Dec 19, 2011

Missing Person's Advocate Says State Not Doing Enough

Sadly, missing persons are often directly related to violent crime, and statistically it is often of the domestic/partner variety.

This entire subject is a pressing issue and has been for quite some time ;  I agree wholeheartedly with this wonderfully outspoken Connecticut victim's advocate at the nucleus of this article.

 Every state needs an entity whose sole job is specifically pursuing the trail of adult missing persons,yet it comes as no surprise that Connecticut has none. This leaves missing adults to often fall through the cracks recieving much less energy and manpower from police. This is because of an administrative loophole really; they are not technically relegated as a suspicious dissapeearence thus a possible crime ie abductions, adult female slave trade etc, unless  there is most exacting proof of foul play.

And "conjecture" by family members is what many larger Police departments will too often label genuinely suspicious and concerned relatives and friends who are most aware of the missing persons life habits relationships and what was going on in their lives just prior to their disappearances..  Trying to prove that thier loved one obviously met up with fould play  is often left to the family of the missing person too often, as various cutbacks in an already light department law enforcement, leads to  police having their hands full with " proven" homicides, rapes, kidnappings, Home invaders etc.

The well known case of then 38 year old Waterbury resident Billy Smolinksi has brought an  infusion of attention to the issue of missing adult persons. It is sad that it took a terrible tragedy to open up the States eyes to this serious gap in a public safety service. In fact, Mr smolinski has become the poster child for why Connecticut needs a department that has the time and resources to give this extremely important problem, the attention it deserves and requires.

To read up on this case and the unbelievable difficulty that the Smolinksi family has endured in thier quest to find their son, check out the Cool justice report by Andy Thibault and click on the Bill Smolinksi link on the right side of his blog.

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