Sep 28, 2010

Officer Overheard Steven Hayes Admit to Petit Murder

I must say that some things here are not adding up insofar as what this guard heard.
It leads me to wonder if this conversation wasn't "designed to be heard." or if Hayes wasn't simply ashamed of killing a mother and two young girls, and was trying to make excuses for his actions to a curious and possibly disgusted cell -mate. (yes, even criminals have certain lines they dont cross)

The fact that Hayes told the other inmate that once he saw the police patrol car drive by the house he was thus emboldened to kill Jennifer Petit, (whom he had just raped), does not fit with what multiple evidence has borne out regarding this timeline, and the two murderers lack of awareness of Police presence.

If you were a lifetime petty criminal and knew the cops were outside and you hadn't escalated a set of crimes to homicide yet, someone like Hayes is certainly not going to decide at that point, okay nows the time , lets kill the first person now.

It also flies in the face of Dr Petit's earlier testimony that when he heard moaning and dragging, and weighted objects being dropped above him from where he lay tied up in his basement, he reported that he yelled out hey!" and one of the murderers said in a sinister voice saying
"Don't worry it will all be over soon. This is way too cool and collected for two men who were aware that there was a Police presence driving around.

In Hayes' original statement to Cheshire P.D, Komisarjevsky tied Mrs Petit back up as soon as they came back from the bank with the money. We cannot be certain who tied her, but I don't see why Hayes would lie about this detail, as he had nothing to gain from it.

He'd already admitted to tying up Mrs Petit and the girls and/or helping Komisarjevsky multiple times, earlier in the home invasion. In either scenario, this moment is the moment that I have fixed upon in my own mind a thousand times since these crimes occurred.

As a survivor of violent crime, I cannot help but put myself in Jennifer Petit's shoes at that crucial moment when she returned with Hayes to her home, expecting/praying the men would leave with their money and release her family from this hellish ordeal. Then, he turned on her, or both did.

Hayes said in his original statement to police, komsiarjevsky tiedher back up. Forensics show that Mrs Petit had a rope around her neck when she died, and this shows pre-meditated homicide on the part of whoever tied her. There is only one reason someone puts a rope around another persons neck, it is not necessary in the restraining process and it the original intent was just tie her up in order to sexually assault her-why a veritable noose around her neck?

And as we know Hayes did then sexually assault her. Komisarjevsky might or might not have egged him on, but rape cannot happen if the rapist is nervous. My guess is that Hayes had been "chomping on the bit to get at her and Komisrajevsky had held him back-until they got the money they needed her compliance.

Then Hayes claimed Komisarjevsky was in and out of the room during the rape. I believe this is true but he was probably nervous that things were down to the wire and he wanted to get rid of the rest of the "evidence" and witnesses.

And while I cannot be 100 percent certain that this was the first full blown sexual assault of Mrs Petit that day( the men broke in to the home at 3 a.m. and that's a lot of empty time),
I think that had Petit been sexually assaulted prior in the evening in any "aggravated fashion"
ie violent penetration, she would have seen the men's true potential for violence at that point, realized what could lay in store for her daughters and would have surely run away from Hayes at the bank.

She would now have known was her only hope to save the family, as these were vicious animals who were surely going to kill all of them once they got the money. Remember, Jenifer Petit told the bank teller that"they said they wouldn't hurt anyone as long as police wern't called and she "believed them."

This misplaced trust was largely due to Komisarjevsky, the consummate sociopath, manipulator
doing most of the talking: He placated her,assured her, won her trust and might have very well
had Hayes hold back from raping her-until after they got the 10,000, thereby insuring her compliance. The original the men demanded was 10,000 but Jennifer withdrew 15,000 in an attempt to buy the mens goodwill.

Also heavy on komsiarjevskyu's mind when keeping Jennifer Petit calm and cooperative was the the looming opportunity to commit sexual assault on 11 year old Michaela, the whole reason for the home invasion in the first place. As I've stated , I believe the money was an unintended bonus, it was welcome but incidental to the original plan which revolved around control, dominance and violence which is what all rape is about.

I believe komisarjevsky had been molesting the girl surreptitiously on the sly from her mother, who was tied up in a separate part of the house for most of the invasion.
Photos taken on Komisrajevsky' cellphone at approximately 7:am show that he was taking pictures of her nude as well as in various different outfits, tied to her bed in sexual positions.
He even dressed Michaela in a schoolgirl outfit-a plaid short skirt a sleeveless top and white underwear- classic pedophile behavior.

All of this flies in the face of Komisarjevskys previous claims of accidentally discovering Michaela at only 11 was as developed as his girlfriend-a claim he's tried to sell to various people as an excuse for raping an 11 year old girl,. The facts are that He went to that home intent on raping this girl for hours enlisting the help of Hayes who he needed in order to insure he was able to keep the house under control.

I am certain that he proposed the plot to Hayes in a way that revolved around the sexual asssualts of the women in the house and clearly Hayes in his text messages to Komisrajesvky on the eve of the crimes, proved that he was anxious to get the crimes in action.

Komsarjevsky wrote atext to Hayes in response to Hayes repeated texts asking if he was ready to go;
JK : "Hold your horses I'm putting the kid to bed"
(" The kid" - speaks volumes doesnt it?)
Hayes : "Dude...the horses are dying to get out... lol."
Between these words, one can could feel the sick sexual inference.


Anonymous said...

Your analysis of what really happened makes much more sense than what the prosecution presented. There was no other reason it escalated this much if it was meant to be a 'simple robbery'.

Laurel O'Keefe said...

Thank you, I am pretty shocked that the prosecution didn't focus on the fact that the whole crime grew out of the need to cover up evidence of the sexual assaults. It was clearly the motive and the money a bonus likely profferred by Jennifer Petit to buy her family's safety. I was dissapointed that they made no use of a lot of evidence.