Sep 22, 2010

Testimony in Petit trial Re Photos of Michaela Petit retrieved from Cellphone day of the Murders

A Very draining day for the State of Connecticut vs Steven Hayes' Murder Trial
so far, and I suspect it is only going to get more difficult.

And it was also a strange day: approximately a half hour ago Judge Blue suddenly asked if anyone would like to confess.
There was no response, but it leads me to believe that either the Judge has a gut feeling or....
he has been made privy to the fact that Steven Hayes has been vacillating again regarding his Plea.

His Plea currently entered as Not Guilty, thus driving this trial to take place. However, several months ago, before the trial actually began, Hayes tried to change his plea to guilty seemingly out of nowhere during a standard
pre-trial proceeding, but Judge Fasano wouldn't allow it because believe it or not a defendant cannot technically plead guilty in a death penalty case at that particular stage in the proceedings!

In any event, Hayes lawyers' Ullmann and Culligan managed to talk him out of it and he reversed his Plea, but before they managed to persuade him they were scurrying about in a panic, going so far as to say that they would disclose attorney/ client privilege if need be, in order to prevent what they called " Hayes' committing' state assisted suicide. Funny, I call it taking accountability, a notion that is long considered archaic -at least in this state, anyway.

What an upside down system we have, where it is virtually impossible for a criminal to admit his culpability for taking another persons life. Neither the court nor judge, nor lawyers, will allow it.

After the Lunch -break, the proceedings have revolved around forensics concerning photos and videos related to the sexual assault of Michaela Petit.
State Police forensics expert gave testimony for the State detailing Photos taken of 11 year old Michaela and was then crossed by Attorney Culligan.

Hayes' partner in crime and co-defendant Joshua Komisarjevsky confessed to taking some photos of 11 year old Michaela, supposedly while Jennifer Petit was at the bank with Steven Hayes, withdrawing 15000 in order to buy her family's safety. It still remains to be seen exactly when all the photos were taken. This will likely be revealed via this testimony. Of course the Police had the phone in evidence so it was hardly a confession on behalf of Komisarjevsky.

Gas station store videos were also shown and examined of Hayes filling gas containers very early on the morning of the murders, at a station that was a good distance away from the Petit home.( Clearly they thought about not being seen at any local gas stations)

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