Jan 24, 2012

Komisarjevsky puts bid in to speak in court,

If this isn't classic sociopath behavior, I don't know what is. This man has been convicted and subsequently sentenced by a conscientious jury of his peers.A jury, who incidently, his own lawyers chose, using up all of  their regular and  preemptory challenges well before the opposing prosecution had even begun running out.

These same Jury members later admitted to "crying" when they ultimately voted for the death penalty for Komisarjevsky, because the law and judicial requirements pointed them straight into this decision.
Never mind their individual moral compasses, which interestingly  none of them referred to, except ironically - when speaking about how they'd exhausted every strategy trying to find something valid, within the many would be mitigators presented in order to find a way to "save Josh's life." 
This piece of related information from members of the jury , coroberated that this was the only correct and Just sentence.

As much as I was reluctant to waste space on my blog and draw attention to this latest attention seeking behavior from Joshua Komisarjevsky, I simply had to omment upon this latest ploy in a series of ploys that have littered this case, all the way from the long pre-trial discovery phase to the Hayes trial and finally throughout his own trial and penalty phase.

And now Komisarjevsky is apparently angry and bitter over getting the death penalty, placing him in a tougher prison without as many niceties and he wants to make a statement dammit.

Henow resides on death row in the same prison as his former accomplice and someone he used to describe as a" friend" , before he sold him out as the planned fall guy,  immediatelly distancing himself from Hayes, the moment the Cheshire Police had him in custody.

 His scheme of playing the innocent and Dumbstruck accomplice, like a deer caught in the headlights as all of the murderous preparations went on around him, are ridiculous especially when reading his journals and interviews with writer Brian Macdoanld.  I sat on the floor of a drug store reading the book simply to gain perpective on Komisarjevsky's official version in order to punch holes in it as it compared to his taped statement made to Cheshire Police.  

Even his various versions given to police varied with one version admittting he poured gasoline, and another claiming steve poured all the gasoline. It was said that by the time the men reached Michaela's room they'd used up almost all of the gasoline having literally doused Hayley Petit's bed with her tied in it,  likely due to the fact that she "remained defiant throughout the crimes, according to Komisarjevsky, always with" defiance flashing in her eyes,"unlike her gentler mom and sister who clearly were more to his liking as compliant victims .

In the meantime, some folks might have forgotten these terrible details of the crimes ..but I for one cannot. I will live with these details forever etched within my heart and my soul, hopefully I will relive them less s time wears on.

They say time heals all wounds and while I have seen time take the sharpest edges off of learning about  painful memories and the accompanying feelings of trauma, for me the anger remains. Especially when the man convicted of such atrocities will not accept even the slightest bit of accountability. Such is the evil of the sociopath.

Mr Komisarjevsky I propose had you not locked eyes upon a pubescent girl in a supermarket skipping through the aisles with nary a care in her world, had YOU not then proceeded to follow the little girl who you quickly ascertained was with her mom, an attractive older woman in her own rite, back to her car and then to thier home, they would all still be alive today.

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