May 22, 2009

Moral Philosophy and the Death Penalty

A superb moral and philosophical look at the Death Penalty. The readers comments are as interesting as the article itself and the blog is extremely intelligent and well written - I will definitely be a regular here.

Conn. governor vows to preserve death penalty

Thank God for Governor Rell. Its funny, I have been a registered democrat most of my life and have long considered myself a fairly "liberal" person - But after watching and listening to the mostly democratic General Assembly debate and wrangle with a succession of important crime legislation- much of which have been proposed in the wake of the Petit family murders, I am sincerely reevaluating my party affiliations.

How can I be a member of a political group whose morals and principles concerning the most essential and sacred of all political issues, I find to be weak and worse, self serving. Taxes and same-sex marriage quickly fall by the wayside, if we cannot be one in the fight against violent crime- It should be a no brainer.

As far as I am concerned, most of the debates within the house and Senate can be boiled down to a singular issue - how we treat fellow human beings who have been victimized by violence ? And let those words really sink in.. Now This is what the death penalty debate is really about - The victims of violence and the true notion of obtaining Justice for them and their families.
Peel away all of the other nonsense, "closure' ' retaliation' et al, this is what remains; Justice.

Connecticut Senate votes to abolish death penalty

What a disaster - Our only hope now lies with Governor Rell via a veto. The Senate needs a 2/3 majority to override any veto, since the Senate vote was so close at 19-17, they do not have the necessary voting power to override and the veto would then stand. Governor Rell has made it clear in the past that she believes in capital punishment for 'the most heinous of murder cases" although she has stopped just shy of using the word "veto" - a wise habit of hers, she most likely does not wish to throw that power around willy nilly nor appear to be holding it over the heads of the General Assembly.

Please let Governor Rell know that you don't wish to live in a state where there is little deterrence for murder and rape and no hope for justice for the worst of brutally murdered victims. If this bill for the abolition of the death penalty is made int law Violent crime will increase;The worst sentence that a murderer can draw would be life without parole, which will then mean that every defense attorney in the state will now clog up the courts attempting to get the lighter sentence of" life with chance of parole" for all of their murdering defendant's. Its called 'give an inch take a mile' and insofar as defense attorneys are concerned, this has historically had terrible results. They have no moral guideposts.

More later

May 14, 2009

House votes to revoke death penalty

Above is a decent article on the recent house vote to repeal the death penalty. Please get involved, the Senate is next to vote on this, let the members of the CT Senate know in no uncertain terms that we will not vote for anyone who now votes to abolish the Death Penalty. We will remember thier vote in our voting booths in the next elections; this is an core issue of public safety and there is no more important decision that as lawmakers they will make..

Below is a link to a listing of how each member of the house voted. Bear in mind that Mike Lawlor as co chair of the judiciary committee, has had a great deal of influence over the entire democratic legislative vote on abolishment. He is an ex- prosecutor and has been vocal against the DP for many years. We will have to rely on the people of East haven his consituants, to remember his abysmal voting record in all matters of criminal judicial safety in the next local election.