Sep 27, 2010

Komisarjevsky's Attorney Possibly Found In Contempt

This drama began last Thursday when there was some particularly disturbing testimony by the chief medical examiner who performed the autopsy on little 11 year old Michaela Petit.
It was a painful revelation to all attending to discover that semen was discovered on swabs taken from inside little Michaela's body in an area that clearly proved that she was sodomized during the crimes.

Most of us had read that Michaela had been the primary target of Joshua Komisarjevsky, who is believed to have chosen the Petit's home specifically because of his attraction to Michaela, who he'd spotted earlier that day at a local Stop and Shop parking lot, and he believed his accomplice Hayes would like the "pretty young looking Petit mother" ( Komisarjevsky's own words ).

We knew Michaela had been sexually assaulted, along with her mother Jennifer Petit, although the details of the assault were not made public until recently, mostly due to a gag order that was placed on the case very early on. It applied to law enforcement, all attorneys, Judges and the defendants as well.

I have been quite vocal regarding my assertions that Komisarjevsky was the "brains" behind these crimes, although there is no doubt that Hayes shares equal criminal accountability.
And now, in true sociopath form, Komisarjevsky has probably bamboozled his own Attorney, who it sounds as if he believes, or at least desperately wants to believe, what his client is claiming regarding the sexual assault of Michaela, who was only 11 years old.

This is a bit of a surprise considering Donovan's years of experience, but I have to admit that sociopaths are an entirely different breed of criminal , and even some of the most seasoned crime professionals have found themselves duped by them, especially by the more articulate and intelligent criminals who have this full blown pathology.

Of course, there is also the possibility that Donovan doesn't believe a word that he himself is saying, and that this is all subterfuge designed to alleviate the major damage done to his client's reputation by the forensic evidence presented during the week's proceedings in the Hayes trial. (which Donovan has strangely enough been allowed to attend)

In either case, within a surprise mini-news conference held outside of New haven Superior court Friday morning, State public defender Jeremiah Donovan made a bizarre, and extremely inappropriate announcement, using the press to address Dr. Petit and his family.

The statement summed up that upon hearing the reported testimony regarding the semen samples found within Michaela Petit's partially burned body, proving that she had been sodomized before being set afire, "Josh" immediately wanted to ameliorate the emotional pain that the Petit family must be experiencing, (lest they needlessly carry that pain all the way up until Komisarejvsky's trial,) citing that he did not sodomize and 11 year old child and fetched Donovan to say so to the world with all camera's trained upon him!

I saw something like this coming, but I had the timing all wrong. I hardly thought that Komisarjevsky's lawyer would be carrying this guys B.S into the fray in the middle of Hayes trial, and under the guise of saving the Petit family unnecessary grief. I was outraged, as I listened to Donovan carry his clients water, in typical mealy- mouthed- lawyer fashion,on the steps of the New Haven courthouse.

But Komisarjevsky and Donovan purposely did not save this supposed revelation for their opening statement in his own trial. This is a blatant attempt to nullify evidence and influence the potential jury pool, all of whom sit "out there " someplace, likely reading about this trial and the latest developments. Whether it is Komisarjevsky his lawyer or both knowingly deceiving the public doesn't matter - Donovan knows better.

A Contempt of Court Order was filed promptly against Donovan this weekend. See the attached order below.

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