Mar 5, 2011

Fisher: Nancy Garrido was many things, but not a mother


This case, like just about the rest of the world, makes me angry, bitter, sad, and sustantially less grateful. Grateful that this child, now a woman with two children of her own (via rape of her abductor), is alive, she will at least have the chance to live out the rest of her life, granted with all of the emotional scarring that accompanies such a burden;

 Still, unlike the chance that so many other abducted children across this nation are not fortunate enough to receive, as they either meet brutal deaths at the hands of sadistic pedophile child predators or shiver live out lives of Svengali like servitude to the likes of Phillip Garrido and his Hench-women partner in crime, Nancy Garrido, without whom, Mr Garrido,llikely could never have carried out the task of luring this trusting child quite so easily or at all for that matter. This makes her more culpable in my book, rather than the bettered woman syndrome her attorneys are presently desperately trying to portray within a plea deal that would spare everyone, include Jaycee Lee and her two daughters, from having to testify.

It also gives one pause as to just how many other Jaycee Lee Dugard's are out there, alive, living under some kind of barbaric forced slavery in someones backyard or cellar, their easy obedience stemming from the ease in which one may foist a Stockholm like syndrome upon a child.

We must begin educating all of our of age children re this exact type of monster( ie Stockholm syndrome and the rest) that you cannot necessarily see, nor hear, and most essentially,undertsanding how one uses it against you and how to extricate yourself from its grasp if you are unlucky enough to find yourself thus entrapped..