May 31, 2013

Facebook/ Social Media Sites Playgrounds for Predators - Young Girl In Maine lured and Murdered via Facebook "friend"

 Maine teen fake kidnapping: Nichole Cable

Article regarding tween Nicole Cable of Orono Maine who was just abducted and murdered by a a male acquaintance by the name of Kyle Dube  who used Facebook to lure her to a platonic meet up:

According to Dube he only wanted to create a false kidnapping scenario where he would then be a hero when he found" Nicole alive.

Dube claims he wore a disguise to the meeting overpowered the young girl and proceeded to tie and duct tape his victim. He also cites that he came back later and Nicole had died "accidentally" from being smothered by the duct tape.

Mr Dube's  story has yet to be corroborated by the medical examiner who will determine the cause of death as well as whether the young girl was sexually assaulted.

There is a good chance that Kyle Dube abducted this young girl in order to sexually molest her and either planned upon killing her, did in fact smother her on purpose or within the restraining process either choked smothered or cut off Nicole's oxygen through any number of ways.

At this time the autopsy on Nicole has not yet determined whether this young girl in fact died of asphyxia or not -  and considering Kyle Dube's bizarre version of events, my guess is that there will be more truths forthcoming from Police Forensic investigations as well as the full medical examiners report.

Tragically, Nicole Cable is but one of hundreds of murders, sexual assaults, and or kidnappings that have resulted from social media predation.

Included in the "playground for predators" as I have dubbed is Craigslist which is a catch all advertisement network which has already rendered four serial Craiglist killers since it's inception.

People can advertise the sale of everything from furniture to electronics to house rentals and sales, and there is no oversight regarding the legitimacy of the sellers actual identity and validity of their business.

Adult dating services such as and Yahoo personals pose threats in that there is no way to determine if the person whose profile you have matched with is actually real and whether they are even the gender that they claim to be.

We have all seen the dateline's to catch a predator" expose series where time and again upper middle class men were caught trolling internet chat rooms and social sites pretending to be much younger in most instances and slowly reeling in vulnerable young boys and or girls ranging from ages 10 to 15 with most of the "predators" white employed upper middle class married men many of whom were driving to what they believed were the suburban homes of 12 and 13 year old boys and less often girls, in what they were duped into believing were first time rendezvous.

Many brought alcohol, some actually began to disrobe while the would be child" called out to them to come on into the kitchen I'm just getting dressed "

Of course in those instances, society lucked out ;  These were not actual children but they could have been. They were in fact undercover female police officers who were chosen for their young child like appearance and voices most of whom pretended to be young boys online and during the" luring process" which sometimes involved a phone call or two in addition to several online chatting sessions..

Many, many other times there were no phone calls between the predator and his bait, just an evolutionary " lets meet in person already" suggestion by the would be child molester abductor or killer, each of whom were completely hooked into believing that the person they were about to have a "date" with was a child! 

Many of these men had children themselves and all of course were horrified once they realized they'd walked into a police online underage solicitation sting, and then the added shame that it was being aired on network television!

One man a married Rabbi of 30 plus years  committed suicide after he was arraigned and released on bail. In several other instances more than one man actually fell for the dateline show set up more than once!   These men when queried would admit that they even suspected that it might be another set up but they couldn't resist the chance that it was the " real deal" ie an underage child whom they'd been chatting up often sexually online and were about to meet for whatever lurid dangerous purposes.

The lesson here is parents must become involved to the maximum and do not assume your child is telling you everything they are doing on line. The most vulnerable children had parents that both worked or single parent homes where they either were alone a lot or children and teens who had volatile home situations or emotional abuse or neglect. In the latter instances we must all adapt the it takes a village mentality and mentor and watch over our neighbors children our students our nephews nieces and get involved!