Mar 20, 2011

FBI Joins Search For Missing Girl from Orange Ct.

This beautiful 12 year old girl,  Elizabeth Olezchuck, has been missing, police believe, since last night. Although technically she wasn't reported missing by her parents until today.

For some reason, her parents are telling the police and FBI that they "think" that their daughter may have left her home in Orange last night willingly of her own accord, despite the fact that they only technically noticed her missing late this morning.

When I hear a parent, or both parents, staunchly pushing Police towards the notion that their child has probably run away, I automatically radar up; First of all, if it were a genuine situation of "suspecting" a
possible run away situation, for any reason - either because you and the child had been arguing just prior to the disappearance, or perhaps you were at odds for a protracted period of time prior to this dissapearence, as a caring and loving parent, your first instinct should/would be to immediately worry that she has been snatched up by some predator., Any parent without anything to feel guilty about doesn't typically steer police to automatically assume that their child has "probably run away", and at that, sooner than she technically was known to be missing!

Although the Police are seemingly going along with the possibility of a run-a way situation, they often are very mum at this stage in the game even when they do suspect parental or family involvement. They are saying that they've not ruled anything out and have been using K9 search dogs in nearby wooded areas as well as treating the case as a possible endangered runaway, for even if she has run away, she would be at the mercy of every sleezy predator

I am  that either these parents did something to this little girl or that there was some kind of abuse in the household that led to the girl running away - if indeed she ran away. And by now, with the amount of attention being given to her dissapearence, She did not take her hearing aid and this was reportedly unusual, as she is deaf in one ear and always wears it. This creates more likelihood of an abduction and/or perhaps worse, violence of some kind, possibly involving one or both of the parents or possibly another relative.

The town of Orange Connecticut is literally 15 minutes away from my home. It is a monied area with most of the homes on large lots, and much wooded area, compared to whats left of say - West port or even Greenwich, comparably comfortable towns, althouggh Orange was once a more working class town.
It is, and has always been, a lovely spread out city/town with just the right mix of private areas away from the long us1 department d warehouse furniture store strip malls.

 In the last ten years or so it has become much more of an upwardly mobile young family type of suburb  drawing both young couples and well off or "comfortable"  seniors. Just inland from the long island sound, next to its cousin Milford-a more mixed community on the waters edge, Orange has grown in its affluence as well as its attraction to young commuter couples are attracted to the land and lot sizes compared to its mirrored neighborhoods in fairfield County. However the well kept grounds of some of the loveliest Connecticut suburbs are not immune to predators, both of the traveling sort and yes even the occasional resident hiding a personality disorder such as anti-social personality disorder ie Sociopath