Dec 31, 2011

Texas Teen Ben Breedlove leaves Poignant Message days before his life here ended on Christmas Morning

This poignant video and it's story has had me crying and thoughtful for days..

Part One

Part Two

To make this already bittersweet story more potent for me, the young man at the center of the home made videos, Ben Breedlove, bears a slight resemblance to my beloved nephew, who is just a bit younger than Ben  when Ben left this world on his ascent to heaven.

This enigmatic eighteen year old boy died on Christmas day; he was such a rare and special type of of human being that it almost makes sense that God would want him by his side, in perfect solace, within that pure white light that Ben was so transfixed by in his various brushes with "death",  as we know it.  But what Ben had been made privy to was an ancient and elusive truth; shared by God and the heavens:  that when his life finally ended on Christmas morning, it was truly the beginning of eternal life.

Despite knowing that Ben is in a place where there is no pain, no worries, no fear, many of us,  including myself, can't help but feel a bit cheated that we never got to know Brn Breedlove for not having known this him - in this life.

 As he was young in years, but oh - so - much - older on a spiritual / higher level. And anyone, child or adult, gifted with  sensitivity, recognized Ben's other-worldliness, before he even lifted that first index card. His countenance, his smile, are of A beautific sort that literally exudes a beauty from within that cannot be named.

Peace, comfort, love and blessings to Ben Breedlove's family and loved ones.

I think it no coincidence that he " left" us on Christmas day. I feel at least some solace knowing that he is wrapped in that wonderful pure white light that he so generously related to us, undoubtedly for our comfort, more than a simple need to share. This was his last message,  his gift to all of us.

I believe that it was only the barest of the edges of heaven that Ben Breedlove saw and felt on those three unforgettable occasions, but now he is safely ensconced deep within it's unfathomable peace and beauty.

Thank you Ben, you made death so much less imposing and you enhanced our  faith in God and eternal life, tenfold.

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