Oct 19, 2010

Search Results Poll * October 13, 2010 * Connecticut Voters Back Death - Quinnipiac University – Hamden, Connecticut

Quinnipiac's latest Poll regarding the death penalty makes it very clear what the people of Connecticut want - Remember this when voting for our new Governor; Tom Foley supports the death penalty and Dan Malloy does not.

Since the Ct. legislature saw fit to pass a bill to abolish the DP just last year, before Governor Rell proceeded to veto it, we can be assured that will re-introduce the bill next year. This means that once again the fate of the death penalty as a prosecutorial option, will lie in the hands of whichever Governor is elected into office this coming November.

Connecticut has managed to vote for Republican Governors for over 15 years, yet the majority of our lawmakers in the State senate and house have long tipped the scales heavy as Democrats. It is this balance that I believe has kept the legislature from running amuck in liberalism gone to the furthest extreme.

Dan Malloy, is a former prosecutor but don't be fooled, in many superior courts it means very little in this state, beyond being a plea deal maker, favor swapper )Malloy, mayor of Stamford for years, has stated that he will not veto an abolishment bill if the legislature takes anothere shot at the bill .

 Malloy is in fact against the death penalty in his own personal ideology, which of course will unwittingly become ours, if he becomes Connecticut's next Governor.

The men who kidnapped raped assaulted and ultimately murdered Jennifer Hayley and Michaela Petit will never get the death penalty if Malloy is voted in as Governor. He states,with his finger in the political winds, that although yes the death penalty might become abolished once he's Governor, that the two men, if given the death penalty, will still be subject to execution because the DP was in effect when they committed the crimes and at least Hayes was convicted while the DP was still capital punishment in this state.

(Komisarjevsky, the second defendant to be tried is not scheduled to be tried until next year and as such the Death penalty might be rescinded by then-IF Dan Malloy becomes Governor.

The next legislative session is in January, giving the mostly democratic legislature plenty of time to re-introduce the abolition bill and pass it, as it passed last year by fairly substantial margins, in the house and slightly less so in the Senate.

Komisarjevsky will not be tried by the next legislative session, which means that if the death penalty is voted out again and M alloy is Governor,Komisarjevsky in particular will never see an execution. Any decent lawyer could and would easily argue that the penalty wasn't in effect when he was convicted( and he will be convicted) therefore he cannot be put to death, but rather will receive life in prison without parole, which will be the NEW CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for our state, if Dan Malloy is elected Governor..

We can avoid all of this by simply voting for Tom Foley for Governor: he has made it very clear that he both supports the Death Penalty and WILL VETO any bill that is passed by the Connecticut legislature to abolish the death penalty, as they did just last year. I also find him to be a better all around candidate and considerably more likable and trustworthy.

Dan Malloy reeks of arrogance, the same kind of arrogance that allowed our criminal justice system to set loose two inmates with over 50 felony convictions between them, on early release parole, so that they could stalk, rob, rape and murder three members of the Petit family, who we all recognize could have been any of us.

And it doesn't matter if you' re a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent, this issue transcends partisan politics, as anyone who looks closely at the Quinnipiac poll results can see.

Please look at the linked poll results, research the history of this issue, research both candidates stated stance, and do not believe Mallouy's assertion that the Petit family murderers if sentenced to the death penalty, will still have that penalty imposed, as would any convicted capital murderer on death row prior to an repeal - if one takes place.

 http://ronaldwinter.blogspot.com/2010/10/foley-has-one-word-for-malloy-jealous.html )

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