Feb 25, 2011

Judge, Defense Clash During Cheshire Trial Hearings

As usual, a great article from the Tribune. When will Jeremiah Donovan and co. learn that a little humility goes a long way? This willy-nilly pugnacious tact, first  trying to get rid of the presiding judge, verbally attacking the lone surviving victim, the media, and now- the families of the victims. This is really not the best stance to be taking under the circumstances, never mind professional or personal ethics.

But on second thought, all the better. Ultimately, they're only helping to get this guy the death penalty; by vilifying themselves and their client, even more than he already has done - via his own actions.

Perhaps Donovan is suffering from something akin to the Stockholm syndrome, you know, that altered mental state where a person starts to lose their entire sense of separateness and a sick symbiotic- like relationship develops, in this case with a criminal client Of course, that relationship is completely based upon a thick as bricks denial system and an almost Svengali-like hold that the perpetrator/psychopath has over his "subject", who in this case is his lawyer.

Hey I'm just incredulous at the level of "vigorous defense" that these state paid public defenders go to in order to try to rid their murderous clients of their accountability for taking three innocent lives. Never mind the amounts of state money being spent on some of these ridiculous barrage of motions. These attorneys should be getting fined for abusing this process and wasting tax payers money that pays their salaries. They actually came up with their own private team of investigative poll takers, to poll all four counties in Connecticut in order to determine which county is least likely to give the death penalty to their client Joshua Komisarjevsky.

This was done, believe it or not,to back up a motion for change of venue,to either Fairfield or Stamford Counties, because,as the lawyers cited freely to Judge Blue, those counties showed a distinct propensity for being more likely to not give their client the death penalty. Simply translated; the residents in these
regions know less about the details of the case, particularly that Komisrajevsky was in fact the ringleader, the brainchild and most importantly, if not for his desire to rape an 11 year old girl, none of these murders would have taken place.