May 23, 2014

Is Prom Murder Reflection of our Societal Trends?

Prom Murder is a Reflection of our Society and mirrors it's Needs     ..

This Post in Psychology Today is a good piece about an supposedly increasing societal issue but its asking the wrong question, and  with the usual amount of sensationalism which the media's depiction of could do without..

The question is not will this become a trend such as columbine Virginia tech The Amish School The Colorado Massacre - it should be why oh why are these types of crimes seemingly on the increase?

And yes I throw a bone at the evolution of high tech Media and the fact that news is spread so quickly and so broadly insofar as demographics over the Last 10 to 20 years.

Therefore we are all hearing about awful crimes faster and with more detail generally as well as the blogosphere which used to be the grassroots underworld of writers imagine dank dark dirty bars and coffee shops where lap tops are " rat a tattating" as generations opine often for free on the latest societal happening that effects us.

All I could think about while reading about this innocent young girl's life cut short simply over jealousy by a would b paramour= who upon further investigation donned many of the symptoms' of oppositional Defiant disorder. Or even anti social personality there are a myriad of unundiagnosed and scarier un identified by their peers teachers and counselors - those people deigned to watch over each and every teen and preteen and to insure any worrisome behaviors and issues are addressed immediately.

The questions that Psychology Today are asking are somewhat vapid and I was disappointed with how little they did with such an important subject.

All violence should not be lumped together nor should the media walk that tightrope whereupon their almost alluding or datng the next Prom killer to materialize.

In addition Teenagers and tweens have a ludicrous sense of immortality as well even the kids that are not terribly violent are being deensitized everyday and as parents its out duty to disallow access to those vulgar video games and computer games that sensationalize killing for sport and in fact give extra points for beating homeless men and street walkers.

This is a slippery slope and must be addressed immediately I suggest a special session of the legislation assign a task force that is comprised of no one connected to the state. In 0ther words like so many of our so called special ask force grant monies spent simply to keep the status quo in our courtrooms, we had better start actually doing and changing and informing before the next group of victims such as Megan Poston and her friends that tried to save her life some years ago , are never killed or maimed needlessly again.