Mar 22, 2011

Authorities Investigate Possible Sighting of Missing Orange Girl in Fairfield Duchess - Bethwood, CT Patch

If this is the surveillance video from the Fairfield Duchess to the left, which I procured from the link to the "Patch" story linked above, this is most definitely the girl. I've compared the two photos for an hour-they are one and the same person. I am just not certain that this pic although it sure looks like the backdrop is a fast food store with fixed chairs and table bolted down,is Duchess at all. It appears to be a theatre

I cannot believe that if this is the photo from Duchess that the fast food
  worker  only casually mentioned to a Policeman,hours later when he happened to walk in to eat! Had she called at that moment, even if it was surreptitiously somehow, so as not to scare off the child, or even had a co-worker do so, Isabella would have possibly be safe in the protection of the Orange Police Dept.

The photo below is the one widely circulated since Isabella, or "Bella's Sunday morning disappearance. We have read a concoction of news theories and even different News Media reports regarding things such as her parents citing her as a probably runaway from the Get-go, to the fact that she was being Bullied in a very serious manner at her school, something that she'd tried to talk to her parents about but was reportedly met with disbelief ie denial from her mother, who claimed she was "making it up" to her father's reaction, which was albeit a bit healthier; He told her he believe her, as he did the FBI and Police, directly disagreeing with his wife....interesting. But he told authorities that he didn't know what to tell her or how to help her! 

How about going down to the school asap Mr and Mrs Olezeck?!  And this brings me to another  issue-the surname may either polish Hungarian or Russian-and if these are immigrants themselves,her parents, this could account for the seemingly strange way they've handled a sad volatile situation, a child being bullied mercilessly at school, as well as the possibility that your 12 year old child has gone missing,leaving behind her hearing aid when she is nearly deaf in one ear!

What also troubles me is that there are so many different possible sightings and information coming in, that often this can only confuse a missing child case. The person that thought they saw a girl that matched Bella's looks holding hands with a boy or man on the beach, could mean nothing-and be someone completely different.
Or it could be imperative to the case, which is why the FBI is thankfully involved, as they've got more experience with missing persons and child abductions and even abuse runaway situations.

Lets say hypothetically that it was Isabella on the Beach what if she made a new online friend" who she'd poured her troubles out to and he happened to be a slightly older fellow, who turns out to be a predator of some derivation, either one in the making or someone who is adept at using Bella's problems with her parents and her schoolmates bullying, and her hearing issues, to his advantage; as a practiced and experienced "predator? he would be a bit older, but sociopaths can begin this sort of tracking, stalking and manipulating at age 14 believe it or not, Look at Joshua Komisarjevsky, brainchild and ringleader of the sexual assault of Michaela Petit 11 years old, he wass 26 at the time, and the murder of Michaela's entire family, including her mom Jennifer sister Hayely were also murdered within a home invsaion that originated out of his pedophile criminal intention of a pre-plannned home invasion wherby her father was beaten unbonsious and toied in his cellar and the mom and girls secually assaukted xcell photos taken and later all were killed by fire after being doused by gasoline.

The father Dr William Petit, broke his tied zipties and hopped out of the basement steps and rolled to a neighbors garage-rolled! 5 minutes before his house exploded into dasoline fueled flames killing his children in a snake like fireball which neither child could hope to escape, tied to thier beds and trapped within its path in any event.

hose murders have come to be known as the Cheshire murders and many people even the press and media forget at times that this was a crime borne of a sociopathic 27 year old who had targeted an 11 year old girl for a night of terror control and sexual assault. The murders were incidental to the men, a perfuntary neccesity once they knew that the criminal charges for assault and then rape could cost them 15 years in orison. Steven Hayes the acccomplice komisarjevsky brought along to be his muscle , needed to get the house under "control" has been tried and found guilty of all capital crimes sentenced to death two monthj ago. Komisarjevsky himself, the man who spoyyed Michaela and her mother at an area supermarket following them home then staking out the house and ptroceeding tpo call his prison buddy, Hayes, is the real predator who made certain the crimes happened and escalated.
His trial is supposed tostart saometime in  May, but his lawyers have done nothing but throw out wasteful and empty motions designed to stall the process and harrass the judge and prosecutor. In many Connectuct residents opinion, these lawyers led by Jeremiah Donovan, have behaved so badly that they deserve to find themsleves in a simalir situation as they, they have put the lone survivor William Petit and his family through.

Komisarjevsky was climbing trees and watching a young girl with binoculars at 14 years of age! Joseph Duncan told psychiatrists that by 14 he had raped 10 boys, 6 at once tied up always younger smaller and those children never reported it! The same man was arrested at 17 finally when he went a bit farther tying a 13 year old to a tree and raping him at gunpoint twice and whipping him with a tree branch whilst also burning him with cigarettes. Joseph Duncan
became famous many years later when he was allowed out of prison and  began killing small
children,after raping them and holding them for days torturing them. He bragged to the FBI later that he'd done all of these murders only whilst being on parole, attending college computer classes, and appearing
the reformed juvenile offender-the authorities only knew he'd served 17 years for the rape at gunpoint
none of the other rapes nor murders which he managed to commit all across the country as he vacationed
from work.

A famous blogger Steve Huff was the first to put Duncan in the towns where various kids went

He was an ex-opera singer who'd begun cyber- sleuthing as a passion and a hobby, yet he alone solved the murder of Anthony Martinez and the possible/probably murders of two little Indian girls that Duncan confessed to Shasta and the FBI about.killing-as he did re martinez. But Steve Huff had already written about hios belief that Duncan might have killed anthiony as hed been keeping an online blog about life as an ex sex offender! It actually was fromed as an alibi diary log but it backfired when he gave away too much info re his travel vacation experiences-and Huff tied them into the areas where children went missing during those same time periods!

 Duncan is in the middle of being prosecuted for Martinez murders where the brotherr and other boys witnessed the kidnapping, but since recanted his confession re the young girls and their families are happy to leave him on death row in Indiana, where he will presumably die for taking the Groene kids over state lines after killing their mother her boyfriend and a 13 year old brother Slade whom he also bludgeoned with the hammer in the head as he had the tied up Adults who were asleep on the couch when he snuck into their house at night after seeing the little children playing in a small blow up pool the day before!

Joseph Duncan killed three members of the Groene family with a hammer to their heads, simply in order to steal away in the night the two littlest members of that hiusehold - Shasta and Dylan Groene.

 Dylan was tortured and shot dead at a campsite within weeks of his kidnapp. Somehow Shasta managed to convince her captor that she would not cause trouble nor run away and I believ this is the only reason she was still alive when a waitress spotted her eating with Duncan at an area Dennys, at 2 am in the morning.
Let us all be hyper vigilant, this happens to be my home town that this missing young lady may have been spotted in.