May 14, 2013

Arias Released from Suicide Watch

The excerpt below is a series of observations made by two therapists that have closely followed the Travis Alexander murder trial. 
Their statements were taken from a Huffington Crime Post regarding Jodi Arias's various personality disorders, as seen by these two professionals -  and most importantly they sought to answer to the  question burning in so many peoples minds; how did these disorders that Arias clearly has come to culminate into the vicious murder of Travis Alexander?
There are other Borderline Personality disordered women and men that do not shoot stab and cut the throat of their ex boyfriends, indeed a boyfriend of such a short duration that one of Travis's closest friends described Arias as a "non issue in Travis's life" 
A clue to Arias's rage lays in this rather insensitive, and somewhat misogynistic off - handed remark by Travis's  best friend.
 Calling a woman that he knew that Travis was sexually active with
 a "non issue" was the same as saying Travis was ust using her. if this were the case, or if it even appeared to be the case, Jodi Arias was the wrong woman to woo make public their romance and then unceremoniously drop whilst beginning another relationship - was experienced by Arias as the ultimate betrayal rejection and abandonment.
The therapists basically echo my own theory that Jodi was   infatuated with Travis- love is something altogether different and as a Sociopath Borderline with Narcissistic tendencies she isn't capable of true intimacy: 
However Arias perceives herself "in love and that is all that mattered in a crime borne of jealousy and as you will read, some complicated mind machinations of a sociopath Borderline Personality disorder and as these Psychiatrists believe Narcissistic Personality disorder as well. 
As they point out its not unusual for someone to have more than one Personality disorder, giving us even more reason to begin learning about these oft - times volatile people living within our families communities online dating sites social media schools encompassing society at large. 

Excerpt from Hufington Post Article
"I think she went there prepared to kill and what probably happened -- and would be consistent with a sociopathic emotional outburst -- is he might have shoved it in her face about going with another women or something along those lines that triggered her jealously and she snapped. I think that's a very likely scenario," Bonn said.
And Bonn suggested the self-defense theory might not be too far-fetched -- at least to Arias' way of thinking.
"In her mind, she felt like the jilted woman," he said. "It's narcissism, [to] always see things from her perspective, her needs and her desires. In her mind, this really may be self-defense because she believes she was wronged -- 'How dare he be with another woman when he is hers?' Sociopaths create a reality that fits the event."
Bonn added, "The rage and retribution demonstrated by the brutal slaying of Travis is very consistent with the emotional volatility of a sociopath. In her narcissistic mind, Travis deserved to die for betraying her."
Wendler agreed with Bonn, saying individuals like Arias will blame the victim for "deserving their fate."
"These individuals may have a grandiose view of themselves and be arrogant," she said.

The last few paragraphs that Bonn and Wendler commiserate about, is something that many victims of violent crime having survived their ordeals, struggle with the most.

Morally, as well in a place deep down in our souls, we simply cannot wrap our heads around this subhuman lack of conscience that defines the sociopath- he or she would seem have a lack of empathy hard wired into them. Yet they are subversive enough to hide this from the masses recognizing that healthy good intention ed people, most of their peers, family members etc possess empathy and consciences - and naturally, it is thus expected of them.

A s such they will create the guise of normalcy in this and other important key human traits, usually during the late teens to early adulthood when the young evolving sociopath is considered a 'conduct' or op positional- defiant"  disordered (as the DSM  thus diagnoses qualities that closely resemble that of sociopathology prior to the age of 18 or 19. Some teenagers grow out of ODD others make that dangerous transition and in my opinion need to be mandated by the state Mental health boards and criminal justice system the very first time they cross the law.   (Thats another post for another day)

They often blame their victims even in crimes where the victim was a stranger; many a serial killer will claim they were cleaning up the streets killing prostitutes , "doing a favor for mankind" and other such rationalizations which they often truly believe. 
That's the most frightening part of this. 
Also common as it was in my own court case the perpetrator is angry at the victim for causing all this " trouble for his or her life - meaning that they've been thus arrested brought to court have to show up for hearings and even when they get an extremely lenient sentence such as probation or suspended sentences they'll undoubtedly continue to behave in a persecuted manner painting themselves as the victim. 
These are the qualities of personality disordered men and woman I finally learned the hard way not to use the same human measuring stick whilst trying to understand how could they think this or do that"  And for the family members of murder and or rape victims this lack of remorse is what often bothers them the most, as a mostly Judeo - christian society we are taught to believe in redemption and remorse; we want the perpetrator to be sorry, we will them to genuinely regret hurting,  or killing a fellow human being.
However we will be forever frustrated expecting this from people with Personality disorders, like Arias, Bundy, Komisarjevsky, they are another breed. They are not mentally ill - these are disorders of thinking and character. 

They are so much more common than anyone knows or understands and for this reason, we must begin to investigate for the sake of ourselves, our family our loved ones our neighbors. Crimes committed by that neighbor that looked or seemed so normal" are happening everywhere and more frequently - isn't it time we stepped up to the plate educating ourselves and our families about the spectrum of predators and how to deal with them if they cross our paths?
 Whole Communities are  forever changed by one sociopath or narcissists - and they do not wear signs talk to themselves hear voices The most dangerous Sociopaths speak well appear educated and harmless and as they age they hone their skills of seduction and deception.