May 5, 2013

Travis Alexander's Text To Jodi Arias - Business Insider

Travis Alexander's Text To Jodi Arias - Business Insider

"I want you to understand how evil I think you are"

This was part of a text to Travis Alexander to Jodi Arias two days before Arias set up a staged robbery at her grandmothers; her grandmothers 28 caliber gun was coincidentally stolen" during said Robbery"

Arias figured that Travis has seen through her perfected rehearsed act, a  classic sociopath she used whatever behavior she thought would get her what she wanted Using voice appearance even vocabulary and a feigned persona to entrap whomever her latest victim/ target is. In this case it was Travis Alexander, who for months has dated Jodi Arias and had begun to see some behaviors and actions that made him extremely uncomfortable worried and angry. He was angry at his privacy being perpetually invaded by the overly possessive Arias who obviously had expected her openness with her sexuality to be a shoe in in catching the prize -  Alexander .

Realize however that none of this incessant desire to be near and possess has anything to do with true intimacy or love; Sociopaths and borderline Personality's are incapable of true mature connections. Although the two Personality disorders differ greatly they have in common what many personality disorders do a selfish immaturity that is akin to narcissism and can become enraged easily if they perceive rejection abandonment or competition even. This can apply to sexual relationships romantic relationships work and family and any other situation where more than one person is in a what they perceive as competition with them - for anything.

Obviously after the tire slashing and some other stalking behavior by Jodi Arias despite his obvious attraction to what was a very pretty blonde curvaceous woman, the worrisome behaviors as well the lack of depth and the self centeredness had begun to wear on Travis and he'd been pulling away for some time according to close friends and family.

This set Jodi Arias's mind off on a murdered plot; if he was going to reject her and in such a humiliating fashion, shed gotten baptized into Mormonism in an effort to " win him over" she entered into a highly sexual relationship that went against all of the teachings that Alexander himself was supposed to be abiding by. According to arias Travis claimed at first that the types of sex they had didn't count and compared him to Bill Clinton who basically told the american public that oral sex didn't count as sex" in her statements to police when she finally admitted that yes she killed Travis but couldn't recall anything except shooting him in self defense"

This of course is ludicrous because medical examiners have stated that poor Travis was shot with a 28 caliber gun ( same as Jodi's grandmas missing gun) after he was already deceased because he did not bleed from the bullet wound to his head showing that his heart had already stopped when the shooting occurred.

It was sheer overkill. Arias had stabbed Travis multiple multiple times apparently chasing him from the shower to the sink where he forensics point to him either spitting up or spraying his own blood into the sink. He was stabbed so many times in his back and even the back of his head that the common belief is that Jodi was behind him chasing him with a knife and perhaps a gun, the gun might have been used to hold Travis at bay while she threatened taunted or informed him of the many things he'd done to deserve what she was about to do. This is my theory.

In the middle of that series of pictures that Jodi Arias took of Travis in his shower washing off all traces of the sexual session the two had just had - and that's how she undoubtedly viewed the shower as shed hoped the sex would sequeway into the two reuniting and Travis deciding to take her to Cancun after all. He had originally planned to take her months back but changed the ticket to another woman's name after their break up and the subsequent tire slashing s home alarm event etc.

Travis seems to be unaware o uninterested in the first few photos arias took he appears to be simply washing himself and not posing. Then at some point he looks at Arias and this is the photo that's become somewhat famous as Travis's face registers either extreme displeasure fear or anger or all three.
From there he begins to almost pose as if someone is holding a gun to him - we see him unnaturally crossing his arms as if to protect his heart or perhaps someone arias ordered him to in order to insure he wouldn't escape or try to take the gun or knife. Then at another point in the photos Travis is literally sitting down in the shower in an extremely unnatural way that I immediately assumed Arias had ordered him to sit.

The next bunch of photos were willy nilly and I'm certain reflected a struggle in one Arias dropped the camera and her clothed leg was seen in a pool of blood and Travis bloody body can be seen being dragged! That shot was obviously an accident with the camera going off as she might have dropped or slipped with it.

There was also a picture of the ceiling of the shower with the recessed lighting fixture another accidental shot while arias no doubt was struggling with either Travis or his body.

The photos are one of the things that make this murder so unique and awful. We literally are walked through a day of a sociopath who  planned to murder her ex beau using sex as a surefire method to enter his space; I think in Arias's demented mind she was giving a small leeway that if Travis wanted to be her boyfriend again and invited her to the Cancun trip , she may have chosen not to kill him.

However well never know. The fact is she dyed her hair dark brown from its usual platinum blonde just before she made the trip to Travis's home. She also rented a car asking for bright red from the rental agency a strange request as her own car was light colored and it thus seems again she was attempting to
hide the fact that she had been there. The stolen Gun really sinks her and solidifies the pre meditative angle with this murder. The gun that she shot Travis with was never recovered thus no definitive match could be made with her grandmothers stolen same caliber handgun. Yet its very damning evidence and much too coincidental along with the hair change the car and the fact that she drove straight to an ex boyfriends house after the murder surprising him with her new appearance as a dark brunette.

He told police that she had cuts on her hands with bandages and like OJ claims she cut herself on a glass"  At that point police hadn't questioned arias and by the time they did the cuts had healed.