Oct 2, 2010

Komisarjevsky lawyer gets contempt hearing postponed in Petit murder case - The Middletown Press : Serving Middletown, CT

Which is it Attorney Donovan, you made the statement to assuage the Petit family, give them " solace" lest they think, between now and Komisarjevsky trial that 11 year old Michaela Petit
was raped in the fashion that the forensic evidence proves she was, or, you made the statement to the press because it was your "only means of petitioning the Gag order on the case", via a intentional solicitation of a contempt charge!?

Me thinks that Attorney Donovan is as slippery of an eel as is his client Joshua Komisarjevsky. Just a day or two ago, this guy was acting all bewildered that his impromptu press conferenence designed to give aolace to the Petit families, illicited the opposite reaction -(completely understandable from the Petit./hawke families point of view,I might add). I have decided that this guy is as morally corrupt as is his sociopath client.

First, he fought against the prosecutions request for either a joint trial or two simultaenous trials for the two men accused of assaulting and murdering the Petit family, crimes that were clearly spearheaded by his client Joshua Komsiarjevsky, who admitted as much in confessions to Police.

Then once the prosecution gave up on this issue due to fear of a mistrial becuase of the attorneys loud loud complaining, we were treated to a lecture from Ulmann that the fact that this was even being considered made him quote "sick, as it was obvious as victims who were no longer with us the petit women were being given special treatment due to the color of thier skin!!"

There seems to be no end to the morally despicable behavior of both of these defense attornys, and frankly I feel that both should be officially reprimanded in some fashion for conduct unbecoming a professional member of the Connecticut Bar.

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