Oct 2, 2010

Understanding Serial Killers and Sociopaths

A very short tutorial I found on the web regarding sociopaths and predators, (and the two are often interchangeable. ) While not every sociopath ( person with anti-social personality disorder), winds up a killer - much less a serial killer, they will often wreak havoc upon many peoples lives in the course of their life-times.

What this clip doesn't mention is that the sociopath who is higher functioning, has a family a career, etc. may appear socially integrated to the rest of the world, but will often reign terror upon those closest to him-and by closest, I mean in proximity, as true intimacy with another human being, is impossible for the sociopath - They do not have the desire nor ability to relate to other human beings in an emotionally healthful manner. Specifically, their lack of conscience, and their lack of regard for the rights of others, will always equate to a life that is rife and littered with the damaged lives of their victims, who will often unknowingly make the crucial mistake of allowing themselves to become connected in some way with the sociopath.

A highly manipulative nature combined with the higher intelligence enables sociopaths to fool many otherwise intelligent people with the lure of an articulate and at times quite charming

personality. They will often look for "weak spots" in people, qualities such as trusting, kind natures, and especially people pleasers" or anyone with a submissive nature will be a favorite of the sociopath as they instantly recognize the likelihood of that persons malleability-This equates to a great victim for the sociopaths often -parasitic existence.

The thing that many ordinary people do not realize is that there are a lot more sociopaths lurking among us than one could ever imagine. You would never have expected someone who looked and spoke like Ted Bundy to be a sociopath, let alone a mass murderer of women.

By the same token there are a lot of undiagnosed sociopaths who may not be murderers-just yet, but they may very well be physically and emotionally abusing a great number of people and are often undeterred by authorities when caught or reported for breaking various crimes, due to their talent for lying, deciet and expert manipulation.

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