Oct 31, 2010

Another Juror dismissed in Hayes Trial

Good article in Crime and Consequences regarding Judge Blue's decision to dismiss this latest juror in the Hayes Sentencing Trial.

There seems to have been a deluge of Juror dismissals, and earlier in the proceedings, excusals, within this trial, ultimately discretionary decisions of Judge Blue that have had many law professionals shaking their heads, marveling at the Judges seeming willingness to let Jurors go much too easily. (considering that too few jurors could result in a mistrial - of one of Connecticut's highest profile murder cases.)

Update Nov 1st: Unbelievable. There was yet another incident today that appeared to threaten an alternate juror in the Hayes sentencing trial; This time however, Judge Blue decided that the juror, who apparently tried to send a love- note to one of the Marshal's in the Court, could stay, despite showing a terrible lack of judgement."