Feb 1, 2012

Man Accused Of Hammer Attack To Appear In Court

I am sorry to report that this article in the Courant also centers around an intimate violence crime that happened last month in New Britain Connecticut.

The man who was wanted for attempted murder, multiple felony assault and a slew of other charges, assaulted with a hammer his ex girlfriend, her 16 year old daughter and an 18 year male family friend, who  happened to be at the home, with a hammer.!

The man sustained serious head brain injuries and the two women also sustained serious blunt force trauma from the man beating them with the hammer. All three have had difficult recoveries and continue to need constant medical care. TBI's or traumatic brain injuries are usually permanent, and the results can be devastating to ones daily life.

The charges ranged from attempted murder to assault in the second degree, which I found inappropriate as hitting someone with a hammer should qualify for at the very minimum, assault in the 1st degree ie with a deadly weapon - the hammer.

If not attempted murder for all three victims. It has been my observation that often times police departments are conservative with certain charges in a multiple crime case fearful that just one charge that the court considers inappropriately severe might damage the entire case, or rather damage the chances of obtaining convictions on all of the charges.

I cant say that I am a fan of this practice - it is dangerous in fact as it leaves shorter sentences for crimes of lesser severity than what were actually committed; I am aware of where it stems from and that is the Polices experience with the prosecutorial efforts or lack thereof, and the realistic results of most of the violent crime cases that as first responders, they see the carnage of as opposed to the states attorneys that basically administrate justice in the form of lenient plea deals or even outright dismissals and Nollie's for first second and even third time offenders.

These deals involving no prison time whatsoever are doled out daily in what our states would have us believe are Courts with Domestic Violence specialists. This basically amounts to that particular court having been given grant monies for said domestic violence dockets, grants that were intended to infuse awareness of partner violence and its often life and death consequences, especially if ignored or treated lightly,

In the recent past there have actually been training sessions for Connecticut Police men and women by what amounts to a prosecutorial liaisons that in effect pass on a their own personal brand of misogynistic apathy and frustration for dealing with pardner and domestic violence and thus these police many of them rookies are actually being brainwashed to go easy on the sentencing of anything that can be considered a domestic crime, unless of course three people are almost dead from hammer blows. It is as this point when a weapon is involved and the violence has become life altering and people have been literally maimed that the police at least will take it seriously. It still remains to be seen whether or not the prosecutors handling the crimes will do the same.

My educated guess is that this man who committed these assaults and attempted murders, had a history of arrests, and calls out to the home of former wives and/ or women he was simply dating.

I will also bet that those "brushes" were likely treated lightly in Court, with the man serving no prison time, and quite possibly not even winding up with a criminal record, and or his record ie his convictions if they happened were watered down versions of what he actually committed in terms of severity.

Indeed having a crime like this one, labeled domestic violence does it a distinct disservice, at least in this state, for the victims of these statistically very dangerous crimes.

In this case, this was an ex husband of some duration, who just decided he didn't want his ex wife to be with any man other than him and as such, he would kill or maim her and her new beau, and any innocent other people who happen to be in the house at the time of his attack.

The term domestic violence has become ever widening in this state and this is part of the reason we are seeing this deluge of so called domestic/partner/ex partner crimes. If a woman simply knows the man who assaults or kidnaps her, this crime will likely be placed under the domestic violence docket" which more and more Connecticut courts have installed. And instead of following the national trend, which to take these crimes as seriously or more seriously as their non "domestic counterparts" based upon what this country has learned at both the criminal level the forensic levels and the psycho-social implications connected therein.

Connecticut is actually doing the opposite; there are still too many prosecutors that not only embrace the idea that if an assault is committed by anyone from a boyfriend to a person that a woman once dated or knew, the crimes should be treated more leniently from a sentencing standpoint. They are in fact effectively training our Police professionals to "go easier" with the actual charges that these men are charged with.

There is in fact a completely different scale that exists for a crime committed by someone that a female victim either knows, dated or was married to -  and it is this disparity starting with the very first crimes committed by these men,  treated with veritable slap's on the wrist, that are leading to  escalating violent assaults, and murders by men emboldened by the ease in which they traversed through an apathetic, almost apologetic court system. Case in point this hammer wielding ex boyfriend. This man had a history of assaulting his ex wife and her children. She actuallycommented in a Cournat article about the crimes when they were first committed, warning women everywhere to be on guard agaisnt this charming at first classic predator of women.  When we dig up this mans criminal records I will gurantee that when arrested his crimes were fairly serious and by the time the court was done with him, he did little or no actual time- he probably should have been behind bars in fact making his next crimes imposssible, But alas this rarely if ever happens in Connecticut save a few courts where either a tough judge prevails and controls the sentencing, or the random committed criminal states attorney.

I am certain that he had some kind of police involvement with the woman that he most recently attacked with the hammer along with her teen daughter and a male friend. This all took place at 6: 30 in the morning, when the defendent broke into the home probably hoping to catch the household asleep and off gurad,

These men often have personality disorders to begin with, ie Anti-social PD Narcissistic PD, etc., and the last thing an authority entity such as our Judicial system need do is show these men that there aren't going to be any real consequences unless their victim s is very nearly dead or close to it.

Our State needs to clean up its sentencing issues with all violent crimes NOW. We have an abysmal record for plea dealing Nollie's, A.R's and dismissals in the state of Connecticut. Some Superior courts are admittedly worse and some better than others. But almost without exception, the bulk of the sentencing culpability lies with the prosecutors in these courts as they almost always determine the sentence that an Violent crime offender winds up, care of the Plea deals that they make with  the attorneys for the "defendants".

At a rate of 97 percent of all criminal cases,  the plea deal is Connecticut  adjudication method of choice-and this is actually one of the better outcomes.

Dismissals Nolle's and A.R's ( which equates to a freebie first nolle for crimes as serious as punching a woman full in the face) also occur daily and much more frequently than they should,  leaving men who have committed dangerous violent crimes without criminal records at all or criminal records that do not reflect the actual severity of the crimes theyve committed.

And this doesnt begin to address the sentencing itself. These men, and occasionally women, belong in prison if they have committed a violent crime of any substantiality. We have learned that violent crime and partner crimes such as stalking criminal restraint escalate.

Man Accused Of Hammer Attack To Appear In Court - Hartford Courant

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