Mar 18, 2011

One Juror, a Doctor, Picked for Komisarjevsky Jury - Naugatuck, CT Patch

I don't know what bothers me the most about the Komisarjevsky case lately.
Perhaps it's this unholy succession of "motions" perpetually spewed out by the komisarjevsky defense "team" , who seemingly have a bottomless pit of State money with which to fund what are clearly little more than harrassment,  blackmail and/or stalling tactics.

This financing for the Public defenders team for Mr Joshua Komisarjevsky (a team comprised of a total of four lawyers and a herd of minion-clerks) of course enables said minions to follow the beckon call and pluck and pluck obscure legal cases that have little to no relation whatsoever to whatever recent  legal" precedent"  that the defense team are haplessly scrambling to make analagous to their  latest motion, Motions, which usually are created with " the best defense is an offense" credo at thier nucleus.

And then invariably they sweep all of this just plain ugly behavior under the rug of ' all's fair whilst providing a vigorous defense" which also conveniently serve as a handy moral and ethical self cleansing, lest there be that burdensome thing called conscience left in any of their individual or collective souls.
Then there is the matter of the State; In this frame of reference I am speaking of the Prosecutor's office who is handling the prosecution of Joshua Komisarjevsky) one Michael Dearington.
I find it beyond iironic that the so called "good guys" do not seem to have anywhere near the same access or go ahead to utilize State funds, as has been evidenced in a myriad of ways via both the Hayes trial and the pre-trial going-ons of Komisarjevskys trial.

Never mind the upkeep of Hayes and Komisarjevsky in prison, their special security accommodations as well as medical attention-(but that's yet another story of obscene State injustice, I've written about this a touch in the past but suffice to say it will be revisited )

Then there's Joshua Komisarjevsky, the man at the center of all of this bad behavior bad energy and increasingly defunct ethics of his state paid attorneys. This man by his own admission committed sexual assault, was the mastermind of the Petit home invasion and thus rapes assaults and murders. The man admittedly guilty of a litany of pre meditated crimes, including assault in the second degree (which should have been assault with a deadly weapon IE in the first degree note; a bat was used to crack open William Petit's head, ANYWHERE from 6 to 12 times, depending on who komisarjevsky was telling it to, or if Hayes  testimoney was indeed correct -then it was 8 or so" 

Either way, this succession of blows to Bill Petit's head constituted attempted murder as far as the Connecticut General Statutes define this and considering that for the sake of argument just one of those blows could have easily killed Petit (even without the consideration that Bill Petit was on blood thinners for a preventative stroke condition.

And yet,  Komisarjevsky somehow got another break from the Connecticut judicial system and received a charge of assault in the 2nd degree, not the first nor the last this baby faced 30 year old has caught, as he has traversed and then navigated his way through the court,  penal and ultimately PAROLE system albeit humility clearly still not forthcoming.

Still,  all in all I am probably most bothered by the recent behavior of Joshua Komisarjevsky's family - particularly his parent's.

When these brutal and traumatic crimes first happened on an evening when they were fully aware of their sons absence from their home -as they were indeed required to babysit his 6 year old child in his stead,and by its neccesity this alone was a parole violation, as Komisarjevsky was on a Parole curfew-and not only had he exceeded it already, but both parents were fully cognizant that he would be out "late"  as he told them as he left their house, their house under their guidance and watchful eyes as told to the Connecticut Parole dept.

This particular hot summer evening, according to his own mother she sensed something was amiss for Josh" was dressed in dark jeans and a black Hoodie, and this caught his mothers eyes immedietely on his way out of the home. According to her he claimed that  he was off to meet Steve Hayes, a fellow friend that he'd met at prison,( this also a parole violation,) they were meeting at 11 PM at a bar about "a construction job"

Another Parole rule is Paroleescannot consort with fellow parolees nor certainly stay out at bars past curfews with them. In fact this was th pairs third night doing so, however it turns out that in reality they'd been robbing houses, practicing in effect for the BIG night.  The type of break in home invasion that they'd spoken about at length.Today Josh had found the perfect targets. A blond pretty woman with a teenage pretty blond  daughter! He'd followed them back to their house undetected and staked out the place for a break in later that night. Later when he had his 230 lb parolee pal with him to ensure he could get that house under his control....then he could take what he REALLY wanted; the girl. He'd played up the youngish looking mother to Hayes in order to make him more maleable and more likely to cooperate. It worked.

He also figured like many of his other break ins, their house looked fairly nice, not a mcmansion for sure but  definately a little jewelery, electronics and probably small cash. But the main prize was the girl and that mother for Hayes. It turned him on to think about having his way raping some stuck up private school type, tied up and helpless, At his mercy;

We've all heard that rape is not about sex so much as it is power - a desire to take complete control, and render a girl helpless After spotting Michaela and her mother at that Stop and Shop parking lot he called steve right away gushing with excitmnet. The pair came back later that night parked far up the road at an area condominium. They walked in darkness the rest of the way to the Petits quiet home, everyone appeared to be asleep-perfect 3 am right on schedule.Josh called the shots, Hayes was clearly just the muscle.

Komisarjevsky quietly slipping in a locked basement door, "child splay" he later bragged no deadbolt plain keyed doorknob lock. Having spotted the sleeping Dr Petit on the screened in sunporxh from the wooded yard, he picked up a bat as he walked through the Petits basement signaling to Hayes to wait outside until he let him in the house from within. Within one minute Joshua komisarjevsky was up the basement steps slinked over to the sleeping Dr Petit on his couch and he heaved that bat  landing the first crashing blow to the sleeping man's head..

Joshua komisarjevsky was and is a sadist and coward. He drew first blood, there is no question about this. He set the tone of severe violence conceivably killing a man. With that attack the stakes grew for both men. He neednt have assaulted Petit as he did. The men brought a gun resembling a 9 mm-I saw it it looked like a bullet semi automatic, Petit also believed this he testified. The men had purchased the fake pellet gun just for this very rason-containing any man in the home as well as keeping the girls scared even more than they were. They also brought zip-ties to bind victims hands and feet. As well Komisarjevsky, who had always worked alone, brought the 230 lb imposing at the time Steven Hayes.

I'd say that 6 to 12 blows to the head  of a sleeping man "as if chopping wood" was clearly unnecessary;
Mrs Komisarjevsky (mom) gladly gave up all of her incriminating information up to the Cheshire Police after the rapes and murders. It seemed after listening to various family members that the kid had been pervasively a chronic thieving stalking law breaking truant for a very long time and it certainly appeared that after he'd finally escalated to killing someone-or some ones, they were happy to distance themselves from him, one uncle quickly pointing out that they'd tried everything with him and he was simply incorrigable.

He added that he was adopted and that he had made the family shamed and pained for many years now. It sure sounded as if there would be little to no familial support after all that we heard... and then when forensics confirmed our worst fears regarding the sodomy of Michaela Petit, occuring right before she was set ablaze tied to her bed  doused in gasoline, I suppose i assumed that that was definitely the end of any family support.

Apparently I was wrong and frankly I should have known better. After all its classic; This kid managed to bamboozle the court system into somehow serving a nano-second of a nine year sentence- a sentence which was to serve as sentence for two robbery/home invasion sprees, whereupon he was caught and gleefully drove area Police to many homes he'd robbed, mostly at night while the owners slept unawares that danger that was slithering thru their home.

Often toting a large knife and  night vision goggles so that he could stalk and watch the patterns of said home owners often for days prior to a break in.

So....lots of signpost along the way with  textbook sociopath and burgeoning sexual predator tendencies and manifestations. The one steadfast thing that Komisarjevskys parents did do was to enable him to continue to [perform criminal acts, as well as to save him from the accountability of his many many breaks with the law; fire setting at 14; a serious fire at an abandoned gas station, the stalking of a local girl involving climbing trees outside her house and spying on her relentlessly. Breaking into homes in his own neighborhoods, and finally branching out to other nearby areas, but always, always with that one absolute need that the homeowners be home. He'd take souvenirs, another major signpost of a sexual predator escalating.Photos of the women
that lived in the houses. Panties.

And  back to his folks. Where are they now. Unlike Steven Hayes brother who was virtually the only relative to engage in the process and he did so honestly and without holding back for the sake of THE TRUTH something that the Komisarjevskys have clearly once again put their heads beneath the sand so as to never have to know what their son did, with their help; they aided and abetted him, They could have said no son you are working tomorrow it is part of your parole agreement. You just got your GPS anklet off 2 days ago and you've been out late both nights since. We've had to take care of YOUR DAUGHTER who you fought so hard for custody of. We will inform your Parole officer or call the Cheshire Police this instant if you do walk out that door'. Period.

But the komisarjevsky;s didn't say any of this.  And now they have the audacity to come to court every day including jury selection process to show support for their murderous son., And worse in one of the most audacious and aggressive "motions" by the defense, the Komisarjevsky family has shown its intentions to be so involved with all future court dates, including the complete jury selection, that they have knowingly added to their sons victims pain by encouraging their sons lawyers to write up yet another motion demanding that half of the reserved Petit families seats be re-designated to you and your extended families.

And one more thing-for now;  none of you think its right that the Petit's nor the Hawks, Chapman's or the Renn family-the latter Jennifer Petits only sibling who has had to absorb the immense cost of attending two trials flying out of state back and forth 4 times and staying in hotels for months at a time missing her own family's major life events such as graduations etc. do that she may be there to see justice served for her sister her nieces lives.

Cindy Renn should be allowed to wear her charity foundation pin while in court.or anywhere else she pleases. It is not a hangnoose with Joshua komisarjevsky's head in it after all. Its three Doves embracing.
You know you are dealing with evil when someone or an entity of any sort fights vehemently agaisnt three doves embracing.

And the kind of blind irresponsible denial based " love" if it can be called such, is largely what contributed to Joshua komisarjevsky believing that his wishes and his desires are all that matter.
 The rest of the world are literally  disposable, and certainly if you've allowed yourself to become a victim, well then -  you are weak and deserve it.

The komisarjevsky's would do well to accept that their son's souless life credo leaves no room for love, for "family", or any other concept he cannot his own end or gain, and I'd wager that he'd sooner cut their throats if it meant he could trim a month or two off of his sentence.

In the meantime, theyd do well to embrace the reality of their present actions, or inactions,  and read Matthew Hayes letter to his brother and Michael Dearington. Whether they heap further harm upon the Petits directly via thier own inadequacy cowardice or plain folly, or be it through thier sons state paid mouthpieces, It isl their sin now, nobody elses.

Evil exists when Good men do nothing