Mar 27, 2011

Petition for Paula; Paula's Story

Please read Paula's story attached to this link and sign the petition to keep this young girl's murderers from becoming Paroled.

The fact that this family has to endure this fight every two years, fighting against the two murderer/rapists that  stole their daughter's life, from being released into the public, is a perfect representation of  the state of our judicial system's within the United States.

Please get involved in your state's legislative involvement; become aware, as many of us walked about assuming our government was doing its best to protect us, and this is often not the case. Watch your legislators, who you vote for in each town and city as well as Governors, existing and at voting time-use your votes carefully!

I realize that violent crime is a subject that most people prefer not to think about, let alone become actively involved in changing.
It is unpleasant, scary and it makes our seemingly safe, protected, innocent world, too difficult-or actually, too real.

But Paula is just one of many children women, and men, who either lose their lives violently or become victims of sexual assault, assault or predation, in one form or another, and then become doubly victimized by the very judicial system created to protect other victims, as well as afford the current victim of violent crime something as closely akin to justice that can be served.

Become more aware of your state's particular weaknesses, regarding the laws and more importantly, at the court level, the application of the laws that exist or are created in the wake of needless crimes; How are the repeat predators slipping through the cracks, and literally being set loose by those deemed the "good guys" to maim and kill?

If you are inclined or able, please donate via the Paula site, any amount that you can, in order to keep the Petition and the organization going - even a few dollars helps tremendously, as it all adds up.

Remember, Paula is you, she is me, she is your child,  your heart. Do not live with the mistaken reality that this will all go away and cannot happen in your world. Please add your voice and your involvement in the fight against crime in your state and country's law-making and Court  Parole and Penal systems.

Vote for your State legislators according to their records or their stance on violent crime. There is simply no more essential "issue" for those running for office, from town selectman to bigger city house Representatives, State senators,mayors and Governors, who are at the nucleus of every state decision concerning violent crime - this through their power to veto laws that they consider wrong or  putting the public at risk.

Use your votes wisely. Do the work and research not what is being claimed by those running for office, but rather what their voting records have been in the past within in your state's General Assembly as well as your State's senate.

Note; If you are unsure of how or where to start, please email me via my profile email link and I will help fill you in on the simplest of ways that you can become involved in public safety and the struggle for tangible Justice in your corner of this world.

Thank you,


Petition for Paula