May 25, 2013

Hung Jury On Arias Death Penalty - Are You Kidding Me?

 Arias jury can't decide: Jodi Arias

This is beyond frustrating -  it is now officially infuriating;

The  fact that this Jury cannot seem to properly weigh the inordinate amount of aggravating factors clearly involved in the murder of Travis Alexander against a veritable non existence of mitigating factors, equating to a death sentence  for Arias as per dictated by Arizona Law!

This Jury must must give Jodi Arias the death penalty for the pre meditated murder of Travis Alexander- Period, No emotions are allowed into this decision nor ones personal feelings about the death penalty his/herself.

I  worried that her lawyer's game plan of putting soft spoken demurely dressed and girlishly soft spoken Arias in front of the jury for weeks on end might have the desired affect on even one juror -which is all that is needed for a hung jury.

Of course the repetitive recounting of sexually intimate escapades with Mr. Alexander was also no accident ort done with simply a lascivious intention ; no Arias was leading that jury straight into exactly where she wanted them; viewing her debasement at the hands of the vilified victim, now dead who cannot speak for himself.

Its interesting to note that Jodi described her sexual life with Travis as largely debasing and yet in her own tapes she claimed that she prefers to be ravaged and used even once during a phone taped sex talk Alexander spells it out that he wants arias to take the lead and just jump on him " etc. etc.

Yet immediately Arias pulls him back into her fantasy saying oh I prefer you ravaging me-- that is so hot"

A second or two passes and Travis switches gears, obviously trying to play whatever part Arias desires of him;  eager to please, he comes up with a verbal fantasy whereby he ties Arias to a tree and she suggests he should give her a good ass blanking and a hard spanking! "
While she Arias literally coos with delight, egging Travis on with girlish squeals, says;" oh my gosh that is sooooooo hot!"

Mind you Arias  knew she was taping the phone sex with Travis and she certainly didn't sound anything akin to a a sexually battered woman, which makes me angry as this very real syndrome is  thus being lied about  which will ultimately hurt the real victims of this syndrome which  of it.
As well Arias' theme of  her debasement at Travis's hand's over and again, which she now implies drove her to the edge" to such an edge that between this and his eagerness to maintain a friends with benefits relationship with her, one that did not involve him falling back in love with her, as she so wanted. 

Instead  Travis was intent on staying very secretive about their on and off again sexual  involvement, because a) Travis he was ashamed after all that had happened tires slashed stalking etc, and b he gave  another woman that she had earlier been invited to - this was undoubtedly the straw that broke the camels back in this sociopaths mind.

Jodi Arias has Borderline Personality Disorder and Anti-social Personality Disorder. She is a Sociopath also referred to as a Psychopath   It is not uncommon for someone with one personality disorder to have concurrent Personality disorders;

There are approximately ten personality disorders in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual which is equivalent to the bible to the American Psychiatric community, but many are much more innocuous than Sociopaths and even BPD.

 However, just having one of the more serious personality disorders means that the person diagnosed operates on a very superficial level, donning persona's then mercurially changing in either a chameleon-like fashion -in order to please (this is more Borderline PD than Sociopath's M.O) or an effort to get something or someone he or she wants - or believes she needs.

What this means to this jury, and Travis Alexander tragically- is that no one can take any personality traits of the a borderline PD or Sociopath at face value. They are experts at deception, they can read a person's needs and wants and literally shape change in front of them in order to "win them over"

Beneath the" oh gosh"s and the perfected  suburbanite giggly affectations, its safe to assume Arias used this particular sweet girl next door personality to win over Travis. When sex entered the relationship however and it enetered very quickly according to her testimony , things began to change -her vulnerability quotient skyrocketed and at that moment Travis Alexander was no longer safe- then it appears her neediness and narcicism kicked in big time serving to push Travis away.

Between her jeolousy and her complete absorption with just him, to the exclusion of anyone else in his life in the room etc Travis began to waver and Arias got angry.

She thought by giving Travis what he wanted a highly sexually charged woman who would alow him to do anything to her despite his being a ong time Mormon and her conversion into the mormon church ironicaslly baptized by GTravis himself... Arias likely believed for a few good months that she had " bagged" Travis Alexander.

When the officiality of their union ended and Travis begab to date other woman openly Jodi Arias anger went into high gear rage. Although she still harbored a slight hope that she could use sex yto lure him back, Arias was already on the edge having stolen her grandmothers gun and making a loose plan in her head in case Travis rejected her completely, which the cancun plane ticket change served as the final watershed event.

Arias knew for weeks that Travis had asked another woman to go to mexico on a group trip in her place, even changing the ticket that once had Jodi Arias's name on it.

While she tried to behave cavalierly to friends and even Travis himself she was seething inside.
With this rage at the boiling point Arias decided to use a now regular booty call from Travis as her perfect opportunity to" make sure that if she couldn't have him no one would"

Even Arias's own friends and family never knew the true Jodi; the woman beneath the ever changing religious pursuits and streams of self - help philosophies such as "THE SECRET" A book and philosophy that Travis Alexander based much of his motivational speaking engagements upon.

I did notice that Arias was very malleable with Travis as she was with all of the men she had relationships with. This is akin to borderline personality disordered women and dependent personality disordered women;

 Her journal entries were filled with the ups and downs of being infatuated with a man who was emotionally unavailable. She would describe her sadness and frustration then chastise herself for being responsible for her own feelings

  " because Travis cannot make me feel anything my feelings are my own - there is something within me that is causing these sad and fearful feelings"

Here Arias was describing the anxiousness she felt over she and Travis's union and its seeming unsteadiness and lack of direction. This is not the Sociopath writing, if it is even a genuine journal entry, because Sociopaths can be verrrrry cunning and Arias might have easily used mock journals as she did phone sex taping  handy  " evidence" that she might need to paint herself as the used or jilted

Or...she might have been simply trying to fulfill a kinky whim of Travis's or herself. We will never know the exact reason we casn only speculate.

And that's the trouble with Jodi Arias and anyone with a Personality disorder.

We cannot and should not ever trust them.

In this instance with the amount of lies that Arias has told and her clearly seamless ability to play the victim or the martyr-we have to assume that although there might be a little morsel of truth strewn here and there insofar as her depictions of the relationship between she and Travis, we and more importantly the JURY must defer to the evidence that Jodi Arias is a pathological liar and therefore we cant give credibility to her claims regarding these so called mitigating factors"

Even look at the way she has manipulated the jury and the media regarding her sentence; first she said she preferred death to life in prison- (something I personally believed was a lame attempt at using reverse psychology) ie She wants THE DEATH PENALTY so lets give her life in prison and make her suffer kind of thing.

But now that Arias got over her initial shock at being found guilty of pre meditated Murder, she's had time to roll it over in her mind and she is announcing that she would like to be given Life in Prison instead as she hadn't thought about how much her death would hurt HER FAMILY.

But what of her victim - Travis Alexander's family?   Shouldn't she be putting his family's wishes first? What of Travis's family and what they need for closure and some small modicum of Justice? Arizona has A Death Penalty for Capital Murder.  Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander in one of the most cold hearted and vicious manner possible.

Jodi Arias stabbed Travis 29 times including stab wounds to his skull!

Jodi Alexander shot Travis Alexander in his head at close range with the bullet being lodged in Travis's Jaw!

And as the final act of violence and hate Jodi Arias literally ripped Travis's throat from one ear to the other from behind - nearly decapitating him.

Travis fought for his life. He didn't die easily, so said prosecutor Juan Martinez and the medical examiner, who meticulously pointed out the defensive wounds all over Travis's body, and blood splatter all over the bathroom and hallway; a huge pool of Travis's blood lay where Jodi Arias slit Travis's throat as she grasped his head from behind crouching on the floor where he lay on his back naked, bleeding profusely lungs filled and his heart barely beating from a stab wound Ms. Arias made to his hearts main artery.

Jodi Arias stated that "DEATH was the ULTIMATE FREEDOM" when she was convicted last week in what was to be her second to last speech in Court on the penalty phase.

 I suggest the Jury presiding over this important trial pays heed to Ms Arias's first request But much more importantly apply the state of Arizona's law regarding the death penalty!