Sep 20, 2010

Petit Judge Hospitalized, Postponing Petit family murder Trial

Now what?

Judge Blue who is presiding over the State of Connecticut vs. Steven Hayes,, suffered an episode of "light-headedness" yesterday and was taken to Yale hospital where he is undergoing tests.

This is apparently why the proceedings were postponed, not as I' had guessed, due to Steven Hayes' reported health issues of late: Hayes according to his lawyer, had a seizure like episode only days ago, the very same evening that the Jury heard graphic testimony concerning
the discovery of 11 year old Michaela Petit's body and her cause of death.

Thomas Ullmann told the court that Hayes had urinated on himself in his cell and had suffered seizure like symptoms" although Hayes did show up for Thursdays proceedings, his attorney
asked mid-day for an early wrap-up, due to continuing health issues with Hayes. The Prosecution did not object and Judge Blue granted the reprieve.

Now its the Judges turn, I hope he is alright.

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