Jan 21, 2012

Woman Found in Westport Reportedly Identified | The Daily New Canaan

I have been scrounging around for information about this poor woman found dumped on the side of I95 in Westport near exit 18 which is the Sherwood Island Connector exit, which lead to Westport's Sherwood island beach. Not that that information is pertinent, as the Police believe the woman's body was randomly dumped

There is a lot of conflicting information being released. They are releasing a possible ID on the victim but the State police are not confirming anything at this point. This usually means that family members have not yet been notified or the Police have strategic reasons for withholding information concerning details of the crime IE whether it appears to be a murder and/or a possible sexual assault etc.

We do know that the woman was in her early forties, god rest her soul and my immediate thought is that this is a homicide.

This linked article contains just a smattering of information, however, Connecticut's Channel 12 News has the story and an accompanying tip-line as well. I suggest reading the basic information for anyone that was traveling in the general vicinity of I95 last night, even if it was farther north or south than Westport.

The Police even suggested that the person or persons who dumped this women's body might have been traveling from out of town or even out of state, and randomly chose Westport on 95 to dump the victim's body I personally don't believe that this perp and the crime were happened our of state, and if this is in fact murder, then I can tell you we have a very dangerous person on our hands.

Anyone capable of treating a human beings dead body in such an overtly carteless or hateful manner, has got serious issues with women and they are very dnagerous, though likely do not appear so at first.

This is a very serious situation. This person, who statistically is likely to be male, could very well be walking and living among us. Keep the doors to your cars locked the very moment that you get into the car - during daylight shopping hours or otherwise. Be very careful about who you speak anywhere especially at bars nightclubs, even coffee shops and innocuous seeming places like supermarkets and bookstores. Predators troll for victims and the ones who are most successful - meaning they do not get caught. are expert at blending in, In Fairfield county at least, this means sounding relatively intelligent and looking the part.

Recall that the Westport Jewelry robber/ murderer was described as very collegiate looking had a soft spoken articulate manner etc etc. This man is still out there likely because he is intelligent enough to blend in generally speaking and to change his appearance just enough to deflect suspicion. Perhaps he gained some weight on purpose. Perhaps he had lost weight on purpose prior to the robbery.

I did note that in one photo it appeared that the Jewelry store Murderer had something stuffed under his upper lip, similar to what Brando did in the Godfather( Brando stuffed his lower lip and jowls, this man seemed to stuff under his upper lip in one of the photos) He also appeared to have some kind of layers or stuffing, perhaps even a bullet proof vest beneath his very blue bulky coat, giving him the appearance of being a stockier man.

Whereas in the Philadelphia camera shots and the NYC videos, the thief, unaware that he would be later scrutinized in the video photos on the street, probably resembles himself, his "real" appearance a bit more unless he was extremely wily and already considering those stores for possible heists. I did notice that he kept his head down the entire time whilst in a jewelry shop. Clearly he knew there were cameras in the stores ands didn't want to be photographed too closely.

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