Oct 4, 2010

Jury begins deliberation in Hayes Trial

Just over three hours ago, the Jury began deliberations after being "charged" or instructed on every one of the 17 counts that Steven Hayes has been charged with, in connection with the Petit family kidnappings, assaults and murders which occurred in the morning hours of July 23rd 2007..

Godspeed to the members of this Jury, they have an awesome responsibility, but also a rare opportunity to ensure that Justice is rightfully served for Jennifer, Hayley, Michaela and William Petit. While the evidence seems straightforward to you and I, it is their duty to painstakingly examine each charge against Hayes, and then determine if the State of Connecticut has proven that he is guilty of that crime beyond a reasonable doubt. There was a lot of evidenciery findings and I am certain this will slow down the othwue

Let us continue to encircle the Petit and Hawke family's with our support, our care and our love as they wait for this verdict.

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