Jan 4, 2012

Lester Jackson re The Death Penalty and American Justice

Another great article by pro-Justice pro-death penalty advocate Lester Jackson.  This article is always timely but particularly for those of us who live in Connecticut and/or who have been following the J. Komisarjevsky trial, the second man to be convicted in the capital murders of the Jennifer Hayley and Michaela Petit.

Komisarjevsky was given the death penalty by a jury of twelve members of his peers and this did not come easily or swiftly for his jury;  After six days of difficult grappling with mitigating and aggravating factors as per the courts instructions, these  Jurors would later say that they were in tears when they came to their final decision -  which was that a death sentence was warranted for the brutal and savage nature of the murders.

Dr William Petit and every one of the Petit, Hawke, Renn and Chapman families are now waiting for the "Official Sentencing by the presiding Judge, Judge Blue.

Jeremiah Donovan who almost single-handedly led a  veritable arsenal of verbal attacks against the grieving Petit family members for apparently expecting Justice for the torture rapes and murders of their beloved family members. To make matters even more despicable the defense attorney's often ugly cruel and incessant attacks seemed largely focused  upon sole survivor William Petit, who his client Joshua Komisrajevsky actually taunted verbally both within his hand written "journals" confiscated by prison officials, and in letters and interviews with writer Brian MacDonald, when this he chose to break the judge mandated gag order long placed on the case, Komisarjevsky continuing to thumb his nose at Connecticut's judicial system agreeing to give MacDonald what turned out to be a natutuarlly self serving version of the home invasion, pointing hius finfer at steven hayes despite the fact that he had been the one to target the women in the Petit family earlier that day at an area supermarket.

Yet, Komisarjevsky an obviously practiced sociopath, was at the same time aware that police had confiscated a great deal of evidence and testimony from the police surrounding the house etc and so he
 used that evidence and testimony, which he was no doubt made aware was circulating around the media and internet.

Things like the fact that both men ran out of the just ignited Petit house laughing, knowing that bth Hayely and Michaela were left to die tied to thier beds in an inferno of thier making. Komisarjevsky purposely brought up to MacDonald knowing that it must be adressed as the papers had gotten a hold of it once a policemen near enough to the scene had seen and heard the men laughing as they sprinted out of the house, saying that Hayes let out a maniacal laugh as they ran out.

 Komisrjevsky, ever the manipulator, even took the stance that he was he was offended at his accomplices bad manners. This from a man who had just commtted aggravated rape of an 11 year old and left her tied to a bed splashed with gas ready to die from a fire that both men had planned at 6 am that morning when Komisrajevsky gave Hayes directions to a gas station farther from the POetit house hoping he'd be less likely to be caught on tape or remembered.

The bottom line is that the testimony of the police officer in the bushes closest to the men was that they were both laughing- both.(These and other Facts of the case made it out" to the media before the gag order had been imposed and had naturally been latched onto by a horrified public who, for good reason, simply couldn't wrap their heads around such evil behavior from two men who just murdered three human beings, two of them veritable children.

This wasnt the only occasion that Komsiarjevsky peppered his letters and later his interviews with the writer, with oft-times ludicrous rationalizations for said evidence;  Case in point:  the police had confiscated  Komisarjevsky's cell phone, which he of course knew had photos of 11 year old Michaela Petit tied to her bed in various nude and semi nude poses.

 The photos were even time stamped and if one does some basic sleuthing, most of them appeared to have happened when partner Steven Hayes was out doing the dirty work ie buying gasoline to burn down the Petit's home, taking Mrs Petit to the bank to procure 15,000 in  cash to buy the safety of her family, a family that she did not even realize had already been brutalized;  I am certain the men carefully kept the fact that Komsiarjevsky beat her husband with a bat nearly to death before tying him in the cellar, secret from Mrs Petit, otherwise I believe if she had even a whiff at the brutality that Komisrajevsky especially was capable of, she would have run when she had the chance at the bank. Komisarjevsky is the one that according to Dr Petit and his own testimony, did all the talking. It is obvious that he is the more practiced and evolved sociopath, meaning his skills of persusiveness and putting on a false innocent-like manner came easilt to him, and Jennifer Petit likely fell for his reasurring words. In my mind although both men are evil incarnate.

 Komisarjevsky is even more culpable as he was basically the diplomat the liason with the boy next door face and he seemed so solicitous of thier needs, bringing water to them, "letting them use the bathroom" etc.  I am certain she had no idea Komisarjevsky was molesting Michaela, as she was tied up in a seperate area during the home invasion and clearly she was not assaulted herself until after the money was procured.

In any event,  Komisarjevsky actually tried to explain away those pornographic trophy photos of little Michaela Petit that were taken into custody in the following way; "I took them so I could later blackmail Dr Petit with them."

I was really irritated that this writer Brian MacDonald did not offer his own side narrative regarding these obvious attempts at eschewing facts from the case( facts already known to officials) and trying to wrestle them into something else something that  made him look less  the monster that he  he clearly was/ is and at the same time trying to appear credible to the reader and the writer, as if to say see..'.I am telling you things that I did that could make me look bad, so I must be telling the truth about the whole set of crimes...right...right?!?"

Instead, MacDonald acted as a vessel for a sociopath, the least of what he did was knowingly breaking a gag order which ironically was placed on the case  to protect the accused men's right to a fiar trial, by not deluging the press and media with facts from the trial, hoping to insure as much impartiality as possssie.

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