Mar 4, 2011

With His Own Life in Jeopardy, DiMeo Breaks Down

It figures; murderers of this ilk, are often so stoic until it comes time for them to consider the reality of the fact that they might be held fully accountable-and be put to death by the state;

This despite their boyish looks, drug addictions, and the myriad of other facts that their lawyers have paraded in front of the jury hoping to illicit enough eympathy to get them off ie life in a prison with medical treatment paid for by the state, excersize rooms, college courses offerred for those who would like then, GED's for those who want them, books computers legal advice, spiritual advice AA and NA meetings, Three meals plus snacks Cable TV  and other amneties, sometimes conjugal visits if one is not a sexual offender (which by the way its necoming harder and harder to get on the Connecticut Sex Offender list already, as if by liberal minded osmosis thanks to Governor Malloy who as far as crime goes as severely dissapointed thus far-and I am a democrat!)

Christopher Dimeo may very well get the death penalty, or he may not-it's a 50/50 roll, but with just that 50 percent chance on the table the young man has finally shown his first real emotion since this entire double murder trial began. Not during the autopsy photos, nor the crime scene video, nor the victim impact statements from two clutches of relatives and freinds from two capital murder cases that he alone committed and for no neccesary reasons; the Connolly's were passive, he simply killed them in cold blood. The Ne York Murder despite his claims of a struiggle over a gun has all the forensic earmarks of another cold blood/panic/do not want a witness motivation. And now three people are dead, at the hands of this man.

We are waiting for the sentencing verdict from the jury, it's been in thier hands for days, although the judge has given them friday off and thus the jury resumes thier deliberations Monday.

Here is Link to another different article in the Register regarding the senetencing of Christiopher Dimeo.