Jan 21, 2012

Suspect in Violent Hammer Attack Remains At Large


Randy Breton, age 41 is still at large for breaking into a home and attacking his former girlfriend, her 16 year old daughter and an 18 year old male friend of the family with a hammer. Breton caused severehead and brain injury to the young male and somewhat less severe injuries to both women, although all three were considered seriously injured with one critically so.
I had already assumed Breton had been arrested in the past for partner or domestic violence, and thus when I saw this mugshot of him, I was validated but not pleased as he undoubtedly received some kind of light sentence in the past, if he was sentenced at all. Many Connecticut courts will give what amounts to scads of .
" free fist offenses to assailants involved in anything dubbed "Domestic violence" Accelerated Rehabilitation or AR is a common first time method of basically erasing a crime or set of crimes where  assault and or stalking and or criminal restraint threatening etc is involved. AR is really a form of nolle in that the perp gets a 13 month period whereby if they don't commit any other violent crimes inthe interim, the original charge or charges will be erased, dropped from their criminal record, meaning they will have no criminal record.
Then there are the outright dismissals and nolles, depending on the court, that may occur daily in DV dockets especially, if the prosecutor is of a certain ilk whereby if a case becomes even slightly difficult due to a frightened or Brain washed victim( ie a Stockholm like syndromes which is very common with battered women) the case is simply dropped or nolled depending on how serious the crimes were.

This also leaves a dangerous violent offender typically male - with either no record or a record that is so minimal watered down thanks to standardized plea deals. that involve no actual prison time and the assailant of course feels emboldened by this utter lack of  criminal judicial accountability, and thus, they return to the abuse and battering with certainty that no real consequence will come of it.

Until they either kill someone or almost kill someone. And to the latter in reality even many a maimed victim has watched her assailant walk out of a courthouse without serving a day in prison or even being convicted of the charges he so rightly earned This happens almost without fail  because the crimes were labeled "Domestic" and the judicial slide rule for such crimes in the state of Connecticut, supposedly a progressive intelligent state with one of the highest per cpiat incomes and education levels in the country, is considerably more liberal than their already too liberal sentencing standards vs the criminal protocol on paper.

In reading the linked article I scanned the comments and found one by Breton's ex wife who claimed terrible abuse to both she and her children by this man. She wanted readers to know that he was extremely dangerous as he is still at large, which means he may hurt yet another woman -  or man - or child.

Suspect in Violent Hammer Attack Remains At Large

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