Dec 16, 2011

Conn. Jewelry Store Murder Suspect Caught on Cam on Jewelers Row | NBC 10 Philadelphia

Here is some additional and clearer video footage of the man who allegedly killed the owner of a Jewelery store in Westport Connecticut, and seriously wounded his partner.

The man has apparently been spotted in New York City, as well as Philadelphia, casing other Jewelry stores. The trouble with this man's appearance is that it is chameleon-like, easily changed: In the Westport video, he was obviously wearing multiple layers of clothing under a blue coat in an effort to look heavier, and his clothing and the padding lend him an almost thuggish appearance. I spotted this at once from the back shot of him going up the stairs to the Jewelers office.

Other first hand descriptions, as you can hear in this video from shops in the New York, Philly areas that he visited, are describing the killer as "soft spoken" and "collegiate looking." One can be assured that that appearance and even the speech are likely affectations, that have been honed in order to better appear monied, and therefore someone who would naturally fit in as a prospective client at an upscale Jewelry store.

This crime, like all violent crimes is extremely upsetting, especially when lives are taken brutally over money. What makes it even more upsetting to me is that it happened on the same streets that I shopped in for twenty some odd years, growing up in Westport and living there throughout my early adulthood. And like most crimes the more vigilant that the public can be, the better the chances that this man is apprehended before he commits any more bloodshed.

Please be very aware of your surroundings as you shop this holiday season. It is good practice to always look around as you enter stores, exit your car in parking lots and even as you drive, stroll and window shop. Be very very aware of who is around you , follow your instincts and be assertive in the way you carry yourself.

In a self defense class that I took a few years ago, the first exercise the instructor had us all do was to go to a supermarket or a mall parking lot and look around for a few minutes. He asked us to study all of the people walking around to and from their cars. Then he asked us to do the unthinkable; think like a criminal; decide which people would make the best victims, IE who wasn't paying attention to their immediate surroundings? Who was distracted, IE on a cellphone, in a daze, or otherwise preoccupied, not paying attention to who was near their person, or perhaps was watching or following them?

This early assignment/ within this self defense mini course was extremely valuable and one that I carry with me every single day of my life ; And yes, you too can learn to do this, and still be a nice person, a "people person" good hearted and not become paranoid.

At first I will admit that I had a hard time carrying myself with my new found stature, it seemed to go against the very grain of all that I had embraced my whole life - IE Trust People for they are mostly good. Be kind to everyone, Be friendly, smile and you will make someones day etc.

All of these things are still true, and it took me a bit to learn that I could still be my trusting self ( until proven otherwise or instinctively feel otherwise) but adding awareness, exude confidence and a the practiced art of simple observation, some of these were new yet soon adapted painlessly into my daily trek through life.

In the meantime.. be aware and continuing loving each other.

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