Mar 29, 2010

Mar 11, 2010

Dr Petit makes good sense outside courthouse

Looks like I'm not the only one to pick up on the irony of this whole ludicrous...well, I would normally say "process"-- but as there is very little resembling judicial processs or any process for that matter between within the fits and starts, the furtive delays, and advanatgeous side shows- care of... the DEFENSE counsel both DEFENDENTS and yes sometimes aided and abbetted by the state itself. This is not to say that every member of the state including judges prosecutors and the DOC are part of the preoblem but there is a bigger picture here that involves yup- corruption, the by now usual legal blackmail that pretty much runs the judges any straggl\ler well meaning prosecutors and and a whole hoswt of things like ineptitude, politics many of us might never be aware of the full scope of ns then of course complicated further by things like grassroots and larger state organizations such as the anti-death penalty groups and prisoner protective services whose zealotry often far outweighs thier ability to grasp the big picture, much like a battered woman who will excuse her batterers blows slaps and kicks, when he later cries to her over his own abusive childhood-be it real or not depednding on his particular status of personality disorder iie if he has one which one narcicistic full blown sociopath etc.

I draw this seemingly off the path analogy because from where I sit and what I have seen heard experienced I know that thses prsioner/human rights protection groups believe in thier cause and often cannot grasp the concept of true evil and the manipulation that accompanies it. while I do not suggest we torture our prisoners, though mny express just such a desire mostly out of an understandable anger over the obvious guilt of these defendents and what theyve admitted to doing to with aforethought and sans the numbing effects of drugs even our frustration is capped only byt the wish to see justice done and yes relatively swiftly. at least someone with legal power should be abe to advocate loudly for these slain girls and thier mother thier badly beaten
fther whose daily life is still affected by his head injury, tho he never ever speaks of this not wishing to detract from the kidapping sexual assaults and murders of his young blossoming
daughters and kind anc caring wife.

The defense attorneys for hayes and komisarjevsky would like us to forget all that or certainly focus on anything else, but we ahall be tenacious, intelligent and hold bill Petit and the Petit Hawke families aloft during these very challenging times; times.
God is with us.

Mar 8, 2010

Judge In Hayes Trial Hopes Jury Selection Can Resume On March 15 - Hartford Courant

Talk about irony; Never mind the incessant and transparent stunts of the defense tems and the 'defendents" thmeselves, no novice to the Ct Judicial system themselves.)
recently the main goal woulf seem to be buying more and more "time" for their murdering clients to as they say face the piper. always always at the centerpiece of exch request, complaint and and often ludicrous motion
The worst of all of this moral turpitude is the victim baiting/bashing that has become a constant for both "accused" murderers and their state paid mouthpieces since the beggnning of the "process" we call justice system here in Connecticut very first days following the kidnappings rapes assaults and murders of Jemmifer Hawke Petit hayely and Michaela Pwtit only eleven years old at the time.
Once again the ultimately favorable outcome- in effect reward- in this case extended in the form of improved living arrangements which even other prisoners with perfect behavioral records do not receive, given to Mr Steven Hayeys are a direct result of yet more rule breaking and manipulation of a system that they have had nothing but a clear disdain and loathing for,(just look at hayes' latest mug shot and one can easily see the hatred bitterness which has done nothing but grow since his intiial taken right after he was taken into custody caught fleeing the Petits burning home and dying famiy.J

ust as both killers shared an obvious contempt for any and all constraints put upon them by society the law, by the prisons they repeatedly found themselves within the walls of- ALWAYS their own volition and choices. Then threes the the Ct court and parole system, never mind basic rules of society at large and Thur own local communities who time and time again gave them new starts and chances to begin again that were never earned.

I havnt the room nor the enrgy to delve now into the morals or the rights of other human beings-and were not talking about one or two minor strays off the path we are looking at two life long patterns of men that have used and abused a liberal court system to scoff at and ultimately use manipulated and navigate aided and abetted along their entire criminal careers by alternately apathetic inept and just plain lazy and corrupt Connecticut justice system(AND THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE OUR POLICE DEPTS who usually work hard and put their lives on the line daily despite the frustration of knowing most of their effort and hard work is near futile as they watch the courts release these dangerous criminals via dropped charges nolles plea bargains and a seemingly staunch resolution to turn these courts into little more than administrative processing mills where trials have been rendered so rare that any lawyer with any navigational know how of this system need barely make an effort even for some of the serious violent crimes like rape, severe assault, murder and yes child abuse molestation with perhaps an offer of favor and yes in some cases where the charges serious enough and attorneys familiar enough with the prosecutor-monetary incentives may even cause a charge or two and a sentence otherwise a sure thing, to disappear. Again, were not talking about every court nor every prosecutor in this state, but it happens and lest we are not clear here, corruption need not always involve money; favors, promised or implied, cronyism between lawyers and prosecutors who work" together (ie officially as adversary's but in reality lunch together share political aspirations and more than a golf game or two) make for a violent crime docket that has become irrevocably compromised-and it is the victims of these life changing violent crimes that pay for this corruption. And that is exactly what the aforementioned is, lest it not be clear enough to those who care enough to understand what has happened to our Justice system here in Connecticut.

My original point here was that either and both of these two men including Steven Hayes have well earned repeatedly the daily lifestyle they found themselves in- and not by their obvious guilt over the taking of three lives, for in this country despite how obvious a persons guilt may be we Must temporarily withhold judgement before a trial for teem is inducted
by law. And yet as we adhere with committed tenacity to this tenet and extend far beyond BASIC human right to these prisoners they continue their outright refusal to adhere to the rules regulations such as j k overt breaking a court ordered gag order on the case and co writes a book which in turn his ex partner and lawyers immediately latch onto as a perfect means to an end as a great excuse to yet again put off the beginning of jury selection for Mr Hayes trial -citing unfair disadvantage to their client now due to this illegally procured and written book.

A book that sits in the Cheshire local library where it may be read by children friends of then 11 year old Michaela Petit whose sexual assault and murder, along with her mothers, is described in detail. months long meetings and rallies ensued by concerned town residents who, despite paying taxes for this very library's existance were told it was "the right thing to do for them to buy this book co authored by one of the killers, stock several copies on their shelves despite the fact that its very existance is illegal ie cited gag order never mind the fact that trial for either man no matter the illegality of the books origination which has never been in dispute.

AND NOW Mr HAYES SITS IN A SUNNY infirmary with windows where he had none before his "suicide attempt" drugs to quell his fear and anxiousness, (which he's been given since day one of his incarceration )

books to read and a considerably more comfortable daily lifestyle.
And he got that stay his lawyers have been putting in for at every hearing thus far, delays for jury selection the trial itself and the hearings themselves. The reasons thus far have largely been your typical lawyer fare, clear attempts and putting off the inevitable-at the surviving victim and families paying the price emotionally and literally along with the rest of every tax paying good citizen of this state.