Sep 25, 2010

Hayes Trial Resumes Tuesday

The Judge in the Trial against Steven Hayes announced that the State should rest its case by the end of next week. Blue stated that he was optimistic regarding how quickly the proceedings were going and he gave the Jury(and the families) Monday off as a result of the pace as well I/m sure the very difficult week of testimony that both the Jury and families endured.

In the meantime Joshua Komisrajevskys Attorney made an exceedingly inappropriate announcement of his own ,outside the New Haven courthouse yesterday, in effect breaking the gag order placed on the case by Judge Damiani over two years ago.

As it was clearly yet another attempt to manipulate the facts of this case, in a scrambling effort to play down his culpability- with the potential Jury pool ( IE that resides somewhere within the Connecticut public) Komisarjevsky, a classic sociopath, using his attorney as his mouthpiece has no shame. I'm not going to even dignify he and his Lawyers claims as it is more fodder, but Suffice to say every bit of forensic evidence introduced in this trial thus far has proven exactly what I expected and that is that all of Komisarjevskys versions of these crimes were/are fabrications. designed to throw the ownice for the worst of the crimes onto Hayes(- and anyone else he can think of) All behaviors that follow the sociopath personna to a tee.

The evidence speaks for itself .

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