Mar 12, 2011

Komisrajevskys Lawyers make official offer to Plead Guilty to all charges in exchange for life in prison to escape death penalty

Didn't they do this already? Admittedly it was right after the crimes when the lawyers and komisarjevsky were considerably more humble - now that plenty of time has passed since these brutal crimes, they figured that they'll use the old one two punch on the prosecution.

First, we'll bombard the state and thus the entire trial process with a succession of baseless in your face motions designed simply to slow up the process and dually to set the tone for courthouse blackmail;  IE 'Hey we'll just keep these unrelenting motions coming(which demands that the state answer each and every one no matter how silly ugly or insignificant) and were  also illustrating that we have no qualms about victim baiting and exploiting the system --- and to what noble end?
In hopes of making the surviving victim's family, the prosecutor and the judge (who they tried via a motion to disqualify" a week ago) to think long and hard as to whether taking the Komisarjevsky case to trial is really worth the pain that they are clearly insinuating they will inflict within that process.
Like I said -  Blackmail.

The "plea offer'' like most everything that Donovan and company has pulled thus far,  is just more time wasting fodder designed to be consumed as the genuine article by those inexperienced, naive, or just plain ignorant about legal matters concocted by the diabolical egocentric mind of Jeremiah Donovan, Bansley and company, who are counting upon the general public, inadvertantly fed by the media,  to swallow this latest manipulation ie the "plea", up, as if it were the genuine article.

I daresay that the time may have finally arrived where the paid henchmen have exceeded even their own client's evil: Qute a feat.

The mainstream press, and the media will simply report Komisrajevsky OFFICIAL offer, likely not mentioning the myriad of conditions which the defense designed into said "plea agreement"
 to plead guilty in exchange for life in prison."  And you better believe that this "offer" is going to be brought up over and over and over again; In fact, that is it's main purpose; the Komisarjevsky lawyer's know that this subterfuge laden plea won't be accepted by prosecutor Dearington., nor likely would judge Blue allow it.

Dearington has made it clear that the state is intent on pursuing the very rarely pursued
Connecticut death penalty due to the brutal and cruel nature of the sexual assaults, murders- by fire,not to mention pre-meditated glee which evidence showed both men harboring over the mere possibility of breaking into the Petit home in order to rape Jennifer Michaela and possibly Hayley (komisarjevsky took nude photos of Hayley's private parts on his cell phone while Hayes was at the bank sent by his accomplice to procure the 15000,dollars)

He did this after apparently raping little Michaela who he'd already photographed on his cellphone in various outfits including classic school-girl plaid skirt white blouse-(pedophile) and always tied to her bed surrounded by stuffed animals) The plan was and indeed did include stealing everything of value that wasn't nailed down and in the end do what they had to to ensure they'd not be found culpable for the crimes.

No doubt very soon Donovan and Co. will be shouting from the rooftops "see see we tried to plead guilty but they, the awful state-( ironic as the State of Connecticut pays their salary as well) they 're costing us all this heartache for the Petit family (yup they had the audacity to say this in this brief but forgot to mention the heartache that these lawyers have consistently poured vinegar on again and again, simply to suit their long term willy-nilly legal offensive) as well as cause pain garner some fame and make money.

Yet they'd have the public believe the prosecutors, the judge the Petit, Hawke families do all of this because they claim that they're all vindictive, full of " blood lust" and want Revenge" for the rapes, death by fire,strangulation, arson,, assault with a deadly weapon (a bat) upon a sleeping man in his own home which by the way,( komisarjevsky  described in his book hitting him like chopping wood as hard as I could almost from 10 to 20 times). William Petit was on coumadin( a blood thinner, to ward off strokes), he easily could have died from just one of komisarjevsky's bat blows let  alone the ten or so he bragged in his book that he committed.

Thus the Komisarjevsky lawyers who are as manipulative as he, but with some legal knowledge and sharpened manipulation skills, They can shout from the rooftops all they want because as well they are aware 98 to 99 percent of the state wants actual Justice in this case. After an arduous and dragged out, and most of all unnecessarily painful trial, had it not been for attorney Ullmans legal experience thrown in and attitudes of , who refused to allow Hayes to Plead guilty as he wished and indeed tried to and was disallowed by the court! Hayes still received a death sentence and he was not the instigator and the real sicko.

He claims he wants to take responsibility for his crimes-they say that there not gonna let him carry out state assisted suicide-a term that has become so overused between norm Patti's and Ullman and Donovan that it has indeed officially become Banal)
Joshua Komisarjevsky makes Steven Hayes look like a choirboy and we have long since passed the point whereupon  our collective state and countrywide reaction was you mean this guy was the ringleader and not the more thuggish looking one"?

Yes thats right Komisrajevsky was the ringleader, he is a sociopath. He made these crimes happen, he committed the worst part-he initiated the crimes by spotting and choosing Jen and Michaela Petit, admitting in his book that he" liked the way the younger Petit girl looked"

However, despite drips and drabs of truth most of which was already made privy to Cheshire police via evidence, eye witness testimony, or direct statements and or confessions " from both man.  Everything else within that illegally published book IE gag order, was proven false via forensic evidence during Steven Hayes trial-that is, the parts whereupon komisarjevsky tried his best to foist as much responsibility, no matter how ludicrous the scenario he claimed, that Hayes though admittedly stupid and clumsy, actually masterminded everything. 

And although he komisarjevsky, was in charge, it was Hayes that in the end did all the really bad stuff according to mercurial and highly manipulative Joshua Komisarjevsky;

Look we'll make a show of offering to plead guilty to everything including the full aggravated rape of Michaela, which our client swears never happened ( that particular charge, as Michaela was 11 at the time of the rape is extremely significant, both morally and legally, and as a reflection upon their client-and then there's the fact that forensics and cell phone photos prove that he DID IT) As well we'll throw in some vague terms like he'll plead guilty with certain conditions etc etc so as to have an out lest folks jump all over this guilty plea thing, we'll just convert it to something akin to a......a no contest plea, you know the state has enough evidence etc.
No Innocent person does this.

However a man whose attorneys have said in so many words ' look Josh you were the brainchild of these crimes and its obvious, if not for you alone spotting Mrs Petit and 11 year old daughter Michaela at that area supermarket on that particular evening, had you not stopped to follow them home, stalked them, sized up their home and the layout and entrances, then called your crime buddy Steven Hayes, who happened to have had several talks involving criminal plans to rape home dwellers, since you'd begun your short term run of house break ins together;well , its best if you at least offer to plead guilty, this way we can always make the Petit's look like the bad guys along with the state and most of the public who wants you to get the death penalty, as that is the presiding law,.no matter what we personally think about it.

More Later.

Komisarjevsky's offer to Plead Guilty to ALL CRIMINALL CHARGES AGAINST him if he gets Life In Prision