Sep 6, 2010

Van der Sloot admits extortion

In classic sociopath fashion, Van Der Sloot is admitting it, but not really admitting it.
In effect he's saying "Well, she (Beth Twitty, Natalee Holloways mom) offered me money for the location of her ( Natalee Holloway's) body, so I figured "why not?" And basically implied he gave her false information-which is was but not because he didn't have the real information he just wasn't about to divulge it due to the consequences.

Then, once again textbook Sociopath:
"They (ie the Holloway family) made MY LIFE so difficult for so long, I figured- why not?"

Blaming the victims of their own violent crimes and indeed speaking disparagingly of them is classic. Resenting and raging at family members of those victims for the most base instinct to pursue justice for thier loved one, is seen by Joran as making his life " difficult".
In beth Twittys case, her tenacity in pursuing answers about what happened to her daughter enraged Van Der Sloot, you can still here him trying to keep a lid on that rage in his recent interview with Dateline. More about that very telling interview later...

In the meantime, is it me or are there more and more of these guys popping up everywhere we turn lately. I once read an article entitled "the banality of evil" and it really summed up well what turns out to be the utter predictablity of these predators.

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