Apr 16, 2010

11th Juror Picked In Hayes Murder Trial

Family of beaten Deerfield Beach Middle School teen releases hospital photos - Sun Sentinel

This story appalls.

There are actually a fair amount of ignoramuses claiming that this young 15 yr old girl who was brutally stomped and beaten almost to death last month in Deerfeild beach Fla, while at her middle school, a male non-studentt sent to the young teen who very nearly killed after knocking her down and kicking her defenseless body with steel tipped boots as she lay on the ground in a semi conscious defenseless state.

The majority of the kicks were to her head face chest, any one of which could have killed her via brain injury-internal bleeding and never mind plain old blood loss. The number one area of the body that is injured during so called " intimate/domestic violence"(both dangerously broad definitions used to categorize certain types of violence against women and often misused by law enforcement the courts in the process. always to the detriment of the victim...( but that I'll address later) is the head and face region, often leaving women and girl victims with Traumatic brain injuries, AKA TBI'S which formerly were called concussions, if there was no fracture or inner bleed such as a hematoma--of which there are several kinds-depending on where the bleed is in relation to the brain ie subdural or epidural if you ll recall actress Natasha
died completely unexpectedly from just such an injury last year; consider that the insult to her brain was one single comparatively mild head impact when she fell in the snow during a begginner ski lesson(which meant it was taking place on a very gradual ski slope aka "bunny slope"

Some of you might recall that Natasha was speaking and walking normally just after she fell, even refusing the medical help that the instructor offerred which was protocal for that ski resort for any and all falls no matter how seemingly minor or the status of the client. as she felt "fine" in the minutes following the minor tumble. This is what emergency medical personell and Doctors call talking and they are most dangerous as the patient often seems perfectly lucid and verbally responsive - even chatty right after what can be a relatively innocuous seeming head bump or even a mere shaking of the head. (one does not have to have sustained a direct blow to head to receive life threatening brain damage-similar to shaken baby syndrome or in domestic violence shaken women another common practice anmong abuser,s if a person has there head merely shaken violently-as when a man grabs a woman and shakes her by the shoulders roughly causing her head to snap back and forth, this can cause serious damage and or death, The brain is like a ball of harderened jello and it is encased in our hard skull in order to proect it because itisdso vital to our survival

When someone is shaken or thier head struck into something hard like a wall or floor or like Rhianna a dashboard and windshield the brain literally bounces around inside the skull where there are bony prominances unfortunately that point inward as if very thick thorns almost; this causes several types of damage; one is the regular coup-contracoup injury, which means brain strikes the opposite side of skull that it has been struck into ie wall the floor or fist as it first strikes theone side it gets bruised called a contusion and then it bounces back and then hits the opposite side of the skull as ifin a bouce. Now the victim has two major areas of their brain that are vulnerable to at the very least damage and at the worst bleeding, the laTTER of which can quickly or slowly build up pressuere in the cranial cavity and cause death, coma and or brain damage. The last two are the lucky ones if you can fathom that.

The brain and the head are one of the most common areas of the body struck and damaged in attacks on women and girls both from men they know have dated are dating or sexual predators;As Ive ponited out many of these injuries result in death, coma, brain damage and at the very least, life changing symptoms such as: severe vertigo,(SENSATION of you or your world spinning or moving, when you/it is not) hearing loss, tinnitus, post traumatic headaches that resemble severe migraines (vascular originated) Memory problems aphasia-ie problems speaking or recalling words, tremors,

Then there are the conditions that may result immediately or take years to develop from the time of the attack or the last assault in a chronic domestic violence situation The list includes Parkinson's disease, a severe movement disorder, (think Mohammad ali the boxer and all of the many many blows to the head/face that he sustained over the years. seizures, hydrocephalus- a serious condition where-fluid builds and stays in the ventricles of the brain causing a myriad of symptoms such as severe balance problems, a shuffling gait severe memory impairment to the point where women as young as 28 have to be in nursing type homes for the remainder of their lives-The fortunate ones are able to have either temporary or usually permanent shunts installed outside the ventricles in the brain that continuouslu drain the fluid from that area down to a tube that leads to the outside of the stomach in order to lesson the symptoms which can also include severe issues with memory, learning disabilities, drastic personality changes and one of the scariest tome--dementia,

In fact there is a type of dementia that has been discovered to result years after assaults to the head or repeated years of abuse to face and head area; its actually similar to Alzheimer's disease though it can afflict young persons who have sustained head injury esp multipleones, justas easily -It is called dementia pugilistica ie (as in boxers) and it can occur from either multiple blows to the head and/or choking within an attack or years or simply months-of abuse involving the head and neck.

Choking causes anoxia- loss of blood flow to the brain and can then cause brain cells to die thereby causes similiar symptoms diseases and damage as direct blows to the head and or face. There is something called coup contracoup injury to the brain wgich sadly is also very coimmon in dimnestic violence victims as it results from the head being struck into a hard objectie like a wall a headboard windshield of car-think of Rhianna)

Apr 14, 2010

Core Energetics Support for Returning Veterans

A great assist to Vets with PTSD and even those who managed to escape this common response to exposure to violence and life threatening situations.

One step closer (maybe) to finding Billy Smolinski

Two articles that are a must read for everyone living in the state concerning new laws and procedures for missing persons largely affecting the crucial first days of the disappearances of any adult person.

Please familiarize yourself with the changes to these important laws, it could someday affect you or someone you care about.


Apr 12, 2010

DON PESCI: Hayes’ guilty plea first on, then off -

Good commentery by Don Pesci regarding the recent reversal of co-"defendent" Steven Hayes' surprising- and subsequently- fleeting Guilty plea to the sexual assault and murder charges for Jennifer Hawke Petit and her daughters 17 year old Hayley and 11 year old Michaela.

Appropriately, the piece really speaks more to the absurdity of our Connecticut Judicial system rather than the issue of Mr Hayes's almost predictable recent flip flop of his plea back to his original NOT GUILTY - care of his state appointed attorney's near rabid opposition to criminal accountability especially when it originates from the client/defendent, no matter the hienous brutality of the crimes that he admits to committing. In fact Ive read about twenty articles in the paper and online citing hayes attorneys refferring to his change to a guilty plea last week as a "state assisted suicide" which they would do evry thing in thier powet to stop. And so they did-they obviously wore down hayes until he withdrew his admission of guilt.
When did telling the truth and taking acccountability become "crazy" and bad?
when did the right to a fair defense become THIS?

Another Twist in a Connecticut Triple-Murder Case - NYTimes.com

Apr 7, 2010

Cheshire Home Invasion Suspect Hayes Changes Mind Again; Jury Selection To Resume - Courant.com

I suppose we should have seen this coming; Hayes lawyers obviously wore him down until he changed his plea back to not guilty.

I heard today on the news that after Hayes surprise change to a guilty plea in the Petit murders of 07 at last weeks hearing, his staeappomied satomedsslawyers vowed to do " anything and everything in their power to quote "stop Mr "Hayes from committing suicide"-- this, their notion of what pleading guilty to aggravated rape, robbery triple murde, arson and assault , crimes Mr Hayes is clearly guilty of, thereby acccountability for his actions, his crimes and save the surviving victim and thee families family further grief suffering not to mention the state of Connecticut a lot of money in a unappealed guilty plea/ probable eventual death penalty, albeit years and years after so,meomemhawayfromscuslly Yes in this state even when you don't want to appeal a much deserved death sentenc, it seems our system inflicts its very own auto-appeal process onto even its worst violent criminals, costing the family of the victims and any surviving victims unneccesary prolomged heartxhe and angst and the state millions of dollars in the process.

Apr 2, 2010

Dr. Petit Calls Hayes Guilty Plea a "Moment of Honesty" | NBC Connecticut

This is Steven Hayes finally showing that he wants to do the right thing and it also explains why the competency hearing etc was probably ordered in the first place; he likely told his attorneys he wanted to admit what he'd done and get it over with and they immediately went into typical predictable auto pilot moral less criminal attorney mode and scrambled to have him proved incompetent before he got his chance to change his plea-which is his right as a defendant in a murder rape trial.

Now watch these lawyers do their absolute best to cost the system money and just like the Joseph Duncan case-Dylan Shasta Greene- immediately pounce on pursuing this ludicrous incompetency angle. When did getting a fair defense by the state when one cannot afford their own private attorney, turn into an excuse to throw accountability and human decency and justice out with the morning garbage?

The hijacking of our system by what is by now rote, cost consuming maneuverings, in the relatively rare cases where a defendant wants to actually take responsibility for harming killing raping and and or maiming another human being(s), has got to stop. All of us must become involved if we ever hope to change this complicated mess that has become our justice system.

This starts with availing ourselves with knowledge and awareness of our own states criminal justice system, how it really works, who makes the decisions that fuel it IE the influential state legislators, the influence, or lack thereof of the state judiciary committee, local power attorneys state appointed and otherwise judges prosecutors and thier records and reputations and much more.
I get that its unpleasent to talk or even think about but At the core of all of this lies the need to allow ourselves to truly ponder what the victims of these crimes experience-and put ouraselves and our loved ones in thier place, despite the obvious discomfiture this brings us.
To consider deeply the huge reaching effects of just one murder, rape, one assault one child abduction, molestation, home invasion kidnapping and any and all crimes with violence at the core. The victims must once again become the focal point and then justice, true justice may some day become a reality in our courts--- or at least the norm not the rare exception that it has become.