Jan 30, 2012

A deluge of violent crime in Connecticut

Over the course of this one week in the State of Connecticut::

A homeless man was murdered by an insane Florida  man

A man was arrested in Trumbull for knocking his estranged wife to the ground and punching the responding police officer in the face and engaging in a violent brawl with the officer and another off duty policeman who happened to be driving by the scene. The man was wanted on a previous warrant for punching the same woman in the face while driving in a car over a month ago.

A clip from a handgun was found in the assailant's pocket and Police finally located his handgun which as a convicted felon as well as a person listed on a restraining order he was not allowed to own, even had the weapon been registered which of course it was not. Three Policemen were injured by the battering husband who was not injured at all.

Two women in Cheshire Connecticut one 18 and another 41 were sexually assaulted by a man who threatened to kill them. Thankfully police later found the perpetrator via the women's descriptions of the man, and traced him to a home in Seymour where he was arrested and the court put a 500,000 bond on the man.

It should be noted that the Trumbull woman who was stalked and slammed to the ground by her husband, who was already wanted for punching her in the face in a moving car and breaking a restraining order was given a 60,000 bond - which equates to 6,000 to a bail bondsman to be freed from jail and back out where statistically many men seek out their wives and attempt further harm or murder in such situations.

One can only assume that this disparity in Bail amount is because this crime was considered a domestic violence crime, and as such our courts or our police do not consider these violent crimes as seriously as violent crime committed by a stranger. In this day and age, with all of the knowledge that we have amassed regarding 'partner /intimate violence, this is simply unacceptable, especially when one considers that domestic crimes account for  the majority of female homicides.


Officers injured in violent brawl in Trumbull WTNH.com Connecticut

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