Sep 27, 2010

Petit Foundation's Ride for Justice benefits worthy causes

Amidst all of the difficulty and pain of a well-publicized criminal trial, comes this beautiful benefit.

"Ride For Justice" was held this Sunday in honor of Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit, each of whom "never had a bad thought in their heads, nor their hearts" according to husband and father William Petit Jr. who spear-headed the day's events.

The event raised 60,000 for The Petit Family Foundation
a non-profit formed by Bill Petit shortly after the crimes. The foundation helps victims of violent crime, people suffering with chronic illness and several other deserving charitable endeavors.
It was a perfect infusion of positive energy, with such a colorful display of unwavering support, indeed love,to the Petit and Hawke families, from the people in the community as well as all corners of the state.

Ride For Justice Recap 2010 from Clem Kasinskas on Vimeo.

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