Oct 31, 2010

Joshua Komisarjevsky's Journal: More Self-Serving Manipulation

Komisarjevsky;s "Journal"

I read these writings in their entirety about a week ago and was so disgusted that I wasn't even going to address them on my blog. I didn't want to give any credence to what I knew was simply more self serving fodder for the masses c/o J. Komisarjevsky.

Although this time it was brought to our attention via Hayes attorneys' who were using it as " the other guy is the real sicko here defense" we've been down this road before.

I watched as the media got a hold of "the writings" and predictably used them as sensationalistially as was humanly possible. Last week, I actually heard a newscaster say " after this commercial, a sneak peek into the mind of a killer" Ugh. I wanted to throw my shoe at the T.V set - Disgusted, I settled for changing the channel.

I was wondering when the media was going to completely abandon the uncharacteristic restraint that they'd been showing until just about that point in the Trial's proceedings. I sincerely believe that at first many journalists and even media execs were genuinely traumatized by the facts of the case as the trial began and the horrors were unveiled. But as the shock has worn off, some of the media have begun to sink to their usual depths- for ratings, no matter how ugly it gets.

Almost worse than the sensationalism however, are the pundits/ journalists/bloggers who are actually taking this guys writings for face value "analyzing" them as if they were the genuine article. This is a man who has already proven himself to be a facile liar, utterly disingenuous and a master manipulator. Many of us within the state recall all too well another occasion involving Komisarjevsky and his "writings" and the pain and anger that they caused;

Two years after the crimes and in the middle of a gag order on the case, Komisrajevsky managed to dupe some writer into believing that his version of events regarding the assaults and murders of Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit, were the complete and unquestionable truth.

The writer Brain Macdonald, even narrated portions of "the book" that Komisarjevsky had spoon-fed him re the night of the crimes, as if they were FACT. The "story" (and it was just that- a story) was not responsibly framed within a context such as "This is a man who is a career felon, has all of the earmarks of ant-social personality disorder, and awaits trial for rape of a child and capital murder. He CLAIMS that this is what happened on the night of the Petit family murders: Please take it with a grain of salt, as it has not been corroborated by any witnesses or facts from the case, forensic or otherwise." That would have been a bit more responsible

The book also happened to violate the aforementioned gag order that had been placed on the case by Judge Fasono, an order that brought the Hartford Courant to court in an attempt to fight it. The gag was supposed to apply to the lawyers, prosecutors as well as the two defendants.

At the time, survivor William Petit also believed that he as a witness was also bound by the order, but as it turned out he was not. In any event he adhered to it and refrained from discussing details of the case for two years.

Without exception, every key point in Komisarjvsky's version of the crimes within the book, especially as they related to his criminal culpability, has subsequently been proven false, either through forensic evidence and/or expert or witness testimony, all presented within the State of Connecticut vs Steven Hayes..

A portion of the " Journal and "writings" found "hidden" in Komsiarjevskys cell, included drafts of letters to that same author presumably for the purposes of inclusion in the illegally procured book. Now I believe the writings serve multiple purposes. This guy, like his pal Hayes, is a slippery conniver, albeit substantially more intelligent despite the various misspellings scattered throughout the writings.

Even these mispellings should be taken with a grain of salt, for it could easily be that Komisarjevsky purposely threw in misspellings in an attempt to appear less intelligent, for as an illiterate he is less likely to be viewed as imposing or threatening, and he might garner some sympathy from the many naive folks who are simply not familiar with The Anti-Social personality disorder and the pervasive patterns of deceitfulness and manipulation that is the fabric of their very being.

The reason I mention the misspellings at all is because I once read two letters that Komisarjevsky had written two female friend one the mother of his child, during his last prison stint for a group of 22 House break-ins (home invasions by definition as most of them occurred at night while the homeowners were asleep in the house) Those letters reflected a very articulate and intelligent Komisarjevsky, and interestingly, they contained minimal spelling errors.

In any event to those of us really paying close attention, it was clear that Macdonalds "book" was nothing more than another self- serving tool for Komisarjevsky who merely using what was available, some writer who approached him about a book about the crimes, which he quickly saw as an opportunity to re-write the Petit family rapes and murders, naturally portraying Hayes as the really bad guy, and certainly the culpable party for all of the capital crimes.
What a surprise.

As well the book was to serve as explanation- in -advance for what Komisarjevsky knew would likely be very damning DNA evidence of his sexual assault of 11 year old Michaela Petit.
As soon as I read his version of his supposed sexual dealings with Michaela in an excerpt of that book, I said to myself ' this guy is trying to set up some alternate plausible scenario other than actual rape, for how his semen wound up in 11 year old Michala Petit's body.

Komisarjevsky's explanation for his semi-nude cellphone photos of a tied up 11 year old Michaela Petit only illustrated the ludicrous depths that he would go to within that excuse making;
In the book and the 'Journal" Komisarjevsky claimed that he took the cell phone photos for purposes of " later blackmailing Dr Petit with them"
This is where the writer might have said.. 'um... excuse me, WHAT!!!?"

As a writer, at that moment, everything that this guy had told me so far about the night of these crimes, would have been crumpled up and at the bottom of my garbage.
But MacDonald wasn't me, and not only did he present this spoon fed version of the crimes as fact but someone actually published this garbage despite the gag order on the case, and despite a groundswell of protest from all over the community and the state, and with the help of one misdirected and stubborn library director, the book actually found its way onto the shelves of The Cheshire Public library.

It was obvious that komisarjevsky spent some time desperately trying to wrangle up any possible excuse for the despicable photo's, other than the obvious truth which was that he was a pedophile predator, he sexually assaulted an 11 year old who he targeted specifically for this crime. He wanted to keep memories of the assault alive with photos, so that he might re-live it over and over again long after he'd killed her.

I instinctively knew that there was not a single piece of information that Komisarjevsky "shared" without a specific purpose. Even the fact that it appeared as if he were giving enough self-damning information to be telling the truth about everything, this too had its own clear ulterior motive. None of the so -called facts that Komisarjevsky shared hadn't already been discovered one way or another either directly through evidence, witnesses, or pieces of either man's statements to the Cheshire Police. I also noticed a distinct trend in that book of addressing key points that were particularly damning to him and or both men, which has made it to the media before the court's gag order had been imposed.

By the time Komisarjevsky has re-written them, without fail his culpability disappears, and it was always someone Else's fault, even blaming his own victim William Petit at various points, for not somehow recouping from the baseball bat blugeoning he gave him, in order to save his family!

Again, this is classic Sociopath behavior, they often blame their victims, even the victims who die. In a clear attempt to deflect guilt, komisrajevsky goes after the one victim who basically screwed everything up for him, by surviving to tell the tale and testify.

It is clear that this guy fully intended this" journal" and other " writings" to be "found", and indeed he tailored each word for effect. He is the consummate Sociopath and as such, being highly manipulative and deceitful is as natural to him as breathing. These qualities reside within his very core, where most people possess a soul. This same soullessness is also due to a very distinct lack of human conscience. This is not to say that Sociopaths cannot feign a conscience, (ie his laments regarding killing Michaela Petit, which sound as if he is remorseful) they can, and often will, especially when doing so will garner them something that they want or need:

In this particular case, a less severe sentence would be Komisarjevsky's goal, He and his lawyers know exactly where this must start - in the court of public opinion which happens to also include Komisraejsvsky's jury pool.
Thus, the "book, and now "the journal and the writings."

This lack of conscience is why "normal people" cannot wrap their heads around crimes that this breed of criminal often commits. People struggle and struggle to find some reasonable scenario or explanation regarding how or why a terrible crime or set of crimes- were committed by someone especially if that someone doesn't look or sound like a monster.. And they can't because they are using a mindset that includes a healthy conscience and a regard for other human beings.

Sociopaths have no such "impairments", as they would see it. Komisarjevsky recognizes this need in others however and these writings are his way of exploiting this natural human trait. Very much the same way that he used Jennifer Petit's trusting nature to extract what he wanted from her, (money), knowing full well he would be extinguishing her family's lives no matter her compliance.

Komisarjevskys Jounral and Writings/BEWARE :HIGHLY MANIPULATIVE

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