May 31, 2013

Facebook/ Social Media Sites Playgrounds for Predators - Young Girl In Maine lured and Murdered via Facebook "friend"

 Maine teen fake kidnapping: Nichole Cable

Article regarding tween Nicole Cable of Orono Maine who was just abducted and murdered by a a male acquaintance by the name of Kyle Dube  who used Facebook to lure her to a platonic meet up:

According to Dube he only wanted to create a false kidnapping scenario where he would then be a hero when he found" Nicole alive.

Dube claims he wore a disguise to the meeting overpowered the young girl and proceeded to tie and duct tape his victim. He also cites that he came back later and Nicole had died "accidentally" from being smothered by the duct tape.

Mr Dube's  story has yet to be corroborated by the medical examiner who will determine the cause of death as well as whether the young girl was sexually assaulted.

There is a good chance that Kyle Dube abducted this young girl in order to sexually molest her and either planned upon killing her, did in fact smother her on purpose or within the restraining process either choked smothered or cut off Nicole's oxygen through any number of ways.

At this time the autopsy on Nicole has not yet determined whether this young girl in fact died of asphyxia or not -  and considering Kyle Dube's bizarre version of events, my guess is that there will be more truths forthcoming from Police Forensic investigations as well as the full medical examiners report.

Tragically, Nicole Cable is but one of hundreds of murders, sexual assaults, and or kidnappings that have resulted from social media predation.

Included in the "playground for predators" as I have dubbed is Craigslist which is a catch all advertisement network which has already rendered four serial Craiglist killers since it's inception.

People can advertise the sale of everything from furniture to electronics to house rentals and sales, and there is no oversight regarding the legitimacy of the sellers actual identity and validity of their business.

Adult dating services such as and Yahoo personals pose threats in that there is no way to determine if the person whose profile you have matched with is actually real and whether they are even the gender that they claim to be.

We have all seen the dateline's to catch a predator" expose series where time and again upper middle class men were caught trolling internet chat rooms and social sites pretending to be much younger in most instances and slowly reeling in vulnerable young boys and or girls ranging from ages 10 to 15 with most of the "predators" white employed upper middle class married men many of whom were driving to what they believed were the suburban homes of 12 and 13 year old boys and less often girls, in what they were duped into believing were first time rendezvous.

Many brought alcohol, some actually began to disrobe while the would be child" called out to them to come on into the kitchen I'm just getting dressed "

Of course in those instances, society lucked out ;  These were not actual children but they could have been. They were in fact undercover female police officers who were chosen for their young child like appearance and voices most of whom pretended to be young boys online and during the" luring process" which sometimes involved a phone call or two in addition to several online chatting sessions..

Many, many other times there were no phone calls between the predator and his bait, just an evolutionary " lets meet in person already" suggestion by the would be child molester abductor or killer, each of whom were completely hooked into believing that the person they were about to have a "date" with was a child! 

Many of these men had children themselves and all of course were horrified once they realized they'd walked into a police online underage solicitation sting, and then the added shame that it was being aired on network television!

One man a married Rabbi of 30 plus years  committed suicide after he was arraigned and released on bail. In several other instances more than one man actually fell for the dateline show set up more than once!   These men when queried would admit that they even suspected that it might be another set up but they couldn't resist the chance that it was the " real deal" ie an underage child whom they'd been chatting up often sexually online and were about to meet for whatever lurid dangerous purposes.

The lesson here is parents must become involved to the maximum and do not assume your child is telling you everything they are doing on line. The most vulnerable children had parents that both worked or single parent homes where they either were alone a lot or children and teens who had volatile home situations or emotional abuse or neglect. In the latter instances we must all adapt the it takes a village mentality and mentor and watch over our neighbors children our students our nephews nieces and get involved!

May 26, 2013

Judge declares a Mistrial in Jodi Arias Sentencing Phase

As unbelievable as this whole thing is, this is actually the lesser of two evils that could have resulted from Jodi Arias's Hung Jury.

The Jury was officially pronounced as hopelessly deadlocked on Friday, the twelve jurors claiming that no matter how much time they are given they could not reach a unanimous decision on what Arias's sentence should be for the pre - meditated murder of Travis Alexander.

Arias, who once declared to a television interviewer that there was" no way any jury would convict her" ie on the pending capital murder charges at that time for which she was indeed found guilty, now faces a second penalty phase with an entirely new Jury, who will ultimately decide whether she receives the death penalty which the state of Arizona is pursuing against her, or life in prison without the chance of parole.

The Judge actually had several options at his disposal  as the jury became officially hopelessly deadlocked over Arias's sentence; He could have opted to prescribe several legal remedies to this situation most of which would have left Jodi Arias in the catbird seat comparatively.

For example the Judge could have decided to simply give Arias Life in prison, putting an end to the state's costly (but necessary) re - assembling of a new jury, as well the entire re production of this part of the trial ie The sentencing phase, which has taken weeks for both sides to present and has involved months of preparation for both sides Moreover the voire - dire jury selection process is extremely time - consuming and arduous, n any capital murder case, but much more so for a high profile case such as this one. Now that the entire trial has been live streaming on Tvs and computers across the globe, it will be that much more difficult to choose an "impartial Jury of Jodi Arias's peers, which is the ideal that our justice system earnestly seeks to provide the defendant.

Choosing an impartial jury will obviously take a good chunk of time considering it took months upon months the first time around before the case garnered this inordinate amount of publicity and media scrutiny.

Considering the other possibilities that this judge could have put into action, a new sentencing phase with a new Jury as tedious and frustrating as it seems, is better than some of the choices that this judge had at his disposal. This still leaves the door open for Jodi Arias to receive the death penalty which she so clearly deserves.

The Jurors who have spoken with the media have expressed that they felt over burdened by the enormity of a decision that decided whether to take Jodi Arias's life - or not.  There were comments to the effect that we are mere mortals and not lawyers , we look at both families suffering, we see the Alexander's immense pain but....that is not the law, that cannot be part of our decision.

However, within those very words, that particular juror was betraying his or her own hypocrisy: By taking into account Jodi Arias's family and their feelings for their daughter ie what they would feel if she is given the death penalty, then this juror and more than likely others did allow emotion into their decision - or rather their refusal to make a decision as per The State of Arizona's Capital murder sentencing law.

When the death penalty is in fact being pursued by the State this is a rarity in and of itself. The murder must fit a certain criteria for the district attorneys office to even consider it. This case was without a doubt a death penalty case. (If the murderer had been a man we wouldn't be having this vacillation ) 

 Hence, if the defendant in this case Jodi Arias  is convicted of the capital murder, that Jury must put aside their own feelings regarding the death penalty, including their own prejudices and personal feelings about the death penalty religious or conscience borne, all of which these jurors were asked if they could do within the lengthy and rigorous voice dire process. 

 This is why the decision is so clearly narrowed down by law to aggravating factors " within the murder itself, which the prosecutor Juan Martinez certainly showed a veritable plethora of, fulfilling that requirement for the Jury to sentence Death.

The opposing considerations for the Jury to look at and weigh into their decision in this type of murder case are mitigating factors; Mitigating factors are special circumstances which if proven must show that the Convicted Murderer was under either some immediate threat or some other contributory factor ought be looked at such as a history of severe mental illness (this one is very tough as its been so abused in the past by defense attorneys it does not include personality disorders as sociopaths and borderline PD are not Mental Illness per se they are disorders of character that share the common trait of a lack of conscience and a narcissistic outlook on life.

The mental illness that might qualify might is something akin to schizophrenia, wherein the patient has auditory hallucinations,  hearing voices other worldly beings directing them to harm etc. None of this was the case with Arias, nor was she acting in self defense as the Jury already decided when they convicted her of capital murder. 
Other mitigating factors could be  an abusive relationship that over time resulted in the convicted murderer sudden unexpected and unplanned snapping" and taking her abuser/tormentors life.

Again not the case with Arias. Whether or not the jury or the public are looking at Travis's sexual involvement with Jodi Arias as morally questionable, his obviously poor decision to continue to be sexually involved with a woman he knew had committed vandalism and stalking against him in the past. 

Nor does the fact that Travis might have had a short temper was a bit of a sexist and swaggered too much at times - these things are not supposed to be entered into the Jury's decision. These are not mitigating factors. There is zero proof that Travis abused Arias, her feeling abused is subjective not a fact. The question boiled down to whether the aggravating factors exist within this murder - And they clearly do : overkill and particularly cruel painful  and depraved  killing of Travis Alexander, practically beheading him after stabbing him 30 times all over his back and the back of his skull!

 She brought a Gun to the scene. She basically laid in wait for Travis Alexander, much as any predator first luring him with sex, and then as he showered, an act that she perceived as showering her and all evidence of her off of him, she chose this vulnerable position to  begin her enraged attack upon him. My guess is she brandished the gun at him while he was in the shower. Some of the photos taken from the camera she tried to destroy show a sudden stark difference in Travis's posture facial expressions and in the end he was sitting in a very unusual position, a position that I believe Arias ordered him to make him less of a threat sitting down .

I noticed two other photos where the water was off and Travis was still in the shower looking rigid one picture he had his arms across his chest protectively.  Im certain that Arias like a cat with a mouse now realizing Travis had no plans to reconcile with her indeed he seemed anxious to get away from her, probably feeling the bad energy which he once described in a text as "evil"

This murder was steeped in aggravating factors not to mention  drenched in Jodi Arias's lies and bold faced deceit and manipulation; Of the Police she was questioned immediately as Travis's friends pointed to her in Unanimous agreement as the likely culprit.

As for Arias she played the actress well each time she met with Arizona detectives; giving three very different  stories regarding what happened to Travis Alexander?

The first began with her not knowing anything and not even being there but rather spending the night with an ex boyfriend miles away- this was true but a planned alibi that ultimately backfired by showing how cold and disaffected she was after slashing her ex boyfriend to death and dragging his corpse to his shower.

Arias's defense team did not present nor substantiate any mitigating factors that the Jury who obviously didn't want the burden of giving a death sentence - to anyone according to post trial interviews, yet by law they were required to sentence Jodi Arias to the death penalty in light of the absence of those necessary and provable mitigating factors. That is the only legal right they had to give Arias the consideration of leniency.

In my opinion a serious dis-service was committed by this Jury.

They convicted the defendant Jodi Arias as well they should with the abundance of evidence and a confession(albeit after two denials of involvement to Police) yet they refused to follow this trial to a fair and impartial conclusion in the most crucial portion - the sentencing of Ms Arias.

This Jury was not thrown together in some disheveled fashion. No indeed the State of Arizona like every other state takes the voire dire Jury selection process very seriously and as such it is done with the utmost of thoroughness and this includes asking each potential juror if he or she can or will sentence this defendant to the death penalty despite their own views regarding this sentence if it is thus dictated by the careful application of  State Law.

Each and every Juror were questioned tirelessly and many potential jurors were turned away because they were honest and said that they could not sentence someone to death, particularly a woman which this convicted murderer happens to be.

The jurors during Voire Dire assured both prosecutors and the judge that they could render such a sentence if the laws of aggravating factors vs mitigating factors deemed it the proper sentence.   They each took an oath and within that oath they made this very serious promise.

In a capital murder involving such terror cruelty and unbelievable callousness, this Jury in effect simply flung up their collective hands and waived the capital murder law sentencing dictum, betraying the people of the state and all of us who weep for Travis Alexander and his family

Despite our collective disgust at this colossal act or rather inaction of members of this Jury, I will opt to look at this Jury's  as hopeful there is hope for justice and  a positive outcome within the second penalty trial, Thankfully the presiding Judge is a man of jurisprudence  conscience and common sense.

He weighed the options and there were several; many of which could have made Jodi Arias convicted murderess lucky winner by default thanks to a number of jurors obvious issues with the death penalty itself - and quite likely sentencing a relatively young woman to death was also part and parcel of their reluctance to follow through on their sacred oath.

Within one possible choice The Judge had at his discretion he could have agreed to pare the charges down with a motion from the defense) to simplify the process and he easily could have ordered the jury to go back to deliberations and choose between life in prison or life with the chance of  Parole  for Jodi Arias.

Although Justice has not yet been served for Travis Alexander and his family, we do have a convicted murderer sitting in a prison cell awaiting her fate. Lets hope that the next Jury puts her misleading appearance and thoughts of her family aside.

Lets hope that when questioned can you impose a death sentence if Arizona Law demands it?" they answer truthfully.

This sad situation reminds me of an expression by Voltaire

"Evil exists when Good men do nothing"

Lets hope the next Jury does the right thing, below is a comment from a reader of The Daily Mail " a UK online Magazine. This rather adamant remark was in response to the abject failure of this Juror and others to keep their oath to  render a verdict no matter their personal views  re the death penalty or in this case  its even worse this juror actually mentioned Arias's age as a reason she shouldn't be given the death sentence as well he innapropraite++reader who was appalled at the Jury Foremens interview where he gave his reasons for refusing to give Jodi Arias the death penalty- I feel it sums things up very well;

"No, No, No No! No excuses! When these people were selected for jury duty they filled out a questionnaire regarding the "death penalty". They, each and ENERY one of them, indicated that, should the ultimate punishment be the appropriate one, that they would not shirk their duty as jurors. I have no sympathy for a wuss who sits through this farce and then cannot do what was promised in the first place; the correct sentencing . My personal feelings are that they got caught-up in this killer's net of manipulation"

May 25, 2013

Hung Jury On Arias Death Penalty - Are You Kidding Me?

 Arias jury can't decide: Jodi Arias

This is beyond frustrating -  it is now officially infuriating;

The  fact that this Jury cannot seem to properly weigh the inordinate amount of aggravating factors clearly involved in the murder of Travis Alexander against a veritable non existence of mitigating factors, equating to a death sentence  for Arias as per dictated by Arizona Law!

This Jury must must give Jodi Arias the death penalty for the pre meditated murder of Travis Alexander- Period, No emotions are allowed into this decision nor ones personal feelings about the death penalty his/herself.

I  worried that her lawyer's game plan of putting soft spoken demurely dressed and girlishly soft spoken Arias in front of the jury for weeks on end might have the desired affect on even one juror -which is all that is needed for a hung jury.

Of course the repetitive recounting of sexually intimate escapades with Mr. Alexander was also no accident ort done with simply a lascivious intention ; no Arias was leading that jury straight into exactly where she wanted them; viewing her debasement at the hands of the vilified victim, now dead who cannot speak for himself.

Its interesting to note that Jodi described her sexual life with Travis as largely debasing and yet in her own tapes she claimed that she prefers to be ravaged and used even once during a phone taped sex talk Alexander spells it out that he wants arias to take the lead and just jump on him " etc. etc.

Yet immediately Arias pulls him back into her fantasy saying oh I prefer you ravaging me-- that is so hot"

A second or two passes and Travis switches gears, obviously trying to play whatever part Arias desires of him;  eager to please, he comes up with a verbal fantasy whereby he ties Arias to a tree and she suggests he should give her a good ass blanking and a hard spanking! "
While she Arias literally coos with delight, egging Travis on with girlish squeals, says;" oh my gosh that is sooooooo hot!"

Mind you Arias  knew she was taping the phone sex with Travis and she certainly didn't sound anything akin to a a sexually battered woman, which makes me angry as this very real syndrome is  thus being lied about  which will ultimately hurt the real victims of this syndrome which  of it.
As well Arias' theme of  her debasement at Travis's hand's over and again, which she now implies drove her to the edge" to such an edge that between this and his eagerness to maintain a friends with benefits relationship with her, one that did not involve him falling back in love with her, as she so wanted. 

Instead  Travis was intent on staying very secretive about their on and off again sexual  involvement, because a) Travis he was ashamed after all that had happened tires slashed stalking etc, and b he gave  another woman that she had earlier been invited to - this was undoubtedly the straw that broke the camels back in this sociopaths mind.

Jodi Arias has Borderline Personality Disorder and Anti-social Personality Disorder. She is a Sociopath also referred to as a Psychopath   It is not uncommon for someone with one personality disorder to have concurrent Personality disorders;

There are approximately ten personality disorders in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual which is equivalent to the bible to the American Psychiatric community, but many are much more innocuous than Sociopaths and even BPD.

 However, just having one of the more serious personality disorders means that the person diagnosed operates on a very superficial level, donning persona's then mercurially changing in either a chameleon-like fashion -in order to please (this is more Borderline PD than Sociopath's M.O) or an effort to get something or someone he or she wants - or believes she needs.

What this means to this jury, and Travis Alexander tragically- is that no one can take any personality traits of the a borderline PD or Sociopath at face value. They are experts at deception, they can read a person's needs and wants and literally shape change in front of them in order to "win them over"

Beneath the" oh gosh"s and the perfected  suburbanite giggly affectations, its safe to assume Arias used this particular sweet girl next door personality to win over Travis. When sex entered the relationship however and it enetered very quickly according to her testimony , things began to change -her vulnerability quotient skyrocketed and at that moment Travis Alexander was no longer safe- then it appears her neediness and narcicism kicked in big time serving to push Travis away.

Between her jeolousy and her complete absorption with just him, to the exclusion of anyone else in his life in the room etc Travis began to waver and Arias got angry.

She thought by giving Travis what he wanted a highly sexually charged woman who would alow him to do anything to her despite his being a ong time Mormon and her conversion into the mormon church ironicaslly baptized by GTravis himself... Arias likely believed for a few good months that she had " bagged" Travis Alexander.

When the officiality of their union ended and Travis begab to date other woman openly Jodi Arias anger went into high gear rage. Although she still harbored a slight hope that she could use sex yto lure him back, Arias was already on the edge having stolen her grandmothers gun and making a loose plan in her head in case Travis rejected her completely, which the cancun plane ticket change served as the final watershed event.

Arias knew for weeks that Travis had asked another woman to go to mexico on a group trip in her place, even changing the ticket that once had Jodi Arias's name on it.

While she tried to behave cavalierly to friends and even Travis himself she was seething inside.
With this rage at the boiling point Arias decided to use a now regular booty call from Travis as her perfect opportunity to" make sure that if she couldn't have him no one would"

Even Arias's own friends and family never knew the true Jodi; the woman beneath the ever changing religious pursuits and streams of self - help philosophies such as "THE SECRET" A book and philosophy that Travis Alexander based much of his motivational speaking engagements upon.

I did notice that Arias was very malleable with Travis as she was with all of the men she had relationships with. This is akin to borderline personality disordered women and dependent personality disordered women;

 Her journal entries were filled with the ups and downs of being infatuated with a man who was emotionally unavailable. She would describe her sadness and frustration then chastise herself for being responsible for her own feelings

  " because Travis cannot make me feel anything my feelings are my own - there is something within me that is causing these sad and fearful feelings"

Here Arias was describing the anxiousness she felt over she and Travis's union and its seeming unsteadiness and lack of direction. This is not the Sociopath writing, if it is even a genuine journal entry, because Sociopaths can be verrrrry cunning and Arias might have easily used mock journals as she did phone sex taping  handy  " evidence" that she might need to paint herself as the used or jilted

Or...she might have been simply trying to fulfill a kinky whim of Travis's or herself. We will never know the exact reason we casn only speculate.

And that's the trouble with Jodi Arias and anyone with a Personality disorder.

We cannot and should not ever trust them.

In this instance with the amount of lies that Arias has told and her clearly seamless ability to play the victim or the martyr-we have to assume that although there might be a little morsel of truth strewn here and there insofar as her depictions of the relationship between she and Travis, we and more importantly the JURY must defer to the evidence that Jodi Arias is a pathological liar and therefore we cant give credibility to her claims regarding these so called mitigating factors"

Even look at the way she has manipulated the jury and the media regarding her sentence; first she said she preferred death to life in prison- (something I personally believed was a lame attempt at using reverse psychology) ie She wants THE DEATH PENALTY so lets give her life in prison and make her suffer kind of thing.

But now that Arias got over her initial shock at being found guilty of pre meditated Murder, she's had time to roll it over in her mind and she is announcing that she would like to be given Life in Prison instead as she hadn't thought about how much her death would hurt HER FAMILY.

But what of her victim - Travis Alexander's family?   Shouldn't she be putting his family's wishes first? What of Travis's family and what they need for closure and some small modicum of Justice? Arizona has A Death Penalty for Capital Murder.  Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander in one of the most cold hearted and vicious manner possible.

Jodi Arias stabbed Travis 29 times including stab wounds to his skull!

Jodi Alexander shot Travis Alexander in his head at close range with the bullet being lodged in Travis's Jaw!

And as the final act of violence and hate Jodi Arias literally ripped Travis's throat from one ear to the other from behind - nearly decapitating him.

Travis fought for his life. He didn't die easily, so said prosecutor Juan Martinez and the medical examiner, who meticulously pointed out the defensive wounds all over Travis's body, and blood splatter all over the bathroom and hallway; a huge pool of Travis's blood lay where Jodi Arias slit Travis's throat as she grasped his head from behind crouching on the floor where he lay on his back naked, bleeding profusely lungs filled and his heart barely beating from a stab wound Ms. Arias made to his hearts main artery.

Jodi Arias stated that "DEATH was the ULTIMATE FREEDOM" when she was convicted last week in what was to be her second to last speech in Court on the penalty phase.

 I suggest the Jury presiding over this important trial pays heed to Ms Arias's first request But much more importantly apply the state of Arizona's law regarding the death penalty! 

May 16, 2013

Feeling Empathy For Tsarnev Boston Marathon Bomber / Murderer?

The Jury hasn't yet begun the sentencing phase of Jodi Arias - soft spoken, baby faced convicted murderess of ex boyfriend Travis Alexander, who  stabbed  her ex twenty nine times, shot him in the head and literally cut his throat finally causing the young man's death.

As prosecutor Juan Martinez said so aptly "Travis did not die an easy death."

In truth it had to be a terrifying, painful and awful death,  much like many of the victims of the Boston bombings experienced. Among the dead at the epi-center of the handmade but lethal bombs was an eight year old boy. His mother was critically injured in the blast, his father the only one physically not maimed or dead.

There were hundreds of wounded victims many of whom lost limbs as the bombs were designed with shrapnel and nails , all carefully constructed by two young brothers one of whom survived a police shoot out, the older brother killed in a shootout where one officer was killed and others wounded.

If you wonder how these two terrible sets of crimes intersect in this Post, the answer can be found in of all places,  the  facial features of the young bombing suspect ( he confessed to Police while at the hospital even proffering details of other targets thus its fai to assume he was involved).

We have read quite a bit about the two brother bombers, and most of it paints the substantially older Tamaran as the  " real "culprit" or the at the very least the instigator with his very young and impressionable brother being dragged into Tamarans recently adapted extremist Muslim views.

Tsarnaev,  the surviving younger of the two brothers arrested for the bombings at first cooperated  with police admitting his part in the Bombings. "The plan" involved home made bombs with shrapnel,  nails and ball bearings designed to inflict the most pain and damage to their victims.

One of the three murdered was an eight year old boy. His mother was gravely injured and his father who managed to miraculously escape serious injury, is emotionally devastated by both the event and his losses.

The attached New Yorker article is excellent it takes an honest look at our country's values and mores as it relates to crime and our criminal justice system. This is not done in the usual white bread" journalism" we are accustomed to reading and the milquetoast media's regurgitation of whatever the authorities feed them.

No The New Yorker goes straight to the issue at hand before it has even had a chance to dig its heels in:  A defendant's appearance manner, class distinction and yes communicative abilities and intelligence all weigh in much too heavily and overtly in the outcome of the ultimate adjudication of their crimes.

If the accused is " cute" such as Tsameav could be considered certainly compared to his much more ominous brother Tamaran. Tamaran being older and deceased makes the naturally more likely bad guy" and we american are very prejudice people when it comes to how a person looks.


Sounds much more innocuous than it is even as it affects the hiring process promotions salary ranges and especially as it enters the sacred arena of Lady Justice who remember is blindfolded in a perfect world.

Justice is not blind and as this article makes its point, the young man pictured in the three photos above is almost certainly a pre-meditated  killer of innocents including a child.

Study the differences in his countenance in the first photo with the rose and his boyish tussled look of innocence...with the other two photos taken from cell phones on the day of the bombings.

Notice the expression; there is a smile playing at his lips an arrogance at the mayhem he just caused as the crowds run and the blood in rivulets, this cute tousled young boy does not appear to be an empathetic figure anymore does he?

The point is this; We as individuals and communities society the media all have a part in this - we must begin a retraining process when it comes to our perception of evil and criminals and such facile and random things like physical attributes and manipulative personas that play up their looks their youth their intelligence their childhood abuse et al

Already, like pretty snub nosed Jodi Arias, who managed to garner a large fan club from her arrest throughout the five years until her trial, Boston Marathi bomber Tasmania             would seem to be titillating en masse empathy which correlates with judicial mercy And this empathy is non denominational; It is coming from Christians Muslims, Jews Buddhists alike.

  for his hideous crimes will indeed follow if we allow this type of thinking to permeate out natural human inclination reflexive almost - to want to believe someone that looks cute  is soft spoken has special language skills or talents what have you - a corresponding leniency magically ensues - from our Criminal Judicial system with the Judicial end being most culpable as it is rife with attorneys whose jobs it is to groom violent criminals having long abandoned actual lawyering the most notorious or  successful Lawyers are no more than PR men and women with usually many more resources than their civil servant it through the jury judge even a lawyers zealousness in defending his client and a prosecutors equal vigor and commitment to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law including  the all important sentencing phase.

 It seems as if it should be a no brainier , yet we have seen time and again attractive defendants men and women found innocent by Jury's when evidence is overwhelming against them - or  ridiculously lenient sentences for crimes such as multiple murder rendering plea bargains made with the devil,  despite the degree of depravity and suffering caused by their  crimes.

The senseless maiming and murder caused by the Boston Marathon bombings although not long enough in our rear view window to be fading in our collective hearts and souls, there does appear to be a movement of sorts toward shifting the worst of the blame onto the now dead Tamaran and thereby extending a leniency towards his co murderer and brother. Why?

The author of this piece wisely suggests that once again this young mans baby face and youth have already infiltrated out minds-  an act of crime that has left so many innocent people traumatized and severely wounded many having lost limbs as a result of the blast, as time puts distance between the actual terror blood and trauma, many people within our populace appear to be empathizing somewhat with Tsarney who the family and thus our media is painting as the more innocuous of the hapless terrorist pair, Ive personally read about 60 Posts citing his older brother Tamaran as the  CULPRIT who simply dragged his younger somewhat submissive bother into the fray, first with his extremist Muslim views and than the slow brainwashing that led to one of the worst terrorist acts since 911 on American soil.

As this writer in the  New Yorker  writer so aptly puts it, as a country we have proven ourselves time and again to be too " forgiving"  when it comes to certain criminals only. Notice I didn't say certain crimes. The crimes which the victim or victims are the very embodiment of - actually wind up mattering the least in this our country's sacrosanct Courts,

Jury's are indeed less apt to award the harshest  albeit the appropriate and  just punishments to those convicted men and women who " look a certain way; a way that we equate with attractive, cute, innocent looking, baby faced and countless other adjectives that are equally superfluous.

Jodi Arias was so certain that her looks would completely negate the overwhelming evidence of her violent murder of Travis Alexander, that she was literally ashen faced shocked when the Jury found her guilty of pre - meditated murder! This despite her giving thee three separate stories to Arizona Police about the last day she spent with Travis.

The stories began with I left him alive to two men dressed in masks and black ninja clothing came in and shot Travis while she hid. The last version at this point literally well over a year after this man was butchered in his bathroom Arias claimed...okay I shot him because he body slammed me for dropping his camera - and by the way I am was an abused woman."

Totally destroying the credibility of this was the fact that the gun used on Travis was the same as one stolen from ARIAS'S grandmother a month prior to the crimes just when he began dating another woman. Arias also could not recall the 30 stab wounds she made with a kitchen knife all over Travis's back, legs, his  feet and his  hands as he fought to fend off the knife. She finally cut his throat from behind him as he lay in his hallway bleeding to death from a heart wound..

Attractive now librarian - looking, the lawyers gave arias a Marm- like  makeover underscoring her natural beauty her once platinum dyed hair now was jet black natural, often held back with girls barrettes whilst donning prim blouses and reading glasses for most of her court appearances.

Her lawyers who always flanked her both one female and one male,  knew all  about jodi looks and how they could make the most out of them. Genderism alone was in their favor Jurys simply do not convict or put to death women as easily as they will a man guilty of the same crimes. Since they were aware that they were up to their necks in evidence against Arias.they threw her up on the witness stand clearly going for the lets make the jury so familiar with Jodi that they cant put her to death via Guilt!

They did what Casey Anthony's Lawyer did, so obviously guilty she having changed her story about missing Cay-lee from Nannies that didn't exist to her car that reeked of dead bodies occurring to her own mothers call to Police detract focus from the facts and re-focus the jury and the collective american consciousness on their clients mousy demure voice tapes of sex talk Arias taped possibly without Travis's knowledge and as she knew she was being taped her voice and demanor reeked of an all american sweet and innocent young woman.

Thankfully the Jury followed instructions to a tee and M s Arias was found guilty of First Degree murder a charge she told a television interviewer no jury would ever convict her of this!"

The Sentencing portion of Aria's trial  had to be delayed  while Arias "recovered" in the suicide watch ward of a mental institution connected to the prison.

Appearence Age Baby-face Causing Empathetic View towards surviving Boston Bomber!

May 14, 2013

Arias Released from Suicide Watch

The excerpt below is a series of observations made by two therapists that have closely followed the Travis Alexander murder trial. 
Their statements were taken from a Huffington Crime Post regarding Jodi Arias's various personality disorders, as seen by these two professionals -  and most importantly they sought to answer to the  question burning in so many peoples minds; how did these disorders that Arias clearly has come to culminate into the vicious murder of Travis Alexander?
There are other Borderline Personality disordered women and men that do not shoot stab and cut the throat of their ex boyfriends, indeed a boyfriend of such a short duration that one of Travis's closest friends described Arias as a "non issue in Travis's life" 
A clue to Arias's rage lays in this rather insensitive, and somewhat misogynistic off - handed remark by Travis's  best friend.
 Calling a woman that he knew that Travis was sexually active with
 a "non issue" was the same as saying Travis was ust using her. if this were the case, or if it even appeared to be the case, Jodi Arias was the wrong woman to woo make public their romance and then unceremoniously drop whilst beginning another relationship - was experienced by Arias as the ultimate betrayal rejection and abandonment.
The therapists basically echo my own theory that Jodi was   infatuated with Travis- love is something altogether different and as a Sociopath Borderline with Narcissistic tendencies she isn't capable of true intimacy: 
However Arias perceives herself "in love and that is all that mattered in a crime borne of jealousy and as you will read, some complicated mind machinations of a sociopath Borderline Personality disorder and as these Psychiatrists believe Narcissistic Personality disorder as well. 
As they point out its not unusual for someone to have more than one Personality disorder, giving us even more reason to begin learning about these oft - times volatile people living within our families communities online dating sites social media schools encompassing society at large. 

Excerpt from Hufington Post Article
"I think she went there prepared to kill and what probably happened -- and would be consistent with a sociopathic emotional outburst -- is he might have shoved it in her face about going with another women or something along those lines that triggered her jealously and she snapped. I think that's a very likely scenario," Bonn said.
And Bonn suggested the self-defense theory might not be too far-fetched -- at least to Arias' way of thinking.
"In her mind, she felt like the jilted woman," he said. "It's narcissism, [to] always see things from her perspective, her needs and her desires. In her mind, this really may be self-defense because she believes she was wronged -- 'How dare he be with another woman when he is hers?' Sociopaths create a reality that fits the event."
Bonn added, "The rage and retribution demonstrated by the brutal slaying of Travis is very consistent with the emotional volatility of a sociopath. In her narcissistic mind, Travis deserved to die for betraying her."
Wendler agreed with Bonn, saying individuals like Arias will blame the victim for "deserving their fate."
"These individuals may have a grandiose view of themselves and be arrogant," she said.

The last few paragraphs that Bonn and Wendler commiserate about, is something that many victims of violent crime having survived their ordeals, struggle with the most.

Morally, as well in a place deep down in our souls, we simply cannot wrap our heads around this subhuman lack of conscience that defines the sociopath- he or she would seem have a lack of empathy hard wired into them. Yet they are subversive enough to hide this from the masses recognizing that healthy good intention ed people, most of their peers, family members etc possess empathy and consciences - and naturally, it is thus expected of them.

A s such they will create the guise of normalcy in this and other important key human traits, usually during the late teens to early adulthood when the young evolving sociopath is considered a 'conduct' or op positional- defiant"  disordered (as the DSM  thus diagnoses qualities that closely resemble that of sociopathology prior to the age of 18 or 19. Some teenagers grow out of ODD others make that dangerous transition and in my opinion need to be mandated by the state Mental health boards and criminal justice system the very first time they cross the law.   (Thats another post for another day)

They often blame their victims even in crimes where the victim was a stranger; many a serial killer will claim they were cleaning up the streets killing prostitutes , "doing a favor for mankind" and other such rationalizations which they often truly believe. 
That's the most frightening part of this. 
Also common as it was in my own court case the perpetrator is angry at the victim for causing all this " trouble for his or her life - meaning that they've been thus arrested brought to court have to show up for hearings and even when they get an extremely lenient sentence such as probation or suspended sentences they'll undoubtedly continue to behave in a persecuted manner painting themselves as the victim. 
These are the qualities of personality disordered men and woman I finally learned the hard way not to use the same human measuring stick whilst trying to understand how could they think this or do that"  And for the family members of murder and or rape victims this lack of remorse is what often bothers them the most, as a mostly Judeo - christian society we are taught to believe in redemption and remorse; we want the perpetrator to be sorry, we will them to genuinely regret hurting,  or killing a fellow human being.
However we will be forever frustrated expecting this from people with Personality disorders, like Arias, Bundy, Komisarjevsky, they are another breed. They are not mentally ill - these are disorders of thinking and character. 

They are so much more common than anyone knows or understands and for this reason, we must begin to investigate for the sake of ourselves, our family our loved ones our neighbors. Crimes committed by that neighbor that looked or seemed so normal" are happening everywhere and more frequently - isn't it time we stepped up to the plate educating ourselves and our families about the spectrum of predators and how to deal with them if they cross our paths?
 Whole Communities are  forever changed by one sociopath or narcissists - and they do not wear signs talk to themselves hear voices The most dangerous Sociopaths speak well appear educated and harmless and as they age they hone their skills of seduction and deception.

May 13, 2013

Michelle Knight Cleveland Kidnap victims re-hospitalized

Amidst the joy of the rescues of the three young abducted women now comes the sobering reality of the extent of the damage inflicted upon them. Michelle Knight has been re-hospitalized as her two co-captives are home beginning their long healing process from years of sexual physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Arial Castro, her "alleged" kidnapper rapist assailant.

Michelle apparently was struck many times in the head throughout her long captivity, and as is often the case the damage from repeated TBI's takes a vicious toll on the survivor.

She has lost hearing in at least one ear and likely has balance issues and or vertigo as well for this area of the brain-stem and specific cranial nerves are all intricately attached to our inner ears and cochlear functions.

Being a survivor of a kidnapping assault having suffered a blitz style attack with severe head blows against walls floor and the hard edges of my attackers hands, I too received repeat TBI and  cochlear damage. The latter controls many functions of everyday life such as moving ones head and losing balance, visual disturbances as the ears and eyes work normally work in a perfect synchronicity .

Grocery stores where movement surround us become places to avoid as they bring a barrage of symptoms as do videos or movies with too much rapid movement that affects the eyes movement and a nauseating condition called nystagumus results.

My personal knowledge regarding the delicate inner workings of the brain, inner ear apparatus, as it relate to head injury and blows to the head face and temple regions was first known by my assailant a seasoned veteran of beating women, he knew how to damage a woman's brain, where to strike to render her helpless, and indeed how to leave permanent damage. I was told as I was struck :

" I am going to f --k  you up for life!!" and added "you will NEVER forget ME."  

It breaks my heart to know that any woman experienced even one bout of blows to her head and face as I did, but to learn that this young girl was repeatedly beaten over a period of years in this deliberately cruel and sustained fashion is devastating and infuriating.

Miss Knight seems to have have suffered the most abuse at the hands of he captor (or captors, as it has yet to be determined if the brothers are involved..) Perhaps she refused to submit as much as the other two kidnao victims did. All of them were sufferring from a type of stockholm syndrome where they are too afraid to run and or become emotionally emeshed via a life and death dependency.

Michelle was reportedly impregnated by her kidnapper a multitude of times and he pre meditatively caused miscarriage by kicking her beating her and starvation. He doctors are reporting that she will require re constructive surgery to her face due to the repeated blows and beatings. The face head and neck are the most common areas to be struck by predators of all varieties..

Needless to say Michellle's emotional wounds are as deep or deeper than her physical ones which are substantial. Her experience can be compared to that of a prisoner of war who experienced the most horrific torture. Now she is " home" and yet home is as alien to Michelle as one could possibly imagine.

Let us pray for this courageous survivor each and every day for she will need all of our collective prayers support letters and love. Never underestimate the power of prayer and acts of kindness such as sending a card or a gift and letting her know we are all thinking of her.

I will be praying for her doctors and therapists as well to give them the strength and wisdom to lead Michelle to comfort and healing.

ichelle Knight one of Cleveland Kidnap Victims re-hospitalized

May 9, 2013

Jaycee Dugard's Therapist shares tips with Parents to avoid Child abductions increase Awareness

"It’s a terribly scary, anxiety-provoking topic, but the worst thing [for a parent] to do is to stick your head in the sand. We need to help give our kids the skills to deal with a variety of challenges, [from situations] as rare as a stranger abduction or a non-family abduction, to [situations as commonplace as] dealing with coaches and dealing with unwanted approaches—and to be honest—sexual approaches and exploitation."

Rebecca Bailey (Jaycee Lee Dugard's Therapist)

The above caption was taken from an interview whose subject was teaching our Children about predators of all sorts ; abduction, abductors, child molesters sex criminals and increasing awareness for ourselves as adults. This particular portion of her interview correlates exactly with an "agenda of awareness" that I have long been pushing for via this blog, numerous writing projects and victim advocacy on State and National levels.

This is an important article and an unusual one in that it deals with prevention  of a variety of crimes and predation upon children women and yes even,men.  There are steps we can take as individuals and collectively, to stop this cascade of violence that we have witnessed growing at an alarming rate.

Each one of these "cases" has at its epi-center a veritable smorgasborg of victims that far transcends the literal " victim"  whose suffering bleeds into family members community and every empathetic human being that is privy to these crimes.

In recent years, not a week goes by without at least one major violent crime  occuring- typcially it is more than one.
Crimes against children touch us worse than any other because they are the epitome of innocence and vulnerability, but we  simply cannot afford our traditional view of "innocence" borne of fear rather than apathy - or the commonplace " it wont happen to me" mindset.

 If we want out children and future generations of children to survive be whole we must all create a huge shift in our approach to violent crime. Even the mass murders that have become rampant in this country over the last ten years have been unwittingly encouraged via our technological growth ie the internet and other media sources contribute by giving attention and a sick immortality to a brand of people that typically thrive off of this. 

 In fact many murderers, particularly young, be it a single murder or the mass and serial murders that are on the increase  are looking to be infamous, as they cannot or will not attain goals and success in the traditional sense of the word.
It has long been a contention of mine that we cannot afford to put our collective heads in the sands regarding  what makes  violent crime tick - any more - . A commitment to end  apathy borne of denial or discomfiture  regarding this ugly side of humanity must begin now. 
Ignorance of any kind  equates with putting our children and ourselves in harms way this has been proven over and again, this  a  zealous commitment to arm ourselves with awareness is  the answer:

Research folks! Read and delve headlong into all information online, many websites provide information re predators and personality disorders in laymen terms rather than academic nomenclature that many people get lost in.  Focus on Men and women with personality disorders and most are not diagnosed this includes Sociopaths narcissistic PD  Borderlines personally disorders and several others that can exhibit dangerous behaviors that often slowly show themselves to the people closest to them first .
And then there are those on the periphery of our lives or strangers who are high risk offenders against children for abduction sexual exploitation etc. All of these subjects need to taught to adults before the children in their lives can learn about these life and death issues which can often be difficult to understand and to broach in a balanced and cohesive way which doesn't frighten or harm the child or teen Burt rather empowers them.
Italicized text below excerpt from Time Online

Rebecca Bailey is a psychologist who has helped families like Jaycee Dugard’'s reconnect again after abductions and other abusive situations through a group called Transitioning Families. She is also the co-author of a forthcoming book called Safe Kids, Smart Parents, due out July 2. On May 7, the day after three women who had been missing for about a decade were finally found alive in a home near downtown Cleveland, Bailey talked to TIME about how parents can protect their children from potential abductors and abusers by talking early and often about appropriate interactions with strangers. Ultimately, Bailey says “the inspiration for this book came from Jaycee and her family, and the realization that these non-family abductions often are unpreventable, and nobody should feel blamed.” 
How can parents make sure an incident like the Cleveland kidnapping ordeal doesn’t happen to their families?
It’s a terribly scary, anxiety-provoking topic, but the worst thing [for a parent] to do is to stick your head in the sand. We need to help give our kids the skills to deal with a variety of challenges, [from situations] as rare as a stranger abduction or a non-family abduction, to [situations as commonplace as] dealing with coaches and dealing with unwanted approaches—and to be honest—sexual approaches and exploitation.

Read more:

Blood Found at Michigan Gas station where Jessica Heeringa was abducted/ Sketch released By Police

Police investigating the disappearance of Jessica Heeringa, the Michigan woman abducted in late April during her shift at a gas station, have said that the suspicious substance found at the scene where she vanished is her blood. 
'The substance has been confirmed as blood,' police said in a statement released today. 'Based on a subsequent DNA analysis, the blood has been confirmed to be from Jessica Lynn Heeringa.' 
Police said that there was only a small amount of blood located at the Norton Shores, Mich., Exxon gas station where Heeringa was working on a late shift. The 25-year-old mother of one was within moments of closing the station when she vanished. 
Help: Police described Heeringa as a white female, 5'1 tall, approximately 110 lbs., blond shoulder length hair, and blue eyes

Police have revealed that Jessica Heeringa's blood was found at the gas station where she disappeared
Heeringa's family has been notified that her blood was found at the scene, police said. 
Last Tuesday police released a second video in the hope that it will help lead to a breakthrough in the mystery of a mother who went missing on April 26.
The video, police say, more clearly shows traffic in the area, including a silver minivan that police have been in search of as they've continued trying to unravel this mystery.

Jodi Arias Found Guilty Capital Murder of Travis Alexander!

The fact that Jodi Arias was so shocked that she was convicted of first degree murder is so very telling; We have all read and heard the rumor that Arias has claimed repeatedly albeit unofficially that no jury in the world is going to convict me of murder"!

While these statements were never completely verified, I personally believed that this was absolutely credible given that Arias clearly has anti-social personality disorder" IE she is a Sociopath as well I have oft mentioned in earlier posts that she shows many symptoms of Borderline Personality disorder also. These two make for a very bad combination in anyone especially an attractive woman using her attractive looks and sexual power as a type of lure and weaponry.

I will be elaborating upon the verdict and the upcoming penalty phase and Arias's professed preference to be given the death sentence as opposed to a long prison sentence. She might even be using this as a reverse psychology tactic with the judge and jury stating that death is the ultimate freedom"

Arias has spent years pursuing religious teachings almost always emulating whatever man she was dating at the time. She began life with her familial roots as a non denominational christian and as she had a series of long term relationships she traversed into the teachings and life styles of Buddhism,   Wiccan,  Christianity, Jehovah witness,  and most recently she became baptized by Travis Alexander into the Mormon faith, which she continued to profess herself as after she and Travis officially broke up their relatively short term relationship.

Below is a portion of Fox News Article - link can be found at the bottom

Jodi Arias says she would rather receive the death penalty than a long prison sentence after she was convicted of first-degree murder Wednesday, calling death "the ultimate freedom."
In an exclusive interview with, Arias says she was shocked by the verdict.
"I think I just went blank," Arias said. "I just feel overwhelmed. I think I just need to take it a day at a time. It was unexpected for me. There was no premeditation on my part."

Arias spent 18 days on the stand sharing intimate, emotional and oftentimes X-rated details of her life before a rapt television and online audience. She had hoped it all might convince a jury that she killed her one-time boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in self-defense.
However, the eight men and four women on the panel didn't buy it, convicting Arias of first-degree murder after only about 15 hours of deliberations. Jurors will return to court Thursday to begin the next phase of the trial that could set the stage for Arias receiving a death sentence.

Arias says she would "prefer to die sooner than later," rather than spending the rest of her days behind bars.
"Longevity runs in my family, and I don't want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place," Arias told "I believe death is the ultimate freedom and I'd rather have my freedom as soon as I can get it."
The stations reports that after the interview was made public, Arias was moved into a jail psych ward under 24-hour suicide watch. She will not be allowed to give any other interviews at this time. 

The case elevated the unknown waitress and aspiring photographer to a household name, with a real-life story of love, betrayal and murder far more alluring than any made-for-TV movie. The crime itself was enough to grab headlines: Arias, a 32-year-old high school dropout, shot Alexander in the forehead, stabbed him nearly 30 times and slit his throat from ear to ear, leaving the motivational speaker and businessman nearly decapitated.
She claimed he attacked her and she fought for her life. Prosecutors said she killed out of jealous rage after Alexander wanted to end their affair and planned to take a trip to Mexico with another woman.

Arias' four-month trial quickly became a media sensation -- ratings gold for cable networks that could broadcast from inside the courtroom and feed an insatiable public appetite for true-crime drama delivered live and up-close. It was, for many, the horrible train wreck they just couldn't turn away from, even though they know they should.
Arias fought back tears as the verdict was announced Wednesday in the hushed, packed courtroom, while Alexander's family members wept and hugged each other. They wore blue ribbons and wristbands with the words "Justice For Travis." The family thanked prosecutor Juan Martinez and a key witness and said it appreciated the outpouring of support from the public.

Outside, a huge crowd that had gathered on the courthouse steps screamed, whistled and cheered the news in a case that has attracted fans from across the country who traveled to Phoenix to be close to the proceedings.
Alexander's friend Chris Hughes said he was happy with the verdict, pointing out a bold proclamation that Arias made in one of her jailhouse interviews that she wouldn't be found guilty.

"She said, `No jury would convict me. Mark my words.' This jury convicted her," Hughes said. "Luckily we had 12 smart jurors. They nailed it."

When asked about Alexander's family, Arias told the station, "I just hope that now that a verdict has been rendered, that they'll be able to find peace."

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said no more media interviews with Arias would be granted. She has been placed on suicide watch.

Testimony in Arias' trial began in early January. The trial quickly snowballed into a made-for-the-tabloids drama, garnering daily coverage from cable news networks and spawning a virtual cottage industry for talk shows, legal experts and even Arias, who used her notoriety to sell artwork she made in jail.

The trial now moves into the so-called aggravation phase during which prosecutors will argue the killing was committed in an especially cruel, heinous and depraved manner that should allow jurors to consider the death penalty. Both sides may call witnesses and show evidence. If the panel finds the aggravating factors exist, the trial then moves into the final penalty phase during which jurors will recommend either life in prison or death.

Despite her comments about wanting to die, it's up to the jury to decide whether to recommend death.
Authorities said Alexander fought for his life as Arias attacked him in a blitz, but he soon grew too weak to defend himself.

"Mr. Alexander did not die calmly," Martinez told jurors in opening statements.
Arias said she recalled Alexander attacking her in a fury after a day of sex. She said Alexander came at her "like a linebacker," body-slamming her to the tile floor. 
She managed to wriggle free and ran into his closet to retrieve a gun he kept on a shelf. She said she fired in self-defense but had no memory of stabbing him.

She acknowledged trying to clean the scene of the killing, dumping the gun in the desert and working on an alibi to avoid suspicion. She said she was too scared and ashamed to tell the truth. However, none of Arias' allegations that Alexander had physically abused her in the months before his death, that he owned a gun and had sexual desires for young boys, were corroborated by witnesses or evidence during the trial. She acknowledged lying repeatedly before and after her arrest but insisted she was telling the truth in court.
Arias spent 18 days on the witness stand describing an abusive childhood, cheating boyfriends, dead-end jobs, a shocking sexual relationship with Alexander, and her contention that he had grown physically violent.

A defense expert later testified that Arias suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative amnesia, which explained why she couldn't recall much from the day of the killing. Another defense witness concluded that Arias was a battered woman.
Martinez worked feverishly to attack the credibility of the defense experts, accusing them of having sympathy for Arias and offering biased opinions.
Aside from her lies, Arias had another formidable obstacle to overcome.

Her grandparents had reported a .25-caliber handgun stolen from their Northern California home about a week before Alexander's death -- the same caliber used to shoot him -- but Arias insisted she didn't take it. Authorities believe she brought it with her to kill him. The coincidence of the same caliber gun stolen from the home also being used to shoot Alexander was never resolved.

Meanwhile, the entire case devolved into a circus-like spectacle attracting dozens of enthusiast each day to the courthouse as they lined up for a chance to score just a few open public seats in the gallery. One trial regular sold her spot in line to another person for $200. Both got reprimands from the court, and the money was returned.
Many people also gathered outside after trial for a chance to see Martinez, who had gained celebrity-like status for his firebrand tactics and unapologetically intimidating style of cross-examining defense witnesses.

The case grew into a worldwide sensation as thousands followed the trial via a live, unedited Web feed. Twitter filled with comments as spectators expressed their opinions on everything from Arias' wardrobe to Martinez's angry demeanor. For its fans, the Arias trial became a live daytime soap opera.

Read more: