Jan 27, 2012

Joshua Komisarjevsky: Cheshire Home Invasion Killer Sentenced To Death Friday

Again,  no adequate words to truly capture the culmination of heartache and loss felt within the Petit and Hawke family's victim impact statements at today's formal Sentencing for Joshua Komisarjevsky.

United in deep and abiding empathy for these victims, and their family, the people of Connecticut have waited nearly five years for Justice to be served to the two men who ended the lives of  Jennifer Petit and her daughters Hayley 17, and Michaela 11, in July 2007. William Petit Jr was severely assaulted within the home invasion but managed to survive, losing his wife and children..

Today, the final reckoning was formally bestowed upon the second man tried for these crimes, and  long-considered the instigator, initially targeting the Petit girls at a local supermarket  and following them home.  Judge Blue, who presided over  both men's trials, officially sentenced Komisarjevsky to death, noting that  while "it is a terrible sentence, It is a sentence that Komisarjevsky wrote for himself with deeds of unimaginable horror and savagery."

Thankfully, the Petit and Hawke families left the courtroom while  Komisarjevsky made what amounted to a lament to the open court. Expectedly, there was not an ounce of genuine regret, remorse or accountability within his statement.
"You must be the change that you wish to see in this world."

 Michaela Petit's
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Anonymous said...

Agreed! I was following the hearing on twitter this morning and got so emotional that my husband made me stop. I don't know how Dr. Petit gets out of bed in the morning, but am glad that he has been able to have a life and fight for justice for his lost family.

Take care,

Laurel O'Keefe said...

I know Steph,there are so many people like you, and I, who hurt to the core over these crimes! From the very day that I heard about them, I have been forever changed. The length of time that the Petit family ( and the public) had to wait while the "cases" inched thier way through the Judicial process, was ridiculous and tortuous. It made the notion of any "natural" healing imposssible and indeed that "process" forced everyone to be re traumatized at many junctures.

Thankfully and miraculously, despite such heavy burden and challenge, an inordinate amount of good has come from the work of the Petit Foundation. The good really began the day that Dr Petit memorialized his family and asked of us to carry thier legacy forward ie "... live with a faith that embodies action, help a nieghbor, fight for a cause, love your family.. "