Jun 25, 2010

2010 Petit Family Foundation Golf Tournament- powered by SmugMug

Another great event helping raise money for victims of violence sponsored by the Petit Family Foundation!

Jun 19, 2010

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS;The Official Police File on Stepahnie Fiores murder

WARNING: The contents in the above link are not for children, those easily disturbed, or weak of heart.

The only reason that Chasing Justice is linking to this police file which contains private details of a young women's brutal murder, is an essential one; To raise awareness, to educate, particularly women and teenagers of a certain age, to understand what can lie behind a seemingly normal looking young-(or middle aged for that matter) man,

Clearly in the above mugshot photo of Joran Von Der Sloot - evil is clearly showing in all its abundence--But remember this picture was taken within mere hours after he beat and stabbed Stephanie Fiorez to death. We could thus expect such a recent horrific deed to be transparent upon his normally somewhat attarctive boyish young face. When you look at the photo of Vondersloot within the Post below - that Joran vondersloot is likely closer to the face that he first presented to Stephanie Fiores leading her to decide that he "seemed" and appeared well dressed, attractive, probably articulate educated....and thus trustworthy-at least trustworthy enough to have a nightcap in his Hotel room,
No doubt poor stephanie was given a ruse of some kind to lure her to vondersloots room I dont doubt this for a moment; There something he wanted to "show her -in his room, on his computer, something anything that sounded legit enough to steer this naive young girl into a position whereupon he could sexually assault her.and /or kill her .
And tragiclly that is exactly what he did.

I believe that this is not merely the second time that Von der Sloot has killed: I am certain that there have been other murders that the authorities may or may not presntly link him with or ever link hin to. And sadly, the outcome of these hypothertical crimes will likely depend on the victimology-ie her life profile; whether she was a prostitute or a schoolgirl, was she from a poor or middle class or well to do family? What country or jurisdiction did the rapes and or murders happen in, and lastly how inept, adept or even corrupt that local police department is/was in the area where any crimes might have occurred. While this is all admittedly supposition, all of the indicators point to an evolving serial killer of women and or girls.
Ler us jointly pray that any other murders rapes or abductions committed by this man, become revealed as soon as possible, and that Justice be served for the sake of the victims and their family and loved ones. And a prayer for Stephanies family to find comfort, strength and courage throughout their grieving and the ensuing judicial process which can be arduous here in the states though I am not yet as familiar as Id like to be regading Peruvian law. I do know that they do not have a death peanlty and I am certain that vondersloot was well aware of this fact and indeed chose this place for his next crime with this fact in the forefront of his predatorial self preserving psyche.

Evil in the form of predators does not typically announce itself as such-- In fact, the predator with a personality disorder is ever mindful of the need to pass themselves off as "normal".and indeed can often be superficially charming.
Subterfuge and manipulation is at their very core of their existance and What they all have in common is usually life- long patterns of lying, decption manipulation conning And
parasitic lifestyles.

Ironically many socio's will often play the victim, Even while being prosecuted for brutal murders rapes and other less severe but equally destructive crimes like stalking, assault, extortion, blackmail and a host of other crimes that almost always involve people thar are much more defenseless than themselves; the proverbial bully who wishes to control and demean women-and murder is of course the ultimate control:

him and flys into a rage when he cannot-this is also a classic feature of the personality diosorders-a group of mental deviations-not to be confused with mental illness as it is not mental illness and there is no "cure"

Our young women -and RN men for that matter- must become considerably
more educated about men that predate.; the personality disorders that always ccompany them , It is only within this knol edge that this infomration that will open the door of awareness, and with Gods grace -a HEALTHY vigilance will follow.

The ignorance about the issues surrounding violence agasinst women, has gone on far too long and cost too many senseless deaths-awful deaths, violent deaths that often involved protracted terror and awful oain pain and This includes predators that may be far less obvious, particularly at the begginning of the union, than someone like Joran Von der Sloot As I pointed out, these men come in many shapes and dizes

and the methods that they use and the qualities and behaviors to look for when sizing up a poential date or even the descison wheteher or not to give their phone unmber out to someone-for this might becoime the very way the predator slithers into your life flying beneath the radar so to speak. at hiding itself blending in ( it hides within an exterior it knows it must perfect in order to insure its ability to decieve potential victims, family, friends and later perhaps even the authoritites.

Despite these efforts which often become frantic shortly before and after a violent crime has been committed, those closest to these predators often know something isnt right-This is where CHANGE must begin-- at home

Jun 18, 2010

Natalee Holloway's mother consoles Flores family - CNN.com

Today I mourn Stephanie Ramirez Fiorez, a young women who was brutally beaten and stabbed to death in a hotel room in Peru. This is a murder that never should have never been allowed to happen.

Everytime I watch a video of this punk sociopath Von der sloot, I feel absolute and unadulterated rage: Yet another one of those situations where the authorities were given a major heads up regarding this perpetrators predatorial instincts, and they did nothing to protect the next victim . Indeed, criminal behavior-kidnapping, probable date-rape drugging and murder. Ther was no shortage of evidence. We all knew what happened. And yet like so many before him and since, the murderer of another human being, walked. He walked right out of that jail cell with daddy on his arm, mommy protectively showdowing them both and a smirk playing upon his face.

Worst of all, he went out feeling invincibile, and why no- he'd killed a girl practically in front of a nation and got away with it. He had the audacity within mere months of the crimes to seek out the United states media in a transparent attempt to throw suspicion off of himself and petulantly complain.
And soon enough, he killed again. And in a way, all of us let it happen.

This 21 year old woman, or girl really, likely suffered unimaginable terror and pain as her life energy was beaten out of her. Her skull was fractured, she bore severe bruising on her temples and face, and she was also stabbed. They say drug residue was found in a beverage she was drinking. This was the exact scenario many suspected in Natalee Holloways dissapearence when reports began coming out that she appeared uncharacteristiclly very drunk as she left the nightclub in aruba with Mr Von dersloot and friends.

Her family will of course never be the same, no murder victims family ever is. And many many many hearts are broken traversing multiple provinces and in this case once again- veritable countries mourn. As we here in the United States grieve for this crime it is made all the worse knowing that it could have been should have been stopped before it happened. But we are all too used to this.

A girl who was full of life love and promise is dead.
When are we as asociety and going to demand that violent predators who have been at least once intervened by the law, are dealt with responsibly, with the publics saftty as its primary concern. Swift justice the very first time that SOMEONE crosses the rules and laws of society regarding harming other human beings!

You know, It is difficult enough for police and authroties to accrue enough evidence to simply arrest, or in the case of lacodaisical misogynistic Aruban law-"detain" a person clearly involved in the murder or abduction of a woman or child. Few seem to understand that for every one of these predators that the police and courts manage to get thier hands on, never mind enough evidence to proceed to a prosecution, there are thousands upon thousands of predators committing violent crimes, that remain out there, untouched by the law, either shrewd enough to escape detection as was the BTK murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy to name a few, or those simply thus far "lucky" and taking full advantage of overworked understaffed Police homicide and rape departments.

And then of course there are the rapists batterers child molesters abductors who waltz through our court systems having committed crimes perhaps one step short of murder but with all the indications for a propensity escalating violent crimes, and due to such ciited reasons as prison overcrowding which we here a lot about in Connecticut as reason for springing hundreds of such predators each year (we seem to have plenty of room in our prisons and jails however for thiose unfortunates arrested for little more than possession of small quantities of drugs thier only crime being addiction and the procurement of drugs to feed that usually physcial addiction. This seems especially the case for minorities who are unlucky enough to lack the solid middle class appearing families and relying on uninspired public defenders (and no not all Public defenders are uninspired nor bad lawyers-just some) these small time offenders that comprise a suprising percentage of our prison beds in Connecticut often have multiple similar non violent drug offenses on thier "records" These folks are locked up left and right every day in this and other states, while iour violent rapists, child molesters/ abductors and yes, even murderers , recieve plea bargains with reduced or zero priosn time and often suspended sentences with probation which equates to a get out of jail feree card for people who have shown the propensity for hurting other human beings. I say pluck them out of our societies the first time they committ a violent crime, if it is murder the sentence should be automaticlly a minimum of life with no parole this so that they may never again harm another human being. It really neednt be complicated It should be simple- a no brainer and yet, here in the states and clearly Aruba as well, the criminal authorities fail at it again and again and again.

I also feel strongly that Vond der sloots family is as guilty as he for both of these young women's murders. His now late father, Judge Von DER Sloot, was obviously complicit in his sons first crime, the murder of Natalee Holloway. It always seems to start at home with the same brand of parenting. Zero accountability thick thick denial and parents whose main concern is how things appear to the outside world re thier offspring, rather than being responsible parents and facing the behavioral issues that invariably show themselves early on in their criminal childs lives. Instead through often slick subterfuge they hide thier children be it adult children in thier forties or teens just begginning to show their criminal tendency stripes.

This syndrome harkens back to the 2007 Petit family HOME INVASION assaults and murders here in Cheshire Connecticut. The presumed ringleader and mastermind of these brutal rapes and murders, Joshua komisarjevsky and his reportedly "steeped in prominence family" (a quote taken from the New york times headlines shortly after the murders of Jennifer Hayley and Michaela Petit, had parents who apparently spent their sons entire criminal life bailing him out of his many many brushes with the law, propping him up, duisting him off and using thier family name to lend thier budding criminal son, credibility, which in turn allowed this clearly dangerous kid to escape culpability begginning with his very first crime- felony arson by the way, at the tender age of 14. He set an abandoned gasoline station on fire-for fun.

What should have been a major tip-off to the ridiculous Connecticut courts, arson at that age is one act of the "classic trilogy" behaviors of oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder, the childhood/teenage precursors/equivalent to full blown sociopathology This has also been referred to as a psychopath. In other words when your "a kid" you are not yet ready to be deemed a sociopath, at least not according to the diagnostic statistical manual ( DSM ) simply due to ones chronological age, not behaviors or qualities that they are exhibiting nor the clarity of the psychiatric profile.

Instead The psychiatric community will diagnose a child or teen with conduct disorder and/or oppositional defiant disorder but this almost always, always results in an adult sociopath,with the rare exception. Sociopaths are considered un treatable for all intents and purposes, in fact its well known that they will often use therapy, in its traditional forms either child teen or adult sociopaths, as yet another person and place to be manipulated with the aim being to either throw the therapist off the track or to say all the "right things" to Convey false contrition or to play up the notion of themselves as victims"

Cheshire Jury Selection Completed Prosecutors and defense attorneys in the Hayes case - Courant.com

The GE 5K Road Race

Lets all pitch in and make this the most succeassful GE 5K Raceday of all - July 2010 This will be the third such annual event since the home invasion that stole the lives of these three beautiful -people; Jennifer and her two daughters Hayley and 11 year old Michaela Petit.

All monies raised in the event day will go to the PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION http://www.petitfamilyfoundation.org/ whose main missions include helping victims of violence.

It promises to be a great day with many activities for everyone; an aerobic walk accompanies the big race for those, like me, who either do not fancy themselves runners, or who might possess physical limitations that prohibit them from running a 5k course. There is a seperate race course for kids and lots and lots of food, refreshments activities, music and fun.

Jun 5, 2010

ThePrudence Crandall benifit for domestic violence victims

This is the Third year in a row that the Petit family foundation
www.petitfamilyfoundation.org was the presenting sponsor for this huge fund raising event at The Prudence Crandall Center www.prudencecrandallcenter.org in New Britain Connecticut.
A Heartfelt thanks to Bill Petit, friends and family for thery're strength committment and hard work on behalf of victims of violence.

Pay attention to Holloway, Flores murders

Below is an excerpt from this must read Op-ed piece about the latest Von der sooot murder and violence against women in general. I am disgusted that Aruba officials handled Natalee Holloways dissapearence so poorly and now another young woman has paid for it with her life-and another family must be tormeened with thoughts of thier daughhters last moments.

"Too often, violence against women is, if not condoned, accepted. I still recall -- with shame -- the days when as an editor I would consign the murder of a woman to a few short paragraphs deep inside the paper because it was “just a domestic.” Never mind that if you tally up all the women who have been victim of domestic abuse, you would have a near epidemic. Sadly, it is too late for Holloway and Flores, but that shows why it is never wrong to make a big deal out of every instance in which a woman is brutalized."

Jun 3, 2010

Jury in place for triple-slaying trial of Hayes Trial scheduledto begin Sept 15th

The beginning of the "judicial process" for the first of these two reprobates.
Two years and 10 months later A jury of 12 jurors and 6 alternates is finally picked for merely the first of the two defendants, both caught fleeing in the Victims family car the massacre sight where mother and two daughters had been kidnapped sexually assaulted tortured and their lives extinguished in the cruelest of fashions: tied to their beds alive and set afire after being doused with gasoline.

The terror that they must have felt is something that I think about every day. And Every time that I shop at my neighborhood stop and stop, I can not help but think of Jennifer and Michaela Petit, shopping themsleves on a disappearing summer evening, not unlike the warm summer evenings of late. And again, in a Connecticut suburb, not dissimilar from the one that I call home.

The difference is that I now no longer mindlessly wander these aisles with my old innate sense of security, ease nor even comfort anymore--lest I let my guard down and miss that one potential predator looking for a Good Victims looking person the would be predator, someone like Joshua Komisarjevsky the 28 year old man, a longtime cheshire resident, himself , who did not resemble the Bogeyman, but rather presented what I am sure was an unassuming but friendly enough countenence to most people passing him by in the store or parking lot. It was in the parking lot that he admittedly fixed upon Mrs Petit and more importantly as a veritable pedophile, (albeit unofficial by Connecticut criminal records standards) The attractive womens blonde eleven year old daughter Michaela a girl who had just experienced a summer growth spurt bringing her up to her moms shoulders.

I hazard a guess that many people in Connecticutt shop differently since these crimes happened.