Mar 11, 2011

Response to Komisarjevsky's motion to rid the Trial of Tiwitter et al

The linked Document below is the State of Connecticut's response to the Komisarjevsky's defense team's latest pre-trial antics, undoubtedly designed to stall the jury selection, and thus the Trial.

The attached link is the prosecutors' response to Attorney Jeremiah Donovan and co.'s desperate  redressing of the issue to have twitter and any "recording devices' with the potential for recording every single moment and nuance of the trial in real time ( as it happens) In twitters case, these news flash blurbs must conform to twitters 140 character maximum)

 The Komisarjevsky defense who haven't yet begun Trial jury selection, are clearly showing their hand at this early stage; a clear intention to be ultra aggressive ; including constant victim baiting, and behaving in an ever growing hostile manner as the pre-trial progresses..  This latest tweet/taping motion, is tame but its just one of many caught in the midst of a seemingly snow balling  unspoken threat that this is just a taste of whats to come-next theyll be offerring a plea this time formally, to plead guilty in exchange for life, so that we may all avoid this "un[pleasentness".

The komisarjevsky lawyers are well aware that twittering was allowed in the Hayes trial, and as the judge pointed out in his counter brief, none of Komisarjevsky's lawyers took issue with it officially or not,during the entire time lapse between the end of hayes's trial and  into the pre-trial happenings in komisarjevsky's Trial.

.In case of point, tweeeting itself seemed to cause no harm or disruption, and yet they feel it should be banned from the Komisarjevsky trial nonetheless, and apparently, they intend to achieve this by simply trying to wear down Judge.Blue the surviving victim and the victims families and the States Attorneys by being annoying as insects who buzz around ones head--until they are swatted  that is.

And just imagine there have been dozens of motions and re-motions to reconsider motions thus far, with the defense attorneys always continuing to hope that the prosecutors or the judge will  suddenly lose all sense of legal jurisprudence and decency...and give em whatever thy want - no matter how unreasonable nor ridiculous.

And what of the colossal waste of state money.

Our tax dollars are actually paying for Jeremiah Donovan and his minions as well as the prosecutors and of course, the whims and the daily upkeep of the man at the center of all of this; a sociopath of such extrordinary skill, that he has bamboozled otherwise level headed men to go to some very unusual  and ill advised lengths to aid and abet him..

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