Jan 16, 2012

Part 2 Komisarjevsky Lawyer's bid for new Trial; more of the same....

Note: This Post is continued from a previous post which can be found below it. The two part series began after a motion for a new trial was entered by convicted murderer Joshua komisarjevsky's attorneys.

Traumatized and Morally disgusted, the finally sated residents of Connecticut and other states, were just beginning to heal  after reading about and watching nearly 5 years of legal abuses by the gaggle of defense attorneys involved in this case, We have made it clear that we are equally disgusted and angered by Attorney Donovan and co.perpetual abuse of Connecticut's court processes. The notion and the word disbar has reared its head quite often among many a learned person within the comments sections of all levels of  online publications.

Donovan's latest motion http://www.scribd.com/doc/78266992/Komisarjevsky-Lawyers-Motion-New-Trial-2012  elaborated ad nausea regarding the definition of predator, indicating the predation as in as animals involved killing their prey, insisting that it was unfairly cast upon his client and colored his good name. He further states that at that time prior to the Petit rapes and murders, JK was merely a non violent thief, despite having admitted within his own penalty phase procession of witnesses that this same client was stealing panties off clotheslines, peeping into windows frequently, breaking into houses before he hit his teens.

One needs to point out to attorney Donovan that before an animal kills or maims, it stalks its prey...many do, as do sexual offenders or other human predators that do not neccesarily follow the laws of nature when it comes to sexual assault, voyeurism, arson, thievery, trophy taking  and serial murderers they all start out with their first rape robbery or murder.

As we we all know by now that no sexual predator is made overnight, they escalate as do murderers especially murderers of women and children who often kill at first strictly for practical reasons- to silence their victim, and destroy evidence of their crimes.

 So lets not parse definitions attorney Donovan.  I don't know who this lawyers is playing to with his absurd Webster Miriam definitions within this latest motion -  first defending his repeated use of the word Petit Posse citing this as a like minded group of people with a common goal or intention (ring any bells Donovan Komisarjevsky Bansford etc?)

 And then they defined predator for "the court" within this very same motion for a new trial, insisting that being called a predator by his last sentencing judge and having it oft repeated in the press negatively affected his clients ability to get a fair trial.

Attorney Donovan's over zealous and inappropriate motions and feigned indignation  eerily similar to his sociopath client.

 Komisarjevsky has a long history of objecting to being called whatever derogatory term that accompanied the dangerous and incessant crimes that he simply would not stop committing; first he was called an animal by that last prosecutor, and then later in an indirectly by Dr Petit who mentioned the animals that stole my family in his yearly memorial faithfully placed in the local papers.

Petit, who survived Komisarjevsky's baseball bat brain bashing attack as he slept on his sun porch only to have this scum co-write a book while languishing in protected prison cell, calling this sole survivor of his entire family's murders -  a coward, for not breaking loose of his zip tied hands sooner, despite massive blood loss brain injury shock and the mistaken belief that two men one well over 200 lbs were armed with a 9 mm gun. in his yearly memorial to his slain family whereby he simply says something to the effect of the animals that killed my family..."

JK actually demanded a forum in court whereupon he could have a debate with Bill Petit over his choice of wording, pretending to be utterly insulted by the implication of being called an animal. This after a 4 hour taped statement to police re how he cut off the clothing and bra of a tied up 11 year old whom he actually made re dress into a schoolgirl outfit from her former pajamas that shed worn to bed that July night!

 J.K.'s lawyers would have the jury and all of us believe that nothing was done properly for "josh" a rather innocuous sounding nickname for a cold blooded convicted child rapist arsonist torturer, bat wielding assailant,   and in the end the man who not only was shown on tape targeting a vibrant 11 year old girl and her mother as the girl skipped through the produce section like any other 11 year old would - no sign of woman about her.

Michaela Petit, as seen through the lens of the stop and shop security cameras looked eerily like a baby deer being stalked by a cretinous slouching bitter looking man..

Within this latest motion - see Scribd laurelo account for the actual motion my link is not working for a new trial, these lawyers went so far as to offer a dictionary definition of the word Posse for us, apparently to "prove" it's "accuracy" and relieve them A bit for calling of looking like the cretins that they are for name calling the victims family within the defense of a rapist and murderer.

If only they were to look at that Websters definition again and hold up a mirror to themselves and their client, they would perhaps understand the irony of them using this word.
Besides which, it's just plain bad lawyering to taunt to resort to name calling surviving victims and the victims family who have lost their family to horrific violence.

Beyond the harassment of victims and the waste of time is the purposeful exorbitant waste of state resources that this troupe of special state "public defenders" continue to consume within their inherently
evil antics.

The fact that the regular public defenders for the state were used up by Steven Hayes defense, because both men were naturally blaming each other, therefore establishing "adversarial defenses"

Connecticut was thus obliged to hire "Special public defenders" for Komisarjevsky, who, as private attorneys on call for the state, are allowed more billable hours and funds to engage the very same state in what amounted to an elaborate "show." A show designed first and foremost to bring attention to Attorney Donovan et al. ie In the rare event that he "won, like Casey Anthony's public defender, shot into stardom after pulling a rabbit from a hat with a child's blood on his hands, Donovan might just make a huge career leap. Winning" in this case however would have been obtaining a life imprisonment for his client where he could perhaps kill again within prison or like ted Bondy escape only to rape and kill again while on the run.

It should be noted that Donovan also claims to be an avid anti-death penalty proponent, no matter how dangerous the convicted, nor how much torture they inflicted upon their innocent victims. And it is
always under this false umbrella of " saving" a child predator rapist murderers "life" that the Donovan Posse rationalizes every grievous word and action, hoping he will appear noble to at least himself, if he uses the words " save a life"

In the meantime, the Komisarjevsky defense pre-trial forward, has literally bankrupted our states judicial resources. Single- handedly shutting down Connecticut courthouses to pay for the Donovan led "defense" as well as the 24 hour security that both Steven Hayes and Komisarjevsky were given in the first several years following the murders and currently en route to and from court appearances. Both men had permanent guards on sentry outside their cells for a very long time to protect the prisoners who were in solitary cells, from attempts upon their lives by other prisoners.

The Komisarjevsky defense has been nothing but the epitome of waste, following in the footsteps of the finally becoming archaic "sleazebag defense lawyer" whose arsenal consist of attack of the victims (and in this case, the family's of the dead) All in an effort to shift the jury's attention away from their clients barbarism, deflect blame and culpability and wear down the court with endless motions that although vapid and beyond rickety, must be answered by our Country and our States judicial rules.

I have watched and listened to Jeremiah Donovan say things and take actions that are the antithesis of professionalism and he does so with the same impunity as his client who targeted rape and murdered a vibrant 11 year child. Although admitting to writer Brian MacDonald to targeting the family in a supermarket because he" liked the way the younger Petit girl looked" summed up the crimes in his journals this way:

"So I hit a guy with a bat, emotionally scarred a child and robbed a family of 15,000...."

He left a raped 11 year old doused in gasoline tied to her bed to be burned alive in hopes of destroying his DNA.

He hit William Petit Jr at least 8-10 times in the skull "as hard as I could as if chopping wood"

The sole survivor Petit broke his zip tied hands from a pole in his cellar rolled to a neighbors yard yelling for help. He sustained Brain injury massive blood loss and even knowing Petit had escaped and that a policeman was hiding in the bushes, he ran back into the Petit home from their car to insure that the fire that killed the Petit girls was lit before trying to escape with his accomplice Hayes in the Petit family car.

Like Komisarjevsky, Attorney Donovan also seemingly believes himself utterly immune from basic legal moral or ethical culpability that govern us as human beings., not to mention the Connecticut State Bar.

In Komisarjevsky case we know he is a sociopath, and thus we understand exactly why he believes he needn't adhere to law, be it moral or literal. Mr Donovan however, is supposed to be an officer of the court and thus we will assume not a psychopath... yet we have watched his deceitfulness manipulation and utter dis-ingenuousness play itself out in front of media cameras and in the courtroom.

He sputtered and revised his declared reasons for such serious actions that they led to a contempt of court hearing in front of Judge Fasano, for breaking a gag order that had been on the case for years at that point.

Like his client Joshua Komisarjevsky, Donovan is as boldly deceitful and obvious with his deceit and manipulation, first claiming he carried on his own mini press conference on the steps of the Steven Hayes trial, in an effort to " spare the Petit family from believing that their 11 year old daughter, komisarjevsky's
target and motivation for the home invasion) to have been sexually assaulted in the most violent of ways as had just been uncovered within that days testimony from the child's forensic medical examiner. And after having a day to think about it, he quickly revamped his entire elaborated upon reasons for basically lying to the media in hopes of undoing the harm that the days testimony did to his clients "image" (and jury pool)

Donovan now claimed that he held the impromptu illegal press conference as a way of petitioning the gag order which he'd felt was unfair from the beginning, yet ironically and  maddeningly his own client
broke the gag order with certainly at least his lawyers knowledge, when JK met with a writer in prison
having the man added to his official visitor list which Donovan Bansford and the other lawyer saw every week for they were the only ones on the list besides komisarjevsky parents.

In the meantime....within the illegal press conference Donovan denied outright in a purposefully humble voice that his client had sexually assaulted the 11 year old child as had just been announced by the medical examiner at Hayes's trial, alluding that there would be more to back this up at his client's trial ( in the meantime the aggravated sexual assault committed by Komisarjevsky was never challenged by Donovan nor any of his partners at his trial - It was irrefutable forensic evidence that Komisarjevsky had sodomized little Michaela Petit, so instead he switched gears claiming his client was sodomized at age 4-6, something komisarjevsky himself never claimed once despite telling a writer months prior that he been raped at 14 despite claiming to police that his was 13 when caught for setting fire to the gas station.

The age that Komisrajevsky claims to have been raped - then molested have been as capricious as his versions of these horrible crimes, and his lawyers have followed suit with their own mendacious attempts to fabricate and manipulate the public, and the Jury with lies and manipulation, with Donovan leading the way, panting and frothing at the mouth like some kind of rabid dog, hell-bent on a mission,  with his moral compass stuck in the wrong direction, charged by Satan himself.

While I am reluctant to regurgitate this particularly ugly piece of history, both regarding the assault of little Michaela and Attorney Donovan's despicable professional and personal carriage,  I must point out one last bit of idiocy that sums up well the situation; whilst in front of national TV cameras which he had gathered round for his "announcement",  Donovan went so far as to spell his name for the Journalists,

" Jeremiah Donovan...that's D-O-N-O-V-A-N " he said to an obviously confused journalist who had asked him; "Who exactly are you, again?"

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Have you read the latest news on the hearing set for the 27th? It's nauseating, to put it mildly! I got it from the New Haven Register. Have a great day, Steph