komisarjevsky in prison, their special security accommodations as well as medical attention-(but that's yet another story of obscene State injustice, I've written about this a touch in the past but suffice to say it will be revisited )

Then there's Joshua Komisarjevsky, the man at the center of all of this bad behavior bad energy and increasingly defunct ethics of his state paid attorneys. This man by his own admission committed sexual assault, was the mastermind of the Petit home invasion and thus rapes assaults and murders. The man admittedly guilty of a litany of pre meditated crimes, including assault in the second degree (which should have been assault with a deadly weapon IE in the first degree note; a bat was used to crack open William Petit's head, ANYWHERE from 6 to 12 times, depending on who komisarjevsky was telling it to, or if Hayes  testimoney was indeed correct -then it was 8 or so" 

Either way, this succession of blows to Bill Petit's head constituted attempted murder as far as the Connecticut General Statutes define this and considering that for the sake of argument just one of those blows could have easily killed Petit (even without the consideration that Bill Petit was on blood thinners for a preventative stroke condition.

And yet,  Komisarjevsky somehow got another break from the Connecticut judicial system and received a charge of assault in the 2nd degree, not the first nor the last this baby faced 30 year old has caught, as he has traversed and then navigated his way through the court,  penal and ultimately PAROLE system albeit humility clearly still not forthcoming.

Still,  all in all I am probably most bothered by the recent behavior of Joshua Komisarjevsky's family - particularly his parent's.

When these brutal and traumatic crimes first happened on an evening when they were fully aware of their sons absence from their home -as they were indeed required to babysit his 6 year old child in his stead,and by its neccesity this alone was a parole violation, as Komisarjevsky was on a Parole curfew-and not only had he exceeded it already, but both parents were fully cognizant that he would be out "late"  as he told them as he left their house, their house under their guidance and watchful eyes as told to the Connecticut Parole dept.

This particular hot summer evening, according to his own mother she sensed something was amiss for Josh" was dressed in dark jeans and a black Hoodie, and this caught his mothers eyes immedietely on his way out of the home. According to her he claimed that  he was off to meet Steve Hayes, a fellow friend that he'd met at prison,( this also a parole violation,) they were meeting at 11 PM at a bar about "a construction job"

Another Parole rule is Paroleescannot consort with fellow parolees nor certainly stay out at bars past curfews with them. In fact this was th pairs third night doing so, however it turns out that in reality they'd been robbing houses, practicing in effect for the BIG night.  The type of break in home invasion that they'd spoken about at length.Today Josh had found the perfect targets. A blond pretty woman with a teenage pretty blond  daughter! He'd followed them back to their house undetected and staked out the place for a break in later that night. Later when he had his 230 lb parolee pal with him to ensure he could get that house under his control....then he could take what he REALLY wanted; the girl. He'd played up the youngish looking mother to Hayes in order to make him more maleable and more likely to cooperate. It worked.

He also figured like many of his other break ins, their house looked fairly nice, not a mcmansion for sure but  definately a little jewelery, electronics and probably small cash. But the main prize was the girl and that mother for Hayes. It turned him on to think about having his way raping some stuck up private school type, tied up and helpless, At his mercy;

We've all heard that rape is not about sex so much as it is power - a desire to take complete control, and render a girl helpless After spotting Michaela and her mother at that Stop and Shop parking lot he called steve right away gushing with excitmnet. The pair came back later that night parked far up the road at an area condominium. They walked in darkness the rest of the way to the Petits quiet home, everyone appeared to be asleep-perfect 3 am right on schedule.Josh called the shots, Hayes was clearly just the muscle.

Komisarjevsky quietly slipping in a locked basement door, "child splay" he later bragged no deadbolt plain keyed doorknob lock. Having spotted the sleeping Dr Petit on the screened in sunporxh from the wooded yard, he picked up a bat as he walked through the Petits basement signaling to Hayes to wait outside until he let him in the house from within. Within one minute Joshua komisarjevsky was up the basement steps slinked over to the sleeping Dr Petit on his couch and he heaved that bat  landing the first crashing blow to the sleeping man's head..

Joshua komisarjevsky was and is a sadist and coward. He drew first blood, there is no question about this. He set the tone of severe violence conceivably killing a man. With that attack the stakes grew for both men. He neednt have assaulted Petit as he did. The men brought a gun resembling a 9 mm-I saw it it looked like a bullet semi automatic, Petit also believed this he testified. The men had purchased the fake pellet gun just for this very rason-containing any man in the home as well as keeping the girls scared even more than they were. They also brought zip-ties to bind victims hands and feet. As well Komisarjevsky, who had always worked alone, brought the 230 lb imposing at the time Steven Hayes.

I'd say that 6 to 12 blows to the head  of a sleeping man "as if chopping wood" was clearly unnecessary;
Mrs Komisarjevsky (mom) gladly gave up all of her incriminating information up to the Cheshire Police after the rapes and murders. It seemed after listening to various family members that the kid had been pervasively a chronic thieving stalking law breaking truant for a very long time and it certainly appeared that after he'd finally escalated to killing someone-or some ones, they were happy to distance themselves from him, one uncle quickly pointing out that they'd tried everything with him and he was simply incorrigable.

He added that he was adopted and that he had made the family shamed and pained for many years now. It sure sounded as if there would be little to no familial support after all that we heard... and then when forensics confirmed our worst fears regarding the sodomy of Michaela Petit, occuring right before she was set ablaze tied to her bed  doused in gasoline, I suppose i assumed that that was definitely the end of any family support.

Apparently I was wrong and frankly I should have known better. After all its classic; This kid managed to bamboozle the court system into somehow serving a nano-second of a nine year sentence- a sentence which was to serve as sentence for two robbery/home invasion sprees, whereupon he was caught and gleefully drove area Police to many homes he'd robbed, mostly at night while the owners slept unawares that danger that was slithering thru their home.

Often toting a large knife and  night vision goggles so that he could stalk and watch the patterns of said home owners often for days prior to a break in.

So....lots of signpost along the way with  textbook sociopath and burgeoning sexual predator tendencies and manifestations. The one steadfast thing that Komisarjevskys parents did do was to enable him to continue to [perform criminal acts, as well as to save him from the accountability of his many many breaks with the law; fire setting at 14; a serious fire at an abandoned gas station, the stalking of a local girl involving climbing trees outside her house and spying on her relentlessly. Breaking into homes in his own neighborhoods, and finally branching out to other nearby areas, but always, always with that one absolute need that the homeowners be home. He'd take souvenirs, another major signpost of a sexual predator escalating.Photos of the women
that lived in the houses. Panties.

And  back to his folks. Where are they now. Unlike Steven Hayes brother who was virtually the only relative to engage in the process and he did so honestly and without holding back for the sake of THE TRUTH something that the Komisarjevskys have clearly once again put their heads beneath the sand so as to never have to know what their son did, with their help; they aided and abetted him, They could have said no son you are working tomorrow it is part of your parole agreement. You just got your GPS anklet off 2 days ago and you've been out late both nights since. We've had to take care of YOUR DAUGHTER who you fought so hard for custody of. We will inform your Parole officer or call the Cheshire Police this instant if you do walk out that door'. Period.

But the komisarjevsky;s didn't say any of this.  And now they have the audacity to come to court every day including jury selection process to show support for their murderous son., And worse in one of the most audacious and aggressive "motions" by the defense, the Komisarjevsky family has shown its intentions to be so involved with all future court dates, including the complete jury selection, that they have knowingly added to their sons victims pain by encouraging their sons lawyers to write up yet another motion demanding that half of the reserved Petit families seats be re-designated to you and your extended families.

And one more thing-for now;  none of you think its right that the Petit's nor the Hawks, Chapman's or the Renn family-the latter Jennifer Petits only sibling who has had to absorb the immense cost of attending two trials flying out of state back and forth 4 times and staying in hotels for months at a time missing her own family's major life events such as graduations etc. do that she may be there to see justice served for her sister her nieces lives.

Cindy Renn should be allowed to wear her charity foundation pin while in court.or anywhere else she pleases. It is not a hangnoose with Joshua komisarjevsky's head in it after all. Its three Doves embracing.
You know you are dealing with evil when someone or an entity of any sort fights vehemently agaisnt three doves embracing.

And the kind of blind irresponsible denial based " love" if it can be called such, is largely what contributed to Joshua komisarjevsky believing that his wishes and his desires are all that matter.
 The rest of the world are literally  disposable, and certainly if you've allowed yourself to become a victim, well then -  you are weak and deserve it.

The komisarjevsky's would do well to accept that their son's souless life credo leaves no room for love, for "family", or any other concept he cannot his own end or gain, and I'd wager that he'd sooner cut their throats if it meant he could trim a month or two off of his sentence.

In the meantime, theyd do well to embrace the reality of their present actions, or inactions,  and read Matthew Hayes letter to his brother and Michael Dearington. Whether they heap further harm upon the Petits directly via thier own inadequacy cowardice or plain folly, or be it through thier sons state paid mouthpieces, It isl their sin now, nobody elses.

Evil exists when Good men do nothing


Justice Served For Yale Grad student Annie Le?

After a protracted pre-trial gag order on the case and a discovery process in which Raymond Clarke Jr's lawyers decided that the best thing for their client was to make a plea deal with the state, in order to avoid a possible death penalty verdict by going to trial --Clarke agreed to the deal which involved 44 years and a conviction for murder 2 but one very pertinent condition was allowed that should not have been;

The prosecutors and the presiding Judge allowed Clarke to receive his plea deal under a protective umbrella, that in effect refuses to admit guilt, It is called the "Alford Doctrine, which is a very close cousin and thus akin to pleading "No CONTEST" which more people seem to be familiar with, as it is used more often, although it is slightly different legally. Both tPleading under the alford and no contest negatively impact any civil case that the victim-if surives such as rape assault kidnapp etc, or family of murdered victim, may pursue as it puts the victim and family at a terrible legal disadvantage, whereas pleading guilty to even a lowered down bunch of crimes that some prosecutor gives the nod to in order to avoid  trial, that guilty plea can automatically be used as an affirmation of guilt as it is, making any civil case fairly straightfoward and nearly automatic. Therfore the alford doctrine and no contest both are maneuvers manipulations that always harm the victim, both in civil suits for say medical damage etc when a victim survives not to mention the generally terrible effect allowing this kind of cheap plea maneuver, the prosecutor and judge is doing a horrendous disservice to that victims validation of her experience at the hands of a violent predator as well as putting the ownice on the victim to now pay an attorney up front to re-prove a case that probably consists  of multiple violent crimes committed against another human being. Add to this the fact that few people in the position of recovering from serious violent crime are able to pay an attorney up front in order to get the justice ie their assailant or rapist, to say 'I am guilty of committing these crimes against this person"  This is an inherently neccesary part of healing  for a victim of violent crime- and yet it is often, no-usually, not even considered by the prosecutor in many Connecticut courts.

It is yet more courtroom trickery and should never be allowed, much less used as it often is as a last minute surprise to the surviving victim or their family members, as they sit and wait for a pro ised guilty plea during their assailents court sentencing day. Bear in mind as well, that these charges just as in this awful rape murder, have already been lowered to crimes far less serious than what the criminal actually committed in the first place, via the plea deals that define our states rsolution of violent crime. 

Again the nature of the plea bargain starts the degradation process for the victim and robs he /she of their day in c court, and with the added emotional insult of a no contest or Alford plea, it is a wonder more victims are not pushed over the edge completely by a system that would seem inherently devoid of compassion empathy any sense of justice, nor a shred of conviction commitment or drive to see justice served, certainly when a victim is willing and able to testify, or in the case of murder, the police have an open and shut case with a ton of incriminating evidence. Yet this is the system that Annie le was raped and murdered within and that thousands of women every year ore robbed of truth and even a modicum of Justice for crimes that very often leave them maimed for life.

For those of you who are a bit ignorant or rather innocent regarding such things, both the Alford and No contest are\ a crawl on your belly way of taking a conviction without taking accountability, responsibility, and in effect continuing the lie that a defendant began if they started out pleading Not Guilty to a crime of set of crimes that they clearly committed.

It is for these obvious reasons and more that I am adamantly opposed to both No contest (ie nolo contendre, in Latin,) and/or the Alford Plea: both are legally similar, they barely require separate designations.
 The thrust at the core of the doctrine and "no contest" pleas is the following, more or less;
'I, the defendant, am not admitting guilt per se; I am merely stating that the state has enough evidence that they could conceivably get a conviction against me, if  we proceed to trial.'

It is my adamant opinion, and I have had personal experience with this matter, that these so called special pleas" revolve around hypocrisy and should be done away with completely. I considered that the original need for no contest Alford at al, might have once served some purpose-as once upon a time a concept called jury nullification was needed ie during the civil war era,when brave people broke the so called "law" at that time and assisted African Americans in escaping slavery and snuck them thru the underground railroad and perhapos were caught.
This is not the case today and nullification although has existed in various fomrs throughout the years such as the man whoo finds his wife with another man in his bed kills her and the man and the defense implies nullification, though dares not state it to the jury lest they become disbarred quite possibly. The Simpson trial is a perfect example of jury nullification ; where everyone knew he did it, but the attorneys led by Cochran actually utilized the concept of the years of abuse and pregudice at the hands of police, a concept made much easier thanks to idiot mark furhams racist remarks, and it became a matter of okay look we all know he did it but the white man and the man" ie cops have been abusing blacks for so long and....

Add to this the hero-worshipping element of the African American sports figure, a white ex wife, and a jury filled with African American women and a not very likable, terse white female prosecutor of obviously upper class derivation, who on top of it all, ,t turned out was sleeping with the other some say token black prosecutor, Chris Darden...well,  the recipe was a terrible one for Justice for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. It was just not going to happen.

Luckily, like most sociopaths of extrordinary arrogance, Simpson's sociopathology continued to grow and he  seriously beat another girlfriend although she refused to cooperate with police despite Simpson causing head injuries upon her that will leave her at risk for the rest of her life. Stymied Police could not gain her cooperation, so deep was she within the Stockholm/ /battered women's syndrome, that it took another set of sleazy low life potentially violent crimes to finally get the man in prison where he belongs. It had that feeling of al capone going to jail for taz evasion, but at least he was put away, where he belonged.

 Perhaps there was a time or situation where no contest or the alford doctrine had some genuine reason for being,, but I am certain that it  never is a neccesary, positive, nor moral way to structure any violent crime plea deal, especially involving crimes where there  are victims, loss of life, suffering, brutality and worse, concrete proof of elaborate efforts to cover up the murders, or the beatings or the rapes that comprised the very crimes involved with these "special condition Plea deals".

 There was no shortage of evidence in the Annie Le case:. The state had DNA, video footage, testimony galore, as well as stacks and reams of other evidence against Raymond Clarke, who happened to be a member of the Asian Club in High School and happened to have a history of stalking and getting rough with an ex girlfriend via the Police.

No, the state didn't need to give Clarke a way out of pleading guilty to the brutal crimes that he committed. The Plea, a plea, is supposed to be a gift a trade off of sorts, for admitting guilt - and thus the violent criminal gets perhaps a softer sentence. Already life with no parole and the  death penalty were taken off the table for this guy - and only due to the states largess. But what likely happened is Clarke himself trying to save face, insisted dragged feet, and such on the plea refusing to agree without the Alford doctrine. The prosecutors might have mulled it over for a second or two if that and figured, what the hell were getting the conviction-same sentence, so who cares.?
I care. Annie Le cares.

In the end, the Alford Doctrine is yet more of the same hypocrisy that has become part and parcel of our Connecticut courts refusal to put the victim of violent crime first. Not the speediest or easiest "resolution" of a "case". Its bad enough that 97 98 percent of Connecticut's criminal cases are adjudicated via plea deals-ie with no trial for closure for the victims family as well by plea deals very nature the compromising end all result is so destructive on so many levels criminally legally morally and most importantly destroying an already damaged family from obtaining the healing that they so desperately need from the courts, who they view as "society" the rules that govern all of us. Right and Wrong.

Ultimately the prosecutors and perhaps the judge as well will tell us that it doesn't really matter all that much about the Alford plea, because after all Clarke still technically got a conviction-as did that prosecutor by the way. Never mind that he and his lawyers set it up so that he'd never have to say "Guilty" your honor, when asked how do you plead. And when reflecting back upon this heinous brutal crime he has been gifted an out, by those very people who are supposed to accord victims of violence such as Annie le experienced, on her wedding day no less; attacked violently, raped and beaten then strangled to death. Bones broken post mortem in order to fit/stuff her lifeless body into a 4 by 3 space.

Mar 17, 2011

First Juror picked in Komisarjevsky Trial

More to come regarding the juror selected today, the Jury selection in general, as well as the latest trial date (always tentatively, thanks to the defense)scheduled for this long overdue process - and ultimately the just resolution of these brutal and senseless crimes.

Mar 12, 2011

Komisrajevskys Lawyers make official offer to Plead Guilty to all charges in exchange for life in prison to escape death penalty

Didn't they do this already? Admittedly it was right after the crimes when the lawyers and komisarjevsky were considerably more humble - now that plenty of time has passed since these brutal crimes, they figured that they'll use the old one two punch on the prosecution.

First, we'll bombard the state and thus the entire trial process with a succession of baseless in your face motions designed simply to slow up the process and dually to set the tone for courthouse blackmail;  IE 'Hey we'll just keep these unrelenting motions coming(which demands that the state answer each and every one no matter how silly ugly or insignificant) and were  also illustrating that we have no qualms about victim baiting and exploiting the system --- and to what noble end?
In hopes of making the surviving victim's family, the prosecutor and the judge (who they tried via a motion to disqualify" a week ago) to think long and hard as to whether taking the Komisarjevsky case to trial is really worth the pain that they are clearly insinuating they will inflict within that process.
Like I said -  Blackmail.

The "plea offer'' like most everything that Donovan and company has pulled thus far,  is just more time wasting fodder designed to be consumed as the genuine article by those inexperienced, naive, or just plain ignorant about legal matters concocted by the diabolical egocentric mind of Jeremiah Donovan, Bansley and company, who are counting upon the general public, inadvertantly fed by the media,  to swallow this latest manipulation ie the "plea", up, as if it were the genuine article.

I daresay that the time may have finally arrived where the paid henchmen have exceeded even their own client's evil: Qute a feat.

The mainstream press, and the media will simply report Komisrajevsky OFFICIAL offer, likely not mentioning the myriad of conditions which the defense designed into said "plea agreement"
 to plead guilty in exchange for life in prison."  And you better believe that this "offer" is going to be brought up over and over and over again; In fact, that is it's main purpose; the Komisarjevsky lawyer's know that this subterfuge laden plea won't be accepted by prosecutor Dearington., nor likely would judge Blue allow it.

Dearington has made it clear that the state is intent on pursuing the very rarely pursued
Connecticut death penalty due to the brutal and cruel nature of the sexual assaults, murders- by fire,not to mention pre-meditated glee which evidence showed both men harboring over the mere possibility of breaking into the Petit home in order to rape Jennifer Michaela and possibly Hayley (komisarjevsky took nude photos of Hayley's private parts on his cell phone while Hayes was at the bank sent by his accomplice to procure the 15000,dollars)

He did this after apparently raping little Michaela who he'd already photographed on his cellphone in various outfits including classic school-girl plaid skirt white blouse-(pedophile) and always tied to her bed surrounded by stuffed animals) The plan was and indeed did include stealing everything of value that wasn't nailed down and in the end do what they had to to ensure they'd not be found culpable for the crimes.

No doubt very soon Donovan and Co. will be shouting from the rooftops "see see we tried to plead guilty but they, the awful state-( ironic as the State of Connecticut pays their salary as well) they 're costing us all this heartache for the Petit family (yup they had the audacity to say this in this brief but forgot to mention the heartache that these lawyers have consistently poured vinegar on again and again, simply to suit their long term willy-nilly legal offensive) as well as cause pain garner some fame and make money.

Yet they'd have the public believe the prosecutors, the judge the Petit, Hawke families do all of this because they claim that they're all vindictive, full of " blood lust" and want Revenge" for the rapes, death by fire,strangulation, arson,, assault with a deadly weapon (a bat) upon a sleeping man in his own home which by the way,( komisarjevsky  described in his book hitting him like chopping wood as hard as I could almost from 10 to 20 times). William Petit was on coumadin( a blood thinner, to ward off strokes), he easily could have died from just one of komisarjevsky's bat blows let  alone the ten or so he bragged in his book that he committed.

Thus the Komisarjevsky lawyers who are as manipulative as he, but with some legal knowledge and sharpened manipulation skills, They can shout from the rooftops all they want because as well they are aware 98 to 99 percent of the state wants actual Justice in this case. After an arduous and dragged out, and most of all unnecessarily painful trial, had it not been for attorney Ullmans legal experience thrown in and attitudes of , who refused to allow Hayes to Plead guilty as he wished and indeed tried to and was disallowed by the court! Hayes still received a death sentence and he was not the instigator and the real sicko.

He claims he wants to take responsibility for his crimes-they say that there not gonna let him carry out state assisted suicide-a term that has become so overused between norm Patti's and Ullman and Donovan that it has indeed officially become Banal)
Joshua Komisarjevsky makes Steven Hayes look like a choirboy and we have long since passed the point whereupon  our collective state and countrywide reaction was you mean this guy was the ringleader and not the more thuggish looking one"?

Yes thats right Komisrajevsky was the ringleader, he is a sociopath. He made these crimes happen, he committed the worst part-he initiated the crimes by spotting and choosing Jen and Michaela Petit, admitting in his book that he" liked the way the younger Petit girl looked"

However, despite drips and drabs of truth most of which was already made privy to Cheshire police via evidence, eye witness testimony, or direct statements and or confessions " from both man.  Everything else within that illegally published book IE gag order, was proven false via forensic evidence during Steven Hayes trial-that is, the parts whereupon komisarjevsky tried his best to foist as much responsibility, no matter how ludicrous the scenario he claimed, that Hayes though admittedly stupid and clumsy, actually masterminded everything. 

And although he komisarjevsky, was in charge, it was Hayes that in the end did all the really bad stuff according to mercurial and highly manipulative Joshua Komisarjevsky;

Look we'll make a show of offering to plead guilty to everything including the full aggravated rape of Michaela, which our client swears never happened ( that particular charge, as Michaela was 11 at the time of the rape is extremely significant, both morally and legally, and as a reflection upon their client-and then there's the fact that forensics and cell phone photos prove that he DID IT) As well we'll throw in some vague terms like he'll plead guilty with certain conditions etc etc so as to have an out lest folks jump all over this guilty plea thing, we'll just convert it to something akin to a......a no contest plea, you know the state has enough evidence etc.
No Innocent person does this.

However a man whose attorneys have said in so many words ' look Josh you were the brainchild of these crimes and its obvious, if not for you alone spotting Mrs Petit and 11 year old daughter Michaela at that area supermarket on that particular evening, had you not stopped to follow them home, stalked them, sized up their home and the layout and entrances, then called your crime buddy Steven Hayes, who happened to have had several talks involving criminal plans to rape home dwellers, since you'd begun your short term run of house break ins together;well , its best if you at least offer to plead guilty, this way we can always make the Petit's look like the bad guys along with the state and most of the public who wants you to get the death penalty, as that is the presiding law,.no matter what we personally think about it.

More Later.

Komisarjevsky's offer to Plead Guilty to ALL CRIMINALL CHARGES AGAINST him if he gets Life In Prision

Mar 11, 2011

Response to Komisarjevsky's motion to rid the Trial of Tiwitter et al

The linked Document below is the State of Connecticut's response to the Komisarjevsky's defense team's latest pre-trial antics, undoubtedly designed to stall the jury selection, and thus the Trial.

The attached link is the prosecutors' response to Attorney Jeremiah Donovan and co.'s desperate  redressing of the issue to have twitter and any "recording devices' with the potential for recording every single moment and nuance of the trial in real time ( as it happens) In twitters case, these news flash blurbs must conform to twitters 140 character maximum)

 The Komisarjevsky defense who haven't yet begun Trial jury selection, are clearly showing their hand at this early stage; a clear intention to be ultra aggressive ; including constant victim baiting, and behaving in an ever growing hostile manner as the pre-trial progresses..  This latest tweet/taping motion, is tame but its just one of many caught in the midst of a seemingly snow balling  unspoken threat that this is just a taste of whats to come-next theyll be offerring a plea this time formally, to plead guilty in exchange for life, so that we may all avoid this "un[pleasentness".

The komisarjevsky lawyers are well aware that twittering was allowed in the Hayes trial, and as the judge pointed out in his counter brief, none of Komisarjevsky's lawyers took issue with it officially or not,during the entire time lapse between the end of hayes's trial and  into the pre-trial happenings in komisarjevsky's Trial.

.In case of point, tweeeting itself seemed to cause no harm or disruption, and yet they feel it should be banned from the Komisarjevsky trial nonetheless, and apparently, they intend to achieve this by simply trying to wear down Judge.Blue the surviving victim and the victims families and the States Attorneys by being annoying as insects who buzz around ones head--until they are swatted  that is.

And just imagine there have been dozens of motions and re-motions to reconsider motions thus far, with the defense attorneys always continuing to hope that the prosecutors or the judge will  suddenly lose all sense of legal jurisprudence and decency...and give em whatever thy want - no matter how unreasonable nor ridiculous.

And what of the colossal waste of state money.

Our tax dollars are actually paying for Jeremiah Donovan and his minions as well as the prosecutors and of course, the whims and the daily upkeep of the man at the center of all of this; a sociopath of such extrordinary skill, that he has bamboozled otherwise level headed men to go to some very unusual  and ill advised lengths to aid and abet him..

State v. Komisarjevsky_re States Response to Kom Appeal Re Ele...

Mar 5, 2011

Fisher: Nancy Garrido was many things, but not a mother


This case, like just about the rest of the world, makes me angry, bitter, sad, and sustantially less grateful. Grateful that this child, now a woman with two children of her own (via rape of her abductor), is alive, she will at least have the chance to live out the rest of her life, granted with all of the emotional scarring that accompanies such a burden;

 Still, unlike the chance that so many other abducted children across this nation are not fortunate enough to receive, as they either meet brutal deaths at the hands of sadistic pedophile child predators or shiver live out lives of Svengali like servitude to the likes of Phillip Garrido and his Hench-women partner in crime, Nancy Garrido, without whom, Mr Garrido,llikely could never have carried out the task of luring this trusting child quite so easily or at all for that matter. This makes her more culpable in my book, rather than the bettered woman syndrome her attorneys are presently desperately trying to portray within a plea deal that would spare everyone, include Jaycee Lee and her two daughters, from having to testify.

It also gives one pause as to just how many other Jaycee Lee Dugard's are out there, alive, living under some kind of barbaric forced slavery in someones backyard or cellar, their easy obedience stemming from the ease in which one may foist a Stockholm like syndrome upon a child.

We must begin educating all of our of age children re this exact type of monster( ie Stockholm syndrome and the rest) that you cannot necessarily see, nor hear, and most essentially,undertsanding how one uses it against you and how to extricate yourself from its grasp if you are unlucky enough to find yourself thus entrapped..

Mar 4, 2011

With His Own Life in Jeopardy, DiMeo Breaks Down

It figures; murderers of this ilk, are often so stoic until it comes time for them to consider the reality of the fact that they might be held fully accountable-and be put to death by the state;

This despite their boyish looks, drug addictions, and the myriad of other facts that their lawyers have paraded in front of the jury hoping to illicit enough eympathy to get them off ie life in a prison with medical treatment paid for by the state, excersize rooms, college courses offerred for those who would like then, GED's for those who want them, books computers legal advice, spiritual advice AA and NA meetings, Three meals plus snacks Cable TV  and other amneties, sometimes conjugal visits if one is not a sexual offender (which by the way its necoming harder and harder to get on the Connecticut Sex Offender list already, as if by liberal minded osmosis thanks to Governor Malloy who as far as crime goes as severely dissapointed thus far-and I am a democrat!)

Christopher Dimeo may very well get the death penalty, or he may not-it's a 50/50 roll, but with just that 50 percent chance on the table the young man has finally shown his first real emotion since this entire double murder trial began. Not during the autopsy photos, nor the crime scene video, nor the victim impact statements from two clutches of relatives and freinds from two capital murder cases that he alone committed and for no neccesary reasons; the Connolly's were passive, he simply killed them in cold blood. The Ne York Murder despite his claims of a struiggle over a gun has all the forensic earmarks of another cold blood/panic/do not want a witness motivation. And now three people are dead, at the hands of this man.

We are waiting for the sentencing verdict from the jury, it's been in thier hands for days, although the judge has given them friday off and thus the jury resumes thier deliberations Monday.

Here is Link to another different article in the Register regarding the senetencing of Christiopher Dimeo.

The King's View: Justice Matters: Why Connecticut needs the Death Penalty

Please attend~~~more later

Mar 1, 2011

The return of the Justice Journal in April 2009

I am bringing back an old  post revolving around the beginnings of the tragic Petit crimes with a link to a paper called the JUSTICE JOURNAL- The Journal was a print and internet monthly newspaper started and run by the man who published Vanity Fair for years, and was president of Conde Naste, Mr.  Doug Johnson

 I had a wonderful opportunity to meet and speak with Doug after the publication came out,  I'd been solicited by his long time colleague friend and general editor Ted Holcomb to write the piece. The Paper which was very well liked was forced to temporarily close down due to Mr Holcomb, who did a great deal of editing and wore many hats for the journal, was in the midst of battling serious cancer and

Ultimately I chose to write the VERSUS column because I knew the newspaper was  passed out to every one of the Connecticut Legislators- including every Senator and as such, I decided if even one of them read my piece, it might just give one of two pause and hopefully change a mind or two.

Here is the link to the pdf document itself that the magazine was translated into online as it is really not meant to be an online paper, but print. I have about 10 copies for friends and relatives at home, as it was my first officially printed commentary. The link is below the post and on the title header.

Unfortunately, you must open up this link and go all the way to the " Versus" section which starts on page 6 and one should read all the entries to get a feel for the whole issue and who was weighing in on it and  how they were weighing in at the time. Then follow it to my commentary on page 22 entitled "deal away a crime system must change" That title was the editor's idea not mine -  In fact the publisher had originally written me and " CT News Junkie' asking us alone to partake in a pro/con on the three strikes legislation and when he didn't get a fast enough response from Ct New Junkie, which was a very successful CT based Blog, the temporary editor turned the whole column into a free for all of sorts, and it really lost the whole notion of a pro/con commentary., There are some senators and other prominent sorts that weighed in, and my poor opine wound up on page 22!

I was new and got the bum's rush just a bit but I still got my newspaper space and as the paper was given to every legislator  I wrote my heart out. Also making me feel slightly better was the fact that my opinion piece was sitting next to some weighty sorts.  Have a read--hopefully it;l; bring back the intensity which we all were feeling back then. Lets not lose that conviction.

April 2008 (2.6 mb PDF)

Trial Stays in New Haven

Good news. Although somewhat predictable, one can never be sure of these things, even last minute motions for changes of venues in high profile capital murder cases.

It was almost as predictable as Komisarjevsky's lawyers creating this stream of incessant motions from the ludicrous to the frivolous, all in hopes of dragging out the trial process for as long as humanly possible. The thought that if he is convicted, which he will be; caught at the scene and all not to mention that tell all" book he co wrote and then there's his repeated offers to plead guilty in exchange for life in prison, it just goes on and on..

Which brings me to a quick aside here;Komisarjevsky's lawyers or any other lawyers in their place would never offer to plea guilty in exchange for life if there was no death penalty in Connecticut, as the CT judiciary committee now headed by Gary Holden Jr, anti-death penalty activist and legislator of many years, seems hell bent on doing his best to ensure.
Without the DP as a possible end scenario for those clearly guilty, every single defense attorney is going to tell their murderous clients to roll the dice and go to trial-who knows, you might just get life with the chance for parole. In the meantime they ll tell you, and they'll be correct, you ll have nothing to lose.

Boy that's going to bog down Connecticut criminal courts with trials galore and considering that our Conn prosecutors are loathe to go to trial never mind completely ill equipped now that so much time has passed since any of them have actually tried a case, it will be a veritable disaster and violent crime shall become rampant as word gets out that Connecticut which was already one for the most liberal states as far as their court and sentencing, is now a complete free for all.

After the Connecticut legislation approves another bill to abolish the death penalty, than they're hoping some future team of lawyers might have a case fighting the actual implementation of the death penalty upon Joshua Komisarjevsky.The hard won Justice for the Petit family and the State of Connecticut may never come to fruition.

But this is all assuming that Komisarjevsky is given the death penalty; Which, after the illegal book that he co- wrote a year and a half after the murders (there was a gag order placed by the judge upon everyone including lawyers, defendants and police regarding any details of the case)

These supposedly "hidden writings and journals" "found" in Komisarjevsky's cell, were mostly writings he'd written for writer Brian MacDonald for the books inclusion and therefore, automatically are not to be trusted as they are totally self serving having been aimed squarely at the then unsuspecting jury pool via Brian Macdonald out to make a buck and maybe a little name for himself. However he managed to aid and abet a sociopath in getting his version of the crimes out to the mass public despite a gag order and Komisarjevsky got paid for the interviews on top of it-this discovered when money appeared in his prison account just after the book went into publication.

The rest of his writings found soon after the books publication was discovered Komisarjevsky knew would be surely found and taken by the guards as "contraband" in his cell and then likely pored over by police states attorney and other related authorities including psychotherapists. Thus, clearly, he also wanted that written information to be made public. This guy doesn't make one move - not one -without a reason behind it, and a self serving one at that.

These Journals, that he clearly hoped to use as an alibi type of paper trail pointing the public into directions that made him appear less culpable and made Hayes who he had personally solicited to help him with these crimes, look like the really bad guy, indeed had the opposite effect on anyone with half a brain who has read them.

From the media, to the the prosecutors, the various and extended Petit families, to people like me that have had a special interest and connection with this case, and the rest of the general public, some of whom may read my blog and/or follow my posted legal documents on scribed, or my articles and commentary pieces posted by PFF Petit on twitter and face book. There is also a link to my website from a very lovely website written and maintained for Michaela Petit, called "forever Michaela" created by Michaela's best friend and confidante Liz Ollero.

I've also published some articles and commentary in The Justice Journal and Ct law Review. I know this; Ill never stop writing about the unabashed naked truth of these crimes. I've watched and read as the mainstream media anesthetized the horror of what these four human beings went through, including one who is still alive to tell the tale. . The first trial took a great deal out of William Petit and all of the extended Petit families. Each new piece of forensic evidence was more upsetting than the next. I could see it wear upon his, his sister and both sets of parents faces, even the way they stood and walked.

In the midst of this suffering, and this is just the suffering of the surviving victims, we are only granted snippets of the suffering that the murdered victims went through, there is nothing more suitable to say than " imagine for a long moment or two that this was your daughters, your wife, your husband, your home your life.

I actually took down my comments section due to a cold hearted and narrow minded soul, who preached to me that "people like you always say this same thing on blogs or in our comments sections within other media stories about this!"

That same thing" is what I wrote above the preceding paragraph. regarding please please put yourself in those children and that woman's shoes. As well the sole survivor of his family's carnage. This particular commenter took something that I purposely framed in such a way that it was not designed to be cruel, for although I felt they deserved me to pull out all my ammo and I can be lethal when moral turpitude is slung about carelessly especially in a place that I hold sacred-this tablet - "Chasing Justice.

In any event, I, ever the diplomat, considered not making the person look or feel small but rather trying to help them to understand that this issue could not be reduced to they re convenient facts and figures which completely avoided the human element and what law was in place when these men committed these crimes.
There was and is an emotional element that is part and parcel of our judicial system, capital crimes sentencing guidelines if you will. Mitigating factors, and aggravating factors these all involve emotion. Emotion is part of the human state-we cannot conveniently disallow it in courts of law or courts of public opine. And as far as the death penalty that was the law when these two men decided to commit capital murder and rapes.

So in the end I added in the midst of my comment back " God forbid this should ever happen to you or yours, but please imagine if it did....."
And this was basically the end of my counter comment to this persons complete verbal assailment of me, my belief system, particularly my resentment of the lengths that the lawyers were going to to defend at the time Mr Hayes, who had already proclaimed a desire to plead guilty and his lawyers wouldn't allow it, and more importantly they swore that if he continued along this vein they'd sabotage him in any and every way including disclosing client/ attorney privilege information-if so need be"

As expected, in the end, my reasoning and near imploring was to no avail; the reader/commenter stated that they were not a lawyer nor male as Id suspected however they did feel that this man Hayes deserved a "vigorous defense" !
Right there he gave himself away not only male but definitively, an attorney. There is no layperson that uses those words. They might say a fair defense or a decent defense or just a plain defense paid for by the state since he cant afford one. But it was in that word- vigorous that told me all I needed to know.

And just like a lawyer he couldn't be honest enough to simply cop to who and what he was. He commented several times always under anonymous and always with some cynical barbed comment aimed against Dr Petit, me "the media circus" as if that was any of our faults rather than part and parcel of the American capitalist society of which there are a million other examples to attack, if one so desires.

I am beginning to see that this smallish clan of people who are actually cruel to Bill Petit , wish him ill, resent him and speak bitterly of him. Ive decided that some, not all, are perhaps suffering from a similar hatred and a classicism of a perceived affluence and privilege that helped spark these crimes that were borne of hate; hatred towards women and hatred towards what was percieved as priveledge and affluence-whether it was real or not wasnt the issue unfortunately.

I must say that the media hasn't helped that by stating over and over again that Cheshire is an affluent community in the suburbs of hartford. It is in fact a middle class community there is a prison in the town for goodness sakes. There are strong working class roots from which Dr Petit himself sprung and yet despite the fact that he and his wife worked very hard for him to get thu medical school and for her to school in nursing, They had no boats no second homes. theyre house was a modest raised ranch compared to some neighbors who made less than them. They gave much money away to charity and they donated much time to charitable endeavors. To me a person of very moderate means they appeared as down to earth people, who lived with a strong faith in which they actually lived out each day with.

And like many cases, the majority of that responsibility falls at the feet of the defendant himself; josh komisarjevsky, suddenly crying via his attorneys, about how too many people in the area know about his "case" That "case" which the news and his attornyes refer to is actually; three people he is responsible for targeting stalking following home and later raping and murdering, the two children he sexually molested and took cell nude phone photos of for mementos.

And the sole survivor who so gets under his skin for daring to ruin his plan by living to testify, that he has since done nothing but berate and label this man a coward for not saving his family from his own murdering hands! This is a man who he beat with a bat upon his head in his own words hard as he could, as if chopping wood, at least a dozen times maybe 20!"

The Bottom line is we have a criminal once again crying foul regarding the direct effects of their own actions. and their lawyers only too happy to try to wrestle this BS into some kind of legal document that passes as an actual motion in a court of law.
I'm sorry that as a sociopath this is really rough for komisarjesvky to accept, but cant have it both ways pal. We know you think your special, different - well your not
And while you may have more of an excuse you re a psychopath after all, your attorneys on the other hand should have made it clear to you and accept it themselves, that even you have to live with some of your own consequences. But clearly they do not live by that professional dictum themselves.

Though I personally believe that equal on Donovan and co's motivational list is hoping to get under the skin of Judge Blue, who despite Norm Patti's predictions, regarding attorney Donovan being some kind of super lawyer despite his rumpled suits and gravy stained tie, still easily possesses and will exersize the wherewithal to cause Judge Blue a meltdown - physically and emotionally.

And again the Pattis writes ,he comes across as if he is literally on the edge of his chair, rubbing his undoubtedly small hands together with glee, hoping that this happens. This is a lawyer with way too much time on his hands and a seriously bad karma problem heading right between his eyes.

And why the personalized attack on Blue. The usual Pattis pretty much gave it away in his bitter little diatribe about judges in general, and how we all must kow tow to them pay homage, resents that they are treated as larger than life (and thus the implication, somehow better than everyone else(methinks that someone has an authority issue, among many many other issues- authority clearly irks Patti's to no end, no matter who the offender be the governemenet federal state even when n need fir jolpom

In any event, as usual I see the opposite happening;

I don't think anyone should be fooled by Judge blue's quirky, folksy manner. Beneath that yes compassionatte, cheerful legal proffesional lies a veritable cauldron of judicial/litigation expertise as well a veritable plethora of pertinent case data that I suspect unlike donovan and co will be less likely to have a heart attack than someone like donovan who has already shown himself as a used car salesman BS artist even with the simple things like breaking a gag order and then claiming later you did it for a different reason than the one you originally gave-which was supposedly to assuage the victims family's fears. That is one case of dishonesty that is particularly offensive-and most importantly it shows that Donovan has trouble keeping track of his lies. This always causes trouble. In fact he looks rather grey to me in all of the recent photo's. Telling ya, Karma's a bitch.

In any event Id wager that Judge Blue quirkiness and all has eaten plenty of public defenders like Donovan for lunch, when they go up against him for no other purpose than to abuse the judicial process or get reactions. And anyone who doesn't see the underlying strength in Judge blue is making a rather large blunder.

Pattis, with his constantly disheveled just rolled out of bed pony tailed head, at any age where it is clearly no longer cool, nor anti-establishment/government/mainstream ant-America and anti-anything else Pattis tries so hard to be. That whole obligatory 60's throw back anarchist bit claiming all the while to be the voice for the little guy-as if he is David fighting Goliath( ach please!)

Interestingly Pattis recently admitted that he was capable of being a big fat hypocrite, but no, not in any of the real very serious and somber ways that he has chosen to act the caustic, combative, contrarion extroridinaire in his own mind. and don't forget vituperative and mean-spirited because it is his overuse and wholly inappropriate tendency to aim this at the least deserving of what could be a positively directed whistle blower that could make a difference when he wasn't attacking victims of crime, because he perceives that they are affluent (and he's not perhaps?)

Typically I wouldn't bring Pattis up within a post, or any other writing of mine - but as of late, I have noticed an alarming trend where he is becoming less and less just a pest,a nuisance saying ooh I'm such a contrarion I even go after those who are victims and beloved"!

But in reality despite the fact that some of it is clearly shtick, he is still in fact a very toxic human being, someone who has attached himself for selfish and greedy reasons, to a set of violent crimes, a case a quote "circus" that he once considered himself to good to even get involved in, nor attend the trial happenings -which was fine by all of us.
And yet one by one he broke each of those tenets and did his usual 'well I simply poked my head into the court because i was there with another case yadda yadda ya.."

This particular " case" These "crimes" include the rape of a child, a child that very well could have been Pattis's own daughter, as we are to understand via his touted blog that he indeed has a teenage daughter. That bit of information only made his past behaviors towards Dr Petit and his extended families, that much more despicable and insensitive.

The sodomy rape of an eleven year old, nude photos taken of her and her 17 year sister tied spread-eagled to her bed, and most certainly molested as well. Their father lay beaten in the cellar tied hands chest and feet in a pool of blood.

He had traumatic brain injury, he'd lost 7 pints of blood due to being on an artery thinner to prevent stroke - coumadin, which should have caused his death within hours of the beating, but somehow miraculously it didn't.

And their mother tied up for hours away from her girls- 7 hours torture of the two girls and mom which eventually culminated not in a swift death, of the sort one would receive if someone shot them in the head quickly or even kindly smothered them with a pillow after raping them. No, instead they were doused in gasoline, head face hair clothers bedding; this after listening the their mother's rape and strangulation one floor below them.That gasoline was like a writhing violent snake of fire that consumed anything in its path--and the two grils tied to beds were in its path there mother already dead had gasline doused so much upon her dead body in order to get rid of evidnece dna that all that was left were dental records and bits of cord around her neck and wrists.

I cannot help but think of Mrs Petits' last few minutes as well as Michaela and Hayley. I am not alone in this, there are thousands of us, people write to me share thier pain and desire to leap back in time and rescue them. And the dreams, so many dreams. Three angels whisper past us. The threads of a tapestry comprised of compassion faith and love continue to weave us all together from every corner of the world.
We are thus made one and now, a powerful force to be reckoned with.