Jan 30, 2012

A deluge of violent crime in Connecticut

Over the course of this one week in the State of Connecticut::

A homeless man was murdered by an insane Florida  man

A man was arrested in Trumbull for knocking his estranged wife to the ground and punching the responding police officer in the face and engaging in a violent brawl with the officer and another off duty policeman who happened to be driving by the scene. The man was wanted on a previous warrant for punching the same woman in the face while driving in a car over a month ago.

A clip from a handgun was found in the assailant's pocket and Police finally located his handgun which as a convicted felon as well as a person listed on a restraining order he was not allowed to own, even had the weapon been registered which of course it was not. Three Policemen were injured by the battering husband who was not injured at all.

Two women in Cheshire Connecticut one 18 and another 41 were sexually assaulted by a man who threatened to kill them. Thankfully police later found the perpetrator via the women's descriptions of the man, and traced him to a home in Seymour where he was arrested and the court put a 500,000 bond on the man.

It should be noted that the Trumbull woman who was stalked and slammed to the ground by her husband, who was already wanted for punching her in the face in a moving car and breaking a restraining order was given a 60,000 bond - which equates to 6,000 to a bail bondsman to be freed from jail and back out where statistically many men seek out their wives and attempt further harm or murder in such situations.

One can only assume that this disparity in Bail amount is because this crime was considered a domestic violence crime, and as such our courts or our police do not consider these violent crimes as seriously as violent crime committed by a stranger. In this day and age, with all of the knowledge that we have amassed regarding 'partner /intimate violence, this is simply unacceptable, especially when one considers that domestic crimes account for  the majority of female homicides.


Officers injured in violent brawl in Trumbull WTNH.com Connecticut

Jan 28, 2012

Vigil for victim in Bridgeport Homeless Man's murder

This is a heartbreaking story and a classic case of a our States failure to protect it's most vulnerable citizens.. The man who committed this murder was clearly certifiably insane and extremely dangerous; from what has been reported about the crime it  sounds as if he is schizoid or one of the many sub-types, and he was walking the streets ( of Bridgeport in this particular case) glaringly belonging in a high security mental facility at the very least.

Signs of schizophrenia and related disorders where people hear voices and cannibalize their victims, show signs of severe mental illness for years before committing a brutal murder on a vulnerable person. The man arrested for this crime was well into his forties, I cannot fathom that he had not come to the attention of Police and or social service mental health agencies prior to committing this horrible crime.

When will our Connecticut state agencies begin to take a pro-active role in preventing all of these unnecessary violent crimes. It almost always comes back to the same issue, legislators and the State's latest official bean counters weighing what one murder will cost the state to prevent, via plucking these offenders off the street at the first  violent offense: stricter sentencing and a revamp of of current priority's within said justice system. We have the right to expect and demand a system where Police, Prosecutors,
Parole//Probation, A criminal records department and related Social service agencies are are all easily able to communicate via one computerized network.

 If a brutal crime befell the family of a legislator, and he or she had to deal with the system that is in place, you can be sure that "defendant" would wind up with a considerably higher bail, stricter sentence, and liberal plea deals would be out of the question.
Therin lies part of the problem - elitism. The very people we vote to put into that legislators seat are by and large not getting it done. With the exception of the larger inner city assemblymen, the majority of legislators do not place crime prevention and public safety at the top of their list of priorities.  And yet some of these inner city Reps have a major conflict of interest as they are representing minority's, whom they have expressed in sessions that they believe are treated unfairly by our States judicial system.

This presents a real conflict in expecting these legislators who comprise a fair number of lawmakinng votes, to vote upon crime bills without that particular prejudice.

And then there is the general  rule of thumb that has long guided our States House of Representatives; They are playing the same old boy network IE "hop on board with us on this one, and we''ll help you out on that one, that nearly every political machine embraces. Politics as usual.

As a people we have come to expect this from our politicians, but high has the time come where we let our legislators know that this is not acceptable in matters of life and death, such as violent crime and predation of human beings..

The worst part is that it needn't cost the state overtly additional funds, there are monies that we are already spending willy - nilly, creating a revolving door for repeat offenders. A safer State, a better judicial system, requires a re-grouping, a new age prioritizing of our crimes, including using what we know through experience are pre-cursor crimes for predators moving up the predatorial ladder. I personally would rather see any violent offender in a Connecticut prison cell (and this includes breaking and entering/potential
violence!) than the thousands of inmates whose only crimes have been possession of, or procuring a drug that they are addicted to.

This is but one single change in law and judicial sentencing that would save the State millions of dollars and free up resources for prosecuting and housing violent offenders.

Instead of shaking our heads and feeling awful for the latest victims, I suggest we use our collective power to vote in our own legislators jurisdiction, against any lawmaker senator or assemblyman who is not making his/her vote on crime bills reflective of what we as citizens want. This includes the upcoming death penalty abolishment bill where repeated polling has shown that the residents of Connecticut want to reserve the right to pursue the Death Penalty as we traditionally have, conservatively cautiously and only in the most egregious capital murder cases.

Vigil for victim in homeless man's murder

Jan 27, 2012

Joshua Komisarjevsky: Cheshire Home Invasion Killer Sentenced To Death Friday

Again,  no adequate words to truly capture the culmination of heartache and loss felt within the Petit and Hawke family's victim impact statements at today's formal Sentencing for Joshua Komisarjevsky.

United in deep and abiding empathy for these victims, and their family, the people of Connecticut have waited nearly five years for Justice to be served to the two men who ended the lives of  Jennifer Petit and her daughters Hayley 17, and Michaela 11, in July 2007. William Petit Jr was severely assaulted within the home invasion but managed to survive, losing his wife and children..

Today, the final reckoning was formally bestowed upon the second man tried for these crimes, and  long-considered the instigator, initially targeting the Petit girls at a local supermarket  and following them home.  Judge Blue, who presided over  both men's trials, officially sentenced Komisarjevsky to death, noting that  while "it is a terrible sentence, It is a sentence that Komisarjevsky wrote for himself with deeds of unimaginable horror and savagery."

Thankfully, the Petit and Hawke families left the courtroom while  Komisarjevsky made what amounted to a lament to the open court. Expectedly, there was not an ounce of genuine regret, remorse or accountability within his statement.
"You must be the change that you wish to see in this world."

 Michaela Petit's
Favorite quote on facebook

Petit Family Foundation

Jan 26, 2012

Petit Women: Friends Point To Cheshire Home Invasion Victims' Real Legacy

Good overcomes evil; That is the  what we have learned through this tragedy, and the struggle for Justice and healing that followed.

Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela's legacy of  light will continue to shine. And just as the sun feeds and nourishes the flowers in this garden, their kindness and altruism illuminates our hearts, inspiring us to be just a bit more like them.

Jan 25, 2012

Petit Case prosecutor gives rare interview

This is a rare interview by Prosecutor Michael Dearington, the lead States attorney in both the Steven Hayes and the Joshua Komisarjevsky trials.

Both men were convicted and sentenced to death for the capital murders of Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit. Dr Wiliam Petit Jr was beaten with a baseball bat, but managed to escape by breaking his hand binds hop up the bilco cellar steps and roll to a neighbors yard, just before his house was engulfed in flames.

The fire was fueled by Gasoline which both Komisarjevsky and Hayes used in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence of multiple sexual assaults which both men had committed during the home invasion.

Dearington apparantly would only answer some questions, which was smart of him, citing that he did not want to enable any grounds for future appeals,( particularly when one considers how many times Jeremiah Donovan has mentioned laying the groundwork for future appeals....)

I found the part about Dearington walking through the crime scene very emotional and it brought me right back to the days weeks and months following the media coverage of these crimes.

It is definately worth the read.

Jan 24, 2012

Police Overseas Nab Suspect in Conn. Jewelry Store Robbery, Killing | NBC New York

I can't tell you all just how glad I am that they finally found this murderer and thief.

I am from Westport and the victim  was a beloved local jewelry shop owner, a father, a grandfather and a friend to many. His business partner was also shot during the Robbery but by the grace of God, he manged to survive his gunshot wound.

 Let this be the beginning of Justice for both men and thier families the traums

Komisarjevsky puts bid in to speak in court,

If this isn't classic sociopath behavior, I don't know what is. This man has been convicted and subsequently sentenced by a conscientious jury of his peers.A jury, who incidently, his own lawyers chose, using up all of  their regular and  preemptory challenges well before the opposing prosecution had even begun running out.

These same Jury members later admitted to "crying" when they ultimately voted for the death penalty for Komisarjevsky, because the law and judicial requirements pointed them straight into this decision.
Never mind their individual moral compasses, which interestingly  none of them referred to, except ironically - when speaking about how they'd exhausted every strategy trying to find something valid, within the many would be mitigators presented in order to find a way to "save Josh's life." 
This piece of related information from members of the jury , coroberated that this was the only correct and Just sentence.

As much as I was reluctant to waste space on my blog and draw attention to this latest attention seeking behavior from Joshua Komisarjevsky, I simply had to omment upon this latest ploy in a series of ploys that have littered this case, all the way from the long pre-trial discovery phase to the Hayes trial and finally throughout his own trial and penalty phase.

And now Komisarjevsky is apparently angry and bitter over getting the death penalty, placing him in a tougher prison without as many niceties and he wants to make a statement dammit.

Henow resides on death row in the same prison as his former accomplice and someone he used to describe as a" friend" , before he sold him out as the planned fall guy,  immediatelly distancing himself from Hayes, the moment the Cheshire Police had him in custody.

 His scheme of playing the innocent and Dumbstruck accomplice, like a deer caught in the headlights as all of the murderous preparations went on around him, are ridiculous especially when reading his journals and interviews with writer Brian Macdoanld.  I sat on the floor of a drug store reading the book simply to gain perpective on Komisarjevsky's official version in order to punch holes in it as it compared to his taped statement made to Cheshire Police.  

Even his various versions given to police varied with one version admittting he poured gasoline, and another claiming steve poured all the gasoline. It was said that by the time the men reached Michaela's room they'd used up almost all of the gasoline having literally doused Hayley Petit's bed with her tied in it,  likely due to the fact that she "remained defiant throughout the crimes, according to Komisarjevsky, always with" defiance flashing in her eyes,"unlike her gentler mom and sister who clearly were more to his liking as compliant victims .

In the meantime, some folks might have forgotten these terrible details of the crimes ..but I for one cannot. I will live with these details forever etched within my heart and my soul, hopefully I will relive them less s time wears on.

They say time heals all wounds and while I have seen time take the sharpest edges off of learning about  painful memories and the accompanying feelings of trauma, for me the anger remains. Especially when the man convicted of such atrocities will not accept even the slightest bit of accountability. Such is the evil of the sociopath.

Mr Komisarjevsky I propose had you not locked eyes upon a pubescent girl in a supermarket skipping through the aisles with nary a care in her world, had YOU not then proceeded to follow the little girl who you quickly ascertained was with her mom, an attractive older woman in her own rite, back to her car and then to thier home, they would all still be alive today.

Jan 21, 2012

Woman Found in Westport Reportedly Identified | The Daily New Canaan

I have been scrounging around for information about this poor woman found dumped on the side of I95 in Westport near exit 18 which is the Sherwood Island Connector exit, which lead to Westport's Sherwood island beach. Not that that information is pertinent, as the Police believe the woman's body was randomly dumped

There is a lot of conflicting information being released. They are releasing a possible ID on the victim but the State police are not confirming anything at this point. This usually means that family members have not yet been notified or the Police have strategic reasons for withholding information concerning details of the crime IE whether it appears to be a murder and/or a possible sexual assault etc.

We do know that the woman was in her early forties, god rest her soul and my immediate thought is that this is a homicide.

This linked article contains just a smattering of information, however, Connecticut's Channel 12 News has the story and an accompanying tip-line as well. I suggest reading the basic information for anyone that was traveling in the general vicinity of I95 last night, even if it was farther north or south than Westport.

The Police even suggested that the person or persons who dumped this women's body might have been traveling from out of town or even out of state, and randomly chose Westport on 95 to dump the victim's body I personally don't believe that this perp and the crime were happened our of state, and if this is in fact murder, then I can tell you we have a very dangerous person on our hands.

Anyone capable of treating a human beings dead body in such an overtly carteless or hateful manner, has got serious issues with women and they are very dnagerous, though likely do not appear so at first.

This is a very serious situation. This person, who statistically is likely to be male, could very well be walking and living among us. Keep the doors to your cars locked the very moment that you get into the car - during daylight shopping hours or otherwise. Be very careful about who you speak anywhere especially at bars nightclubs, even coffee shops and innocuous seeming places like supermarkets and bookstores. Predators troll for victims and the ones who are most successful - meaning they do not get caught. are expert at blending in, In Fairfield county at least, this means sounding relatively intelligent and looking the part.

Recall that the Westport Jewelry robber/ murderer was described as very collegiate looking had a soft spoken articulate manner etc etc. This man is still out there likely because he is intelligent enough to blend in generally speaking and to change his appearance just enough to deflect suspicion. Perhaps he gained some weight on purpose. Perhaps he had lost weight on purpose prior to the robbery.

I did note that in one photo it appeared that the Jewelry store Murderer had something stuffed under his upper lip, similar to what Brando did in the Godfather( Brando stuffed his lower lip and jowls, this man seemed to stuff under his upper lip in one of the photos) He also appeared to have some kind of layers or stuffing, perhaps even a bullet proof vest beneath his very blue bulky coat, giving him the appearance of being a stockier man.

Whereas in the Philadelphia camera shots and the NYC videos, the thief, unaware that he would be later scrutinized in the video photos on the street, probably resembles himself, his "real" appearance a bit more unless he was extremely wily and already considering those stores for possible heists. I did notice that he kept his head down the entire time whilst in a jewelry shop. Clearly he knew there were cameras in the stores ands didn't want to be photographed too closely.

Suspect in Violent Hammer Attack Remains At Large


Randy Breton, age 41 is still at large for breaking into a home and attacking his former girlfriend, her 16 year old daughter and an 18 year old male friend of the family with a hammer. Breton caused severehead and brain injury to the young male and somewhat less severe injuries to both women, although all three were considered seriously injured with one critically so.
I had already assumed Breton had been arrested in the past for partner or domestic violence, and thus when I saw this mugshot of him, I was validated but not pleased as he undoubtedly received some kind of light sentence in the past, if he was sentenced at all. Many Connecticut courts will give what amounts to scads of .
" free fist offenses to assailants involved in anything dubbed "Domestic violence" Accelerated Rehabilitation or AR is a common first time method of basically erasing a crime or set of crimes where  assault and or stalking and or criminal restraint threatening etc is involved. AR is really a form of nolle in that the perp gets a 13 month period whereby if they don't commit any other violent crimes inthe interim, the original charge or charges will be erased, dropped from their criminal record, meaning they will have no criminal record.
Then there are the outright dismissals and nolles, depending on the court, that may occur daily in DV dockets especially, if the prosecutor is of a certain ilk whereby if a case becomes even slightly difficult due to a frightened or Brain washed victim( ie a Stockholm like syndromes which is very common with battered women) the case is simply dropped or nolled depending on how serious the crimes were.

This also leaves a dangerous violent offender typically male - with either no record or a record that is so minimal watered down thanks to standardized plea deals. that involve no actual prison time and the assailant of course feels emboldened by this utter lack of  criminal judicial accountability, and thus, they return to the abuse and battering with certainty that no real consequence will come of it.

Until they either kill someone or almost kill someone. And to the latter in reality even many a maimed victim has watched her assailant walk out of a courthouse without serving a day in prison or even being convicted of the charges he so rightly earned This happens almost without fail  because the crimes were labeled "Domestic" and the judicial slide rule for such crimes in the state of Connecticut, supposedly a progressive intelligent state with one of the highest per cpiat incomes and education levels in the country, is considerably more liberal than their already too liberal sentencing standards vs the criminal protocol on paper.

In reading the linked article I scanned the comments and found one by Breton's ex wife who claimed terrible abuse to both she and her children by this man. She wanted readers to know that he was extremely dangerous as he is still at large, which means he may hurt yet another woman -  or man - or child.

Suspect in Violent Hammer Attack Remains At Large

Jan 16, 2012

Part 2 Komisarjevsky Lawyer's bid for new Trial; more of the same....

Note: This Post is continued from a previous post which can be found below it. The two part series began after a motion for a new trial was entered by convicted murderer Joshua komisarjevsky's attorneys.

Traumatized and Morally disgusted, the finally sated residents of Connecticut and other states, were just beginning to heal  after reading about and watching nearly 5 years of legal abuses by the gaggle of defense attorneys involved in this case, We have made it clear that we are equally disgusted and angered by Attorney Donovan and co.perpetual abuse of Connecticut's court processes. The notion and the word disbar has reared its head quite often among many a learned person within the comments sections of all levels of  online publications.

Donovan's latest motion http://www.scribd.com/doc/78266992/Komisarjevsky-Lawyers-Motion-New-Trial-2012  elaborated ad nausea regarding the definition of predator, indicating the predation as in as animals involved killing their prey, insisting that it was unfairly cast upon his client and colored his good name. He further states that at that time prior to the Petit rapes and murders, JK was merely a non violent thief, despite having admitted within his own penalty phase procession of witnesses that this same client was stealing panties off clotheslines, peeping into windows frequently, breaking into houses before he hit his teens.

One needs to point out to attorney Donovan that before an animal kills or maims, it stalks its prey...many do, as do sexual offenders or other human predators that do not neccesarily follow the laws of nature when it comes to sexual assault, voyeurism, arson, thievery, trophy taking  and serial murderers they all start out with their first rape robbery or murder.

As we we all know by now that no sexual predator is made overnight, they escalate as do murderers especially murderers of women and children who often kill at first strictly for practical reasons- to silence their victim, and destroy evidence of their crimes.

 So lets not parse definitions attorney Donovan.  I don't know who this lawyers is playing to with his absurd Webster Miriam definitions within this latest motion -  first defending his repeated use of the word Petit Posse citing this as a like minded group of people with a common goal or intention (ring any bells Donovan Komisarjevsky Bansford etc?)

 And then they defined predator for "the court" within this very same motion for a new trial, insisting that being called a predator by his last sentencing judge and having it oft repeated in the press negatively affected his clients ability to get a fair trial.

Attorney Donovan's over zealous and inappropriate motions and feigned indignation  eerily similar to his sociopath client.

 Komisarjevsky has a long history of objecting to being called whatever derogatory term that accompanied the dangerous and incessant crimes that he simply would not stop committing; first he was called an animal by that last prosecutor, and then later in an indirectly by Dr Petit who mentioned the animals that stole my family in his yearly memorial faithfully placed in the local papers.

Petit, who survived Komisarjevsky's baseball bat brain bashing attack as he slept on his sun porch only to have this scum co-write a book while languishing in protected prison cell, calling this sole survivor of his entire family's murders -  a coward, for not breaking loose of his zip tied hands sooner, despite massive blood loss brain injury shock and the mistaken belief that two men one well over 200 lbs were armed with a 9 mm gun. in his yearly memorial to his slain family whereby he simply says something to the effect of the animals that killed my family..."

JK actually demanded a forum in court whereupon he could have a debate with Bill Petit over his choice of wording, pretending to be utterly insulted by the implication of being called an animal. This after a 4 hour taped statement to police re how he cut off the clothing and bra of a tied up 11 year old whom he actually made re dress into a schoolgirl outfit from her former pajamas that shed worn to bed that July night!

 J.K.'s lawyers would have the jury and all of us believe that nothing was done properly for "josh" a rather innocuous sounding nickname for a cold blooded convicted child rapist arsonist torturer, bat wielding assailant,   and in the end the man who not only was shown on tape targeting a vibrant 11 year old girl and her mother as the girl skipped through the produce section like any other 11 year old would - no sign of woman about her.

Michaela Petit, as seen through the lens of the stop and shop security cameras looked eerily like a baby deer being stalked by a cretinous slouching bitter looking man..

Within this latest motion - see Scribd laurelo account for the actual motion my link is not working for a new trial, these lawyers went so far as to offer a dictionary definition of the word Posse for us, apparently to "prove" it's "accuracy" and relieve them A bit for calling of looking like the cretins that they are for name calling the victims family within the defense of a rapist and murderer.

If only they were to look at that Websters definition again and hold up a mirror to themselves and their client, they would perhaps understand the irony of them using this word.
Besides which, it's just plain bad lawyering to taunt to resort to name calling surviving victims and the victims family who have lost their family to horrific violence.

Beyond the harassment of victims and the waste of time is the purposeful exorbitant waste of state resources that this troupe of special state "public defenders" continue to consume within their inherently
evil antics.

The fact that the regular public defenders for the state were used up by Steven Hayes defense, because both men were naturally blaming each other, therefore establishing "adversarial defenses"

Connecticut was thus obliged to hire "Special public defenders" for Komisarjevsky, who, as private attorneys on call for the state, are allowed more billable hours and funds to engage the very same state in what amounted to an elaborate "show." A show designed first and foremost to bring attention to Attorney Donovan et al. ie In the rare event that he "won, like Casey Anthony's public defender, shot into stardom after pulling a rabbit from a hat with a child's blood on his hands, Donovan might just make a huge career leap. Winning" in this case however would have been obtaining a life imprisonment for his client where he could perhaps kill again within prison or like ted Bondy escape only to rape and kill again while on the run.

It should be noted that Donovan also claims to be an avid anti-death penalty proponent, no matter how dangerous the convicted, nor how much torture they inflicted upon their innocent victims. And it is
always under this false umbrella of " saving" a child predator rapist murderers "life" that the Donovan Posse rationalizes every grievous word and action, hoping he will appear noble to at least himself, if he uses the words " save a life"

In the meantime, the Komisarjevsky defense pre-trial forward, has literally bankrupted our states judicial resources. Single- handedly shutting down Connecticut courthouses to pay for the Donovan led "defense" as well as the 24 hour security that both Steven Hayes and Komisarjevsky were given in the first several years following the murders and currently en route to and from court appearances. Both men had permanent guards on sentry outside their cells for a very long time to protect the prisoners who were in solitary cells, from attempts upon their lives by other prisoners.

The Komisarjevsky defense has been nothing but the epitome of waste, following in the footsteps of the finally becoming archaic "sleazebag defense lawyer" whose arsenal consist of attack of the victims (and in this case, the family's of the dead) All in an effort to shift the jury's attention away from their clients barbarism, deflect blame and culpability and wear down the court with endless motions that although vapid and beyond rickety, must be answered by our Country and our States judicial rules.

I have watched and listened to Jeremiah Donovan say things and take actions that are the antithesis of professionalism and he does so with the same impunity as his client who targeted rape and murdered a vibrant 11 year child. Although admitting to writer Brian MacDonald to targeting the family in a supermarket because he" liked the way the younger Petit girl looked" summed up the crimes in his journals this way:

"So I hit a guy with a bat, emotionally scarred a child and robbed a family of 15,000...."

He left a raped 11 year old doused in gasoline tied to her bed to be burned alive in hopes of destroying his DNA.

He hit William Petit Jr at least 8-10 times in the skull "as hard as I could as if chopping wood"

The sole survivor Petit broke his zip tied hands from a pole in his cellar rolled to a neighbors yard yelling for help. He sustained Brain injury massive blood loss and even knowing Petit had escaped and that a policeman was hiding in the bushes, he ran back into the Petit home from their car to insure that the fire that killed the Petit girls was lit before trying to escape with his accomplice Hayes in the Petit family car.

Like Komisarjevsky, Attorney Donovan also seemingly believes himself utterly immune from basic legal moral or ethical culpability that govern us as human beings., not to mention the Connecticut State Bar.

In Komisarjevsky case we know he is a sociopath, and thus we understand exactly why he believes he needn't adhere to law, be it moral or literal. Mr Donovan however, is supposed to be an officer of the court and thus we will assume not a psychopath... yet we have watched his deceitfulness manipulation and utter dis-ingenuousness play itself out in front of media cameras and in the courtroom.

He sputtered and revised his declared reasons for such serious actions that they led to a contempt of court hearing in front of Judge Fasano, for breaking a gag order that had been on the case for years at that point.

Like his client Joshua Komisarjevsky, Donovan is as boldly deceitful and obvious with his deceit and manipulation, first claiming he carried on his own mini press conference on the steps of the Steven Hayes trial, in an effort to " spare the Petit family from believing that their 11 year old daughter, komisarjevsky's
target and motivation for the home invasion) to have been sexually assaulted in the most violent of ways as had just been uncovered within that days testimony from the child's forensic medical examiner. And after having a day to think about it, he quickly revamped his entire elaborated upon reasons for basically lying to the media in hopes of undoing the harm that the days testimony did to his clients "image" (and jury pool)

Donovan now claimed that he held the impromptu illegal press conference as a way of petitioning the gag order which he'd felt was unfair from the beginning, yet ironically and  maddeningly his own client
broke the gag order with certainly at least his lawyers knowledge, when JK met with a writer in prison
having the man added to his official visitor list which Donovan Bansford and the other lawyer saw every week for they were the only ones on the list besides komisarjevsky parents.

In the meantime....within the illegal press conference Donovan denied outright in a purposefully humble voice that his client had sexually assaulted the 11 year old child as had just been announced by the medical examiner at Hayes's trial, alluding that there would be more to back this up at his client's trial ( in the meantime the aggravated sexual assault committed by Komisarjevsky was never challenged by Donovan nor any of his partners at his trial - It was irrefutable forensic evidence that Komisarjevsky had sodomized little Michaela Petit, so instead he switched gears claiming his client was sodomized at age 4-6, something komisarjevsky himself never claimed once despite telling a writer months prior that he been raped at 14 despite claiming to police that his was 13 when caught for setting fire to the gas station.

The age that Komisrajevsky claims to have been raped - then molested have been as capricious as his versions of these horrible crimes, and his lawyers have followed suit with their own mendacious attempts to fabricate and manipulate the public, and the Jury with lies and manipulation, with Donovan leading the way, panting and frothing at the mouth like some kind of rabid dog, hell-bent on a mission,  with his moral compass stuck in the wrong direction, charged by Satan himself.

While I am reluctant to regurgitate this particularly ugly piece of history, both regarding the assault of little Michaela and Attorney Donovan's despicable professional and personal carriage,  I must point out one last bit of idiocy that sums up well the situation; whilst in front of national TV cameras which he had gathered round for his "announcement",  Donovan went so far as to spell his name for the Journalists,

" Jeremiah Donovan...that's D-O-N-O-V-A-N " he said to an obviously confused journalist who had asked him; "Who exactly are you, again?"

Jan 13, 2012

Komisarjevsky lawyers Request New Trial - Donovan's Stunts Redux...

Note; This Post has been broken down into part 1 and 2 due to my tendency to be extremely comprehensive especially for any new readers who do not know the basic background of the Petit family crimes and Joshua Komisarjevsky's role in these crimes.

Part 1

The Komisarjevsky trial ended with his conviction on all 16 counts and a death sentence. However the public and the victims family had to endure a six week long penalty phase of the trial; a tortuous show by defense attorneys grasping at any straws, trouncing out every 'witness" that their client didn't rob stalk or harm in some way.en route through his life of crime, and even some whom he had.

This expensive and unnecessary ruse was all orchestrated in an attempt to paint a false image of their sociopath client who indeed was the man who targeted the Petit's, with Michaela Petit his own interest for sexual predation. His lawyers called him a "damaged lad" whose life was "doomed at birth."

Rather presumptive and insulting to their own client as well as his well meaning middle class parents who never beat him nor neglected him nor locked him in the cellar.

A duplicitous, conniving lot led by Jeremiah Donovan , these lawyers unnecessarily consumed more of the states money and resources, abusing the Connecticut judicial system with every dirty trick in the sleazy lawyer hand- book, including purposeful deluge of motions, like this latest fodder, designed alternately to delay, use up time, frustrate the prosecution. Judge Survivor and the victim's family.

The penalty phase is supposed to be a little "Trial within a trial" but in this case it was a ridiculously lengthy, utterly irrelevant procession of pre-rehearsed defense character style witnesses, who in the end,  ironically helped the prosecution show the jury that Joshua Komisarjevsky had very long, clearly defined and escalating history of  ignoring the rights of other human beings. adhering to even the basic rules and laws that govern us as people and a society, despite being given chance after chance to clean up his act.

He set fire to an abandoned gas station at age 13, this was arson a serious felony.  He would later tell a church minister that it was an accident and blamed it on the boys that he was with citing that they were only throwing matches into the empty service station cubby.

This budding sociopath also told police that he'd been depressed and suicidal, not the first or the last time he would use this claim to attempt to alleviate scrapes with the law, his parents, church camps, and even a short stint in the army reserves,where he was tossed out for a slew of breaking and entering charges.

He was thrown out of a christian based camp for bomb making and breaking into other peoples cottages -This at a spiritual live in retreat which his mother had uprooted the entire family for, in an effort to geographically solve the Josh problem which was gathering momentum with each day.  She testified that she hoped to  move JK  from the  influences of some"satanic worshiping teens"he had fallen in with,after finding satanic drawings on JK's bedroom wall.

Oh yes, and the defense would have us all believe that Komisarjevsky's father was a rigid controlling strict domineering father. Please. If your kid is sneaking out of his window every night to hang out with hoodlums, drawing satanic symbols on the wall of his bedroom and setting fire to abandoned gas stations, that boy is hardly intimidated by any parental influence.

Like too many mothers of notorious criminals,  Komisarjevsky's mom was a complete enabler in the long run, despite decent intentions. This was a woman that gave great thought to how best approach her troubled son's issues.

Yet her own son' lawyers used his mothers decision to not put her teenage son on Thorazine, a powerful anti-psychotic, at an age where he was claiming to abuse drugs, as well showing no indication that he'd adhere to the out patient regimen for the drugs as an excuse an attempt at a mitigating factor in fact, claiming that had his parents put him on the drugs that the state psychiatrist recommended after diagnosing Komisarjevsky as the teen version of a personality disorder, instead of trying natural faith based options  such as change in living situation and lifestyle, he would stopped his life of  arson breaking and entering, stalking and voyeurism,  intimate trophy stealing ie panties found first on clotheslines, then in women's dressers in the many many houses he broke into.

 Later he would refer to the tireless breaking and entering as a form of " extreme sport."  It was clearly the invading of other peoples boundaries privacy that excited this young man the power and control he felt were at the core of every break in. Sexual assault was a natural evolution, or an accidental run in with A home owner possibly ending in violence as it was evidenced from his bashing Dr Petit's head with a baseball bat, and that wasn't a run-in but a pre-meditated attack motivated by neutralizing the only threat in a house full of girls and a slender women with M.S.

Komisarjevsky bragged to girlfriends friends and acquaintances that breaking into houses was simply too boring if no one was home at the time, And thus he developed a system- laying in wait ( ie preying upon the residents Mr Donovan) waiting until they were definitely in their house, ensuring this in fact by stalking them, eventually through binoculars, and later night vision goggles, but as a young boy he had already been caught clambering up trees outside middle class homes in Connecticut Vermont - and whatever state his beleaguered parents had moved him ) first merely peeking in windows, then emboldened when he wasn't caught, he began watching for hours as the unsuspecting homeowners went about their most personal activities.

Soon enough. he was breaking in  and listening to the residents sleeping from inside what they thought was  their sanctity or watching television or likely in the case of females bathing and changing clothes, after all this is the same young man who had been stealing women's panties first off of clotheslines, then cabins at camp, he clearly was sexualizing his invasions into these peoples private sanctity and more than likely it was in the hopes of  spying upon a women or girls that motivated the entire habit when it began.

He even listened as they ate their meals one room away from where he crouched or stood.or rifled thru drawers grabbing easy stuff like billfolds purses jewelry etc. The stolen items were incidental and finally one Conn judge saw this within one of his many many warrants for breaking and entering and gave him a nine year sentence with six years of special parole. The judge intended for JK to be done with the dept of corrections when he was 37 providing he made use of the time stayed out of trouble.

He actually served less than two years in prison being moved to a halfway house for the last year or so of his 3.6 year sentence. His ankle bracelet was off two nights before he committed the Petit home invasion. On the two nights prior to this he and his same accomplice friend Hayes made practice runs with him showing Hayes how easy it was to get into his local hometown Cheshire houses. The men broke into two homes where both families lay sleeping with children in the houses. Joshua was found with a framed photo of a pretty woman who lived in one of the houses they robbed.

This is an ominous sign and in illustrates well the natural evolution of this mans criminal need; first stealing panties off lines, then peeping tom behavior no longer thought to be nuisance crimes as flashing is also not a nuisance but a proven pre cursor to full blown sexual assault. The photo stealing is in fact trophy-ism and it suggests a pathology of sexual predatory behavior. One of the men also left a butcher knife stuck into a kitchen counter in another home, also a sign of power and sadism - enjoying another s fear and intimidation in their own invaded space.

Of course, when caught with the framed photo in his possession, he made up a quick lie to the detective who he was taking a helpful stance with, hoping it would curry him favor and heap all blame for the serious crimes on his hand-picked accomplice/ friend- Steven Hayes.. He claimed that he held up the framed photo to show Hayes how many people were in the house in case they woke up.

The photo was a young couple, an attractive wife and small children.  As far as his explanation regarding the knife he naturally blamed it on Hayes saying Hayes was" playing around with the knife..." implying that hayes must have stuck it in the counter unbeknownst to him.

 Interestingly, within this latest motion for a new trial attorney Donovan cites the repeatedly referred to the term predator which Komisarjevsky had been called by his clients former sentencing judge, a fact that the newspapers got a hold of once finding out that the parole board had none of Komisarjevsky's records including that sentencing report, in their possession when making the monumental decision to grant him early release, after serving substantially less than half his sentence behind  actual bars.

He also took Latin classes and computer courses before being sent to a halfway house where he was free to come and go and mix within the public sphere.

 This is the same halfway house where he met Steven Hayes. It is also when he would meet his new teenage girlfriend for sex in a mall bathroom whilst taking cell phone photos of the girl and the acts. He was 26 she was 15 or 16 at that time. The mother of his child was 15 when he impregnated her making him a certifiable sex offender as he was 22 at the time.. Had this statutory rape been reported by anyone, Komisarjevsky would be right alongside his foster brother Scott Reese, as a registered sex offender.

 Never put on the stand, nor subpoenaed, Reese a borderline retarded barely verbal almost middle aged man had been interviewed by the defenses paid psychiatrist and asked if any of the claims that JK was suddenly making that he'd been sexually assaulted and penetrated between ages 4-6 by foster brother Reese, supposedly answered  " something like that might have happened..." And this untapped unsubstantiated conversation became the defenses core reason for claiming their client should get life rather than the legally mandated death penalty.

In the meantime, Komisarjevsky's parent's testified at his trial how proud they were of Josh for getting a job while he was in the halfway house, also a benefit of the State sponsored " help a felon find a job program."

On that particular string of robberies which topped 27 houses total in one county, Komisarjevsky told police about his night vision goggles and was caught wearing surgical gloves dark clothing with hoods, and moreover stalking his victims prior to breaking into their home. As mentioned, Donovan had the audacity as did komisarjevsky to pretend to be insulted by being referred to as a predator by the judge who made a small sentencing speech before giving Komisarjevsky his official sentence.

Jan 4, 2012

Lester Jackson re The Death Penalty and American Justice

Another great article by pro-Justice pro-death penalty advocate Lester Jackson.  This article is always timely but particularly for those of us who live in Connecticut and/or who have been following the J. Komisarjevsky trial, the second man to be convicted in the capital murders of the Jennifer Hayley and Michaela Petit.

Komisarjevsky was given the death penalty by a jury of twelve members of his peers and this did not come easily or swiftly for his jury;  After six days of difficult grappling with mitigating and aggravating factors as per the courts instructions, these  Jurors would later say that they were in tears when they came to their final decision -  which was that a death sentence was warranted for the brutal and savage nature of the murders.

Dr William Petit and every one of the Petit, Hawke, Renn and Chapman families are now waiting for the "Official Sentencing by the presiding Judge, Judge Blue.

Jeremiah Donovan who almost single-handedly led a  veritable arsenal of verbal attacks against the grieving Petit family members for apparently expecting Justice for the torture rapes and murders of their beloved family members. To make matters even more despicable the defense attorney's often ugly cruel and incessant attacks seemed largely focused  upon sole survivor William Petit, who his client Joshua Komisrajevsky actually taunted verbally both within his hand written "journals" confiscated by prison officials, and in letters and interviews with writer Brian MacDonald, when this he chose to break the judge mandated gag order long placed on the case, Komisarjevsky continuing to thumb his nose at Connecticut's judicial system agreeing to give MacDonald what turned out to be a natutuarlly self serving version of the home invasion, pointing hius finfer at steven hayes despite the fact that he had been the one to target the women in the Petit family earlier that day at an area supermarket.

Yet, Komisarjevsky an obviously practiced sociopath, was at the same time aware that police had confiscated a great deal of evidence and testimony from the police surrounding the house etc and so he
 used that evidence and testimony, which he was no doubt made aware was circulating around the media and internet.

Things like the fact that both men ran out of the just ignited Petit house laughing, knowing that bth Hayely and Michaela were left to die tied to thier beds in an inferno of thier making. Komisarjevsky purposely brought up to MacDonald knowing that it must be adressed as the papers had gotten a hold of it once a policemen near enough to the scene had seen and heard the men laughing as they sprinted out of the house, saying that Hayes let out a maniacal laugh as they ran out.

 Komisrjevsky, ever the manipulator, even took the stance that he was he was offended at his accomplices bad manners. This from a man who had just commtted aggravated rape of an 11 year old and left her tied to a bed splashed with gas ready to die from a fire that both men had planned at 6 am that morning when Komisrajevsky gave Hayes directions to a gas station farther from the POetit house hoping he'd be less likely to be caught on tape or remembered.

The bottom line is that the testimony of the police officer in the bushes closest to the men was that they were both laughing- both.(These and other Facts of the case made it out" to the media before the gag order had been imposed and had naturally been latched onto by a horrified public who, for good reason, simply couldn't wrap their heads around such evil behavior from two men who just murdered three human beings, two of them veritable children.

This wasnt the only occasion that Komsiarjevsky peppered his letters and later his interviews with the writer, with oft-times ludicrous rationalizations for said evidence;  Case in point:  the police had confiscated  Komisarjevsky's cell phone, which he of course knew had photos of 11 year old Michaela Petit tied to her bed in various nude and semi nude poses.

 The photos were even time stamped and if one does some basic sleuthing, most of them appeared to have happened when partner Steven Hayes was out doing the dirty work ie buying gasoline to burn down the Petit's home, taking Mrs Petit to the bank to procure 15,000 in  cash to buy the safety of her family, a family that she did not even realize had already been brutalized;  I am certain the men carefully kept the fact that Komsiarjevsky beat her husband with a bat nearly to death before tying him in the cellar, secret from Mrs Petit, otherwise I believe if she had even a whiff at the brutality that Komisrajevsky especially was capable of, she would have run when she had the chance at the bank. Komisarjevsky is the one that according to Dr Petit and his own testimony, did all the talking. It is obvious that he is the more practiced and evolved sociopath, meaning his skills of persusiveness and putting on a false innocent-like manner came easilt to him, and Jennifer Petit likely fell for his reasurring words. In my mind although both men are evil incarnate.

 Komisarjevsky is even more culpable as he was basically the diplomat the liason with the boy next door face and he seemed so solicitous of thier needs, bringing water to them, "letting them use the bathroom" etc.  I am certain she had no idea Komisarjevsky was molesting Michaela, as she was tied up in a seperate area during the home invasion and clearly she was not assaulted herself until after the money was procured.

In any event,  Komisarjevsky actually tried to explain away those pornographic trophy photos of little Michaela Petit that were taken into custody in the following way; "I took them so I could later blackmail Dr Petit with them."

I was really irritated that this writer Brian MacDonald did not offer his own side narrative regarding these obvious attempts at eschewing facts from the case( facts already known to officials) and trying to wrestle them into something else something that  made him look less  the monster that he  he clearly was/ is and at the same time trying to appear credible to the reader and the writer, as if to say see..'.I am telling you things that I did that could make me look bad, so I must be telling the truth about the whole set of crimes...right...right?!?"

Instead, MacDonald acted as a vessel for a sociopath, the least of what he did was knowingly breaking a gag order which ironically was placed on the case  to protect the accused men's right to a fiar trial, by not deluging the press and media with facts from the trial, hoping to insure as much impartiality as possssie.