Oct 5, 2010

Steven Hayes Jury Begins Day 2 Of Deliberations

And here we are on day two of Jury deliberations at the Steven Hayes trial. Yesterday was not a full day of deliberations by any means, as a good portion of the day was used up by the Judge giving the Jury instructions or " Charges" This took up several hours of time.

I am surprised (and annoyed ) that the state of Connecticut did not have a transcript of Steven Hayes' confession to The Cheshire Police. Although at the same time, I have to say that it's completely in keeping with what I know about the state of Connecticut's Judicial system. In a word - inept. And bear in mind that this case is an extremely well publicized case, where many, many eyes are trained upon the process-and they are still ill prepared and lacodaisical in their approach to case preparation!

In any event, it sounds as if the Jury is really taking their charges very seriously. The questions and requests that they have been sending out seem to be focusing on whether or not Hayes is responsible for the murders of the Petit children. An aside ; I also cannot believe that forensics were not done on both men's gloved hands right after the crimes, to see if it could at least be determined who likely lit the fire. I am pretty certain that that could be determined via smoke burn patterns on the gloves and clothing of the men. We have a state lab and the FBI was involved so I do not understand why more wasn't done along this wein. My only guess is that they figured it was an open- shut case for both men, this as they were both caught fleeing the murder scene.

The good news is that Hayes need only be found guilty of one capital felony charge out of the 17 to be sentenced to death.
And a death sentence is clearly called for here. And that is what we need for the families, for the people of the State and to send a message to the criminally minded predators and predators in the making. We need to say never again.

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