Jan 22, 2013

Legislation re institutionalization of violent teens

This  article  about a shortage of child therapists in the State of Connecticut is most timely following
the post below about a mother struggling with a personality disordered teen. The boy she calls "Michael" is rapidly outgrowing her, and already poses a physical threat to  both she and her two other children at the age of fourteen..

When I read that article, I thought immediately of Joshua Komisarjevsky, the young sociopath that followed Jennifer and Michaela Petit home from a local supermarket in Cheshire with his eye on the blossoming 11 year old Michaela. Michaela - clearly a girl, not a women, she was a bit tall for her age and looked at the most thirteen or fourteen.

The entire state of Connecticut and most of the country is familiar with the crimes which ended with Komisarjevsky, the ringleader and his much less intelligent and evolved sidekick Steven Hayes, setting a strategically planned fire in attempt to destroy their own DNA left from the sexual assaults that were the motivator for the crimes. Both men as repeat felons were in the state's DNA database.

Hayes assaulted Mrs Petit hours after the break in just as she returned home from the bank; Komisarjevsky jumped on her and helped tied her up with Hayes. According to Hayes, Komisarjevsky told him to kill Jennifer Petit and encouraged him to rape her: My guess is that this is the truth.

Komisarjevsky wanted a fall guy; he even told a writer that he'd planned on killing Hayes after the crimes. At that time of Mrs Petits murder, the fire had already been planned the gasoline purchased, yet only komisarjevsky's DNA was an issue at that time, as he'd been molesting Michaela all morning and had just raped her and then had her bathe hoping to remove any internal DNA that he feared might linger through an autopsy.

Hayes had done all the dirty work, such as going out at 6 am to buy the gas to burn down the house, he hadn't raped or molested anyone at that point, he had simply ransacked the house as a common thief would. The trip to the gas station left his image on the gas station video, albeit several towns away, where police might be less likely to look for these images.

Komisarjesvky used that time that Hayes was out again to return to his main objective; molesting Michaela and take cell phone photos of his molestation's. All of this was done quietly, unbeknownst to Mrs Petit who was tied and blindfolded in another room on another floor. He needed her compliance and trust to ensure that she would in fact bring back the 10,000 he asked for from her bank when it opened at 9 am

Always the shrewed one Komisarjevsky had Hayes bring Mrs Petit to a bank several towns away where she wassn't a familiar face, and giving him more time with Michaela. Hayes, again the fall guy none to bright, was the one who could be spotted or caught if Mrs Petit decided to bolt, despite her family being held hostage by Komisarjevsky who was in communication with Hayes via cell phone.

These are all indicators that Komisarjevsky was calling the shots, and his plan all along was to blame the older much more sinister looking Hayes, whom he'd  used as back up brawn to get the house under control. He used Jennifer Petit's attractive looks as bait as she was Hayes; age, and the stunted Hayes who had mostly been with prostitutes his entire life was undoubtedly revved up by komisarjevsky's descriptions of  a house ful of attarctive that he would have access to.

Komisarjevsky who promised Mrs Petit so convincingly that her family would not be harmed if she went to the bank in the morning and extracted her 10,000 in cash, was sexually assaulting eleven year old Michaela the moment Mrs Petit left the house with Hayes. Up until that point, he had been superstitiously molesting the little girl in another part of the house, while her mother tied in another room was completely unaware. Mrs Petit even asked to see her girls prior to leaving for the bank with Hayes. Komisarjevsky had re-dressed Michaela in her pajamas after taking cell pictures which involved putting his victim into outfits. Jennifer Petit was so fooled by this sociopath that her girls were unharmed that she continued to cooperate with what was a consummate evil con artist.

Mrs Petit had only seen komisarjevsky's "nice" soft spoken side up to that point she returned from the bank. She'd been unawares of the violence that he alone had committed upon her husband whom he repeatedly hit in the head with a bat, while the head of the house lay sleeping on a sunporch visible to both men from outside. The kid who has broken into hundreds of homes for the "thrill" easily broke  a dysfunctioning lock on a basement dooe. He was upstairs in minute.

Holding a Pellet pistol that looked exactly like a 9mm gun (he'd again had Hayes buy that day at Walmart )looked like a 9mm the men dragged Mr Petit to the basement and tied him bleeding and semi-conscious to a pole, with his hands and feet zip-tied. In the end he was awakened by loud noises and a man yelling to him "don't worry it ll all be over soon"

That voice was JOSHUA komisarjevsky , he was the only one who had done all the talking to Dr Petit throughout the assault and afterward.

Jennifer Petit told the teller at the bank that the men were being " really nice"and she "believed them that they'd be "on their way" once they got the money and wouldn't hurt her family.

Those words " on their way" were spoken by Komisarjevsky the consummate liar. Remember somehow at 26 with over 40 breaking and entering arrests the bulk of which he committed only when the homeowners were in the house only served two and half years in prison before being released to a halfway house where he was free to come and go which he did.with his underage girlfriend victim.

The fact that he only broke into houses at night when other burglars avoided homeowners at all costs. should have flagged the police the court and the Parole board that this was a dangerous stalker, a sexual predator well on his evolutionary ladder to attaining what he felt was power and control over others in what was supposed to be their sacred haven their home.

He also had a history with local police of harassing and stalking young girls for years, a  cheshire detective stated that he would watch girls from trees on their property a crime once thought to be a nuisance crime along with exposing oneself has long been known as a serious offense that the criminal is testing the waters for sexual assault.

Young girls  posed no emotional threat to Komisarjevsky and thus he could more easily con and manipulate them. He had sired a child a girl with a 15 year old when he was 22. This was statutory rape and again a missed chance by the system to have komisarjevsky a registered sex offender which is exactly where he belonged. On that registry. This wasn't a 16 year old with a 15 year old as well  he continued his pursuit of underage girls thereafter;

He had a 15 year old out of state girlfriend at the time of the Petit assaults and murders. The girls parents had just moved her to Arkansas leaving Komisarjevsky angry and looking for This man was in our criminal justice system starting at 12.

Komisarjevsky was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder at 16 and his parents were told he should be  institutionalized where he would receive anti-psychotics. With deadly results his parents declined land by the time Komisarjevsky committed the Petit sexual assaults baseball assault upon the Dr William Petit Jr.

He was a full blown psychopath who has attained early release parole and primary custody of his five year old daughter, despite having an ankle tracking bracelet on his leg for a lifetime of felony's which  should have been considered violent crimes, but were stupidly viewed as nuisance crimes -To the tune of 48 arrests and 23 convictions. Meaning Connecticut's plea bargain system made half of those crime charges " disappear"  Had he been convicted for all of the crimes he actually committed komisarjevsky would have been in prison for 16 years.

As it was he was supposed to be prison for nine years according o the judges orders, and then if he caused no trouble in prison which he couldn't as he asked to be put in solitary due to being harassed by other inmates" more manipulation with his parents intervention with the DOC.undergo 6 years of special parole.

None of this happened as Connecticut's parole board was doing business as usual when giving this dangerous man early release without  the inmate actually being present called administration parole and the norm at the time and worse yet with no paperwork for the 40 some odd arrests and the details of his history including the essential information that  he'd spent a life time breaking and entering first his neighbors homes while they were eating or sleeping and then once caught moving on B and e binges in other townships where he was eventually caught again.

His case was not unusual the Connecticut Parole board which had long been operating with next to no paper records for the men and women they were setting loose upon our community's and our children.
The prosecutor's who handled the cases that traversed to the parole board refused to pay for the copying costs for any of the inmates records who were up for parole. They felt if the parole board a separate state entity, should pay.

In the meantime no one paid and the records were shipped off to Meriden to a makeshift warehouse for criminal records of dangerous criminals that meant life and death to Connecticuts citizens..

This sociopath and the long and winding path of his criminal behavior that ultimately led to the Petit family assaults and murders is a classic illustration of all that is wrong with our state;s handling of  teenagers that run afoul of the law again and again.

There must be legislation that forces the parents of underage komisarjevsky like kids to be institutionalized post haste the moment the law allows it. Many of these so called problem kids and teenagers are coddled by both the system and thier parents both of which are completely ignorant re the symptomology of a personality disorder and the fact that it is not curable or treatable and it will escalate and innocent people will be hurt maimed or killed.

Komisarjevsky gave police and his parents stories of childhood abuse. With an oppositonal defiant kid lies and manipulation are as inherent to them as breathing is to most of us. The key element to their persona is a lack of conscience and and mendacity - they will try to rationalize every anti-social act with whatever is at their disposal. However, that deceitful manipulative nature that can sometimes be wrapped in what appears intelligence, articulate and even charming, as is required for the situation.

While I am loathe to bring back the pain of these crimes that still reside in so many peoples hearts, it is a necessary evil of sorts, if we hope to change what happened with Joshua Komisarjevsky  His is a particularly glaring case of State irresponsibility, and our government must adapt and change every mistake and oversight along the way of this perfect example of a set of crimes that should have never happened.

These were not first time offenders by any stretch and the young man who planned these crimes should have been forced into institutionalization, no matter what his parents wanted, the moment he ran afoul of the law. There were arson's, stalkings, Breaking and entering's, serious larceny's, all before Komisarjevsky was 18. His parents should not have had the discretionary right to keep him at home where he was able to continue to harm others.  He was thus diagnosed when the police and the courts forced the issue very early in his criminal career, but nothing was done with that information.
Later after he set fire to a gas station for his parents were given the choice to institionalize or " move out of state". .They chose the latter.

We need laws and mandatory sentencing to ensure  that something like this never happens again.Komisarjevsky was an unsually overt case of repeat criminology that was like a ticking bomb due to the failure of many arms of Connecticut's " justice system"

Read the comments section after the link in the Post below and you will find that this country is rife with personalty disordered teenagers and young adults. The parents and other relatives decry again and again a lack of resources to turn to. We have doctors nurses surgeons traversing their way to other countries for all kinds of Pro Bono assistance such as helping surgically repair children born disfigured and haven't the resources to pay for the relatively simple surgery..

I certainly don't begrudge this wonderful program, but let's apply this same benevolence here where there is great need and a corresponding lack of resources, as a palliative measure for our victims of crime.

The Newtown Murders alone have left thousands of children and adults in need of counseling and mental health treatment: this is as,or more essential than fixing a facial disfigurement. Hundreds of thousands of peripheral victims are created every time an innocent person is murdered, especially a child.

The governor should weep for each and every one..

Jan 14, 2013

Re: "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother"

" I Am Adam Lanza's Mother "  is a autobiographical Web post, written by a Mother of four about life raising a teenager with a burgeoning personality disorder.

Actually, nowhere in this harrowing tale  is there any mention of this or any other formal diagnosis for her volatile teenage son; yet she shares enough information about him to render it clear to most College Psyche majors what her son's is "suffering" with.

And it's a serious...

This glaring omission of anything akin to a diagnosis, is very worrisome and would appear to be a theme consistent with thousands of other families in this country with so called "problem" kids or teenagers: One finds a huge sampling of adult siblings who were raised with destructive kids teens.

Lisa Long, the author, does not mention a father on the scene, and as such we must guess that she is a single parent,   struggling alone on the edge of a proverbial cliff with her eldest of  four, whom she dubs "Michael" for anonymity sake.

She refers to her son alternately as" troubled", "special needs", and "mentally ill" and makes the proclamation " I am Adam Lanz's mother" in her title and her first line, she reiterates this theme in the conclusion. While this certainly grabbed my attention, and many others I'm sure, it is a far cry from being correct or reasonable.

From the harrowing  life- accounts that the long shares,"Michael" has something called "Oppositional defiant disorder".which is an outcropping of "conduct disorder" the term given to younger children displaying some of the same traits.  ODD often evolves into adult Socio-pathology, although a small percentage of children and teens respond to treatment if its earnest and begins early enough. They are the exception.

Laymen bandy about the term psychopath and sociopath interchangeably, but they are somewhat different. Either way, the two diagnosis are  a far cry from Adam Lanz who according to sources had Autism -  a completely different disorder. The last thing we need is the public connecting mass violence with Autism. Lanz might very well have had other diagnosis' which has yet to be revealed.

Of course, the parent must actually bring the "troubled" teen to one mental health specialist long enough for them to make a proper diagnosis, be it inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment  In small snippets of 20 minute sessions Sociopaths and Narcissistic PD are very difficult to expose. In teenagers a history of their behavior from parents are the
A surprising number of parents do not bring their volatile ODD children into regular treatment.

Some, like the mother of "Michael",  use hospitals as a temporary strait jacket which while one step better than nothing,  serves only a a temporary intervention for each crisis with no lasting change or informed decision making regarding institutionalization the teenager to preserve her other children's mental health who are deeply affected by Michael's tyranny.

The thing that disturbs me most about the article and the barrage of comments after,from other parents with "problem children" of their own, is the fact that few discerned the difference between kids or teens with mood disorders such as bi-polar (which can be pharmacological treated (with relative success) schizophrenia, Autism or the more common personality disorders that so often wreak havoc upon the entire family unit as well as all siblings of that disordered child/ teen.

There seems an abundance of parents in our country that are lumping all of these into " Special needs" kids  These kids run a broad gamut from suffering from actual brain conditions such as Autism/ Aspergers to Bipolar mood disorder and many of the more dangerous personality disorders such as Sociopaths and Narcicisists.

The whole article would seem at once an outcry and com-plaintive wail for help: "I have a son that might wind up like Adam Lanza and there are not enough resources to "fix" him or her!".

The author relates that she is told that the only tangible way to deal with her predisposed to violent son is the criminal justice system. Where this article is a cry for help from a parents perspective.  I see society's growing plaintive wail that your son and others like him, left untreated or institutionalized, are likely going to commit violence against someone or many someones, perhaps sooner than  later. Especially teens that are already attacking the authority figure in their life - mom..

"Michael" has physically harmed his mother, repeatedly threatens her and his siblings who are both younger, and undoubtedly scarred quite deeply by their brothers unpredictability, although" sometimes charming.... anything can set him off...."  and the family is forced to " walk on eggshells around him".

This particular parent recognizes that her son might kill someone, yet she is reluctant to bring in the law and follow through, even though he is breaking the law, and wreaking havoc in what is supposed to be a safe haven for her two other children. She also does not mention institutionalization, which seems a no brainer to me, and indeed a social service agency should have already intervened on behalf of the other children in the household. Yet despite years of rage fueled attacks, regular trips to hospitals with policemen restraining "Michael" not one agency has stepped in be it in concert with the crimnal justice or not.

Authority, consequences and accountability are despised by ODD teenagers, yet so many parents of what could be an evolving sociopath will cocoon thier teenager and even their young adult sociopath, from the criminal, legal and even social consequences of their own actions. These Parents create criminals and adults who wreak havoc upon every life they touch.And these are just the emotional scars.

Some parents believe they are doing the right thing hiding the behavior  their "child" after all", or worse  try to cover up the legal financial and criminal "troubles" of their sociopath and narcissist adult children out of  fear of exposing their family's "failings". Middle and upper middle class families are more likely than poorer families to enable their destructive offspring well into the child's adulthood and their own deaths.

In this enabling and bailing out covering up propping up, these parents embolden their evolving sociopath offspring with a sense of non - accountability - ( ie' My parents will bail me out of this again - or later in life, my sister or brother.)

And while it sounded heartwarming to this writer mom that her violent son has a nice articulate charming side that will often regale others with subjects from philosophy to physics( like many ODD he has a high IQ ) ..... who cares if he has a genius IQ - if his emotional IQ is that of a 2 year old and his family and others are not safe around him?!

It is this exact coddling and enabling that makes bigger monsters out of  kids already pre-disposed to criminal behavior Yet somehow the refrain.' But he is so intelligent or artistic or speaks well.....' is heard above the we better insulate others from his volatility because its not getting better.

Anti social Personality disorder is not curable' Sociopaths hate Authority, are highly manipulative and deceitful, with no true conscience or ability to empathize as they are immersed with self. Other people are to be used abused or in the case of unflinching authority and those who see through them - avoided but even this they do with bitterness and often a sense of vengefulness.

We know that talk therapy doesn't work with sociopaths, in fact is usually forced upon them by either the criminal justice system or family members and they are re known for manipulate the therapist even feigning other mental illnesses in attempt to control the psychiatrist and the therapy..

Anti-psychotics may or may not dull the edges of a teen with op positional defiant disorder, but they are notorious for being non compliant with medications, they do not want their volatility dulled. They cannot be trusted to take those medications by the very nature of their disorder and outside of a controlled environment unless the teenager or young adult is inpatient psychiatric and even then closely supervised..

Whenever we look over our collective shoulder to see why and how most sociopath's became people that murder and/or maim, there is often an enabling parent or parents that did all the wrong things and often for selfish reasons. The enablers often produce a more serious criminal than negligent parent's as the latter wind up in the criminal justice system after running afoul of the law time and again.

If you have a child that has symptoms of oppositional defiant , conduct,  intermittent explosive -and or  PD  your first responsibility is to protect your healthy children who will not be healthy if you allow what is akin to a brewing sociopath in their midst. The community and society at large are equally important .They are all someone elses child sister brother parent.

The mother writing this story actually has a rehearsed drill for her two other children, who are to lock themselves in or out if rooms, the house or the car, (depending on the locale) any time that "Michael" begins to have a rage attack. The fact that this has happened so many times that this mother feels she has to physically remove her children from harms way, translates into"Michael" requiring segregation/ institutionalizing, period.

Because 'Michael also likes Harry Potter when he's not terrorizing and attacking  has a genius IQ however, this mom is sucked into the typical vortex of wanting to fix him because he is articulate and intelligent - and her "child" after all.

If finances and insurance are issues; as they are with this family, there are state assisted programs and hospitals. Obviously we can do more in this arena.  However many parents do not enter the realm of mental health, until authorities intervene or someone has been hurt.

After reading through every one of the comments following this piece, I was shocked by just how many so called "problem" kids and teenagers exist in this country and how far reaching their destructive behaviors are. Due to so many parents lack of firm action with those problem kids years later, the adult children that shared their lives with this volatile person make a chorus of bitterness over the pain and damage visited upon them by one problem relative often given far too much  always beginning in childhood or adolescence..

Shortly after this article was published  one appeared in the New Haven Register about the shortage of child psychiatrists in our State of Connecticut.  The daunting costs due to the supply demand would seem to be pushing the Psychiatrists to an ugly avarice provoked by the fact that they are so exclusive.

Shortage of child Psychologists Psychiatrists in Connecticut

Jane Doe No More recieves Grant from Petit Foundation For Self Defense Class

Kudos to Jane Doe No more and The Petit Family Foundation for strengthening this program!

I strongly recommend that all women and girls take a Self-defense course like this one, being offered free of charge via Jane Doe No More and a recent Grant by the Petit Family Foundation, I have taken a course that taught self defense specifically for women and girls and includes instruction on how to defend yourself in the midst of  our"fight or flight" "adrenalin dump" which was the most important part of the class for me

It is one thing to practice - defend when an instructor is simulating an attack or attempted abduction, but one must also learn to override the actual chemical rush of adrenalin ( which in a real life situation often causes the victim to freeze, go blank)  and become accustomed to defending ourselves with that surge, using it in fact, then all students of defense are equipped to fend off  and escape a predator.

                                       Petit Family Foundation Self Defense Class Gramt!

Jan 6, 2013

Petit Family Foundation Gives Grant to YWCA Greenwich

YWCA Greenwich, the only agency in the community licensed to treat victims of domestic violence, has received a $4,000 grant from the Petit Family Foundation for emergency shelter.
“We are very grateful to the Petit Family Foundation for this important grant. Emergency shelter is a vital component of our program to keep domestic violence victims safe,” said the YWCA’s president and CEO Adrianne Singer.
The YWCA offers a wide range of free, confidential services to victims of domestic abuse including a 24/7 hotline (203-622-0003), crisis intervention, safety planning, shelter, individual and group counseling, court advocacy and referrals. In addition, community-wide prevention and education efforts are undertaken.
The Petit Family Foundation says that it honors the memories of Cheshire residents and murder victims Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Hayley Elizabeth Petit and Michaela Rose Petit by “continuing the kindness, idealism and activism that defined their lives.” The foundation’s funds are given to foster the education of young people, especially women in the sciences, to improve the lives of those affected by chronic illness and to support efforts to protect and help those affected by violence.

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Jan 5, 2013

The Sandy Hook Murders; An Essay On Violent Criminals and Would be Predators


Adam Lanza (L) killed 27 people before turning the gun on himself in Newtown  Conn. James Holmes (R) is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58.  It happened after Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Colorado., and now Sandy Hook Massacre here in Connecticut.

Many people assume correctly that there surely there were signs of impending violence.

But experts say pronouncing loudly that who will be the next mass murderer is virtually impossible, partly because as commonplace as these calamities seem, they are relatively rare crimes. THEY are becoming less and less rare as copycat attention seeking persons with personality disorders and or a beef with the world, are on the increase.

Still, a combination of risk factors in troubled kids or adults including drug use and easy access to guns can increase the likelihood of violence, experts say. 

Warning; graphic descriptions of violent crime  are contained in this Post They are included  for informational purposes; the victims experience is the embodiment of all violent crime, and  within these details the reader may discover details about predators are found ways to he victims to t written with full respect for the victims and their families and loved ones.

Chasing Justice deplores the sensationalism of crime.

 Many of us have seen television series and specials that grab up "real life" crime, and sensationalize and infuse salacious quality for money and hype as opposed to informative and  preventative work.  Some of these programs, and the hosts, are as morally repulsive as the parade of criminals they purport to deplore.

It is my earnest hope that reading about the entire sequence of events and foreshadowings, often missed prior to crimes, will help to prevent the next one from happening.

There have been many, many missed opportunity's to stop some of the worst violent crimes, by family members, psychiatrists, Parole Boards, Judges. prosecutors and the ever present family, "friends" and acquaintances who unwittingly or not, become allies of the sociopaths helping to kill and or maim.

An article entitled Predicting mass shooters  in the Huffington Post was one of the first that I read that dealt with identifying those who are on the brink of committing acts of violence such as but not limited to the tragic Newton School murders.

Futilely, the article offers little insight, belying it's title and adding to the collective helplessness that most people feels about eradicating this raging epidemic of violence..

Needless to say, I disagree with criminologist James Fox, when he opines that "there are no RED FLAGS  with these crimes, only yellow - they don't become red until blood has been shed." 

This is an atypical over simplified shoulder shrugging reminiscent of  when it comes to the issue of what preventative measures can be taken The irony was thickened when I noticed that James Fox's quotes were located inches below a photo of James Homes, the Colorado theater murderer.

Mr. Holmes, authorities discovered soon after the seeming willy- nilly bloodshed, was under psychiatric treatment and had recently been turned down for inclusion into a gun club that he'd applied to. This rejection, was due to his eccentric answering machine message that put the Club president's antenna This was certainly at least a  flag of some color.

More importantly  the clearly psycho-social young man left multiple messages on his psychiatrist's voice-mail, specifically telling him that he was going to kill a bunch of people!.
That killers therapist allegedly didn't RETRIEVE any of those five messages until long after the evening of the theater murders. This was definitely a red flag.


In the Newton School, the killer's mother did not respond properly upon what surely were signposts regarding this young man's mental issues. She had a large gun collection in the house, and taught her son how to shoot at a gun range!

But the issue doesn't begin and end with those guns; the killer tried to procure a gun on his own and decided not to wait for the background check.  He was too eager to execute people..

Guns are a clearly too accessible, as well ammunition which is designed to destroy bodies such as the hollow point but this is not the black and white problem/solution that many believe it is.

Video games desensitizing especially unstable youth to massacre strangers and win points for agility and style in how they murder; one video instructs the player to sweep out the victims legs first then approach and shoot them close range in the face.

This game and others like it certainly do not need to exist. Nor so computer websites such as Gore and Liveleak where real rape and murders are shown on video to anyone who claims they are 18. This is creating a generation of desensitized human beings who after watching be-headings and other murders, can grow so immune to human suffering that they are forever changed, callous and even create anti-social personality disorder of a new breed. Much like the army creates it's most deadly of soldiers trained to hunt and execute.

Some of these murderers would have found another way to kill, as we saw when Joseph Duncan killed an entire family including a large man, who himself was a hunter, ambushing the couple sleeping on a couch. He made one tie the other and tied the others himself with zip-ties including a 13 year old Slade Groene . Duncan then murdered each one with a hammer blows to their heads despite having a shotgun that he'd procured from the man's own collection on a rack.

The Newtown school murders as close to home as they are are tragically no longer a rarity!
 It is one terrible mass murder in an ever augmenting collection of similar crimes that all have one thing in common: Quite likely, the crimes could have been prevented if  people involved with the killer's life, took action along the steps along the path to becoming a murderer.

These crimes happen after months weeks or years of escalating symptoms of  mental illness with anger/rage aimed at "society" or an entity such as a school (ie the Columbine School Massacre) the Groene family murders,( ie Joseph Duncan's family and "friends" that enabled  his earlier crimes against children as he blogged about the persecuted life of a registered sex offender)

Another perfect example The Petit family crimes, where there were so many enabling people and government agencies the list is unbelievably long. Ringleader, J  Komisarjevsky's parent's enabled the Petit home invasion murders, first with years of bailing out their son who refused to stop committing  breaking and entering which they saw as innocuous apparently despite the fact that the owners were home making these crimes more akin to stalking and resembled a sexual predator Heaps of stolen goods were found in an ex girlfriends basement where they sat unsold and unused  They were incidental and komisarjevsky had been caught over 40 times plenty enough for the various agency's of the justice system to make certain he stayed locked up after it was clear he was escalating.

Komisarjevsky's sentencing hearing lasted weeks and was a parade of people who basically attested to how easy it was to see this kids manipulative nature as he stalked girls from trees looking into bedroom windows, painting hate kill murder etc on his bedroom wall and refusing too abide by any of his parents house rules.

Yet the Komisarjevksys might as well have killed all three Petit family members themselves and they did in effect ; by giving their 26 year old life long felon son; ie their perpetual bailing him out of prison- jails programs he was expelled from for stealing, arson peeping tom-ism and more.

That family enabling was very much akin to the frustrating Natalie Holloway murder in Aruba by Joran Von der Sloot. That was a case of an upper middle class father who by all accounts, was more of a pal than a father, weak ineffectual parent his sociopath son Joran , he was a former judge of considerable stature in Aruba.

And tragically for Joran Von der Sloot's next victim after Natalee Holloway,  a young teenager in Peru, the elder Von der sloot a judge, became a dogged enabler of ultimately two murders. 

The now deceased Senior Von der sloot robbed Beth Holloway and her husband of a daughter, and caused another parent the terrible lack of closure of not knowing where your daughters body is and the truth of what happened to her. Joran was detained jailed but never arrested nor prosecuted for the murder of Natalee. When he was caught dead to rites murdering another young women in a Peruvian hotel,  we were heartbroken angry but not surprised.

Von der Sloots mother finally told the press she gave up on Joran after the Peruvian conviction but still tried to maintain his innocence insofar as his taped confession of killing Natalee Holloway, proffering that the stress of being accused of that assumed homicide is partially what drove her son to kill "that girl in Peru"

In Joshua Komisarjevsky's case, his parents had a tremendous role in aiding and abetting their criminally  helped their son to obtain custody of his 5 year old daughter just weeks after being given early parole for a 9 year sentence for convictions totally 23 felonies. Actual sentence just under three total years and the last leg of said sentence was spent in a Hartford halfway house where Komisarjevsky was free to come and go and in fact was committing voluntary statutory rape with a 15 year old girl whose father was a minister. Komisarjevsky took cellphone pictures of the girl and he having sex in the Manchester mall bathroom, all whilst he was still under the Ct Dept of corrections possession.

Komisarjevsky's parents babysat his child, rather than demanding that he stay home and serve his parental responsibility, as well as act upon what they admitted was a deep suspicion that he was going out to btrak into homes the night he murdered the Petit girls she told Police after the crimes he always wore heavy dark hoodies to rob and it was the heat of July.

 Both father and mother were clearly not in denial about what their son was up to but they still allowed and enabled it completely right up until July 22 2007 as he left their home 3 days after his ankle tracking device was removed, informing them that he was" meeting a friend about a job in a bar at 9 pm."

Of course, The criminal justice system specifically the Parole board and early release programs were partners in these terrible murders that included an 11 year old child, however again intervention by family.

Mrs Komisarjevsky calling the Cheshire police and telling them that her son had left " suspiciously on what was surely a break in"  as was his style dressed in black Hooded sweatshirt in late July. Car description and other pertinent information given to the police would have surely led them to the bar where they met prior to the rapes and murders!

One step better would have been to call the Cheshire Police department the evening before the Petit murders while the two men were committing practice runs for their "ultimate" home invasion which revolved around kidnapping and rape with robbery as an aside a bonus. Komisarjevsky's parents watched as his criminal habits and behavior resumed the very day his ankle tracker came off - while they babysat his child fed and housed him, a parolee 26 years old.

Rape which is really about control was surely a common interest the two men lit upon, both sociopaths in their own rite Komisarjevsky clearly the more refined evil leader.

That night Komisarjevsky and Hayes broke into two other homes in Cheshire both has multiple occupants including children sleeping upstairs just feet away. In one house a knife was left stuck into a butcher block, in the other a photo of the attractive woman who slept upstairs with her husband was taken.

Intervention by the Connecticut Parole board all the way to Komisarjevsky's parents would have saved four lives and Dr William Petit would not have suffered traumatic brain injury and the loss of his family had just one of these enablers, nay - co conspirators -  acted responsibly.  The same can be said for the Groene family murders and child abductions.

From his blog to the doctor who applied to be Duncan  guardian for the parole board - which they declined as he pronounced he has children of his own in the house where Duncan would be living. The Doctor shared with the Parole board that he was bi sexual and Duncan had been convicted of homosexual rape of a 14 year old! Undeterred this doctor a pediatrician no less, continued to financially help Joseph Duncan for years as Duncan traversed the country killing and raping children, some of which he videoed such as poor little Dylan Groene who he ultimately shot with shotgun and then as the boy begged him not to he shot him in the head telling his  little sister Shasta who watched in horror that Dylan was" too far gone and had to be " finished off for his own good"

Duncan later admitted at the trial lying to Shasta at the time when he told her the first shot was accidental and had happened while he was cleaning he shotgun. He stated that he needed Shasta's complacency and even pretended to cry when he first shot this beautiful 9 year old child.

Everyone from the doctor to the businessman who bailed him out from yet another attempted abduction of two boys in a playground, to the judge who gave such a low bail amount to a convicted aggravated child rapist registered sex offender - each was an accessory to his murders of Slade and Dylan Groene and Anthony Martinez another child in California that Groene now has been charges with his fingerprints on the duct tape used to bind the abducted boy whose head he smashed in with a rock after assaulting him for days in a remote location.

The Newtown Sandy Hook Murders have less information available and the murderer appears a totally different breed  from the organized intelligent evil of Joseph Duncan and Joshua Komisarjevsky, However I  stress that all of these murderers had parental and friendship"  enabling them in their criminal life and/ or absentee parenting as in the Columbine Massacre, all highly contributory factors in all of these violent crimes against  children as their preferred prey.

Clearly a more attuned collective awareness about what to look for in such persons long before they commit crimes such as the school massacre, the Colorado theater shootings, the Newtown murders and the Petit and Groene murders,  is essential if we hope to wage out own war against this violence.

James Holmes's therapist didn't retrieve for days the slew of desperate messages left by the man who professed "he was going to kill a bunch of people". The embarrassed therapist claimed he didn't check his messages for days but hadn't seen his client as capable or heading towards such violence.

Psychiatrists clearly are not going to save our country from violence if this is the norm. voice-mail and the many individual murders that seemingly came from nowhere according to friends neighbors etc of the people who rape murder and desecrate.

These questions do not apply solely to the growing epidemic of  mass murders, shootings, bombs ( in the case of Columbine) These same issues of awareness and prevention apply to all violent crime and the predators who commit them; domestic violence to familial murder, sexual assault, child assault and abduction and dating violence.